New PlayStation Headsets Detailed, Compatible with Destiny Audio Mode

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New PlayStation Headsets Detailed, Compatible with Destiny Audio Mode

Gold Headset in Glacier White

This holiday season is right around the corner, which means a whole slate of amazing PS4 games are set to launch in the next few months, including Destiny (Tomorrow!), Driveclub, NBA 2K15, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, and LittleBigPlanet 3. That means you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time with your PS4, right? This fall we’ve got a great lineup of new headsets and DualShock 4 colors to give you exactly what you need while you’re gaming.

I personally can’t wait to play Destiny on the brand new Glacier White PS4. This new color is available exclusively as part of the Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle which hits stores tomorrow, September 9th. Starting tomorrow, you’ll also be able to get the Glacier White DualShock 4 and the extremely limited edition Glacier White version of the Gold Wireless Stereo Headset, which will only be available for a short time while supplies last.

We also have an exclusive Destiny audio mode that will be available via the free Headset Companion App for PS4 and PS3 starting tomorrow. Enjoy the sounds of the Destiny universe the way Bungie intended with this custom-tuned audio mode for the Gold Wireless Stereo Headset.

I’m also excited to introduce the newest member of our headset lineup — the Silver Wired Stereo Headset for PS4 and PS3. This headset is packed with features — all for just $69.99 (MSRP).

Silver Headset

  • Immersive 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • Custom audio modes created by developers specifically for PlayStation games
  • Retractable boom mic for voice chat while playing online
  • Breathable ear cushions and a lightweight design for hours of gameplay
  • In-line volume and mic controls

As with all PlayStation headsets, the Silver headset can be connected to a PS Vita (or many mobile devices) with the 3.5mm jack, ensuring you can take them with you wherever you go.

The Silver headset will join the Gold Wireless Stereo Headset as part of the official PlayStation headset lineup later this fall, providing gamers with a choice of headsets and let them hear PlayStation games the way they were meant to sound.

Need some more controllers to take on your friends? Pick up an additional DualShock 4 wireless controller in Wave Blue or Urban Camouflage (available now), or get one in Glacier White starting tomorrow. Make sure you call dibs on your favorite when your friends come over.

DualShock 4, Glacier White

Stay tuned for more information on the Silver Wired Stereo Headset, and let us know which peripherals you’re most looking forward to snagging this fall.

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  • I have a question about the new silver headset. Is the USB cable detachable? Like if I wanted to use this headset on the go with my phone or my Vita. Can I simply discounted the USB cable form it and just use the 3.5mm cable? Also does the 3.5mm cable come with a volume and mute adapter?


    • The answer to first question is Yes. You can detach the 3.5mm audio cable from the USB cable.

      The answer to second question is No. The 3.5mm cable does not come with a volume/mute adapter though.

  • @50

    I was going to ask the same exact thing. I don’t want a cheap knockoff, I was a Sony charger. I check Amazon about every other day and all they have is the import . There’s no reason why we can’t have this.

  • I would like to repeat what several others are saying: MAGMA RED DUALSHOCK 4, PLEASE!

  • I just ordered the SONY Gold Wireless Headsets for $99.99 but it came with a $50.00 gift card from I haven’t gotten them yet but I”m glad I got such a good deal. I got it for even cheaper than the wired headsets. Now I can walk around the house listening to my Music Unlimited Wire free.

  • What is up with the camo dualshock 4 instead of red? That’s all I need is a controller that I can’t see, haha.. Seriously though. Was a questionnaire sent out to see what we would prefer that I missed or is this just what Sony thinks Americans like? I’m sure there are a lot of PS4 users that like camo but I am equally sure that more would like red. This move would seem to make more sense with the Xbox crowd. ;)

  • The price is great. I’ll definitely pick up a headset.

  • It’s pretty bad when 3 out of the 4 “color” choices for the Dualshock 4 look the same in black and white as they do in color.

  • Where are the Bluetooth Wireless Headsets for just one ear or the soft rubber Ear Bud headsets??? Come on Sony release one or let 3rd party vendors do it! This is a major oversight so far for the PS4. I enjoy my sound system & don’t want 2 over the ear headphones. I just want an ear piece to chat with….


    Up above it states, ” We also have an exclusive “Destiny audio mode” that will be available via the free Headset Companion App for PS4 and PS3 starting tomorrow. Enjoy the sounds of the Destiny universe the way Bungie intended with this custom-tuned audio mode ..”for the “Gold Wireless Stereo Headset.”

    Now the PLAYSTATION HEADSET I own, which cost me $99.99 it says,

    “PLAYSTATION WIRELESS STEREO HEADSET”…The Ultimate Audio Advantage”.. has 7.1 virtual surround sound, hear your enemies before they see you!

