Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Hits PS Vita on October 14th

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Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Hits PS Vita on October 14th
Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Hits PS Vita on October 14th

Have you ever dreamed of your perfect game? Does it include a huge cast of lovably quirky shinobi girls whose fighting skills allow them to mow down armies of opponents? Can they unleash special attacks that crush their foes with giant pancakes? Do they hide the armories of entire militaries beneath their clothes? Is their entire epic saga of good versus evil set to the tune of a heart-pumping metal soundtrack? Well, we have heard your wishes, you people of frighteningly-specific desires!

A follow-up to Senran Kagura Burst, Shinovi Versus on PS Vita kicks the series up a dimensional notch. Beefing up the formerly side-scrolling beat-em-up into a full-fledged 3D experience, there are now plenty of expansive environments for you to traverse — dashing, slashing, and smashing every enemy along the way. Bringing back the fast-paced, combo-heavy combat from the first game, Shinovi Versus makes use of all that extra space by packing it with even more adversaries and high-flying boss battles.

Plus, while the first game sported two different routes to play through, Shinovi Versus has doubled the roster, including four different shinobi squads for a total count of 20, sparring shinobi, all with their own unique fighting styles and special moves.

Senran Kagura Shinovi VersusSenran Kagura Shinovi Versus

Returning from the first game are the heroic Hanzo girls and the morally ambiguous Hebijo girls, the latter of whom now go by their new moniker: Homura’s Crimson Squad. Taking their place back in the ol’ alma mater is a new Hebijo Elite team, and rounding out the roster is the immaculately good Gessen squad — both of which add their own perspectives to the story.

Get ready to see the twisting Senran Kagura plotline play out in four very different ways as you search for the truth of good and evil shinobi and the purposes for which they all fight. On top of that, you can experience each of the girls’ personal side-stories through their individual arcade modes.

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

Shinovi Versus also brings multiple 4-player battle royale modes to the table. On top of being able to go head-to-head against 3 of your friends (or completely random strangers online through matchmaking), you can opt instead to do 2v2 team matches.

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus launches on PS Vita this October 14th, 2014! There will also be a Limited run “Let’s Get Physical” Edition bursting with a 144-page art + strategy guide, and a 39-track musical selections disc, all in a shiny foil collector’s box. So if you want your copy in the flesh, make sure to pre-order!

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  • + Kelly Nylander, Does the game have ac-hod or only online? I have two Vitas on my account, and was wondering if we’d be able to play with each other without wifi.

  • Can’t wait to download it off of the PS Store. I was highly recommended this and I am glad that I was. :)

  • I”m so excited, it comes out on my birthday :D

  • cant wait,i have had this game pre-ordered for a while now,i love limited editions.this game is going to be so much fun :)

  • I’ll pass on this. Looks quite poor in the gameplay and story department, but lets be honest here.. People are just getting it for the animated girls.

  • I loved the cast of Senran Kagura Burst, so I’m definitely going to get this near launch!

  • Is the special edition CD a complete soundtrack? Or just musical selections?

    • It’s technically musical selections, but we jammed as many songs as we could onto one CD! It has 39 tracks, so it’s pretty hefty.

  • SO excited to play this in English! Imported the Japanese version and it became my favorite game of all time. Hoping for nothing cut and all the DLC I couldn’t access!

  • I honestly like the jpn dub with eng text. Xseed is a very small company and Its okay this way they save more money without spending on eng VA .So they can localize more games

    @Kelly Nylander

    Is it possible that Grand Knights History localization to be port on Vita? I heard the psp localization was cancelled so i figure if somehow port it on vita and sell it digitally, That game is so underrrated, eng text only with jpn audio is fine by me lol

  • My B-day is Oct 13.

    So now both Shinovi Versus and The Evil Within comes out the same day!!!!!!

    Freaking awesome!!! Best B-day present ever!!

  • Same question here bout Estival Versus being localized… will it?

    • As I’ve said to a couple other comments, we’re big fans of SK, so we’re definitely watching it closely! We’re just definitely focusing on our current SK projects though.

  • Will it be compatible with Vita TV?

  • Hi, I am really interested in this game but I am also wondering, are there plans or is there at least an interest in localizing the sequel “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus” for the PS4/VITA as well?

    • We’re all big fans of the series, so we’re of course interested in any future titles for it. We’re focused on Shinovi Versus right now, but we’re keeping tabs on it!

  • Will this version have a dumb online pass? The Japanese release was really annoying because of the online pass.

  • Want to say thanks so much for answering these questions Kelly, love you guys at Xseed and I can’t wait to play SK! I have a few questions so if you can answer any of them I’d appreciate it.

