The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/16/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/16/2014
The Drop

Explore strange worlds, fight legendary ninjas, and collect ancient weapons. Yes, it’s another week of new games launching on PlayStation — and it’s quite the varied lineup!

In the spotlight this week is Murasaki Baby, which launches exclusively on PS Vita. In it, guide a homesick little girl through nightmarish worlds using only front and rear touch controls. Murasaki Baby challenges conventions with its emotional design, streamlined control scheme, and grotesque style.

And that’s not all. The universe of Naruto grows with Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, and Fairy Fencer F arrives for all you JRPG fans.

For a full list of games coming to PlayStation, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Air Conflicts Vietnam: Ultimate Edition
Anomaly 2
Fairy Fencer F
Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game
Kickbeat Special Edition
Meet the Robinsons
Murasaki Baby
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
Run Like Hell!

New PlayStation Games This Week

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition
PS4 — Digital, Retail
The Vietnam War, one of the most explosive and violent wars of all time. You are Joe Thompson, a courageous and determined pilot in the US Navy fighting for the ideals of his country. You’ll also be playing the Vietnamese pilot Nguyen An Toon in the ‘Lost Letters’ campaign.
Anomaly 2
PS4 — Digital
Commander! After the last war, aliens have come back to Earth and taken over all of the major cities! It’s your duty to take back what belongs to people. The task is not easy as the human forces have been divided and those who managed to find their peers created convoys. Your convoy is called Yukon and it’s your duty to survive and fight off the aliens.
Fairy Fencer F
PS3 — Digital, Retail
A world of magic and adventure awaits you in Fairy Fencer F! Take charge of your destiny as you brave dungeons, defeat monsters, and travel the world to collect all 100 Furies. But be careful — the Furies are coveted by many Fencers, good and bad. Pray these powerful weapons do not fall into the wrong hands.
Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game
PS4, PS3 — Digital (Cross Buy)
Fibbage is the lying, bluffing, fib-till-you-win multiplayer trivia party game from the makers of You Don’t Know Jack! Play with 2-8 players! Fool your friends with your lies, avoid theirs, and find the (usually outrageous) truth. And get this: your phone or tablet is your controller!
Kickbeat Special Edition
PS4 — Digital
From indie pioneers Zen Studios (makers of Pinball FX2 and CastleStorm) comes KickBeat Special Edition, an innovative rhythm game with a Kung Fu theme, featuring fully 3D characters and high-energy music! KickBeat features a full length single-player campaign with beautifully hand drawn animations and a unique art style.
Meet the Robinsons
PS2 Classic — Digital
Bowler Hat Guy has stolen the Robinsons’ time machine! Help Wilbur repair the time stream and restore the future.
Murasaki Baby
PS Vita — Digital
Use your wits to guide Baby through paths full of danger and teach her the difference between right and wrong in a bid to keep her smiling… and alive. Think fast and move even faster as danger lurks everywhere in this truly unique side-scrolling puzzle adventure.
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
PS3 — Digital, Retail
The Ultimate Ninja Storm series returns! Tons of new techniques, enhanced mechanics, more than 100 characters to learn, and a brand new exclusive character (Mecha-Naruto) designed by Masashi Kishimoto.
Run Like Hell!
PS Vita — Digital
Tropical island + hungry cannibals = Run Like Hell! You’re a young and intrepid treasure hunter. Stuck on a godforsaken island, you suddenly get spotted by hungry cannibals who haven’t had a lunch yet. Your rescue boat is… on the other side of the island, all you need to do is to outrun the natives. Simple, right?

Demos and Betas

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls — PS3 Trial

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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3 Author Replies

  • Will GTA V be available for Pre-order this week on PSN ?

  • So what’s so special about Kickbeat Special Edition other than it being on PS4. It would be nice if people who bought the PS3 and Vita version could get it for free like they did with Don’t Starve. I recently just put it back on my Vita actually. Kind of mad that it has some pretty hard trophies and no Platinum so I’m wondering if the PS4 version will have one.

  • How much is Murasaki Baby?

  • I actually played the Meet the Robinson’s game many years ago. I didn’t really know what to make of it. It’s one of those licensed games that’s not inherently terrible but there’s nothing really special about it either.
    It’s basically a 3-D Metroid-vania style game with ok graphics for a late licensed PS2 game. And it’s Disney, so there’s at least some quality standards.

  • When are we going to get Parappa the Rapper 2 as a PS2 Classic?

  • vandal hearts classics please

  • Any news on the Driveclub Pre-Order and if it will have the PS+ discount automatically applied?