    The bottom of the box has the.Model number is …… CECHYA-0080

    Is my Sony Headset, compatible with that “EXCLUSIVE DESTINY AUDIO??


  • For real? I was hoping you would release Wireless headsets again but this time with Wire. How long is the cable and any plans on release leak headsets shown before? Their look super cool and were wireless. I’ll wait until you guys release the best of the best headsets then, I’m stick with Pulse then.

  • I would buy one of these new headsets if the option for both audio to come through headset and TV at the same time was optional. The reason I say this is because I use hauppauge hd pvr 2 to capture in game playthroughs, however when I plug a headset in, the audio is no longer captured by it. Atm I’m using optical from TV, to digital/analog converter to a 3.5mm headphone input, but that option would be so much more convenient.

  • I got my white controller a day early. It’s beautiful. Can’t wait to play Destiny tomorrow. Hopefully by the time I get off work all of the inevitable server problems will be ironed out. :P

  • @60
    you are aware that the gold headsets also have a standard audio cord port, I use mine for my ipod, phone and laptop quite often actually. and you can use it that way to plug into your ps4 controller. it even comes with the cord!

  • Sweet headphones.

    4th broken ps4 in a row.

    I won’t be buying any more products from you.

    Thanks for the memories.

  • Where can you get replacement earpads for the Wireless Gold? Have them since launch but nobody ever answers in the Sony forums.

    @InFlameBoy: I feel ya. I have the feeling the most pro solution would be with a mixer on the equation. Too busy/boring to try it on mine, so it’s either Wireless and no audio or bye bye Wireless and welcome audio on recording.

  • Can you comment on the audio quality (including bass) of the various headsets? Compare the Pulse Elite, Gold and the new Silver, so we have an idea of how the Silver will sound.

  • Very nice headset!

    Please give us a U.S. release date for Magma Red Dualshock 4! I need a second controller and my daughter has her heart set on that one.

  • It’s the same thing as the Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset with an advantage and a disadvantage. You could use it to plug it into a USB. The downside is that you are only limited on the wired feature. As well, there is no noise cancellation (where as over-the-ear provides cancellation.

  • Plus I forgot to mention that my PS3 Bluetooth adapter (that could be both wireless/wired) gives out the best sound effect – so I am not worried about the hidden mic. The downside is that it’s V2.1 – not 2.2. I could still get a 2.2 and make it compatible with both consoles.

  • Is it possible just to buy a replacement USB receiver for the Gold headset?

  • Awesome guys the white System,Dualshock, andHeadset are all super dope. and im lovin the design of the Silver ! and the price! i work at _ame _top and my customers are always lookin for quality afordable headsets and i always point them straight to the gold and pulse elites. Ive had the 1st & 2nd pulse and im gettin my white gold tomorrow! these have all EASILY beat or matched almost every tortise and 3ton ever within a $300 range. Thank you Sony!

  • @59 sorry you have the original pulse, not compatible. and destiny is not the first by far to do thi so time to upgrade homes.

  • Does the Silver Wired Stereo Headset have separate volume controls for the chat and game sound like the Gold Wireless Headsets do? That will be the major thing that makes me buy it. I prefer a wired connection instead of wireless.

  • @66 they all run off 7.1 virtual surround sound(awesome) which can be turned on or off and i think are all 40mm speakers, but where the elite and gold differ is the headset companion app… there are sound presets like fighting racing shooter movie music action football etc. and you can store a few on the headphones so its just a quick button press when you switch from whatever game your rockin to music unlimited or netflix or crunchy roll. And there are a handful of game specfic ones made by said games team like bioshock infinite the last of us gta v infamous destiny now too!………

  • @66 continued but the biggest and best difference exclusive to the pulse elites is the bass impact technology! it essentially a dualshock rumble in the headset that triggers by low frequency bass so you feel when an airstrike in a shooter, you feel your oponents exhaust as you brake late for a corner and he makes his move for your line. its so f ing cool man. and its got a slider dedicated to it on the headset so you can dial in how much youfeel it or shut off completely . even with the bass impact andthe 7.1 off the sound is super clean. crisp clear highs not too bassy lows, although it tends to sounf almos tmuffled when all is off like that after you get used to how good it is on. oh also forgot on the elites and golds its a built in mic so nothin is petruding out in front of your face, and its got tremendus voice clarity on both ends. its got a slider for volume anda slider for whatgets prioritized through the speakers chat or game audio

  • Sony… Please release PS4 Bluetooth headsets already, lol – Or make by PS3 PlayStation Bluetooth compatible – there’s a ton of people that just like to chat and not wear “earmuff” headsets over their head for hours, like just casual talking ;)

  • Are we ever going to get the magma red DS4 that was announced with the wave blue and was supposed to be released in NA last January? I want to buy one already!

