inFAMOUS Second Son Flash Sale Starts Now

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inFAMOUS Second Son Flash Sale Starts Now

inFAMOUS Second Son

Click here to buy inFAMOUS Second Son for $39.59

Hi everyone! Last week, inFAMOUS First Light, the new standalone inFAMOUS title following the origin story of Fetch, launched on PlayStation Store for PS4. This week, we’re continuing the inFAMOUS love with a flash sale on inFAMOUS Second Son. Starting right now you can pick up Second Son for just $39.59.

Revel in your new-found powers as Delsin Rowe in inFAMOUS Second Son to take down the Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P.) who threatens to imprison anyone with super-human abilities. Explore the city of Seattle, Washington in a whole new way; use your smoke dash to jump out of roof top vents, or leave a neon trail in your wake as you speed through the rain-soaked streets. Make sure to capture epic wins in battle or the hyper-realistic cityscapes along the way with Photo Mode.

And if you want even more inFAMOUS after picking up Second Son, get inFAMOUS First Light for $14.99. That means if you pick up inFAMOUS Second Son during the flash sale, you can get both titles for less than the original price of Second Son.

This flash sale ends Friday, September 5th at 12:00 PM Pacific, so don’t wait — download inFAMOUS Second Son now.

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  • Wooow awesome but for short time :(

  • I loved this game! I envy anyone that gets to play this for the first time.

  • Awesome, picked up the game Day 1 but am looking forward to more Flash Sales.

  • is this the limited edition?

  • The game is always $39.96 at Wal-Mart. So to me this deal is kind of a yawner.

  • It says “Limited Edition” on the link to buy, does this come with the DLC extras that the retail LE came with?

  • Now I know why it’s called a flash sale, because that’s how quickly I can disregard this sale. I mean $40, really? After all these months, a digital title is still $40 AND you still have the nerve to call it a “flash sale” as if it’s a significant drop in price? Where is the incentive to buy this digitally when the game is cheaper for a retail copy, has no replay value and can be sold after use? $20 is a flash sale, $40 is an insult.

  • Infamous second son is awesome !
    The price of digital games are way too high its ridiculous.. And there are no excuses for that.

  • For this price, it’s pretty much a steal. Such an amazing game.

  • @supvic hey look! worlds smallest violin playing just for you

  • Uhhhhh that’s just the regular price on amazon and I can resale that sucker later…kind of a crappy sale for a digital game.

  • Hm. So the DLC and the game for $40. I heard the DLC isn’t anything special. Description is kind of confusing. Says get First Light for $15, but then says you get both titles for half the price.

    Are you saying the Flash sale game comes with the DLC free?.

  • What a horrible sale. I can go get it at almost any physical store for cheaper than that. Hell Gamestop was giving the game away free a week ago with PS4s, my brother got one.

  • Lol @ sale

  • Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall Flash Sale would be awesome.

  • you know what would be awesome……. Not having my system software update prevent me from downloading my purchases that I made on tuesday. I couldn’t play Velocity when I got home and I have about an hour beofre i have to hop into bed.

  • It’s $39.89 on Amazon. Digital should Never cost as much as physical. I know you guys are more than aware of Steam and GoG. This flash sale should be $19.99-$24.99, and standard price should be $29.99. I already own the physical copy so this doesn’t affect me, but you guys Really need to start being competitive. Heck, not even that; just be reasonable for once.

  • Regarding whether this is the LE and includes any DLC, found this on GameFAQs: “i purchased it last night and had to buy the code separately because though it shows up as limited edition, the version on psn is in fact standard. i confirmed this with a rep today and they will not supply you the dlc code for cole’s legacy.”

  • I have Second Son, it’s the PS4 I need to actually play it. Yes, I got a game I can’t play. I may like Infamous a bit too much.

  • And in a flash will ignore this.

  • I see a lot of what look like complaints here, but for some reason between my eyes and my brain your words are turning into WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

    I should get that looked at.

    Or you should stop behaving like spoiled children.

    The latter would probably be ideal.

  • I laughed when I seen this post… FLASH SALE? Should’ve included all Infamous games not just one. Could’ve been a better sale with a discounted First Light too. Disappointed!

  • Lol..40 dollars for a 6 hour game.

  • Too expensive, retail used is around 30€ here……

  • It’s been 30$ retail and as low as 20$ used. This isn’t tempting at all. I was expecting 10-20$ especially since this is digital.

