Minecraft PS4 Edition Coming to US Tomorrow

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Minecraft PS4 Edition Coming to US Tomorrow

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Minecraft fans! We’re excited to finally tell you that the Minecraft PS4 Edition will be available on PlayStation Store this Thursday before 12pm Pacific for only $19.99!

For those looking for the ultimate Minecraft experience, the PS4 Edition will feature worlds 36 times bigger than the ones you might be used to on the PS3 system. Existing players will be able to import PS3 saves to the PS4 Edition, allowing them to continue work on their immense structure or delve even deeper towards the Nether.

Staying true to our promise, we wanted to make sure that anyone who previously bought the PS3 Edition (Disc or Digital) would be able to upgrade to PS4 Edition for a small fee.

Well, we’re happy to officially announce the upgrade option is available to any existing PS3 Edition owners for just $4.99!


Minecraft on PS4: Learn More

Here’s how it works:

For Existing PS3 Edition Owners (Disc or Digital)

On the PS4, simply log into PlayStation Store and find Minecraft PS4 Edition, and you’ll be able purchase the upgrade for $4.99.

Note: This entitlement applies to everyone who’s bought Minecraft PS3 Edition (Disc or Digitally) with a saved game and signed into their PS4 console using the same SEN account.

About to Purchase Minecraft PS3 Edition (Digital)

On the PS3, purchase Minecraft PS3 Edition for $19.99. Once you have made the purchase, you’ll be able to upgrade to the PS4 Edition for $4.99.

About to Purchase Minecraft PS3 Edition (Disc)

Those joining the Minecraft experience through disc purchase should find a voucher packed in with an entitlement code. If you have any questions, please reach out on @AskPlayStation on Twitter or our official Customer Support channel.

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Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the world of Minecraft PS4!

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36 Author Replies

  • To the people asking, if u don’t have a ps3 but have a vita or plan on getting one, and also have a ps4. BUY THE PS3 VERSION FIRST. If you own the ps3 version you get the vita version for free, and can upgrade to the ps4 version for $5.

    You can’t go backwards and buy the ps4 version, then get a discount on the ps3/vita version so if u are wanting it for both ps4 and vita, buy ps3, upgrade to ps4 for $5 and ull get to download the vita version for free when it releases.

    Also, I heard retail version is coming out this holiday season.

  • If I upgrade to PS4, do I lose access to my Vita and PS3 copies, or is the upgrade really just a discount?

  • Minecraft Vita bundle is a no brainer, jus do it

  • Playstation store ?

  • Do I Need to have played the Retail Copy on the PS3 for the code to work? I don’t have a PS3 but plan on picking up the PS3 Retail for 20.00 so I can cross buy and upgrade

  • So excited for the Vita version…although playing with my girlfriend on ps4 would be amazing!

  • when is ps4 getting adobe flash ?

  • @Paralyzer

    It won’t. Adobe flash is a dated and resrouce hungry technology. It’s all about HTML5 now, how about telling ppl to upgrade from old tech?

    Anyways, I’m assuming PS Vita Minecraft isn’t crossbuy with ps4?

  • dont tha vita gdt anny minecraft luv if so when?

  • How much will the physical version be?

  • What about Russia?

  • If I have the PS4 version and my little sis got the PS3 version will I be able to play online multiplayer with her? is it the same server?

  • #62 … there’s no game on PS4 you can play with PS3 players… no ”cross-platforms” playing.

  • Will the physical copy come out anytime within the next week or so? I’d rather have Physical than Digital but I don’t wanna be alone not playing it while my friends are.

  • So does that mean I can get ps3, ps4 and PS vita versions for $25? If I buy ps3 version and upgrade to ps4, will I keep ps3 version?

  • Hello. I am a long time PS3 user. However, I bought Minecraft for the Xbox 360. My friends and I have all made the switch to PS4 for next gen gaming and cancelled our Xbox subscriptions. I have a Disc copy of Minecraft for Xbox. PLEASE tell me the promotion will work in the same way.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY, please tell me there is a way my friends and I can still have our worlds onto Minecraft PS4 version!

  • So its best to buy the PS3 version for $19.99, upgrade to PS4 for $4.99, and download the Vita version free, since its only cross-buy with PS3 version.

