Minecraft PS Vita Edition Out Now, Hands-on Video

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Minecraft PS Vita Edition Out Now, Hands-on Video

Our journey is complete! Minecraft PS Vita Edition has landed on PlayStation Store in all its blocky glory. Once we heard the news, we went straight to one of our biggest internal Minecraft fans, Aram Jabbari from SCEA PR, to get an up-close-and-personal video tour. Aram gives an overview of what to expect from Minecraft PS Vita Edition, including a look at the user interface and some handy tips for surviving your first night.

Minecraft PS Vita Edition supports cross save and cross buy with the PS3 Edition; once you own it, you can also pay $5 to upgrade to the recently released Minecraft: PS4 Edition. See the whole range of PlayStation Minecraft editions and more details on cross-buy support here.

Minecraft PS Vita EditionMinecraft PS Vita Edition

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  • For owner of the disc version for PS3. How do we get it for free on Vita?

  • I know I and 20,000 others have said this multiple times but here’s another:

    There should definitely be a Minecraft PS Vita bundle this year, at least for the holidays. Heck, even a Minecraft PS TV bundle could do wonders for the Vita in the West.

    If it’s not too late, Sony…..

  • ^ might be a little too late due to MS’ purchase of Mojang.

  • i bet ps tv owners are already playing, metal gear solid, crash, valkyria chronicles 2, while i (ps vita owner) cant even see the games on the ps vita store.

  • Now WE want a new GTA game on Vita. :(

  • @Sid Shuman, thanks for the reply.

    Someone already contacted the custumer support and here’s what answer he got:
    “Me: cross buy doesn’t work. bought the game four days ago…still have valid best buy receipt.
    Sony agent: log into your PSN, it’ll be there for free.
    Me: tried that, rebooted, updated, relogged on. Still $19.99.
    Sony agent: let me talk to my special support….special support says only the digital ps3 version is crossbuy.
    Me: uh, no, it’s not. It’s on your own Sony forums site. (gave her link)
    Sony agent: let me talk to special support again….special support says you need your voucher number that came in the box.
    Me: there is no voucher that came with my game. Just one slip of paper telling me about Sony gaming/network/etc policy.
    Sony agent: You need to contact your game manufacturer.
    Me: others have reported their redemption working fine…it looks to be something with PSN registering my product. Why would I contact the manufacturer?
    Sony agent: that’s all I can do for you. Do you need anything else?”

  • … Plus, on the link you gave me, it clearly says:
    Existing PS3 Edition Owners (Disc or Digital)
    On your PS3 or PS Vita, simply log into PlayStation Store and find Minecraft PS Vita Edition and you’ll be able to download it for free.” But it shows up at 19.99$

    Please Sony don’t be blind and deaf… everywhere on this site, people are complaining about this issue.
    I shouldn’t have to call customer support of manufacturer, all I should have to do to is click DOWNLOAD.

  • Soooo… How does it feel to give Microsoft money through Sony machine?

  • I just got the disc version on PS3 and the PS Vita version is still showing up as $19.99 does anybody know that to do? Thanks

  • @SimGrave

    Was your PS3 disc version new or already used in another PS3 system or on another PS3 account before yours? If so, then that’s probably why.

  • I wonder why this wasn’t a 3-way cross buy. The DLC is but the actual game is not. It is cross buy with PS3 and Vita, but not PS4

  • I bought the game on PS4. Is it possible to return it so I can buy it on PS3 instead, then upgrade again to the PS4 so I get the Vita version crossbuy?

  • I just bought a new ps3 copy and it won’t show up as free for vita :(


  • It’s showing up as free on the vita for me I don’t know what everyone else is complaining about.