  • A very nice affordable headset. Happy with my gold wireless headset! Looking forward to getting the Destiny audio file tomorrow. when will it go live anyway? won’t be getting my Destiny game until tomorrow afternoon anyways.. :(

  • Wow… those look bad. Think I’ll stick with my Pulse Elite.

    So, can anyone at Sony get on the horn with HORI and get them to make a completely compatible PS3/PS4 Fighting Edge? I really want one, but not gonna drop that kind of coin without it functioning flawlessly across platforms.

  • Is the Destiny audio mode compatible with Pulse Elite headset or just the Gold Wireless Stereo Headset.

    • We’re working on bringing the Destiny audio mode to PULSE – Elite headsets. We’ll let you know when it’s ready to download via the Headset Companion app

  • Any ETA on the destiny patch for the headphones? game has already been live for 2 1/2 hours eastern time, and goes live in 30 minutes… I guess with tommorrows store update?

  • Already pre-ordered the glacier white headphones. Can’t wait :)

    By the way, can you tell us if the Sony MDR-1RBT will ever be supported by the PS4? Technologically wise, it looks to me that it won’t.

  • Any news on the Platinum Edition?

    We have Gold and Silver. Just need Premiums so I can buy them.

  • I’d buy a premium headphones too. Love Sony products, very happy with every equipment I bought (and I have A LOT of stuff).

  • I wish all SONY headsets were compatible with the PS4 :( (all the Bluetooth ones at least)

  • I really want the white ps4 but don’t want to get the bundle. Any chance of getting the white version later this year in a standalone sku like Japan and Europe will be getting?

  • So I have destiny and a pulse elite headset and the companion app. The gold headset settings of the app allow you to have the preset sound settings already available. The pulse elite settings however have no such option. Very disappointing especially since the pulse elites provide a much better sound quality, range, and levels of control over sound. Hopefully they update it so that all headset users can enjoy the full experience. So far though, destiny is the best most fun game I’ve played since I left the xbox community and their Halo days and switched to a ps3. Just wish I could enjoy the sounds as bungie would want me to.

    • We’re working on bringing the Destiny audio mode to PULSE – Elite headsets. We’ll let you know when it’s ready to download via the Headset Companion app

  • Welp, looks like the Pulse Elite headset has been abandoned for seemingly no reason other than to get people to buy the new headsets. It got the Infamous and Watch Dogs sound settings, don’t see a reason why it can’t get the Destiny one besides that. Thanks!

    • We’re working on bringing the Destiny audio mode to PULSE – Elite headsets. We’ll let you know when it’s ready to download via the Headset Companion app

  • Looks more grey than silver

  • @BLipp17 that’s the way I see it . I’m not going to you out and buy another headset just because they want more money!

  • Is there any update on when/whether or not the red DS4 will hit the states?

  • It is great that you guys keep making headsets and they are cheaper then the previous versions i have bought all the versions of the headset minus the gold version. But what we really need is a headset that uses bluetooth. No more of this usb stuff. You put two ports on the ps4 and mine are eaten up by the awesome Modular charger for the ps4. My other Ps4 has two charge cables in it. I can’t use my headset :( i wish there was a way to connect it to the controller and use it or make it bluetooth. Honestly I would buy on e and im sure others would too since you only give us two usb ports :(

  • Wow this is some bulls***….how many headsets will you guys release?….seriously.I think there is not even a year since the Gold one was released….I’m more than happy with my Pulse Elite,just don’t release 4 headsets like you guys did with PS3.If you’re gonna release other then wait some years and make something really improved from the last one or don’t even bother.

    Nice colors btw…dat white and blue looks slick.

  • @87 There is supposed to be a stand alone white PS4 console coming out this holiday.

  • Sidetone: When are we getting a software update for the Golds that actually increases sidetone volume so we can hear ourself in a sound intensive game (aka driving a tank on Battlefield 4)?

    There is a whole thread from users talking about this.

  • You mentioned at launch of the Wireless Gold that there would switchable face plates or some way to customize them? Why can we not do this yet? Don’t you want my money? I want to give it to you!

  • @LastPlace09 #64

    On the rare case that you’re not some troll…you must be very careless with your systems. Seriously what do you do, suffocate it by draping clothes on it or something? Is your house like 85 degrees? I have my Original MGS4 Fat PS3 and still works fine with over 6000 hours of being on. My PS4 runs quiet and is an open area. I don’t see how people break multiple systems. The odds of you getting 4 faulty systems in a row is astronomical. 1 I can see as bad luck, but no sir, you are a liar, or very careless.

  • Well, this silver headset kinda confirms my suspicions. I believe there will be a platinum headset soon. I think I’ll wait for that one before replacing my original Stereo Headset…

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