    I was wondering if there’s cross region play with Japan? Several of my friends have the JP version and I wanna play with them.

    Will the DLC be cross buy with Dekamori like in the JP version? (if applicable)

    And finally I know you can’t say much but will there be more news about Bon Appetit/Dekamori soon after Shinovi releases?

    • No problem! Thanks for the love! <3

      Yep, you can play cross region with Japan no problem! You might have to do it online as opposed to ad-hoc, but the capability is definitely intact.

      The DLC will be cross buy with Dekamori/Bon Appetit, but only in one direction. Anything you buy in SHINOVI VERSUS will be usable in Bon Appetit, but anything you buy in the Bon Appetit DLC store is limited to Bon Appetit. What happens in Bon Appetit, stays in Bon Appetit….

      Yep, we'll be keeping you all updated on Bon Appetit as soon as we can! Just gotta get SHINOVI VERSUS out the door first!

  • Thanks so much for bringing this over. Favorite character from each faction? :^)

    • Hanzo – Katsuragi or Yagyu. I LOVE Kat’s personality and voice, but I also love Yagyu’s devotion to Hibari, so it’s a toss-up for me! Also the struggle between blonde hair or twintails…….

      Crimson Squad – Homura!! My favorite of all the girls. I love her fiery personality & how strong her heart is. I also LOVE characters who wield six swords at once (Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara is another fave of mine).

      Gessen – Shiki. I like that she seems kind of shallow at first, but she really does care deeply about her friends. I also love witches!

      Hebijo – Miyabi! I love how she has a fan club over how dreamy she is… She’s super cool, and I have a thing for cynical characters like her. Also her outfit is probably my favorite!

  • Is the story mode bigger than Senran Kagura Burst? (since there are 4 different squads) Because Burst’s was surprisingly in-depth.

    • It’s way bigger! With four perspectives to the story PLUS each girl’s personal story in her arcade mode, it’s very meaty.

  • Oh, have you guys worked on improving the load times for the game? I’m curious if you have done anything to help improve the loading that plagues the original game. Really glad to hear about no online pass though. I’m just finding myself a bit impatient to wait an extra 2 weeks.

    • That’s a programming thing so it’s not really what we do here. It’s the same game as in Japan, but through all of our QAing (and a lot of us in the office personally QA’d it as well) we didn’t really notice them being that bad.

  • Where’s Tom? ;_;

    Also, Kelly, have we told you, you and all guise from XSEED are so #BASED?

    Keep up the great job! <3

  • can we get the Shinovi versus PSN avatars in the future?

  • Since I have the Japanese version, I didn’t think I was going to get this one at all, but that online play and DLC might make it worth it.

  • That’s a shame to hear Kelly, but it is understandable. I think 30 seconds as a minimum for loading is pretty excessive for a game. Particularly, the online game segments. It is a gripe but I’m still excited for the game!

  • Oh boy, finally a release date! That was a long wait (played the japanese version at a friend’s like a year ago) but I bet it’ll be worth it. Now I’ll get to know the girls’ names and all :O

    I read somewhere SK2 didn’t do that well in Japan. Hope that’s not the case with Estival Versus!

  • I have a European PSN account on my Vita and will buy the NA retail version. Can I somehow buy the DLC? (Is the NA version compatible to the EU DLC?) Thanks for clearing that up!

  • Any chance for some Shinovi Versus avatars? I would buy them all

  • Brazilian fan here :D Coming from the original 3DS japanese release
    @Nelly: Did you guys actually tried to do cross-region ad-hoc and it failed? I was hoping that it worked (since I already own a physical copy of japanese SV and pre-ordered the physical version). Well gotta live with the option of trying to matchmake online in the same house.
    Question, who made the trailers? You? Hatsuu? Others? All of them were great.
    Off-topic (if possible): Xseed is trying to get IA/VT localized? I love rhythm games (I really understand Bakumatsu Rock not being localized, massive texts in vertical layout)
    I wish a great launch and sales, and I’m already waiting for Bon Appetite and Estival Versus (I’m feeling that we’ll get this one too)

    • Yeah, for some reason cross-region ad-hoc wouldn’t work but cross-region online play is fine.

      Hatsuu made the E3 trailer, I made the current trailer!

      We’re not sure yet since it’s not out in Japan, but we’re definitely watching it!

  • What will be the estimated file size for the digital version?

  • i can’t remember where i read it but you said that Senran Kagura Bon Appetit would be released in the west digital only because it was released in japan only via digitally, now that the japanese version is getting released physically will you be changing these plans and releasing it physically as well over here?

