Get $15 for Spending $100 or More on PS Store

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Get $15 for Spending $100 or More on PS Store

Spend $100, Get $15
Offer valid for residents in U.S., Canada and Mexico.

It’s fall — the leaves have started falling and huge games like DRIVECLUB and NBA 2K15 are making their way to PlayStation. Starting today, when you pick up a couple of games we’ve got a sweet bonus for you on PlayStation Store — get a $15 credit when you spend more than $100 using your SEN Wallet on PS Store today through October 28th.

Use this opportunity to pick up already released games like Destiny and FIFA 15, or pre-order highly anticipated upcoming titles like DRIVECLUB, NBA 2K15, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed Unity, LittleBigPlanet 3, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and more. All PS4 and PS3 pre-order titles take advantage of automatic pre-load, allowing you to download your pre-ordered games before the release date so that they are ready to play as soon as they’re released. Check out all the titles available for pre-order and pre-load, in addition to already released games, here.

Take advantage of this deal from October 1st through October 28th and you’ll receive a redemption code for your $15 credit on or before November 7th via email, XMB message on PS3, or system notification on PS4/PS Vita. The redemption code must be redeemed by 11:59PM Pacific on December 5th.

What games are you going to pick up this month? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • My last purchase was 09/30/2014 @ 10:27 PM. $10 for $50 spent it would be better.

  • So are you going to add allot more Preorders on the PlayStation Store. I want to Preorder Project Car’s so I can be apart of this deal. There should be no reason to not add more Preorder game’s.

  • Wait just a minute here.

    I pre ordered Drive Club, Season pass and NBA 2K15 like 2 weeks ago.

    Will I also get the $15 credit?

  • I bought Valiant Hearts and Entwined yesterday at 11pm :(
    $20-something that could have given me a good start on this.

  • Heh, looks like I’m not the only one with bad luck. I just ordered P4AU a few days ago and I have Smash Bros. for my 3ds coming in the mail soon. Guess I’ll be missing out on this deal too.

  • The main problem here, I think, is that sales similar to this one have been (slightly) better in the past, and that’s made us spoiled.

  • I’m just trying to think what I can buy that would equal 100 dollars. Shadow of Mordor season pass… Assassin’s Creed IV season pass… Destiny expansion pass… I think I’m getting pretty close.

  • Well this sucks, I just spent $75 Monday night and would have pre-ordered another game to get past $100. I think Sony should adjust the time frame to start from Monday of this week.

  • Good question there, needs clarification:

    Is it $15 for every $100 spent -or- is it $15 for over $100 spent? I assume it is the latter so for example even if you spent $300+, you will only get $15 – not $45

  • Hi

    What if i buy 2 years memberships of PS+ , does that count as a 100 bux spent on games so i can receive my 15 ?

    Thank you .

  • Pre-ordered DriveClub and Season pass a few days ago, arrghhh :(

  • And for everyone asking if its 15$ for each 100$ of purchases? IT’s not, look at the small letters at the bottom of the picture, it says max 15$ credit earned.

  • does this apply if i spend $99.99

  • I wish you’d started this yesterday before I pre-ordered Shadow of Mordor lol

    As it stands, I’m going to be hard pressed to find 100 dollars worth of games I’m interested in…

  • Why wasn’t this announced yesterday when the Store updated? I spent nearly $60 last night!

  • you gus should extend this promo for pruchases made yesterday.
    It is unfair to punish people for buying stuff the day that PSN Store updated.

  • Thanks, Chieh-chan. I’ll be taking advantage of this promo.

  • Hmm it would be better $10 for each $50 as always….for people like me who don’t like digital games its hard to spend $100 so fast.

  • Will it work if i buy a year of psplus through the store? Im thinking of preordering lbp3 and buying 1 year of plus. Will i get the 15 dollars like that? Its over 100 dollars so i hope it works

  • Oh gosh. I spent almost $70 yesterday. Could you adjust the time frame from yesterday? It’s so unfair when your loyal customer support you as the store update, and then recognize that they are treated like fool, instead of waiting longer.

