Destiny: Preload Now and Prepare for Tuesday

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Destiny: Preload Now and Prepare for Tuesday

Hi everybody – Since we’re just days away from the launch of Destiny on PS4 and PS3, I wanted to let you know that the game is now available for pre-load on PlayStation Store in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

This means if you’ve pre-ordered Destiny digitally via PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to begin downloading the game on PS4 or PS3 starting now. Once you’ve downloaded the game, you’ll be ready for the official Destiny launch this Tuesday, September 9th.

Here are your options for pre-loading Destiny:

  • Take no action; Destiny will begin automatically downloading, provided that “auto-download” has been enabled on your PS4 or PS3. Over the next few days, your system will check for updates and the game will begin downloading by Monday, in time for the release on Tuesday.
  • If you can’t wait until then, you can enable the download manually. In PlayStation Store, navigate to the Destiny game page and click the “download” button. If you haven’t yet preordered, you can preorder and then begin downloading.

The game won’t be available to play until 12:00am Pacific Time / 3:00am Eastern Time on September 9th, but you’ll be ready for the ultimate Destiny experience on PlayStation.

Have a great weekend!

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  • niceee! I’m still undecided whether to jump on/preorder :X

  • Why did preload dates change anyway. Originally it was 9/4 for Destiny and 5 days for all games. Now it’s 2 days for all games.

  • I download the game but it said it was 184MB, then I checked the playstation store and it says that the game is 18GB. What do I do now?

  • When does the “free” PS4 edition kick in for pre-ordering the PS3 version? Pre-ordered PS3 version, PS4 version still shows $59.99…

  • Dont need + to do this?

  • I bought it today for PS4 and i can`t download the Vanguard Armory!

  • When you download it, there will the update file and the game file. They both will be in the 150 MB range but if you go to the home ribbon on PS4 and scroll to the Destiny icon and click options and info…you should see a number out of 21GB that is being downloaded. and once it is done it will show it in that menu.

  • How do I check if it’s downloading the 18GB? I’m asking because I have slow internet and it will take a while to download. If the game starts downloading on Monday I will have to wait at least until thursday to play. Make it so we can download the full game now Please.

  • @6 It doesn´t appear to download

  • If you got to the store and find your bough/preordered Destiny there should be a download option.

  • I preordered the digital deluxe version on PS4, but I recommend providing some sort of incentive for digital orders. Instead, digital purchasers get penalized with less hard drive space & have to wait until longer (PST time) to even start the game. Seems counter intuitive to download days in advance only to wait hours into the release date to play.

  • @pedro_-_ thank you. I did not see that on my ps4. I just checked and it has download 700MB already. Now I will be able to play on Tuesday with everyone else. Now my only problem is that I work graveyard, from 12am to 8am on Tuesday morning.

  • Question: with the digital upgrade plan, if I preorder and start preloading the ps3 version tonight, can I also go onto the ps4 store and start preloading as well, or do I have to wait until launch to begin downloading the ps4 version?

  • #13 Apparently, the PS4 version won’t be available for ‘free’ until 9/9. I’m in the same boat right now.

    Although, I am getting the physical LE copy for PS4, so I can play with groups of friends on either version. I was on the fence as to whether I was going to buy both… this newly announced promotion made me decide to go ahead and get the PS3 version, as well.

  • It tried downloading the DLCs, but I got an error and could do nothing except deleting them.
    I can’t find the place to re-download the DLCs.

  • Not being able to play till 12:00 PST is complete BS. Will never buy another digital game.

  • Also have the Vanguard Armory hitting an error when trying to download.

    Super bummed about the announced Digital Upgrade. Especially since I just cancelled my physical LE PS4 preorder and went with the DG PS4 version just last week… :(

  • @16 you can play when its september 9th in Australia

  • Better have those servers ready…………………………………..

  • thanks Eric, very good indeed, my soul is ready!

  • @18 I was hoping that as well but considering “the game won’t be available to play until 12:00 am Pacific Time/ 3:00am Eastern Time September 9th” kinda says no.

  • @16 Yeah we East Coast people really get screwed. We should’ve gone to a midnight launch event and bought the disk.

  • “The game won’t be available to play until 12:00am Pacific Time / 3:00am Eastern Time on September 9th”

    I am driving a friend to a midnight release to pick up his copy of the Ghost Edition. We will be back for over two hours before I am permitted to play the game I paid for in full weeks ago.

