Destiny: Preload Now and Prepare for Tuesday

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Destiny: Preload Now and Prepare for Tuesday

Hi everybody – Since we’re just days away from the launch of Destiny on PS4 and PS3, I wanted to let you know that the game is now available for pre-load on PlayStation Store in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

This means if you’ve pre-ordered Destiny digitally via PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to begin downloading the game on PS4 or PS3 starting now. Once you’ve downloaded the game, you’ll be ready for the official Destiny launch this Tuesday, September 9th.

Here are your options for pre-loading Destiny:

  • Take no action; Destiny will begin automatically downloading, provided that “auto-download” has been enabled on your PS4 or PS3. Over the next few days, your system will check for updates and the game will begin downloading by Monday, in time for the release on Tuesday.
  • If you can’t wait until then, you can enable the download manually. In PlayStation Store, navigate to the Destiny game page and click the “download” button. If you haven’t yet preordered, you can preorder and then begin downloading.

The game won’t be available to play until 12:00am Pacific Time / 3:00am Eastern Time on September 9th, but you’ll be ready for the ultimate Destiny experience on PlayStation.

Have a great weekend!

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  • While playing PvsZGW, the pre-load of Destiny automatically starts even though I’m not buying it. My main account is US and the other users on my PS4 are asian account and UK account. As I checked, the game Destiny is on the Library of my UK account and like I said, i did not buy it. Now, the game is still downloading.

    Here is my problem, if I just let my PS4 download the game and wait for it to be installed, is it gonna be playable? or it will be “locked”?

    I am really planing to buy the digital copy maybe tomorrow. My plan is to buy it on my main account which is a US account. If I buy it there, does the downloaded/installed Destiny game will be recognized the purchased on my US account? or I need to re-download the whole game again?

    I hope others get my point. Sorry for my bad English.

  • if they really want to see more digital copies sold, the least they can do is not make the East Coast wait until 3AM to play.
    physical copies for me until I no longer have a choice.

  • I pre ordered the gaurdian edition of deatiny, the pre-download started today but came up with an error msg straight away. I noticed in an earlier post that pre-load is only available for the states and i’m in the UK…does this mean i have to wait until 9/914 to download?

  • It’s nice to see scea informing their customer’s about the pre download, scee find it to much effort to be helpful in the slightest.

    But back on topic, I doubt I ll pre order anything on psn ever again because we in the uk who got the game digitally won’t be able to play until 8am tuesdsy morning if we have to wait till midnight west coast time defeating the point of pre ordering.

  • Good luck trying to buy it on psn. Let alone pre-load it. I had to cancel my digital guardian edition because psn wont take my money and nobody from support would help either. Was gonna purchase ps+ as well, guess i will have to wait till 2015 when they upgrade their servers. Not keen on paying for a service i cant use. These problems must be hurting sony’s profits.

  • In my notifications list on my pd4 I had 2 files download and install, and for the Vanguard Armory it says cannot download, I got an error code (CE-32920-6). Can someone tell me what this code is?

  • Are you serious?!! I have to wait to 3am because I’m on the east coast . I have work the next day I can’t wait for that. I’m going to cancel my preorder and go pick it up somewhere tommorw

  • 3am eastern time? Really ……. ugh. Here I was getting excited for no reason to play the game at 12am here.

  • Some of you are acting as if the description in the psn store never even said 12 PDT. This shouldn’t be a surprise.

  • For the love of all that is juicy , please make it unlock at 12 am EST for all the people ..Like all the other games have and do..Even NHL 15 unlocks before the biggest game of the year… Please make it EST for the people.

  • @Eric Lempel

    Any word on when retailers such as will email digital codes for Destiny?
    It would be nice if we could preload as well, considering we preordered as well.

    Thank you

  • Question: I preordered Destiny digital guardian edition for ps4 months ago. So can i get the digital ps3 version as well? I have been searching all over the web trying to find out. Thanks

  • Got the game downloaded. But did not pay it yet. And i won’t because play it here first is a lie when xbox players with a disk will be playing hours in advance. I will try to get a copy before monday so I can play at the time the servers go up. And not hours later thanks to sony.

  • Ok I dont know how this had such a high rating. I find it lazy that being on the east coast ill have to wait to play destiny “first” on play station. Now I know its a three hour difference but id prefer to not have to wake up at 3am to play a game I have been waiting forever for. Kills me that spny couldn’t work with bungie and open the servers at the same time. Thats all. Would have thought that at a customer service perspective that issue would have been dealt with.

  • “Play it first on PS” (as long as you didn’t buy digital!). It should say “Play it first on PS, if you buy it from a GameStop.” I will never buy another digital game from PSN if this is how they screw us on big releases. It’s a different story if the company making the game won’t allow connecting to their servers until a time they say, but this is not the case with Destiny. I recommend everyone buy from their local game shop if you are interested in playing a game the instant it is released.

  • For anyone playing destiny on PS4: shoot me a friend request at rangerfan7187 if you have a mic and want someone for your fire squad!

