PlayStation TV: The Ultimate FAQ

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PlayStation TV: The Ultimate FAQ

PlayStation TV‘s North American launch is set for next Tuesday, October 14, so we wanted to get the ball rolling by providing a comprehensive resource for all topics related to PS TV. Though certain details are still being finalized, this FAQ will cover a range of topics about this sleek and compact new addition to the PlayStation family. Topics covered include everything from the system specs and benefits to accessories, PlayStation Plus features, the launch game lineup, differences from PS Vita, and much more.

Please leave your questions in the comments. We will continue to update this FAQ leading up to launch, integrating new answers and additional details as they are confirmed.

PlayStation TV System Details
How much does PS TV cost? When does it come out?

The PS TV system will retail for $99.99 (MSRP) for the standalone system in the United States (and CAD $99.99 [MSRP] in Canada) when it debuts on October 14, 2014 across North America. There will also be a limited edition bundle version of the PS TV system with The LEGO Movie Videogame for $139.99 (MSRP) in the United States and CAD $139.99 (MSRP) in Canada.

When does the PS TV digital store launch?

October 13, 2014.

When does PS TV come out in Europe?

November 14, 2014.

What comes in the standalone PS TV box at launch?

PlayStation TV system, HDMI cable, AC adaptor, and AC power cord.


Buy the PlayStation TV limited edition bundle

What does the PS TV limited edition bundle include?

PlayStation TV system, DualShock 3 wireless controller, 8GB memory card, The LEGO Movie Videogame Game Voucher, AC adaptor, AC power cord, HDMI cable, and USB cable.

What input/output ports and connectivity features does PS TV support?

HDMI OUT, Ethernet, and one USB 2.0 port. PS TV also features integrated 802.11 b/g/n (n=1×1) Wi-Fi for wireless internet connectivity and for DUALSHOCK 3 and DUALSHOCK 4 controller support as well as Bluetooth headset/headphone (A2DP, AVRCP, HSP) and keyboard (HID).


Is a memory card required for gameplay?

PS TV has 1GB internal memory, which can be used for game saves or small-sized downloadable content. However, you will need a separate memory card for those games that require game saves or have downloadable content with larger data. A memory card isn’t required for streaming services like PS Now or Remote Play.

What are PS TV’s physical dimensions?

PS TV measures approximately 13.6 mm (thickness) × 105 mm (height) × 65 mm (length). PS TV weighs approximately 110 grams (0.24 pounds).

Here’s a photo comparison:


What is the difference between PS TV and PS Vita?

The following table highlights the feature differences between the two systems.

Applications The following PS Vita applications are not available on PS TV:
– near
– map
– welcome park
– network operator
– Remote Play (for PlayStation 3)

The following applications are available on both PS TV and PS Vita, though with these differences:

– Photos cannot be taken on PS TV’s [photo] app (PS TV does not have a camera).
– When using voice chat on PS TV’s [party] app, users must use a separately sold Bluetooth headset (PS TV does not have a microphone).

Network Connection PS TV supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.
Video/Sound Output PS TV outputs video/sound to a TV via HDMI cable.
Controls PS TV is controlled by DualShock 3 or DualShock 4.

The touch pointer feature allows users to use right/left stick on a controller (DualShock 3 or DualShock 4) to perform touch operations like you would on a PS Vita system. In addition, users can also use a touch pad on a DS4 to perform touch operations. Users can use this feature in supported PS Vita titles or PS Mobile titles.

[OPTIONS] and [SHARE] buttons on a DS4 will be assigned to [START] and [SELECT] button on a PS Vita system.

Speaker and Stereo headset jack on a DS4 are not supported on PS TV.

PS TV supports key input via Bluetooth keyboards (however, Sony Computer Entertainment does not guarantee compatibility with all Bluetooth keyboards).

Game Titles PS TV supports different titles from PS Vita.
What color variations will you offer at launch?

The model color at launch is black.

What screen resolutions will PS TV support?

PS TV will support 480p, 720p, and 1080i via HDMI output.

Will PS TV support 4K content for video or gaming?

No, the PS TV system does not support 4K output for games.

Does PS TV support analog video or audio output? Does PS TV support standard-definition TVs?

No. PS TV’s video and audio are transmitted using HDMI, a common digital connector found on most HD TVs. PS TV does not support standard-definition TVs.

Will PS TV require a system software update at launch in North America? How will system updates work post-launch?

