Resident Evil Revelations 2 Exclusive Preorder Content

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Exclusive Preorder Content

Resident Evil Revelations 2 for PS4, PS3Resident Evil Revelations 2 for PS4, PS3

If you were at New York Comic Con last week (wow, last week already?!) you might have heard about the PlayStation US exclusive offer for Resident Evil Revelations 2 during our Resident Evil Returns panel. Starting this week in North America you’ll now be able to pre-purchase the Complete Season which scores you all four story episodes and some bonus content for only $24.99. Not only that, but by pre-purchasing the Complete Season on PlayStation Store you’ll also receive the RAID Mode Throwback Stage Pack (upon its release) as an added bonus. The ‘Throwback Stage Pack’ will add a number of memorable environments from recent RE titles to RAID Mode in Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Also you may have noticed that there’s a date attached to Complete Season, this is not a final release date and still placeholder for the time being. Stay tuned for more details regarding the final release date and for other Resident Evil Revelations 2 game info coming soon!

Resident Evil Revelations 2 for PS3
PS3: Available for pre-purchase on 10/21

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  • Still looking into info on this, but is this the ‘complete’ game, or is the complete season something additional to the full game in itself? I will probably pre-order anyways, just want to know if this is the only necessary purchase, or if I still have a game to buy on top of this. $25 sounds fairly cheap for an entire game.

    • The ‘Complete Season’ is essentially the main game bundled together in one digital package for your convenience. You’ll get access to the episodes as they release on a weekly basis and you’re right $25 is a pretty awesome value. If you’re looking for a catch there isn’t one! :)

      With the Complete Season you’ll also be getting some bonus goodies that we’ll have details on soon, but rest assured they’ll be well worth the extra buck you’d pay in comparison to buying all 4 episodes separately! Just so you guys and gals are sure of what you’re getting with each option I’ve broken it down below for reference. Hope this helps! ~m

    • Episodically – $5.99 Per Episode (4 episodes total)
      Try the story out for yourself and download it piece-by-piece as 4 episodes roll out each on a weekly basis. On top of campaign/story content, each episode also includes new content for RAID mode.

      – or –

      Complete Season – $24.99
      Download the Complete Season to get access to all 4 story episodes (with accompanying RAID content) as they become available and a few pieces of additional bonus content that we’ll detail at a later time.

      – or –

      Retail Disc – $39.99
      The full RE Revelations 2 experience containing all 4 story episodes (with accompanying RAID content) and even more bonus content (than the Complete Season) all on a physical retail disc.

  • Remake RE2 and I’ll buy it.

  • I think you’re going to confuse some people by suddenly putting up a “season pass” pre-order, when up until now no one knew that this game would be episodic. I’ve already seen a lot of people thinking that this $25 price tag is just for DLC, rather than the core game.

  • Capcom is obsessed with Resident Evil; constant sequels, spinoffs, remakes and even the spinoffs get sequels. I’ve been waiting since the end of the PS2 generation for a freaking ONIMUSHA sequel! It’s been 8 YEARS since Dawn of Dreams on PS2. Can’t you give RE a break for once and try releasing an Onimusha game? AT LEAST give us an HD remake if you can’t be bothered making a new game.

    You have such a massive library of awesome IPs but all you seem to care about is milking Resident Evil to death. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if they were great games, but they’re not, they’ve all been consistently worse since RE4. It’s time to move on!

  • Will the Pre-Order Bonus apply to the Disc Version at some point?

    • For now the ‘RAID Mode Throwback Stage Pack’ bonus is only for pre-purchasing the digital Complete Season on PSN. We’ll have more news on the disc product soon.

  • Sony should have gotten Capcom to put the first Resident Evil: Revelations HD on Vita years ago.

  • I’d like to echo Monterossa’s suggestion. As someone who is looking forward to his first foray into Resident Evil (when the RE1 remaster is released), I’d be very interested in continuing the story once I’ve completed the “first” game. =)

  • hey Mike, i already pre-order this game. do you mind telling me how long does each episode take to complete ?

    • Each episode will be a ‘couple hours’ to complete. That of course all depends on the player skill level so give or take a little.

  • That does explain too why I’ve seen the disc version for a different price as well. Either way, I’ll be pre-ordering it through here or elsewhere. And I do agree with Supvic as well, somewhat. I’m an Onimusha fan as well, And have been wanting a new entry since Dawn of Dreams. Would even settle for a Blade Warriors 2. But RE is another series I’ve been a fan of, and the first Revelations game was a huge step in the right direction, so I’m VERY excited for the sequel, even with it being episodic.

