Minecraft PS Vita Edition Out Now, Hands-on Video

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Minecraft PS Vita Edition Out Now, Hands-on Video

Our journey is complete! Minecraft PS Vita Edition has landed on PlayStation Store in all its blocky glory. Once we heard the news, we went straight to one of our biggest internal Minecraft fans, Aram Jabbari from SCEA PR, to get an up-close-and-personal video tour. Aram gives an overview of what to expect from Minecraft PS Vita Edition, including a look at the user interface and some handy tips for surviving your first night.

Minecraft PS Vita Edition supports cross save and cross buy with the PS3 Edition; once you own it, you can also pay $5 to upgrade to the recently released Minecraft: PS4 Edition. See the whole range of PlayStation Minecraft editions and more details on cross-buy support here.

Minecraft PS Vita EditionMinecraft PS Vita Edition

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  • I own a ps3 and share it with my brother we bought minecraft on his account and also shows up on my occount. Later I bought the vita and minecraft came out for it and went to the ps store to cross buy but I have to pay full price.
    minecraft on my ps3 is digital

  • I’m the owner of the disc version for PS3 too, but in PS Store there is a link with the price for PS Vita version (I’ve logged in on my account).

  • Thankfully, I bought the digital version of Minecraft on PS3 back in March. Was able to get the Vita version for free with no issues Tuesday night when I got home from work. Even downloaded my PS3 save and everything works. Very happy with the separate trophy list as well.

  • until console games support mods, minecraft is only good on the PC.

  • I got the ps3 edition but the vita version still says 19.99 someone please help me!!

  • + HoneyHut i can help you add me on PSN .

  • So, is it a Disc Benefit? I just checked my copy and there’s nothing about getting a free copy for Vita if you own the disc, it just says you have to buy it again digitally…

  • +Epickid2001 add me on PSN : i will tell you how to get your copy for free :) if you get your mc for ps3 on Disc :


  • Hey guys trying to get ad hoc to work but cant seem to get it working. between to ps vita systems, im a bit new to MC so any help appreciated, thanks.

  • and on the whole free copy thing only digital MC owners on ps3 will get free vita download.
    “, only digital versions of the game are eligible for the program as buying a physical copy does not entitle you to additional Minecraft on another platform.”

  • Bro Klaymore … i have it physical copy on ps3 verison mc and i get it for free on my ps vita :) just in case.. i have a brine to.. think how to get it ;)

  • Gotta say (as if anyone is reading this anymore, right?) that the Vita edition of Minecraft is not a great port. I’ve been playing for weeks using remote play to access my PS4 copy, and I didn’t expect the drop in graphical fidelity, the difference in controls or the short draw distance to make the native Vita edition to seem quite so inferior.

    There’s a weird graphical bug, too, when I bust blocks: the burst animation plays, but it takes the block about half a second after that animation to vanish from the screen.

    The Vita edition is still better than the Minecraft PE on my smartphone, but it seems like it’s in bad need of a patch. I think I’ll stick with remote play for now.

  • Should have did a bundle for the kids before MS snatched up the rights to the game.

    This port is about 2 years too late. Along with Monster Hunter, could have made a significant impact on Vita’s hardware sales.

    knocking it out the park on PS4…

    Lackluster with Vita…

    It is a loved machine by devs and gamers, but it could’ve been a much more commercial success.

  • There is a full video of Aram Jabbari testing out the new Minecraft edition right here: http://onlyminecraftvideos.com/minecraft-ps-vita-edition-hands-on/

    Anyway, they say it’s the most expanded and PC-close portable version (of Minecraft) yet! I can’t wait for a wonderful community to come out of this…

  • For players who have issues with ps 3 disc version cross buy this is wat you properly need to do:

    1-go to the store on a computer (you can’t do this on ps3 or vita)https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/nl-be/home/games
    2-Type Minecraft for vita
    3-Click on the button “download and you should get the option for wich platforms then you select PS vita
    4-Minecraft start downloading have fun!

    make sure you’re vita ps3 are registerd to the same PSN account.

  • I bought this game the day it came out on my laptop. when i went to download it on my vita. It wasnt there??????

  • PlayStation are JERKS! Some how i made a new PSN account on my laptop and got minecraft for that. Now PlayStation will not get me close that account and put minecraft on this account. I am super pissed about this PlayStation. >:(

  • Let Me get this straight, I paid full price for the PS4 edition and I am a ps4 plus user and they want another $20.00 for the Vita edition meanwhile it is a big party for ps3 players. WTF. I will hold off till Sony comes to its senses.

  • I just got done with a support chat, and the guy said unless you have a receipt, people with the retail version of Minecraft are completely out of luck. It would be nice Sony could mention that instead of leading all the disk people on.

  • Hey guys, if you wanna play minecraft ps vita together, add me on psn at tofuttiman06!

  • Does minecraft work for the playstation tv? im considering buying a playstation tv but I would like to know if minecraft works before I buy it.

  • When will come Minecraft 2? I love play minecraft online but i want other minecraft games like http://minecraft-unblocked.com

  • C’mon Sony stop ****ing around….US loyal customers have spent countless $$$ and you still find someway to screw us over….2 issues in 1 month???? First Driveclub ps plus edition gone M.I.A and now this??? Sony just give us what we deserve!!!!

  • Hey guys i figured out why you can’t get the free version on the PsVita if you have already purchased it on the ps3, its because you have to buy the ps3 version from the psn store. So if you bought the disk for ps3, you can NOT get Vita version for free! Thought i would put that out there :)


  • Sony support hung up on me after not giving me answers about the cross-buy for my disc version not being honored. Their live chat person was equally useless. I saved the chat, too.

    I’m tired of Sony promising one thing and then attaching rules they never mentioned to it. I’m contacting 4J. Maybe they’ll be less clueless on customer support.

  • Yeah Its really fun to play this game. And btw if you have the time maybe you can check out my Youtube channel that i have with a friend of mine. Its called DrummBosses. Thank you

  • Bought the Ps4 edition and didn’t get cross-buy. Bad move Sony, bad move…

  • I know I’m quite late to this party, and I REEALLY hope you answer!

    I just bought Minecraft on my PS4, literally like 3 hours ago… How do I download it to my VITA? Or does that only work for PS3? I downloaded it hoping to play the game on the go, as I’m always in the hospital and have my VITA for either long lines and/or hospitalizations…

    So is there anyone that might be able to help me? I would really appreciate it!
    This is my first day actually putting time into game as I have downloaded the demo, but when it came out on PS3 I tried it but I didn’t like it initially, I tried the demo again and played all the way to the end of PS4 and I’m addicted!

    I just hope that in time, that I learn to build some insane levels and/or structures; but as creative as I am, I can’t even make legitimate levels on LittleBigPlanet, so I don’t know…

    God, you guys have no idea how long it took me to figure out how to find Iron Ores in this game, technically I still don’t know, I just mine down and go as far as possible, is there a better way? XD

    Anyway, I’m sorry this came out so long but I really hope you can get back to me! Thanks! :3

  • The free vita MC download is only for PS3 broham. Sony should have done it the other way around and do it for ps4…WHO EVEN PLAYS PS3 ANYMORE!

  • how to get it free pls say it

  • how to get it free pls say it
    i wanna knwit

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