You’re Invited: PlayStation Experience Event in December

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You’re Invited: PlayStation Experience Event in December

PSX - PlayStation Experience

Here we go! I’m happy to announce our very first PlayStation Experience, a massive two-day community event dedicated to the people who bring PlayStation to life: you! We’ve been planning this bad boy for some time… and with PlayStation’s 20-year anniversary just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Prepare for two intense days of PlayStation gaming, content, and activities. Attendees will sit in on in-depth panels, meet the industry’s best developers, score hands-on gameplay with tons of upcoming PlayStation games, collect free swag, and get a chance to purchase rare collectibles directly from their favorite game studios. Attendees will also get an exclusive first look at what’s coming next in 2015, which I am told you will not want to miss.

The two-day community event will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 6th and 7th, 2014. And stay tuned for October 20th, when we release details on how you can be part of this legendary event; the one-day pass will cost $50.00, with the two-day pass going for $90. The venue is huge, too, so we’ll have plenty of room and plenty of games. Bring your friends and family (if they are 18 and over)!

If you can’t make it to PlayStation Experience in person (we’ll miss you!), don’t worry. Per usual, PlayStation.Blog will be offering comprehensive coverage of the event, including breaking news as well as live video through multiple distribution channels. Stay tuned for further details on the event, programming information and much more.

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  • don’t forget about the vita, we need to see more support from you guys. where’s the love? man, where’s the love? I wanna see a vita tittle made from a western world wide studios, along with the announcement of gravity rush 2 exclusively for the vita/ps vita tv.

  • Please, please announce some Playstation Vita games that aren’t indies.

  • I’m going to need to check out flight+hotel packages. PAX Prime and South took my travel budget but I just might need to find the money for this!

  • Sounds awesome! Too bad I live in Tennessee…

  • $50 bucks for the shot at buying expensive collectibles… sorry but the price is way too high and the description is lacking severely.

  • Hey. I live in Vegas. Finally a video game even that I can go to!

  • Would be awesome to go. But i live in UK so it’s a long way to travel and a lot of money!

  • I’ll be there. So hyped to see what kind of NEEEWW Releases Sony has in store for 2015

  • Fantastic news! See you Las Vegas!


  • I wish I lived in America. :( I always wanted to go to Las Vegas and many many more. :(

  • How about you guys release 2.0 already, and also announce that firmware updates for PS4 wont take half a year to release such small updates

  • You know I’m looking at flights as I type for those days. Will in a stink if I miss this.

  • New game announcement(s)?????

    And where the hell is DriveClub PS+ edition? It’s the weekend and we’d like to play it.

  • @51 I’m afraid to say that the only time you’ll be seeing new Gravity Rush content on Vita is through Remote Play and cameos in games like Destiny of Spirits.

  • Any new info on Run Sackboy Run?

  • Thanks for the invite. I’ll come if you pay for the flight and hotel ;-)

  • What location in Las Vegas?

  • sound awsome but i live in kentucky so -_-

  • Any chance the event might get delayed, due to server problems?

  • Will it be possible for almost-18s to attend? I am really interested and I might have a good opportunity to go, but I’m currently 17 and I won’t be 18 until 2 months later (Feb. 2015).

  • Hey Sid, I run a geek-centric talk show on UNLV radio. Any chance you can stop by to promote the event?

  • It really sucks living all the way across the country sometimes. I never get to go to stuff like this.

  • This seems sort of cool, but all that money would honestly be better spent rectifying your online infrastructure issues.

    Driveclub’s online has been a huge disappointment (game rocks, but servers suck), but in general PSN seems to have become less performant this week. I’m having situations where sending a simple, short message over PS4 stalls for 30-60 seconds before the operation completes. I get notifications about a new message, click in, and no new message. Oh wait–after a minute, the new message appears. What is this?

    I don’t typically ‘hijack’ threads like this to complain, but things are looking pretty dire on the online side. I know different departments in a corporation have their own budgets, but I feel like serious resources need to be diverted from all over and directly into fixing the online infrastructure problem. That should be Sony’s top priority right now.

    Signing off,
    Total Industry Guru (heh)

  • Any future game revealnews? Just wondering :3

  • Will there be a ball pit there?

  • toooo much problem in turkey . about site about support about accessories .

  • ok >__<
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  • I hate living out in the middle of nowhere. These major events are always on the other side of the country and I never get to go :(

  • Went to the PS Experience theater E3 showing. Was enjoyable so I imagine this would be 10x more awesome.
    Unfortunately Im quite far from Vegas. :(

  • Yeah? What planet on Earth do real gamers actually get to “Vegas”?

  • Important question I’m ready to shell out 180 buck but I’m 15 can I come with a adult 18+ who is a legal guardian

  • So, will there be any new game announcements?

  • hey chances are no one cares but xbox gives full free games, not made up half free games full ps dont do that if you want more ps customers you gotta give out old REAL full free games instead of trying to squeez every penny out of your fans. Just as example last month xbox game the fans fable 3 they dident loose the game when they ran out of membership and the following month they game out saints row 2 that game has a good popularity rate so imagine how many customers they got from one game. Yea you guys gave dead or alive but… it was the oposite of fun cause you only got 3 characters out of like 20 wow and each character cost like 1.50 are you kidding me did you know theres a whole website about sony doing scams and being a cheap skate you know how many members they got, 500,000 thats half a million complaining about YOU. Step yall game up is all im saying and give back to the fans.

  • PSN does give out full free games.

  • So any tidbits on where in Vegas? Or do we have to wait till the 20th? I want to book my hotel now close :-)

  • It’s been asked several times before here, but I don’t see an answer so I’ll add my voice to the conversation. If my son is 17, will I be able to bring him?

  • You know, Sony will be launching the PS4 in China.
    They’re will be high demands for that territory.
    It cannot just be launched in Hong Kong either, but all of China.
    Sony will have to make deal to start the pre-orders of the PS4 for that region with the retails over there.
    A big time hit where you would sell a lot are giants such as Alibaba, it’s like the Asian version of our Amazon, except it’s bigger and make more profit.
    Just taking pre-orders from there will boost the sales by at least 1 million at launch.
    You post it there and you’ll see how much pre-orders there is.
    The PS4 is built there unlike the Xbox One so it’ll be much easier to sell.

  • How do i purchase a pass?

  • With the PS 20th anniversary coming up, there are sooo many possibilities…

  • Awwwwwww snap!

  • That’s great and when will it be coming to the U.K as there’s no chance I could afford the air ticket or is this jus t for the U.S as you do have other gamers outside the usa thanks play station after all its all about the players well the ones that live in America :(

  • Finally!! Finally something to do in Vegas!!!

  • Hey! It sounds awesome! Kind of an E3 exclusively for PS? I’m from Mexico and I want to go to an E3 as soon as I can (maybe 2016…?), so I hope you make this event every year from now!!!

  • Sounds good, If this is a returning event you should have tournaments on it. Like Blizzcon, quakecon and so on are doing :)

  • I kind of hope we will have the ability to download these demos on our PS4s, but only for as long as they are available to the public, so all of us can play. I can understand if you can’t do that though. Not fair for us to get them free while others might have to pay $50-90. Still cool Idea though.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice, if this was shown in PS Home …. :(

  • Will there be new game premieres?!!

  • Woo-hoo free swagger! Gonna start saving up for a rare-collectible or two! Hopefully there will be 3-D stuff, too!

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