  • PSN – You guys are awesome and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and continue to enjoy being a Plus member and seeing all your great deals. That being said, Just being honest but I think it’s a bit difficult for gamers to spend $100 on PSN in a month. I could maybe see 2 months.

    Again, a promotion is a promotion and technically you don’t have to do anything at all. That being said, moving from $10 off $50 to $15 off $100 even feels like a reduced value promotion for gamers combined with an increased threshold.

    Just some friendly feedback. You’ve had some great sales and I continue to enjoy being a Plus member! Keep up the solid work.

  • Does redeeming the 1 Year PS+ cards add into this total at all?

  • I spent $90 on the PSN yesterday after the update but that was before October 1st. Will this still count towards this promotion? if not, can anyone direct me where I need to go to complain? I feel a little cheated I usually wait until the store updates for the week to spend money, but this offer started the day AFTER the update.

  • Is it accumulative for $100 or must spend at one time?

  • @ BSBtheking32 It is accumulative

  • I contacted customer service because I preordered Shadow of Mordor for Tuesday’s release. The agent told me “I would feel the same if that happened to me. You have a point. But unfortunately I cannot honor the previous booking.” HORRIBLE customer service! I would have waited to purchase Shadow of Mordor until today if I had known about this sale. This kind of customer service is a terrible way to treat preorder customers. EVERYONE: DO NOT PREORDER GAMES FROM PSN ANYMORE. Stick it to them.

  • i spent $200+ last month on pre-orders , i suppose im screwed again like it happened in the last cashback. at the very least I HOPE to see GTA5 up on this month and Shadow Warrior so i can pre-order them and dont miss out on this….

  • I already spend over $100 already by pre-ordering Driveclub ($49.99 CDN) & The Evil Within ($62.99 CDN) PS4 in September.
    I already spend $36 on Soul Sacrifice Delta just in case they did not count my pre-orders towards the $100 for some odd reason.

    To those who pre-order those games or other games that are coming out this month (October), last month (September), they should count towards the $100 needed towards the $15 PSN Credit. If not, phone the PlayStation support/email Sony of America to see your pre-orders for the games coming out in October count towards the $100

  • I can’t really speak for what Sony will ultimately do, but in previous promotions like this one they did honor pre-orders for games that people ordered slightly before the date of the promo as money spent for the promo. Also, the banner for this was up on the Vita store yesterday (the 30th) at about 4PM EST, so maybe things ordered under that banner yesterday count too, despite the blog post saying it starts today. It’s hard to tell, it depends on what programming went in in the calculation, but the people complaining about spending money too early here and feeling cheated may not actually be being cheated and will get the $15 as long as the total spent is over $100 by the 28th.

  • Please clarify spending $100 as in putting that much on your PSN wallet from somewhere else, spending $100 that is already in your PSN wallet, or a combination

  • I contacted SCEA chat support and was told they don’t honor preorders from yesterday for this promotion. They won’t cancel preorders either. Why they don’t announce this the day the store updates is beyond me, but I won’t be buying another preorder from the PS Store again.

  • I preordered DriverClub and DriverClub Season pass on September 17th and I don’t have access to this game tell October 7th. Does this count towards the promotion. It’s not fair if it doesn’t because the gamer does not have access to that game till October or later.

  • I called PlayStation Network support and reached a agent David and he put me on hold several times and didn’t give me a answer nor that he verified me in the system and the agent hung up on me or disconnected. Currently speaking to agent Anthony on the same question and he also doesn’t have a clue on the answer. I preordered the game well in advance to support the developers and don’t find it right to not be apart of this promotion because I don’t have access to DriverClub tell October 7th.

  • ?I just bought chariot yesterday, is that going to apply to this? Kinda bummed if not. ?

  • People, always wait till the last moment to pre-order on PSN. They are not going to run out and you won’t miss out on any promotions that might show up before game is released.

    So, will the $99.99 COD: AW pro edition count as $100, or will it be .01 short?

