The Wolf Among Us in Stores November 4 on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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The Wolf Among Us in Stores November 4 on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

It’s definitely a big month for us over at Telltale! You might have caught our announcement last week about The Walking Dead: Season Two coming to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita at retail… well, we’ve got even more good news for fans today.

The Wolf Among Us: A Telltale Games Series will ALSO be arriving in stores for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita on November 4th! For those who prefer to run more in the virtual world, the full season will be downloadable for PS4 and PS Vita as well (you can already get all 5 episodes via digital download for PS3).

The Wolf Among Us in Stores November 4 on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Not familiar with The Wolf Among Us? Check out the trailer we’ve prepared especially for this retail release. Experiencing scenes from The Wolf Among Us finale again as they’re put together in this trailer is kind of amazing for me — remembering this stuff still sends a shiver down my spine. It’s very tense, a little bit creepy, and a LOT of awesome.

The series is based on DC/Vertigo Comics’ Eisner Award-winning comic series FABLES by Bill Willingham. In short, it follows the stories of fairy tale characters like Snow White and the Big Bad Wolf, living in exile in the modern era, trying to keep their society of Fables hidden in plain sight amongst the humans of New York City.

The Wolf Among Us takes place long before the first comic, so whether you know the series or not, it makes for both a great introduction to the universe, and a critical and canonical prequel detailing the story one of Fabletown’s most grisly murder cases.

As ever, thanks for reading, and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Vita version shall be mine.

  • Hey Laura! Solid news – I’ve been waiting for this on PS4. Question about Walking Dead. You guys are putting out a retail version for Season 1 as well correct? Cheers!

  • Yeah, it is great you continue to release old games. Are you guys just going to pretend Tales of Borderlands was never announced and hope we all forget about it?


    Remember that, Telltale? This game was supposed to come to Vita ONE. YEAR. AGO.

    This had better run better than The Walking Dead does on Vita with the extra year you had.

  • Is the wolf among us going to be counted as a cross buy game?

  • hey Laura, is Walking dead season 1 coming to PSN Store on ps4 version next week Tuesday ? i know season 2 already confirmed in PSN Store on October 21

  • Cross-buy?

  • We prefer digital downloads…..said NO VITA OWNER EVER!

    Especially with those with those excellently priced memory cards….heavy sarcasm intended.

  • Please tell me it’s cross buy compatible. I bought the season pass on ps3 but never finished it. Would be nice to continue the story on the newer and shinier Playstation 4.

  • Any info about price for PS4 digital version? Also, are we going to have the chance to buy it per pisode or just the full season?

  • If you haven’t got a chance to play this yet, definitely do. This is an incredible game experience. This game has a style that truly sets it apart. It’s one of the “coolest” games available. I played through it on PS3 as each episode was released and the wait between episodes was painfully, I just wanted to keep playing!

    Ps. It’s got an easy platinum too, not Walking Dead S1 easy, but definitely attainable.

  • any difference to PS3?

  • Vita version awesome, more games for Vita, I am playing killzone mercenary and is stuning,
    what we want
    Vita games
    If SCEA wants to increase Vita need a bundle of PS4 and Vita that help both consoles I got both, but if they release a Bundle I buy it Too

  • wow only half a year late. Thanks for that “support”.

    I am not buying this on Vita because I have no interest in supporting devs who see the Vita as an afterthought

  • Why does the Vita version for Wolf Among Us have a platinum trophy but The Walking Dead season 2 does not? Maybe I’m wrong but I think that is what I have seen.

  • Still no Cross-Buy on digital versions I’m guessing???

    Biggest pet-peace with Telltale. Great games tho

  • pet-peave*

  • Any chance for a cross-buy if we already own this on PS3?

  • Guys/gals, any Dev would cater to the platform w/ the largest customer base; I’m very happy about the Vita support.

    @3, Ryu- Geez, TT isn’t Activision where they can have separate IPs being produced concurrently. Come on. They’ll probably launch Borderlands & Game of Thrones in 2nd qrt of ’15.

    @all inquiring about Cross-buy- TT wants their “Interactive Novellas” on every platform. Cross-buy will never happen.

  • Urfff FINALLY!!! Hope you make it run smooth on the vita… I waited so long for it! Will this release include spanish subs? I LOVED the first episode on my iphone 5… Some time ago I downloaded a pirated version for my iphone 5 with all the 5 episodes and know what? I thought such an amazing game deserved a better treatment and deleted it just in order to wait for a vita release and buy it and play it the best way I could :) thank you guys for make it happen… You have my money and support :)

  • @ 20. TMI, what if the FBI is watching you, LOL

  • Can you provided any details around whether the game engine was improved for PS4?

    I really want to play WAU, but after the stuttery experience and long load times with the Walking Dead seasons on PS3, I feel like I will disappointed if the experience is similar on PS4 with TAU.

  • @ 8 What are you talking about? I don’t know any Vita owners that don’t want digital. I’m purely digital on the Vita except for one game. I figure if I am going portable I might as well have all of my games right on there.

  • Both The Walking Dead Season 2 and the Wolf Among Us on the same day for Vita? What are you doing to my wallet?

  • Yeah wish you guys did cros buy… I want to play these on vita, also cause my save file is there, and I don’t like downloads. Only got a 8gb card. So I’m thinking Black Friday. No reason to rush on and product that you guys waiting on delivering in the first place.

  • Dont you have like thirty franchises to make games from? How bout you stop releasing the same ones over and over? And get them running smoothly while you’re at it.

  • Have had the Vita version preordered for a while. YAY Physical media!

  • Your games are awesome. I played Walking Dead on PS3. Loved it so much that I had bought again for the Vita. I realized that these are awesome on the Vita. Thank you for the Vita support. Please consider bringing Sam and Max, Monkey Island, Back to the Future and all your classics to the Vita.

  • I have always wanted to play this as well i will get this for the PS4 for sure.

  • Will the PS4 version have no load times or framerate issues like the ps3 version?

    I will wait for the reviews to roll in before buying.

  • Although it has been asked many times prior to my comment, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to inquire as to whether there would be any form of Cross-Purchasing for this game? I’m a huge fan of both Telltale and Vertigo’s Fables series, and it would be grand news if I could play The Wolf Among Us on all my consoles. :D

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