    Also, Chaos Legion needs to make some kind of comeback as well. I still have my disc copy from 2003, and I’d buy it again if it came back as a PS2 classic, if that helped in any way spawn a sequel.

  • I was gonna preorder the digital version, but will wait now due to the “and even more bonus content (than the Complete Season) all on a physical retail disc” comment. Unless you mention that the “even more bonus” content will also be included in the digital version.

  • Sure wish this was coming to the Vita. Shame the last Resident Evil didn’t sell well on Vita……oh wait there has never been a made for Sony portable version of Resident Evil. Ever.

  • What about Vita? Is there going to be a Vita version? Not just remote play.

  • I’m gonna go for the “even more content” physical disc. Seems like the best deal to me.

  • I think that I will be getting the Disc Version… I want to play this now, but I love the physical versions!!

  • I’ll wait till the retail version comes out, definitely getting this for Playstation 4.

  • The disc version will have Platinum Trophy?

    • Yes it will!

      And for our friends who download the episodes digitally, you’ll need to have purchased all 4 episodes in order to get access to the platinum trophy.

  • As much as I love the RE series, no thanks. I’ll wait for the ultimate edition or whatever you guys are going to call it.

  • Where’s Rebecca Chambers?

  • So glad Claire is back. One of my top 3 favorite female video game characters of all time. Is she still voiced by Allyson Court? I watched a gameplay demo from TGS. She sounds the same but more mature since she is probably around 32 and no longer 19.

  • Also hope she gets her classic outfits as secret outfits plus more. Maybe her outfit from that RE: Degeneration film?

  • Am I reading that right? It’s cheaper to get the episodes individually?

    4 episodes x $5.99 = $23.96
    Season bundle = $24.99

    • On top of the 4 episodes it also includes a few pieces of bonus content that we haven’t detailed just yet, but they will be well worth the extra $1.03!

      We’ll have more specific details on the additional bonus content soon enough.

  • 5.99 X 4 = 23.96
    Is all the additional bonus content gonna be paid content? Otherwise I don’t really see the deal.

  • Mike, since no one at Sony has addressed this…..are PS PLUS members able to access their ‘download list’ for free on PS NOW? I have not gotten an answer from anyone.

  • Please bring it to PS Vita,I wanna pre-order it,I only could buy it on Vita and don’t ignore the customers and listen to us.

  • when is this out?

  • So RE: Revelations 2 is an episodic game?

  • ah saw 17.2.2015

  • Mike Lunn: Any word yet on what we might be able to expect as far at is concerned (if anything)?

  • REmake 2 HD! Capcom cmon! Please.

  • I’d love a RE game on Vita…ANY WOULD DO!!

  • Why can’t we just buy a full game anymore. This business model is bad and should not be encourage.

  • Just going to say it but where the hell is a new Onimusha, hell even a Onimusha HD like RE-REmake

  • Will the exclusive Raid mode content be available if I buy the disc version too? I have a pretty slow internet connection and really don’t want to download 4 episodes worth of games.

  • A Resident Evil game for the PS Vita would be nice ! Any would do, Mercenaries, a port of RE: Outbreak 1 and 2 and RE 4(my personal fave) The game looks awesome BTW :)

  • 2-2 players? Does that mean you can’t play alone? 2 players is required?

  • Vita version please, put Iron Galaxy on it since they did borderlands 2. I waited years for the canceled psp resident evil that didnt come out then revelations was released on everything but vita. Come on capcom, I cannot believe the best handheld of all time is not getting the major games.

    Viewtiful Joe would also be great.

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  • So there will be a retail version of the game with all the episodes included?……..if yes then count me in.I was waiting for a confirmation of this.

  • Will we have, cros-buy??? LIke buy the, ps4 version and get the, ps3 version free?

  • This cover isn’t copying Manhunt 2 at all.
    Rockstar may sue Capcom.

  • Is the additional content for the retail release going to be available separately for digital buyers?

  • I’m about to pre-order this. Maria Magana can we please get a Resident Evil game for the ps vita?

  • instant buy for me. I’ll wait for the retail version.

  • Bring resident evil to the vita.

  • If you bought the Disc version is has EVERYTHING right?

    I’ll wait for that. Also what about Resident Evil REmake’s release date? Asia and JPN is out in Nov 27? You guys still haven’t announced any retail disc or anything.

    If it’s digital only, i’ll just get that ASIAN version which has dual audio and subs :P

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