Diablo III: Reaper of Souls PS4 Updated Today

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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls PS4 Updated Today

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition

The first major content update for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition is coming today! We’re so excited to deliver patch 2.1.0 to PS4 and can’t wait for you to venture into The Vault, explore the murky corners of The Cesspools, level up your Legendary Gems, and find out just how far you can push your hero in Greater Rifts.

So, what’s new and improved in patch 2.1.0? Let’s take a look!

The “What’s New” Screen

A “What’s New” screen will now appear whenever a player logs into the game (and presses “Start” at the Main Menu) after a new patch has been installed. As the name suggests, this screen will provide a quick overview of new features included in the patch.

The Vault

Whenever Treasure Goblins are defeated, there’s now a chance they will spawn a new type of portal through which players can enter. Inside this mysterious new realm known as “The Vault,” mighty treasures await… along with Sanctuary’s newest boss: the Baroness Greed.

For more information about The Vault, click here.

Please note that portals to The Vault can only be accessed in Adventure Mode, and that they will not appear inside Nephalem Rifts or Greater Rifts.

The Cesspools

When adventuring in Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts, players will have a chance to encounter a new randomized environment: The Cesspools. Originally designed as the sewers of Westmarch, this festering, dank underworld is ready to explore and plunder!

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil EditionDiablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition

Greater Rifts

Greater Rifts are a special type of timed Nephalem Rift. There are an infinite number of Greater Rift levels, and each level will be progressively more difficult than the last. Upon completing a Greater Rift, players will be able to choose between one of two rewards: a chance to upgrade their Legendary Gems or (if they complete the Greater Rift level within its allotted time) the opportunity to move on to the next Greater Rift level. Players can continue progressing through Greater Rift levels so long as they complete the current Rift level before its timer expires.

For more information about Greater Rifts, click here.

Please note that Greater Rifts can only be accessed in Adventure Mode.

Ramaladni’s Gift

Ramalandni’s Gift is a new Legendary item that will allow players to add a socket to any weapon that does not already have one. This item can drop randomly in the game world and will be consumed on use.

For more information on Ramaladni’s Gift, click here.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil EditionDiablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition

Legendary Gems

Legendary Gems are a new type of gem that can drop in Greater Rifts and The Vault and will offer powerful abilities when socketed into Rings and Amulets. Players will have the opportunity to upgrade their Legendary Gems over time by completing Greater Rifts.

For more information about Legendary Gems, click here.

Good luck, nephalem. We wish you fortune and glory in your continued adventures across Sanctuary!

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  • I had to re-roll through a few of the later dungeons in the game as well.

  • Downloading

  • No seasons mode?

  • Hey Ashk_The_Great, just start the game and the patch will start downloading automatically! (if Blizzard has made the patch available yet. They might not have released the patch yet so you might have to try later in the day)

  • + jimmyfoxhound : thank man

    like you said soon as i started the game and it started downloading ,the file is 399MB ? is this it?

  • I haven’t had the chance to download it myself but I would assume that is it! Good luck!

  • I’m with moog, despite the enmity he’s receiving. I hate that you clear 4 out of 5 bounties on the map, then have to do things like go to sleep, come back the next day and have zero bounties cleared and have to start over.

    I didnt’ know about the banner change. I’ll try it, thanks.

    But yay, new content. I hate the repetitive nature of Adventure mode. I was going to quit after hitting Legendary but this gives me a reason to play more.

  • @ everyone on Page 1 asking about a PS3 patch: Blizzard said before they launched RoS UEE that they’d only be supporting the PS4 version with updates. For whatever reason, they decided beforehand that it’d be too much trouble to spend development time getting the patches working on last-gen consoles. Be glad you even got the game in the first place, let alone the expansion, as they originally announced it for current-gen. It wasn’t until later that they said it was also coming to last-gen. They threw you guys a bone. If you want the full experience, you need to migrate, either to PC or current-gen.
    If you haven’t noticed, Western developers are focusing more and more on current-gen. It’s really only the Japanese devs that are still firmly entrenched in last-gen, and even they’re starting to move up (eg. Atlus with P5).

    That being said, I still need to finish the campaign and unlock Adventure mode. PS4 backlog already becoming a problem, haha.

  • want – store – update

  • ps3 version?

  • Now this is a excellent update at some point i will get back into this game just been playing Destiny so much. Having the time of my life!!!!!!

  • Ps3 left out in the dirt?

  • No support for PS3? What a lazy way to show us we wasted our money.

  • Wait what? Cool. Been having fun playing this game. Updates are welcome.

  • With all the people talking about PS3 updates, i assume that no one actually researches things before they buy it. Blizzard said far before the release that they would not support last gen updates, because it would interfere with being able to release updates for the next gen in a timely manner. with that being said awesome game, and everyone that hasn’t switched over to next gen really should. I’m sure a lot of games are going to stop updating on the previous console versions.

  • The new content is great but has anyone noticed any glitches? I keep getting stuck running around in adventure mode. I will use a charge move to get unstuck then get stuck again. I can fight but can’t move then after like 20 seconds or so movement frees up.

  • Downloaded the patch last night and some fun. we also got into whimsyshire ( I think that’s how its spelled )by defeating a goblin, killing unicorns and teddy bears. so much fun.

  • And also, I thought since day one Blizz said that they would only patch ps4 version, not ps3.

  • + moog

    to quick save any time fast portal back to town open your banner and change 1 item and close it the will promptly save your progress

  • @ lisatsunami “I’m with moog, despite the enmity he’s receiving. I hate that you clear 4 out of 5 bounties on the map, then have to do things like go to sleep, come back the next day and have zero bounties cleared and have to start over.”

    I think you misunderstood the point of the game. You WANT the bounties to reset because you WANT to do them again and again for….

    A) Loot.
    B) Keystones.
    C) Experience.
    D) Paragon Levels.
    E) Did I mention Loot?
    F) Do the five marked “!” and get a loot bag with… LOOT!

    It’s ok not to like the game. Adventure, however, IS the game. If only Destiny had play systems more similar to Diablo perhaps I’d bother to actually play that game more. To each their own.

  • Hell yeh glad I wasted my money on the ps3 version. Wish Blizzard was a bigger company with a lot of resources, then maybe they could release patches for non terrible systems!

  • I have never EVER played a game that I don’t mind playing over again once I beat it I’m done and on to the next.Even my Last of Us is on the backburner.

    @moog, I will buy your copy hit me up on PSN. Been renting but ready to buy no.

    Any weekend warriors who play averagely add me

  • SOLO SPANISH ! Que decepcion me lleve al conocer que el patch 2.1.0 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls es exclusivo para el PS4 ……………… con mucha honra soy propietario de un PS3 todavia no tengo la dicha de tener un PS4 , soy aficionado a los juegos de Blizzard y PS es mas tengo Diablo 3 PS3 normal y luego tuve que volverme a comprar la evil edition porque queria jugar el Reaper Of Souls pero pareciera que a Playstation no le importan los usuarios de PS3 y una actualizacion la hizo exclusiva por mera gana para el PS4 , la verdad estoy DECEPCIONADO de Playstation y Blizzard .

  • Havent found a cesspool yet! Neither the rams gift. But gpt the chance to enter the vault, and i got over 95 million gold from it. How does the cesspool really works? Also, im looking for people who want to play, cuz i really hate modders ruining my exerience. Add me! Im on paragon lvl 172. On torment 3.

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