    • Unfortunately our original plans were for digital and we didn’t know about the physical release either. We’re a little too far along now to change our plans, sorry. :(

  • Any chance of Senran Kagura PSN icons in the future?

  • Glad the release date is official cx is there Japanese audio?? I always like to play the games with the original audio. Anyway, thank you very much for releasing quirky japanese games here in the US. I appreciate it and love all your games, especially Ys: Memories of Celceta. It is one of my favourite rpgs.

  • Thanks very much for bringing Shinovi Versus to the west! I was very glad there was a physical release available, I had it preordered the instant I could.

    Digital releases are a frustrating experience on vita. I hate having to format my system every time I want to play a digital game on another account. I’m sad that dekamori is going to be digital only. I hope Sony knows they are missing out on easy money because of how irritating the vita account management is.

    Anyway, sorry for the complaint. I really appreciate everything that XSEED does and I certainly don’t blame you guys for the vita being annoying.

    PS Mirai is best girl

  • Hi! Will the digital version be $50 like the limited edition? If not, do you know/ have an idea of how much it will cost on the PSN store? Also, will the digital version be avaiable on midnight 14/10 or will it be during the day like Rune Factory 4?

    Thanks a lot for your hard work! <3 I'm planning on buying the game day one!

  • No questions, I just wanna say you guys are doing a bang up job. I respect the fact that you guys keep doing your own thing even in the current “climate” and If you guys keep putting it out, I’ll keep eating it up with reckless abandon. I’m in it for the long haul, so keep up the good work.

  • I’ve already pre-order the limited edition and i can’t wait for it!! i have 1 question and 1 thing to say

    1: will Senran Kagura cooking game (dekamori) also have the bundle as well like japan? They just recently released a physical copy with a bundle of the soundtrack and i hope that comes to the US As well. Please can you bring it too?


    • Our plan from the beginning was digital only, and the announcement of a physical release actually surprised us as much as anyone! Unfortunately it’s a little late in the game to be changing our plans, sorry. :(

      And you’re welcome! <3

  • Hey Kelly, just read your tweet that your answering any question you can. So let’s hope you can answer a couple here ^_^

    How much DLC will we be getting for the game?
    Are there any prices set in stone for upcoming DLCs on the game that you can tell us (maybe some free)?
    When is Bon Apetit releasing? Should we expect it by this year close to Shinovi Versus’ release?
    Any info on the download size of Shinovi Versus?

    Also you guys are awesome for bringing this game (and MANY more) to the West! LOVE YOU!

    P.S. Please keep an eye on Estival Versus and that new Ys game for PS4 and Vita :P

    • The plan is for all of the DLC that Japan got! There are 3 limited promo item DLCs that we may not be able to include, but other than those the DLC list should match Japan’s exactly.

      No pricing set in stone yet, since we’re still working out the details.

      Bon Appetit will be after SHINOVI VERSUS obviously, but we’re still planning it for fall so stay tuned for more details about it soon!

      The game comes on a 4GB PSVita card, but we never know what the final PSN size will be for downloads, so I can’t help you there. Sorry. :(

      Thanks! <3

      P.S. Will do!

  • Not related to this question at hand, but mostly because I’ve gotten no news result on the following; what happened to localizing Corpse Party PC? And is Blood Drive still under consideration?

    • Corpse Party PC is still in the works! Our wonderful programmer is working her butt off on fixing it up for release!

      And we’re still definitely looking at Blood Drive! Corpse Party is too good to not keep an eye on.

  • I’m going to echo the question #70, #75 and #79 said

    Is there any chance of the SK avatars that Japan has coming over to our PSN?

    You’re all doing a great job and I would love to be able to use the avatars of my favorite shinobi ;)

  • Glad to see this getting attention on the blog, and positive attention to boot! The lack of an Online Pass is really nice to hear (I imported the Japanese version, though I’ve still got this preordered regardless) and it sounds like you guys at XSEED have put a lot of care into bringing this over. Thanks for all the hard work!

    On that note, while there won’t be a pass, may I ask what’s going to be happening with the normal DLC? I’m particularly interested in the other characters – is there a schedule planned for it, or are you guys just going to drop most of the DLC on PSN on release like how IFI has been with their recent localizations? Either works for me, I just want to know if I should plan on picking up a PSN card around then.

    Once again, thanks for all the hard work! And if you can pull a miracle and announce Estival before it releases in Japan, even if you can’t put down a release date, I’d love ya even more.

  • @55
    You’d be quite surprised on all counts, then.

  • Is there a regular physical copy? Or physocal is only LE

  • this game will be available in the Ps store?

  • I have two question .

    Is there will be a Japanese voice with English sup ?

    Is the release date 14 Oct is for the digital version ?

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