PlayStation Blogcast 138: Ripley, Believe It or Not

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PlayStation Blogcast 138: Ripley, Believe It or Not

Today on the blogcast: hands-on impressions with Resident Evil, Vib-Ribbon, Alien: Isolation, and a heated discussion about spoiler culture. Plus new releases, listener letters, and more. Enjoy!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Resident Evil
  • Vib-Ribbon
  • Alien: Isolation
  • Spoilers!
  • Honeymoon
  • Exotic Weapon Bounties

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The Cast

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  • Enjoy the show!

  • Justin Massongill


  • Love the chemistry and vibe your blogcast has developed! BEYOND!!!

  • I hope you talked about Hatsune Miku. The new one is actually coming to Vita in the US. How crazy is that?

  • Another week, no Nick. What’s he up to again? Is he still in Japan? Also, nice episode title!

    @winterdust If you mean Project Diva f 2nd then yup I can’t wait. I’ve been hoping Aaron Weber would come on here and put up an article with the release date, etc.

  • Whoa, early update.

    I did a double-take at the header image. I thought that a photo of you all recording the show.

  • The Evil Within comes out Tuesday.

    I am both excited and terrified to play it.

  • @blueblizzard yep DIVA f 2! Plus Miku Expo is going on in NY and she was on Letterman last night. Unreal. Lol.

  • @blueblizzard BTW nice icon. I love me some skullgirls. Can’t wait for the new Guilty Gear on ps4!

  • @winterdust Skullgirls for vita is what I’m looking forward to!

  • Aw siiiick early update. BLOGCAST!

  • For the Phogoth fight, you guys should’ve just stayed behind the Rock of safety for the whole thing. None of the enemies come bother you, and you can still hit Phogoth while his beam is mostly blocked :)

  • @blueblizzard oh yeah SG on Vita will kick ass. Half my 32GB card is nothing but fighting games. :)

  • @winterdust Nice, I do enjoy me a bit of fighting games (although I’m not the best at them lol). Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, BlazBlue, and Dead or Alive 5 are some of my favorites for vita.

  • I have a question about the Vita. Yesterday I noticed some of my games were gone from my trophies list while I was looking through the Vita trophies list. When I look over to PS network they are there. Apparently there is a 100 game limit for the trophies on the Vita. I know this may not seem like a big deal but I wish I could erase games that I tried from PS+ and didn’t care for. Since the majority of the time I play my Vita I don’t have wifi connection. Perhaps not a big deal to some but I didn’t know about it. If the 100 bubble app. was increased I wish the trophy list was as well.

  • The Evil Within looks like it could be really good, but the season pass thing turns me off a bit. I’m going to have to wait awhile anyway, since I’ve already preordered Shinovi Versus and Freedom Wars for this month! Food is overrated anyway!

    This is my first post without a plus symbol by my avatar in around 3 years. I miss the pre-igc ps plus, the sales have been terrible lately. I don’t see myself renewing anytime soon.

  • I agree 100% with Justin. I HATE spoilers regardless of the material’s age.

    I cannot legally get away with saying how I feel on here about people who purposely and knowingly spoil plots.

    I STILL have not finished Red Dead Redemption because the ending was spoiled for me.

    • Justin Massongill

      Still totally worth playing RDR to completion. I had the ending spoiled too, but still played it and loved every second. One of the generation’s best, for sure.

  • This Vib Ribbon game is kind of fun. Never knew much about that PSX game ’til a very, very recent announced here. Played it on the Vita and though you cannot play any music CDs, since it ask for the CD, the game music itself is very entertaining. Also like to thank PSN US for releasing it with a discount. I believe it’s the very first time that a PSOne Classic game that was released be given a discount. Also like to thank PSN Blog for covering the story on it or else I probably would have missed this.

    Can’t wait for REmake to come out on other systems. It was a fantastic Classic remake of the original classic. As for REmake 2, it’s impossible to ask Capcom for a REmake sequel especially since it’s been asked as far back as… REmake 1!!! Anyhow, folks that asked for this are probably in their 80’s, like Kingdom Hearts older fans that are still waiting for KH3. Shenmue fans waiting for Shenmue 3 are either in their 100’s or dead.

  • I agree Red Dead is worth playing even knowing the ending. I played it a year or two late when I got it in the bargin bin. After a few hours of game play/plot I saw the ending coming. Still played it and enjoyed it very much. I despise open world, but RDR did it different.

  • *cue music from the 80’s

    “believe it or not, we won’t talk about Driveclub for PS Plus being free ee ee, flying away on a wing and a prayer… who could it be? believe it or not it’s not free

  • Woah..blogcast early today…so just the Three Amigos not the Four Horsemen

  • Please tell me that Lone Survivor is going to be cross-buy. Love that game!

  • Will there be more coverage of the PlayStation TV in next week’s Blogcast?

    I’m somewhat surprised at how quickly it was passed by in this week’s recording, but I’m hoping that there might be more time set aside in a future episode to give feedback about how the device handles “in the wild”.

    Also, from what I gather, the only physical version of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus is as a pre-order limited edition (with things like a soundtrack CD included). So far as I’m aware, it’ll only be available via PSN once the LE stocks run out.

  • Still no DriveClub eh?

    They should give an ETA or something.

  • Excellent episode this week as usual. Especially the Resi remake talk. Too bad there wont be an ‘original audio’ option so we can have our Jill Sandwich.

  • Am enjoying Dust: An Elysian Tail at the moment, very beautiful artwork and I’d recommend you guys at Sony to give it a shot. :)

  • You guys can’t even get thirty of your own employees to post on here? Just release the Driveclub Plus thing and use the Air Force ads to pay for the bandwidth.

  • Why are there Air Force video ads available on my PS4 when I have PS Plus but I can’t get a game file of 15GB?

  • I’m enjoying DriveClub PS+ Edition.
    Thx to PS Family! :D

  • I’m a dedicated single player person. Should I getDestiny or pass on it.

  • @ramos21 Single player, pass on Destiny for now. The “lore” is there (through cards you collect and can only read in a phone app or on Bungie’s website), but the story is just not. You can single player the story stuff in a few hours, and then you’ll have nothing to really do. The level grind after 23 is a bear, and the crucible just isn’t that fun.

  • @16: Agreed. The season pass for this game is now why I am waiting until it hits $30 or less. I don’t buy into season passes for games like this.

  • Btw Thanks for the shout out near the end of the Blogcast and for pronouncing my name correctly on the air! Cheers gang! (No im not British)

  • Finally hear someone gush over Alien! I agree 100% with everything Sid said. About 4-5 hours in and I’m really loving the game. Only issue so far is the strange way the mouths move when characters speak outside of cutscenes. But with that nitpick aside, the atmosphere is perfect, the locations are stunning, the Alien (Sid voice) OH MY, so damn smart. As of right now it’s definitely towards the top of my list for game of the year contenders. Buy now! P.S. the story Ryan told about Sid throwing the flare like it’s Jurassic Park had me dying :)

  • So am I like the only one totally psyched about Minecraft on Vita?

    Not only will I be able to have a personal save that I can upload to PS3 for myself.
    But my kids will stop asking me about it……….Finally.

  • It’s suck. Too many problem issues. Cannot playing in mission 15 coz has issues

  • Loved the show as always a great job sorry i was a little nervous inmy voicemail but thanks for playing it meant alot

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