  • I tried downloading the ps vita edition from the PlayStation 3 store it says you have to buy it for $20 and I bought the disc version of minecraft for the ps3

  • @ G-Force08

    Brand new copy. No voucher. There are no ways to register a game with Sony anyway. So new vs used shouldn’t matter. I’m a bit upset by Sony’s response. They announce something and doesn’t deliver. It might only be a temporary issue, but it wouldn’t hurt Sony to acknowledge the problem. It always scares me when they give the usual corporate B.S. instead of being honest. As if we can’t deal with the truth… which for me is a huge lack of trust and doesn’t make me confident that the issue will be fixed. I mean… I wouldn’t even mind that they end up saying that it was a mistake to announce that the Vita version is free for PS3 disc owners and that it would work only for the digital version. At least that’s an answer I can’t do something with… even if that’d be a frustrating one… it would be less frustrating than no answer.

  • @17 Post on IGN someone probably already had this same problem and knows how to fix it.

  • @4 As it happens, MGS 1 and VC2, among others, were unceremoniously ripped from the list yesterday. Which meeeeaans that Sony lied to us this whole frakking time about bringing any of these unreleased PSP and PSone games to the Vita’s PSN! They falsified a sense of value to get PS TV owners! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER SONY! And get Netflix! A streaming box is NOT a streaming box without Netflix! I don’t care if you want people to buy stuff from PSN! Netlfix or bust!

  • Retail PS3 disc owner here. Vita version still showing as $19.99 here also.

    Ended up toying with the demo version for Vita. Was a little disappointed at its jittery performance as it loaded parts of the land in, so I’m hopeful they’ll fine-tune it via patches later as the developer already has for the other platforms.

  • Will this have Cross-Play? my little sis has a PS3 I want to play with her online with my Vita is it possible? I hope you reply me back please.

  • It should be possible

  • For #22 and future reference, this game IS NOT CROSSPLAY.
    Kind of disappointing, thought me and my son could play PS3 to Vita.

    Personally can’t complain this time.
    I bought it digtal, as a must have for them, and even bought it a few days before they actually announced it being CrossBuy.

    Still a great buy, but would have liked to CrossPlay.

  • I’ve never played a console Minecraft. Is it possible to join another person’s multiplayer server with just their IP address, or do they have to be on your PSN friends list?

  • YaY?! Meanwhile, my expensive PS4 is still collecting dust and will until this time next month, but at least there’s yet ANOTHER way to play Minecraft!

  • @26 It is collecting Dust: An Elysian Tail. I can recommend that game for about 19 hours (completionism run) of fun and pretty drawings.

  • This is gonna be the first time I enjoy playing minecraft… It was horrible on pc but having it on the go and with dual analog sticks and the beautiful oled screen the vita has it’s something waaay different :) I’ll try to buy it today :) thank you sony! :)

  • When is Run Sackboy Run coming out?

  • Does anyone experience crashes when playing minecraft on offline mode?

  • They made minecraft ps 3 version free instead of ps vita ?

  • @6, 9, 13, etc.

    I purchased the PS3 disc version and it did not have a voucher code in it, so I contacted support via live chat. The agent opened a ticket, and I received an email that stated I had to prove purchase (scan and email copy of receipt) which I did. A few days later received another email that explained I can now download the digital version for free. After that, I have had no problems upgrading to PS4 or getting the free Vita version. Hope this helps!!

  • So, has anyone tried playing this on the PlayStation TV?

    And I still hope there may be support for the WesterosCraft mod on Vita/PSTV at some point.

  • Have you guys actually tried putting the minecraft version you are trying to get in your cart and checkout like you are paying? My discount did not show up until I added it to my cart and started checking out then I received discounted price. Maybe this helps.

  • Dang had i guess i should have read about this early. feeling kinda jipped at this. Bought the ps4 version thinking i was also getting the vita version for free because of cross-buy, but its only if you bought it on the ps3. i guess it ok but ill probably wait on a sale or something to get this!

  • My son is giddy at being able to play Minecraft on a device with buttons.

    That said, you guys (SONY) NEED to market this to kids for Christmas. Seriously. Why on earth you didn’t have a creeper green bundle is BEYOND me. (that was for Ryan. Beyond!)

    A new iPod is $200 which has no expandable memory.
    A new Vita is the same price and has expandable memory (which is arm-and-a-leg expensive, but I digress).