  • 64 comments and still no answer from Sony. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to ho have an Xbox One.

  • FYI, players who bought the digital version for Xbox One have the same restrictions we do.

  • Everyone hates on EA and yet EA’s games are being unlocked at 12:01 AM EST while Activision makes everyone in the US wait another three hours when they’ve already released the game to other countries like Australia 17+ hours ahead of us. It’s all just money grab at the B&M’s like Gamestop for their midnight launches.

  • What I really want is a Ghost Edition of the game, but you guys decided only the insane are entitled too it.

  • This is nonsense. I should be able to play my digital edition at midnight in my time zone no matter where I am. This is just bullocks.

    Are you not trying to get me to buy more and more games digitally??? Why then have a ridiculous policy like this? Doesn’t it make more sense for server stress to roll out the game digitally by time zone as well? And now one of th great digital advantages (getting to play the game at midnight without leaving my house) is being stripped away. People in my time zone will be playing the hard copy looking before I can fire up my Digital Guardian edition.

    Bad Sony, Bad!

  • Are your servers still housed in San Fran? That is statically the most dumbest thing I have ever heard. California has blackouts and earthquakes, which can shutdown your network. Also one half of the US population is in EST. Three quarters of the online gaming community of the world is in the EST and CST! Catering to the shallow, egotistical, Nimrod masses of the bankrupt state of chaos AKA California, will be the main reason why you need to have your brain examined. Stop thinking like a tourist and start thinking like the billion dollar company that you are supposed to be!

  • For those of you complaining about not getting to play Destiny “first” on Playstation, no one ever said anything about being able to play the game first on Playstation. We get exclusive content for about a year before anyone else, but nowhere did Bungie, Activision, or Sony say we get to play the game first. That being said, I am quite disappointed that I have to wait until 2:00 in the morning (I’m in Missouri) to play the game. I’ll have to wait until 7:00 when I get home from work to play. I was expecting to be able to get an hour or so in before bed on Tuesday. It seems logical to me to allow us to play when our time zone hit midnight so we can populate the servers incrementally instead of everyone logging on at the same time and risk flooding the server or crashing the PSN again. Come on now…

  • Since I heard I can upgrade to the PS4 version free if I purchase the PS3 version I pre ordered the PS3 version on PSN last night. That was so I can play in my room on PS3 and downstairs on my big tv on PS4, which I will do most of the time. Why not, right? But the PS4 store still says I have to purchase the game for $59.99. It won’t let me just hit download. I’m guessing this will change on 9/9, which will then make me miss out on the opportunity to download the game on PS4 early.

    I saw @BBurgSteve comment about this issue too. Please fix it before launch so I can play with my friends on ps4!

    P.S. The blogcast is rad.

  • This is unacceptable. Paid $89.99 plus taxes just to wait 3 hours after every one of my friends would have started playing the game who bought it at midnight launch. This is not Playstation First, this is like a step backwards. I would never buy a play station pre-loadable game again in my life. i would rather just go to the midnight event. You know what this could potentially make a lot of East Coast dwellers think twice before they buy any game of playstation store. There is no logical reason why to pre-load then. I could have just started downloading the game at midnight and it would have downloaded the whole game in 2 hours. This whole pre-load thing is fake and BS.

  • Anyone *****ing about the Pacific time zone is a child who needs to realize the world doesn’t revolve around you. We live in a global society time zones are different you will have to deal with it. Plus this has been the case with every digital game I’ve had most recently Diablo 3 so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to most of you especially if you frequent this site. If you are that eager to play and advance in level grow a pair, take off Tuesday and Wednesday and consume amphetamines on release night like a digital guardian.

  • Wrong move sony!! We want the same access we have had for decades. Access at 12am our timezone. We ain’t asking for much. This the last digital I buy from Psn. I wanted to go all digital to support the developers and publisher instead of gamestop shareholders. Best buy it is.

  • Love this game!

  • I live on the east coast and the 3:00AM wait time is stupid.
    I will purchase DAI digitally and that’s it. From this point forward hard copy only. East coast people get the middle finger from Sony.

  • Just a heads up for everyone who got a digital copy for the PS3. You can’t get your free digital copy for the PS4 until September 9th.

  • 3 am EDT … sorry Sony, but this is the first and last digital ‘preload’ purchase from me. Kind of feels like now that Sony has the early lead that they are relaxing on making the PS4 user experience any better, major major mistake. I hope Sony starts to wake up and focus on its customers again.

  • @74

    “The same access we have had for decades”

    The whole two decades Playstation has even existed, and preloading/unlocking at midnight is something that’s only been possible the last couple of years. Only a couple of times on the PS3, and a few more on the PS4. And not all of those even unlocked at midnight, just as many (if not more) have unlocked by PST.

    It’s a work/school night. You’ve realistically got an hour or two of playtime, even with a midnight unlock. Quit whining for the sake of it.