  • I spoke with Agent Anthony about this promotion and about canceling my preorder so I can repurchase the game again and he understood where I was coming from and he canceled my DriverClub and DriverClub Season Pass for me after understanding that I preordered the game well in advance to support the developers and following them since the game was first announced and understood about not being fair in missing out on the promotion because not having access to the game till October 7th. He explained the refund would process within 3-4 business day’s so that should hit on October 6 or 7th the day of or before DriverClub release day. I’m okay not getting my pre-load before release day as long as I’m qualified for this promotion and DriveClub Playstation Plus special pricing of $49.99

  • If those that want to get this promotion I recommend calling into PlayStation Customer Support at 1-800-971-7669 and choose option 2, then option 2 again to get to a playstation network specialist and explain your frustration about this promotion. Stand up for your rights as a gamer. I feel for those that bought a game on Tuesday and them releasing this promotion on Wednesday. And for those that preorder a video game and not have access to that game till the release day of October or later.

  • I was told on chat support that I was going to get a refund, but the email I received said it was denied. When I contacted chat support again they acted as if the previous guy was a mirage, and that his assurance of a refund was but a mistake on his part. So if Skater_Ricky is correct then try calling. Don’t bother with chat support. Sony will flat out lie to you there.

  • Just finished my survey with that Agent this is what I put down in the survey.

    “I spoke with Anthony about spend $100 & get $15 promotion & he understood where I was coming from and he canceled my DriverClub and Season Pass for me after understanding the issue. It’s not right missing out on promotions because I preordered the game well in advance and I’ve been following them since game was first announced. I hope I have access to the game on October 7th. I’ll be a happy gamer if I get my DriveClub with my PlayStation Plus special pricing of $49.99 and this promotion.”

    Wish everyone luck on there support calls.

  • Also to note I haven’t received a email regarding any cancelations yet. I use Gmail so there’s no delay in emails from Google. Hope my call was for something but I’m leaving paper trails of my issue here for all to see and hear. Keep everyone posted of my results in the coming day’s wish me and everyone luck in there issues.

    To anyone looking to play Battlefield 4 on PS4 with the new patch send me a friend request with the words “PS Blog” in the request so I know it came from here. Take care everyone.

  • Just to clarify to everyone. Based on context, this states buy $100 worth of stuff in the PS Store, you will get a $15 voucher. Adding $100 to your wallet, but not spending it, will NOT qualify for the $15, you have to actually spend it. In addition, $200 will not give a you second voucher. So we only get one voucher.

  • I don’t know why people are crying about their early pre-orders. When you placed your order, you were essentially saying the price was fair and you’re willing to pay it.

    Just buy 2 more years of Plus if you want to take advantage of this promo. You’re going to need it anyway to play PS4 online, so, what’s the problem?

  • Sorry Sony, it’ll take more than a $15 credit to get me to buy games digitally

  • Frozen Synapse, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited, Child of Light.

    It’s odd that I’ve had my Vita since launch day and somehow managed NOT get Disgaea, which is my kind of game.

    I’ll likely put the credit towards Freedom Wars or a PS4 game.

  • I am absolutely disgusted. I’ve been a loyal Sony customer for many years and this is the first time I’ve ever felt cheated by them. There was no mention of this promotion on the blog before it started and for whatever reason they started it the day AFTER the store updated, so that $98 I spent on the store on the day of the update (I intend to spend a little more later in the month which would have covered the extra $2), will not be counted towards this promotion (I contacted customer service to confirm this).

    This is horrible practice and it has greatly damaged my loyalty to and trust in the company.

    I believe this is the first time I’ve ever actually complained about something Sony did because I usually understand why they did it, but this time I just feel absolutely cheated. Disgusting.

  • @ CrimsonDream24, I completely agree. I spent $85 on the day the store updated on one preorder of Borderlands Presequel (releases 10/14). I’d have waited the few hours before preordering it had I known about this promotion. I agree with you completely. Pretty telling how silent Sony is on this, not one single reply.

  • So can we just assume none of these questions are going to be answered? I’m surprised no one is even trying to answer anything.

  • I always wait until the last day to buy things from the store for this very reason.

  • oh cool so the $180 i spent last month in pre orders doesn’t count towards this thanks sony

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