    Inexcusable. Bungie has made it clear that they intend tge game be released at midnight GMT. At least honor our individual time zones. For a game this hyped, this is ridiculous.

  • Hold on, east coasters can’t play until 3am? That can’t be right. East coasters buying physical at midnight are gonna be playing before me?

  • @24 Unless the Destiny servers go live on Monday or something, sadly that will not be the case.

    I better be able to play after I setup, config, and update my white PS4 that night.

  • @25 Bungie has already stated numerous times the servers will go live as soon as it’s Sep 9th somewhere in the world. That means the servers will be live at 8:00am EST on Sep 8th but we won’t be able to play thanks to Sony till 3 hours after the game has officially released.

  • Actually, Jim, Bungie made it clear that the servers would be live the moment it becomes 9/9 anywhere on the planet. That means midnight Tuesday in New Zealand, which is a full 12 hours AHEAD of GMT. Meaning, technically, that the servers will be live by Noon GMT (7am EDT) on MONDAY.

    Basically, if you find a retailer that will sell you the game on Monday, you could be playing a good 12-18 hours before most of the world. Bungie even stated that when you start playing is between you and the retailer you purchase the game from, meaning…. they don’t care about the street date.

  • I’m guessing the pre-load is only for people who bought it digital? That’s not too fair for people like me who pre-ordered the physical copy. I pre-ordered on May 5th and I don’t even think they offered digital back then.

  • Jeeze, so many whiners. “Oh my god!!! I can’t play my game until 3am EST?!?! The game that’s going to last me for months?!?! So many people are going to be a whole THREE HOURS AHEAD IN LEVEL!!! MY LIFE IS OVER!!!!”

    Cry me a river.

  • #28 Yes, pre-load is the digital copy. With the disc, there is no need to pre-load, as the game will install (and be ready to play almost instantly) when you pop the disc in the drive and start it up. Obviously, there will be a day 1 patch, but it should only be a small download, and will apply to those with the digital copy, as well.

  • @27 That’s just for people who got the physical disc, like me. (though I’m getting the white PS4) Digital buyers still have to deal with the OS’s built-in release system.

  • @29 If that’s the reason people are complaining, I can agree with that.
    But for others, some of us might’ve been planning to stay up for only a few hours to play a bit of the game, then head off to bed. That’s, IMO, a legit reason to complain.

  • Releasing on the 9th of september, thanks bor the birthday present Bungie!!! XD

  • Too much love with this real huge AAA games not coming for vita u_u

  • Looking forward to this game but the remote play on the Vita can just not exist. I HATE, like literally loathe the PS vita’s analog sticks. They were terrible right out of the box and that goes for every other vita console I’ve held. I inquire about some sort of recall or money back or shoot at least tips on adjusting the analog to be tighter. I mean the freakong slim version STILL suffers from the same issues. Playing any of the HD collections I own available on the Vita are at times rendered absolutely infuriating woth the loose, flimsy sticks we have to point ourselves around with. Especially considering a,lot of the games I play require precise accuracy. Why Sony. You do everything else right… But why this… Hardcover handheld machine my tuckus.

  • It’s sad that all digital buyers have to wait until 12 penalizes all consumers who don’t live on the west coast. First and last digital game purchase from me.

  • Yeah I don’t think I will digital download again either, sure to some it’s only 3 hours. But for sony to keep implying I’m to “play it first” on playstation,it’s ridiculous how contradictory that is. Considering there will be people with xbox physical copies playing before me. It just isn’t much of an incentive with digital downloads when we are in fact playing later then most of the world. I just wish there was an understandable answer/reason to release them at 3am. 4am Atlantic time for me. And numerous reps have said it’s bungie who controls the server time, but Bungie has multiple times said whenever it turns the 9th where your at in the world, the Destiny servers will be on for you. I’d very much appreciate an actual response from sony, however how unlikely that might be.

  • I’ve made several purchases through the PSN store, but I won’t ever again because of how you’re handling this. At a bare minimum we should be able to play when our timezone hits 12am, I’ve been waiting for months to play this game and you’re delaying it unnecessarily.

    Beyond that, I’m paying the same price, which I assume means you’re making more money than a retailer does. A retailer has to pay an employee, the shipping of the goods, the physical good itself, none of that are in your cost of sale in an online purchase. So I’m paying you the same for less service.