Upon the North American launch, PS TV will require a system software update to add several new features. After you connect to the internet, you will need to sign into PSN, where you will receive a notification to update the system software. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Which PS TV features will be available at launch in North America?

Popular features already available on PS Vita, like Remote Play, will be available when PS TV launches. Additional PS TV features will be rolled out in phases. Please read full details on what’s available following system software update 3.30, and follow PlayStation.Blog and for further news.

What is “LiveArea”?

Every game features a space called “LiveArea” where you can access new game information from Sony Computer Entertainment and third-party developers and publishers via PSN. You’ll also be able to view an “Activity” log that includes your PSN Friends. This log is constantly updated with accomplishments from users who are playing the same game, which in turn can trigger active real-time communication and gameplay among users.

Does PS TV offer sub-accounts? How do they work?

Yes. Click here for information about sub-accounts.

Does PS TV offer parental control options to restrict content to younger users?

Yes. PS TV provides the flexibility to manage console use by time and day, gameplay by ESRB rating, and block in-store purchases.

Also, for each sub-account user, there are controls over the ability to use chat features, the ability to post and view user-generated media, and the ability to control a monthly spending limit for PlayStation Store purchases.

For additional information on PS TV’s Parental Controls, click here.

Can I block or unblock another user on PS TV?

You can add users on the PSN with whom you do not want to communicate to your block list. Messages from people on the block list will not be received. Also, people on the block list will not be able to see your activities and friends list. You can also remove someone from your block list.

Will PS TV support media servers or DLNA support in order to stream videos or movies from a home PC?

No, the PS TV system does not support client functionality for media servers.

PS TV Game Lineup
What type of game content can PS TV play?

PS TV can play games from a range of PlayStation platforms, including compatible titles from:

  • PS Vita
  • PSP (PlayStation Portable)
  • PS One Classics
  • PlayStation Minis

PS TV also supports PlayStation Now, allowing PlayStation 3 games to be played via streaming over an Internet connection.

As with PS Vita, PS TV supports PS4 Remote Play, allowing PS4 users to continue playing a game enabled for remote play on a PS TV system in another room such as their bedroom.

What PS TV games will be available at launch in North America?

Click here to see a list of all compatible games.

How do I purchase PS TV games?

Customers can purchase supported PS Vita games at retailers, or purchase and download games from PlayStation Store to PS TV’s internal memory or a memory card. Customers can also purchase digital games through the Sony Entertainment Network online store via their PC.

Will any PlayStation Store content purchased on PS3 or PS Vita systems be transferable to a PS TV system?

Users who purchased PS Vita games that are compatible with the PS TV system will be able to download these titles, some of which feature enhanced graphics or improved features, to their PS TV system for no additional charge if they are using the same SEN account.

Can PS TV and PS Vita users play together online?

This functionality is technically possible and some developers may choose to support it for their titles.

PS TV Peripherals and Accessories
Will Gold Wireless Headset and PULSE wireless stereo headset – Elite Edition work on PS TV at launch in North America? What about other wireless headsets?

PS TV will not support the Gold Wireless Headset, Silver Headset, and Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition. PS TV generally supports Bluetooth headsets, speakers, and keyboards.

Can I use my PS3 remote control on PS TV?

Yes, PS TV supports BD remote control (CECH-ZRC1).

Does PS TV support the PlayStation Move motion controller?


Does PS TV support external HDMI-based game capture devices?

PS TV supports HDCP (copy protection). HDCP cannot be turned off.

DualShock 3 & DualShock 4 Support
How can users charge DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 controllers? Does PS TV include a charge cable?

The DualShock 3 controller, which is included with the PS TV bundle, can be charged using a USB mini-B cable. Users can charge the DualShock 4 controller on PS TV using a USB micro charge cable (available for purchase separately). Dedicated charging stations for both DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 are also available.

How do the “Share” and “Option” buttons work on the DualShock 4 controller when used on PS TV?

The “Share” button on the DualShock 4 operates like the “Select” button on the DualShock 3; the “Option” button on the DualShock 4 functions like the “Start” button on the DualShock 3. Please note, PS4’s ‘Share’ functionality is not available on PS TV.


Is it possible to charge a DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 controller via my PS TV when I’m not playing?

Yes, you can charge DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 wireless controllers when PS TV is in standby mode.

How many DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 wireless controllers can I connect to my PS TV at one time?