  • Will the people with the disc version get to play earlier.

  • The same access we have had for decades as in midnight release (our time zone).
    Sony was marketing preloading as the same as going to the store and picking up a copy with out the hassle.
    Might be a school night or work day for some but some of us have worked hard all year and took a day or two off.
    You are entitled to your opinion that I’m just whining or like i call it vocally annoyed.

  • Destiny servers will go live before then, why do we have to wait still?

  • Flat out unacceptable. Absolutely *****ing on east coast players.

    Be sure to 1 star review the blog post.

  • Terrible policy for east coast players. Unacceptable. Be sure to 1 star rate the blog post.

  • Some of us work different shifts than you and are probably older than you. I personally work 2nd shift and my wife works 1st, so she sleeps while I’m at work to spend time with me and I sleep when she’s at work, meaning from 11pm-7am I’m up. That’s a large period of time I won’t get to play when I could’ve stopped off after work to play it.

    No need to be a prick and not understand that there’s different situations and call everyone children and crybabies.

  • The game will be there when you get home from school and finish that homework FIRST! Anyways, I preordered this game on ps4 over a month ago and was in the alpha and beta and loved it. Can’t wait to play on the 9th. One thing that Im mad over right now is had I known about the preorder on ps3 and get the ps4 upgrade free till Jan 15th 2015 I’d of preordered ps3 instead, now I’ll miss out on a ps3 copy since I preordered ps4 not knowing they offer that deal. My kids could be playing Destiny on my ps3’s as I have 2 in the house while I play on my ps4. Now their screwed. I’m not paying 60 again. Wish they would offer us ps4 buyers the ps3 version free to.

  • @ HOTxxFUZZ

    The Bungie servers will be up with the ability to log on and start playing even in the US early Monday morning. New Zealand/Australia will be among the first to play Destiny around 17 hours ahead of us in the US and when Bungie turns the servers on for them they’re turning the servers on globally.

    The extra 3 hour wait past midnight for the digital versions to unlock on the East Coast is simply Sony/Activision catering to Gamestop and Best Buy and others who are doing in-store midnight launches. If they changed it to 12:01 AM EST then a lot of people would cancel their in-store pre-orders and buy digital to get it sooner, especially on the West Coast where you could unlock at 9 PM on 9/8.

    EA has no problem with this however as they obviously care more about the players wanting to buy their game rather than the Gamestop’s and Best Buy’s getting their cut.

  • Bungie not to be mean, but you guys need to offer us ps4 preorder buyers the ps3 digital version for free to. I own both old gen and new and bought this on ps4 and had I known you guys was offering a free next gen upgrade if you buy old gen first I’d of preordered ps3 instead so that I’d of got the ps4 version free with it. Now were all screwed on the ps3 version. Reason why It sucks in my situation is i have 4 kids. They love Destiny to and played some of my alpha and the beta to. Had I known about this deal we couldn’t had Destiny on both my ps3’s as 2 activations and both my boys could play Destiny online together in the house while Im on my ps4 playing with my friends and now your last second slap in my face after I preordered just the ps4 version over a month ago is now screwing us out the ps3 version. Please make it right and offer us ps4 buyers the ps3 version free as well. Most of us have ps3’s to.

  • Not being able to play at midnight is a huge disappointment. I will never buy anything digital again.

  • The ENTIRE POINT of pre-ordering digitally is for the ability to preload the content so that you can play immediately upon the contents availability. If we were warned that the content would not be available until literally three hours past the time others in our same geographic location can aquire the product physically, NO ONE would have preordered the content digitally. The disgusting obviousness of this reality makes me furious. How could you take the largest release of the console thus far and make such a monumental mistake?

  • when can europe pre download destiny
    i cant wait

    i will become legend

  • Cancelled my digital preorder because of the time zone lag. Total bull**** being penalized for giving psn business. I’ll gladly wait for the physical collectors editions arriving in the morning than give psn more money. Screw you on this, Sony. You lost yet another digital customer before digital even hit it’s stride.

  • Looks like I’ll be buying hard copies from now on…

  • 1.26 on a rating all because some of you can’t play till 3am is ridiculous. What such cry babies. You still get to play it way before stores open to sale it. Stop complaining. God!

  • Playstation Store Portugal is Bugged, i tri Download pre load Destiny, get a DESTINY BETA, please fix this.

  • I switched into full digital only buying years and years ago. Like 2009 or 2010. Only disc game i have now is Skyrim and thats only because its not on Psn yet to buy for ps3. If it was i’d buy it and sale my disc version in a heart beat. I hate disc. They wear out lasers like crazy especially bluray lasers in ps3 and ps4. When the laser goes out you’re in a mess of that disc useless. Have to send in the console for repairs and weeks of waiting for just a used refurbished console back. With digital all that can go wrong is a bad hard drive and all you do is buy a new hard drive and never have to ship ya console out and wait for weeks to get a different one back. Disc is old school. Digital is the future. Get over it!





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