    And let’s not forget, should I decide to want to sell this game (like I wanted to sell BF4+Expansion, Madden 25, Injustice) I’m unable to, because I paid the same price for something that has more limits. Never again though. Lost a PSN customer there sony, terrible form.

  • I still dont understand the 3 hour wait for the East coast. There have been plenty of other digital releases that have come out at 12am EST. Now instead of being able to play with my friends who are getting physical copies Ill have to sit and wait? That just defeats the purpose of getting digital to me. The whole point is to be able to PreDownload and be ready at 12am to go so you dont have to wait in lines.

    The whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Wont be doing digital for a major release ever again.

  • @38 If you think that’s bad, you haven’t seen Blizzard’s launches of its major games/expansions. Every one of them, servers don’t go live till 3AM. I know this from my bro.

    But back on topic, yeah. Can’t wait till the WHITE PS4!!. (…now how bout that media support…)

  • waiting till 3am sucks…. why can’t we play at midnight, sadness i just want to enjoy this wonderful game lol

  • @40 yes blizzard release of Diablo 3 was 3 am est & it was reason I cancelled that order. The big difference is blizzard chose to open servers at that time. Here bungie will have servers open & live for ober 15 hours before sony lets us play. Im not saying we should be able to play early but midnight local timezone should have been the release time. Thanks tk sony deciding to do this I will either have to play solo, play with randoms or force my friends to wait hours for me to play. Its just a really stupid decision on part of sony & I hope many people voice their displeasure of this decision

  • I can’t believe I have to wait until 2am to play this game. My friend who is buying the physical copy of this game is going to be playing no later than 1230 am. What is the point of having me “pre load” to access this game “before everyone else” when I can’t efffing access the damn game until 2am?!? For the love of God I have gotten screwed so bad here. I can’t even sell this game now either, I’m stuck with it. I literally only went digital because I am a lazy ass who didn’t want to drive to GameStop thinking, “Oh sweet! When the clock strikes midnight I get to play this game!” Okay that’s my rant. Anyways Sony, listen, you guys built the better system this time around don’t go and **** this up by screwing the customer with your legality bull.

  • In regards to the new recent offer of getting the PS3 version, you get the PS4 version for free (digital only). If one is to get the PS3 version digitally, they can get the PS4 version for free digitally as well whether they have a PS4 or not right? I do not have a PS4 yet as it is still too soon for me. Say if I were to get digital copy of game for PS3 now and not get a PS4 system untill next year past the offer deadline, I should still be able to get a free PS4 digital copy of DESTINY then right since I bought the PS3 digital copy before the offer deadline?

  • The first serious game I buy to play on this $400 machine and I have to wait till 2 a.m. to play it. Forget the pre load if I have to wait that long. No point in even buying digital! I’m sorry, I though we were next gen already.I’m obviously mistaken. Never have I been let down by you guys until today. It may seem like a little thing but midnight launch gaming is a ritual for me when it comes to games like this.

  • I love the concept of pre-load, not making us wait and try to download a huge file at the same time millions of others are. I also very specifically want Destiny on my HDD so I can fire it up anytime, but we are being punished. The rest of the world gets to play at 12:01 GMT on 9/8 if they can acquire the disc early, meanwhile us digital purchasers have to wait until 12:01 PST on 9/9.

    I’ll keep this in mind next time I am deciding between a digital versus physical purchase.

  • your download will be like this…

  • Finished downloading all 21 gigs! Let’s do this!

    DO IT! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!

  • Please give us a reasonable excuse why east coast player have to wait until 3am. Numerous titles have recently be available to play at 12 am EST, while others have not. Why? (Activision and Bungie have both said publicly that this is Sony’s decision)

  • Everyone on East Coast time will be lucky to be playing Destiny before 4-5 AM on 9/9 with these unlock times. The preload is only for 19GB worth of files and the full Destiny install lists 40GB hard drive space required which means there will be quite a few GB to download from the Bungie servers once the game unlocks at 3 AM EST. This is how Bungie did the preload/install for the Destiny Beta in July as well. And their servers will be slammed so it will probably be slow downloading.

    Sony should of worked something out with Activision to get the release changed to 12:00 AM EST which is the same time Sony unlocks preloads for Madden 15 a week ago.

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