PS TV supports up to four DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 wireless controllers for local multiplayer experiences (The number of controllers that are supported will depend on individual titles/applications).

Can PS TV and PS4 users voice chat together?

PS TV and PS4 users will be able to communicate with each other via text messages and voice chat using the Party app and a supported Bluetooth headset.

For cross-game Party Chat, how many players will PS TV support?

As with the PS Vita system, PS TV will support up to eight users for cross-game Party Chat. The Party Chat feature works across PS TV, PS4, and PS Vita platforms.

PS4 Remote Play
What is Remote Play?

Remote Play will enable users to stream their PS4 gameplay to their PS TV system via the network, freeing up the television for other uses. Sony Computer Entertainment expects that most PS4 titles will support Remote Play unless the title requires a special peripheral such as PlayStation Camera during gameplay. Furthermore, Blu-Ray Disc titles and DVDs cannot be played, and content from some video services cannot be played either.

When will Remote Play work best?

Remote Play will work best when the PS TV system is located within close proximity to a Wi-Fi AP (access point) where the PS4 system is connected. We also recommend that PS TV be connected to the local area network via an Ethernet cable, and that the PS TV system be within close proximity to the Wi-Fi access point so the connection is free of interference.


How will Cross Play function between PS4 and PS TV systems?

Supported titles will allow the PS4 system and PS TV users to play together in the same game via online multiplayer (PlayStation Plus required for online multiplayer on PS4).

Are there any other cross-functional capabilities between PS TV and PS4 users?

Players can voice chat or text chat between the PS4 and PS TV systems using the Party application, even during gameplay. Users can also browse and compare each other’s Trophies. Text messages can also be sent/received between PS TV and the PS Vita and PS4 systems.

PlayStation Now
When will PlayStation Now launch on PlayStation TV?

PlayStation Now’s Open Beta for PS TV is scheduled to launch on October 14, 2014 to consumers in North America. It is also scheduled be available on PS Vita at this time. Service not available in all areas. See for details.

What games will be available on PlayStation Now for PS TV?

The Open Beta will launch with over 150 PS3 titles. See the games library page for the latest updates.

What do I need to play PS Now on PS TV?

Users will need a steady broadband internet connection ranging between 5-12 Mbps and a SEN Account and a DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 controller.

How do I troubleshoot my connection?

To maximize your connection we recommend:

  • Hardwiring the PS TV via an Ethernet cable.
  • Suspending other bandwidth intensive services (i.e., large downloads or streaming services).
  • Running the connection test found in the Settings app on PS TV to ensure you meet the bandwidth requirements.
Does PlayStation Now offer multiplayer?

Yes, couch co-op and online multiplayer features are playable on PS Now as long as these features are supported by the game.

Can I save and resume my game on PS Now?

Yes. Your game saves are stored indefinitely in our cloud storage system, allowing you to pick up where you last saved.

PS Store, Plus, Digital Entertainment
Can two people use my account’s content on two different PS TV systems at once?

Yes, this is supported.

Can I buy PlayStation Store content from other regions?

We recommend that people buy from the PlayStation Store in the region in which they signed up in order to ensure the best experience and customer support.

What entertainment services will be offered at the launch of PS TV?

Video content such as movies and TV episodes available on PlayStation Store will be available at launch in North America. We will announce other entertainment services that will be available on Day One prior to launch. Check PlayStation.Blog and PlayStation’s social channels for further news and updates.


What features will be available with PlayStation Plus on PS TV?

The following benefits will be available only to PlayStation Plus members on PS TV:

  • Instant Game Collection – Access to a regular, curated selection of titles made exclusively available to PlayStation Plus members at no additional cost.
  • Discounts – Members will have access to exclusive discounts on PlayStation Store.
  • Online Game Save – Members may automatically (or manually) upload game save files to Online Game Save Storage for safekeeping. Up to 1GB of cloud storage will be allocated to your PS TV save files.
  • Other benefits – Early access to exclusive game content, automatic game patch downloads and installation, and more.
Is PlayStation Plus necessary for multiplayer gameplay on PS TV?


Does my Plus membership for PS4, PS3, or PS Vita systems still count for PS TV?

Yes. One PS Plus membership will continue to grant benefits for your PS4, PS3, and PS Vita system, even after you pick up a PS TV.

How does PlayStation Plus membership compare on PS4, PS3, PS TV, and PS Vita systems?