  • Why not uploading Minecraft game tonight on the American PS Store? Is it so hard and take so much time to upload 235Mb + 31Mb Update? We are all ready to buy it but we need to wait almost one day later. :/

  • Thank You PS for the helpful info….^_^

  • Can we transfer over more than one save?

  • how do i give a digital copy to a friend?

  • Haha, thanks for the reply. I make a ton of serious question posts here in the past that go unanswered then I make a tongue in cheek post about going to sleep and that’s the first reply I get. I understand the team is working hard through the night, I work software too and we have those long, sleepless nights before a release.

    I appreciate the team doing all that work. I’ll be happy to play it with my friends when I get off work tomorrow (if I don’t have to work late too). Thanks to you too for working so hard to answer everyone’s questions.

  • You guys market the vita as the “perfect companion” to the playstation 4, and then pull stuff like this. How does it make any sense to allow cross buy with the ps3 version to vita and not ps4 to vita. Don’t you want to more people to upgrade from the ps3 to 4? How is this helping?

    For someone like me, who gave away their ps3 when upgraded to a ps4, I feel really boned on this. I would love to play on my vita as well as my ps4. But there’s no way I’m paying the full price twice.

    Is there no way around this??

  • umm how much is it gonna be for the uk region?

  • when is gonna launch for the uk?

  • @73 It’s already available in the UK

  • Do you actually need the PS3 version bought or can I just download my acct on a friends PS3 & make a save?

  • Can i post sometging unrelated and get a response?

  • @twelveoglock post #73

    See my post #50

    Just buy the ps3 version first. This will give u the vita version for free when it releases and give u the $5 upgrade to the ps4 version. So you’ll be paying $25 for both the vita and ps4 version.

    Also, I really like the PSN ID.

  • Will you be able to set world size like on the PC version

  • GLOCKguy1926 If I get the PS3 Retail version and it comes with the code for Vita and PS4 do I have to play the PS3 version first for the code to work? I don’t have a PS3 so I don’t want to buy it without knowing

  • So I’m guessing the hope I have is hopeless because I played Minecraft on Xbox.

    Is there really no way to get our worlds onto Ps4? We made the switch because PS is the better choice obviously, but we really played Minecraft most of the time. Losing our worlds would be devestation

  • Anyone know if you’ll be able to play multiplayer with another ps4?

  • I’m not sure about that @evankylec

    I’m not sure how the code thing works. I’m buying digital bc I don’t ever plan on trading minecraft in, not that I’d get much for a $20 game anyway.

  • I do not own a PS3 with Minecraft, but my friend does. Can I just go over to his house create a world/save on the game then come back home hop on PS4 & only pay $5? Or do I physically need to buy the PS3 edition of the game on my account for it to work?

  • What about trophies? Will the trophies I already got carry over? Or will I have to re-platinum?

  • Good, but i’m waiting for the PS Vita version.

  • I’m sorry I have one last question, can I do this:

    Buy ps3 version (meaning I get PS Vita Version) then upgrade the ps3 version to ps4? That way I have all 3?

  • I can’t edit my comments: I saw the answer a few spots above.

    Thank you guys!

  • Sony, could you please reply? I’d just like to know, so I can see how disappointed or not I’ll be..

  • Can i get a response plz
    Will you be able to set world size like on the PC version?

  • how long is the offer? it will be months before we get a 4, but we will.

  • Could you please reply to my question? I’m talking to my friend right now, he said all you have to do is create a save. I want clarification first. Can I go over his house, play it on his PS3, make a world, make a save, hop back on PS4 & only pay $5?

  • Im starting a world tomorrow. Everyone is welcome just add me. Im also going to feature you all on twitch.

  • WOW!! Now I get the news? I’m out of money right now, but I have been waiting all year to get this game on PS4. Since I have it on PC. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  • If we are upgrading from the physical PS3 version do we just have to play and make a save? Or do we need to insert the disc every time?

  • Question!
    Regarding the upgrade, I had Minecraft on my ps3 (digital version) but sold my ps3 months ago to buy a ps4. So I no longer have my ps3, and by extension, Minecraft.
    Do I still get the discount??

  • When will the physical PS4 copy be available for purchase?

  • is there any discount for buying the ps4 version and then trying to get a ps3 version

    I have the Xbox 360 version but not a ps3 version

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