  • finly the 2 new consals get themes now add ps home to ps4 would be nice to instead of removeing it from japan and keeping it open for all other region and dose ps home ever update it seems that sony forgot aboute ps home if it wasent for ps home there would be no sony ps home was what made sony who they are today it brought the cummuity who we are today

  • Flash sale used to be great. This is not the case. You can find the game at retail for the same price or lower. You get a nice disc that can be sold after finishing the game. Especially now that SP DLC seems to go the stand alone route.

  • Wasnt this just $40 at Gamestop in a recent sale? Sorry, Im not going digital for the same price as physical. digital content has much less value to me without the ability to sell, trade, or loan the game out after I beat it

  • Not to be a jerk, but this is routinely the regular price in stores. If this included First Light, then it would be a great deal.

  • ^^^Yeah, exactly.. $30 would have been a good price and would have resulted in a lot of sales. Great game (I already have it / love it and am wishing they’ll add a 1vs1 or 2vs2 open city online versus mode), but I wish I could recommend this sale to my friends. I can’t.

  • takes longer to earn the 40 bucks needed to buy this, than to beat the game.

  • If you’d rather have a physical copy, you can grab a used one for way cheaper at gamefly:

    I bought mine new on launch day to support SP, but I don’t blame people not wanting to sink $40 into a digital game they’ll finish in 5-6 hours with arguably little replay value.

  • If you’d rather have a physical copy, you can grab a used one for way cheaper at Game Fly. Go to the “rent” page, and click the “keep it for $24.99” button.

    I bought mine new on launch day to support SP, but I don’t blame people not wanting to sink $40 into a digital game they’ll finish in 5-6 hours with arguably little replay value.

  • Not a sale at all, LOL come on Sony

  • Canadians, this game is on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $30 for a hard copy till Sept 5th.

  • LOL, Sony you must be joking right ? Better put this on PS+ Sale.

  • So, the game was $60 and no one complained. Now is $20 cheaper and everyone is crying.

  • lol, lots of whining going on here. If you want it….40 dollars is far less than what this game is worth! Such a solid game. I bought a physical copy of but I wish I could’ve bought it digitally. Speaking of which Sony needs to add external hd support so I can finally go all digital!

  • 3 things

    First love the idea but the price not so much I’ve seen the Infamous cheaper online

    Second how about a PlayStation 4 specific flash sale with indies and AAA titles with pricing closer to retail pricing

    Third the flash sale should end after 5pm so someone who gets paid on Friday can make it home and make a purchase

    Anyway the game is pretty good had it since day one still working on my platinum so anyone who doesn’t have it should buy it.

  • This isn’t a very competitive sale. I got the physical LE version for $42 within a month of the game being released. Half a year later and the digital version is on sale for $40? I don’t regret staying with discs this generation, at least until the prices for digital start to become at least somewhat competitive with physical. It costs less to distribute digitally, even.

  • I’m waiting for Black Friday when there is someone doing his/her homework and compare prices with retail and make a real super flash sale.

  • @37
    Digital ames are way to expensive to begin with!

  • if this game was 29.99 it will be a true Flash Sale

  • Damn I just bought this game a few weeks ago. Hahahaha just missed the sale! Great game. Lots of fun.

  • Sorry, but between issues like this, no backwards compatibility, mp support, better psn navigation,
    IGC not allowing purchases, and movie download availability
    …..have nothing else to add.

    Sale is kinda old, but atleast thought FUSE and SSX deserved a shot.

    And got to love “babies”,cryng like babies over a few honest and soundminded individuals.

    How About some better sales? its digital for ‘#%” sake.

    * Brighter note, Nice Vita picks this month, lucked out with Don’t Starve (the fire again….. ugggggh)

  • LOL
    * Anyone saying different has a copy listed on EBAY for more than its worth*

  • Six month old single player game with no resale value at $40 as a “flash sale”?

  • I already have this game since Day 1 – digitally by the way, but I gotta ask how is this considered to be a flash sale when you can get the retail for around the same price brand new if not cheaper? It should be this price normally.

    When are you guys going to start price matching retail price trends? I love digital for the simple fact that I can just throw in a large hard drive and have all my games ready to go at a moment’s notice, but you guys gotta get on the ball if you want the vast majority of people to take digital distribution seriously. Digital should be cheaper than retail from the get go by at least 20% or around 10 bucks give or take off a new game and digital prices should keep up with retail prices. There’s been a few games I’ve been holding off on buying until they become cheaper digitally because I see what they go for at retail and don’t want to pay 10, 20, or more dollars just to get the same exact game the way I want to get it

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