Please refer to the following comparison chart:

PS3 PS Vita and PS TV PS4
Online multiplayer Free on PSN Free on PSN PS Plus members only
(certain free-to-play titles may allow online multiplayer)
Automatic game patch download PS Plus members only PS Plus members only Free on PSN
Online game saves PS Plus members only PS Plus members only PS Plus members only
Automatic trophy synch PS Plus members only PS Plus members only Free on PSN
Automatic system software downloads All users who have updated to system software 4.50 Will be available to all users after a future system software update Free on PSN
Content Services
Instant Game Collection PS Plus members only PS Plus members only PS Plus members only
Exclusives PS Plus members only PS Plus members only PS Plus members only
Discounts PS Plus members only PS Plus members only PS Plus members only
Game Trials PS Plus members only N/A Will not be offered at PS TV launch
What network services will be free on PS TV, without a PlayStation Plus membership?

Some of the features users can enjoy for free include:

  • Playing PS4 games remotely using the PS TV system (Remote Play).
  • Comparing Trophy data with other users.
  • Sending and receiving text messages from other users.
  • Party (cross game voice chat).
Will I be able to play MP3s on PS TV?

Yes. PS TV can play MP3 music that is stored on the memory card.

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    Users who purchased PS Vita games that are compatible with the PS TV system will be able to download these titles, some of which feature enhanced graphics or improved features, to their PS TV system for no additional charge if they are using the same SEN account.”

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  • The PS TV will have a network media player! Here’s the quote from the EU FAQ.

    We would also like to announce the Network Media Player app that will be coming to PS TV and PS Vita soon, which will allow you to access media servers over a network. The Network Media Player can be used to view photos and stream music and videos from a media server located on your home network. You can also copy photos, music and video files from the media server to your system. Further details about this app will be shared at a later date

  • @105 If you have PSN+ then you can download your save to a memory card. I have the 8GB bundle and as long as your Vita Tv is activated to your SEN account the save will work. You can activate up to 2 PlayStation Tvs to your account and 2 PSVitas. I have 99% physical carts and just have my 8GB there for save downloads

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    It stated that Any PS Vita games that were purchased on PSN if compatible with PSTV will play.

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    I am curious if the 64GB card will work in this unit even though they say it only supports up to 32GB. If it doesn’t, then my VITA gets it and the 32GB in that gets donated to PS TV.

    And even with the Network Media Player app coming soon, still would be great to get Plex app supported (or at least another alternative) since the media aspect is going to have to be a major selling point eventually if this device wants to gain any traction against the various Android-based media player devices out there.

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  • I don’t think people are reading the FAQ thoroughly. A lot of the questions you are asking are in the FAQ.
    The issue with the headsets is they aren’t bluetooth is Sony decides to allow that USB port to be used it’s a possibility..but don’t hold your breath…remember THIS IS A PSVITA (without a screen). Everything that works with your PSVita WILL WORK WITH THE VITA TV

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    1) Cloud saves are great for PSVita games, but there’s currently no cloud storage support for old games like PS1 & PSP titles. What would be the process, if any, to transfer saves from one PSVita to a PS TV, and vise versa? I know that, currently, PSVita can connect with a PS3 via USB and wirelessly to transfer such content. I assume that will still be available for PS TV, but how about, say, if I was playing a PSP game on the go and wanted to continue it on my TV? If there currently isn’t nothing like this at-launch, will there be any plans to support easier save transfers between Vita & PSTV anytime soon?

    2) If I have a downloadable multiplayer game that works on both PSVita and PS TV, can I and someone else play together on the same couch on both devices despite using the same PSN ID login? On games like When Vikings Attack, I was able to have both my PS3 & PSVita logged onto PSN with the same ID and play an online multiplayer game together with friends on the couch and me on my Vita. I hope that something similar will happen here where I can finally play some PSVita multiplayer games with friends who don’t own a Vita.

    Thanks, and I look forward to picking up a PlayStation TV soon!

  • Photos can be taken on PS TV’s [photo] app using the PS3 Eye camera or other cam that use USB. For real Sony, don’t forget PS3 PS Eye. Plus it can use the cam as mic too. :) Two birds with one stone. HDCP should be turn off on the PS Vita TV.

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  • @139 PS Now is still in Beta. It has not been released. Just open Beta for PS3 and PS4 for now. PSV open Beta hasn’t launched yet.

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