    MARKET YOUR DEVICE, SONY! For the love of Sackboy! (or Steve, in this case)

  • Guys im with the same problem.. i have the disc copy on my ps3 edition on minecraft.. and i can’t get the Ps vita for free ? .. why… i log out log in.. in the both console.. im with the same .. PSN account.. on the both console.. can someone help ? if someone know what to do step by step to get it for free ?
    Thanks at all :)

  • So, if you buy mine craft ps vita you get the ps4 version for $5. What about those of us who bought the ps4 version at full price, can we buy the vita version for $5.

  • GUYS >. For all of you who have the PS3 Minecraft disc copy.. and can’t get the ps vita for free
    this is because its just for digital verison
    WEll put your Ps3 mc disc on your console start the game then leave get your disc out go to the store
    download on ps3.. store download mc.. you will see DOWNLOAD
    and its auto.. download the PS Vita ..version :) Try it out..
    i just get it


  • + THEN after this STEPS>> GO TO YOUR vita store and download ps vita minecraft full version for free :)
    LEt me know if i help you :)
    i help my self :)

  • Completely forgot this was out. Anyone wanna hop on and play awhile?

  • Downloaded it yesterday and the graphics are mind blowing and the gameplay is identical to the PS4 version. There is a very very slight framerate issue but other than that, it’s the most perfect port I’ve ever seen. 9.5/10

  • Is Skin Pack 3 not cross-buy with the Vita? I own the PS4 pack, but the Vita bundle isn’t cross-buy.

  • PS Vita needs games like this one. Minecraft is an awesome start, but Sony needs to keep a steady stream of high caliber Vita games not just one here or there. Anyway, thank you for bringing this game to Vita.

  • PS4 owners get so screwed on this. I bought the ps4 version now i have to buy the vita version. NOT RIGHT!!!

  • Thank you guys so much for this!

    That is some top notch consideration for the players, right there! I was happy to buy the retail version when it released, and now I have a digital copy on my Vita for free. You folks at Mojang, if ever anyone mentions you in the same breath with EA or any of those other money grubbing shovelware scabs, you think back to this comment and know you are better. You had an impact on American culture, and the culture of the world. And you did it right. Cheers!

  • just to help out on my fellow gamers who bought the PS3 Disc version.

    if you still have the receipt, then just contact Sony chat support and tell them that your cross-buy purchase of Minecraft is not working. they will then send you an email on which you need to provide a copy of the valid receipt of the game. afterwards they will send you a code for the digital download of the PS3 game which then enables the Vita cross-buy and also $4.99 PS4 upgrade.

    it seems that their policy is NO RECEIPT, NO CODE. so if it was a gift to you or a pre-owned game then you may be out of luck! Sony these days has been very lacking on customer support, I just bought bnew/sealed LBP for PSVita with the online pass not valid/expired and they will not replace it even after providing receipt and picture of the code. good thing is I got it from Amazon which has excellent customer service!

  • I’ve been playing and loving it. The biggest surprise is AdHoc MP! There’s online as well, but the AdHoc is a REALLY nice surprise.

  • Ok im annoyed, why is it only cross-buy if you bought it on ps3.. thats ridiculous ps4 is the latest console out that us as gamers paid alot of $$$ for and we dont get the ps vita edition of minecraft for free or at least a cheaper price. I own 2 copies of minecraft on ps4 digital and disc thats $45 plus my $600 ps4 and now just to play it on the go ive gotta buy it AGAIN wtf… playstation, microsoft must be dribbling some Bull**** in your back pocket or u guys are just stingey…. and when then ps vita edition is realesed in store there gunna charge more for it than the ps4 retail verion and the ps3 version…. ARE YOU KIDDING… i love my sony but some times theres stuff like this that happens and it makes me wonder why the hell i bother to keep buying your products.

  • Honestly I don’t like Minecraft too much. With every update they’ve released, I could cycle through the new content within 15 minutes. There is little game progression, you can literally get the best gear within an hour of play.

    I am happy it arrived on the Vita, though. It’ll boost it’s sales I’m sure.

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