  • (Sigh) No Naruto for PS4…..The console was announced before last year’s game was released. You’d think the next step would be to make the next game for 8th gen…

  • WHAT!!?? This isn’t Run Like Hell! Run Like Hell was a cool sci-fi 3rd person shooter on PS2, this game is retarded. Here I thought I’d get to play Run Like Hell once again.Damn I wanted a sequel to Run Like Hell.The story was great but it was part 1 of 3 storyline and I’ll never find that guys wife because they never made a sequel. Shame on you for getting my hopes up..

  • murasaki baby looks depressing…

    isn’t run like hell an ios port? :b

    really, Sony, 2 weeks of megaman and then NOTHING???

    …c’mon… you guys have gotta CONSISTENTLY give us reasons
    to not regret paying thru the nose for your systems and memory cards…

  • No discount for ps plus user?

  • Will Fifa 15 be avaliable for Pre-order in in PSN for PS3?

  • What about weekly price drop? =)

  • Awesome! Murasaki Baby, baby!

    Been looking forward to this!

  • I wish you guys would just let me view the pics on the PlayStation blog website instead of diverting me to the flickr site. I don’t want to use flickr and I can’t see the pics well without using it. So basically these games that you are talking about on here are not getting views that they might deserve and I will just say forget it if I am on the border to purchase one without being able to see more about them. Please don’t force flickr on us.

  • Fibbage.

    Al over it.

  • Wish I had a vita to play these games

  • Dat Naruto!!!!!!!!!…unfortunately I won’t be able to get it on launch…..also Murasaki Baby and Run Like Hell are on my list….will get them at some point.Didn’t know Murasaki was so close to release.

  • Weak week for me. Nothing looks worth purchasing.

  • Too bad about the mandatory touch controls.

  • I HAD to pre-order the new Naruto game. Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 was THE reason I bought a PS3. I pre-ordered that one, too, so I could get Goki’s dogi.

    I bet that this will wind up like GTA V did, though, where everyone who buys a new copy gets the “exclusive” DLC.

    Don’t care, either way. Mecha-Kurama? Why, yes, please.

  • Really interested in Fibbage, looks like it’ll be loads of fun with a couple of friends.

    Pre-ordered Fairy Fencer F a while back, now to wait for it to arrive sometime this week.

  • Question from a confused gamer: Does anyone actually give a crap about Meet the Robinsons on PS2?

    I’ll be very sad if Mega Man X6 doesn’t show up for purchase tomorrow. :(

  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is digital? nice sony your doing better then i thought time to pick up some PSN cards…

  • You know I was just sitting on the couch with some buddies talking about classic ps2 games, and I was like Damn “remember that multimillion selling triple a game meet the Robinson’s? I wish playstation network would release that again!” Oh wait… that never happened to me or anyone. Get ur crappy together sony!

  • Curtain Call is the only game worth buying this week. But that’s on a handheld that’s way, way, way, better than the Vita.

  • I’ve been waiting 3 months to pre-order GTA V from the PS Store. Really hope you guys can add it tomorrow!

  • sold destiny it sucked

  • It’s a joke if people that bought gta5 digital don’t get a discount on psn.

  • Why not bring Fairy Fencer F on the ps vita as well it looks like a game that would sit well on the vita i hate the lack of support Sony is giving the vita other than Freedom Wars i dont see anything good coming out this year on the ps vita. Seeing games like this that will really work well on the vita if ported pisses me off knowing Sony is to scared to throw the money and make it happen

  • Guys… Run like hell is free on Android…. really?

  • Thinking I might pick up Kick Beat Special Edition. As well as check out what ever sales there are.

  • Will Crash Bandicoot 1,2 and 3 ever come to Vita?

  • Show some initiative sony. You see people flooding the comments section about Mega Man/Rockman games, and do absolutely nothing. Why not contact capcom, and try to work something out? I already own every Rockman game, but I wouldnt hesitate to buy them again if it means I can play them on ps3, & vita. I understand a port of the PS2 Original Collection, and X Collection for PS3, and Vita could prove hard to pull, but at least bring these classics to PSN.

    Rockman 5, 6, and 8
    Rockman X3(psx version), X6, X7, and X8
    Rockman Dash 1, and 2
    Rockman Rockman

  • Slow week for my tastes, but I’ve got Destiny :)

  • Meet the Robinsons – True Classics!
    Have anyone with PS2 have ever heard about this game?

  • megaman maverick hunter x is only $4.99 = WOOHOO!

    also monster hunter freedom unite drops to $10

    and street fighter alpha 3 max is $3!!!


  • Can we get Crash Bandicoot and Spyro for the North American Vita community?!?!

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