The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/2/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/2/2014
The Drop

What a weekend! Not only do some folks in the United States have a little extra time to play video games over the holiday, but it’s PAX Prime 2014! What better way to celebrate than getting ready for an interstellar mission teeming with teleportation, alien baddies, and super-cool effects? Velocity 2X is coming to PS4 and PS Vita this week.

Velocity 2X tasks players with outrunning and outsmarting the evil Vokh in white-knuckle space combat. Pilot your ship through precarious mazes, and head on-foot for even more up-close-and-personal challenges. Master the use of your teleporting to blink through missions with blinding speed, and accomplish objectives with the steady thump of a sci-fi ready soundtrack. Velocity 2X is cross save, cross buy, and free for PlayStation Plus.

But that’s not the only good news! Fan-favorite survival game Don’t Starve comes to Vita this week, alongside Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. For the full list of new games coming to the world of PlayStation, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
Deathmatch Village
Don't Starve: Giant Edition
Joe Danger
Mahjong Gold
Mega Man X4
Velocity 2X

New PlayStation Games This Week

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Jabberwock Island — once a popular tourist destination, you and your classmates at Hope’s Peak Academy have been brought to this island by your teacher. Everyone seems to be having fun… until Monokuma returns and restarts his murderous game!
Deathmatch Village
PS3, PS Vita — Digital
Get ready for Deathmatch Village! Chock-full of frenetic shotgun-blastin’ & pitchfork-proddin’ action, this free-to-play 2D multiplayer game is a breath of fresh air for the whole MOBA genre. Crush your opponents and snatch them piggies!
Don’t Starve: Giant Edition
PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy with PS4 Version)
An uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape. Don’t Starve: Giant Edition combines the content of both the original Don’t Starve game, and the Reign of Giants expansion pack.
Joe Danger
PS Vita — Digital
A death-defying thrill-ride starring Joe Danger: Master of Disaster! Combo, boost and pull ludicrous stunts to fill stadiums and put Joe back on the podium. Take on your rivals, the reckless Team Nasty, then take on the World with your high-scoring Combos.
Mahjong Gold
PS Vita — Digital
All hands on deck! Join in the search for Long John Silver’s buried treasure in this Mahjong pirate adventure! Uncover the secrets of the legendary pirate as you travel around the world to distant lands, uncovering gold tokens along the way. Each level has been painstakingly balanced with special tokens and extraordinary missions that offer a whole new perspective on a classic game.
Mega Man X4
PSone Classic — Digital
The Repliforce has switched sides and is now staging a coup against humanity! X and Zero must gain the Mavericks’ powers to defeat them. A PlayStation classic returns.
Velocity 2X
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)
Use the Quarp Drive to outsmart the evil Vokh in race-tuned space combat, then dock your ship, jump out, and continue the fight on foot! Velocity 2X is the visually dazzling, action-packed sequel to Velocity Ultra, featuring amazing puzzle-platforming action alongside award-winning shooter gameplay.

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10 Author Replies

  • Hoou Megaman X4??….thats awesome,I really hope that X5,6,7,8 come as well.

  • Where are the PS3 games this week? Lame. :/

  • Mega Man X4 was one of my most played PS1 games. I gave it away to a family friend, knowing it’d be included in the MMX Anniversary Collection, and I’ve recently regretted that. So glad I’ll be able to stick that on my Vita, which is stacked with some of my all-time favourite PS1 games. Keep ’em coming!

  • Looking forward to Velocity 2X.

  • Nice Megaman X4, and i wait for Megaman X5 and X6 Ty

  • The “Mega Man X” series finally has arrived on the PSOne classic. I’ve been preaching for its releases for over the span of the years of PS3-PS4: TOOK LONG ENOUGH. Can‘t wait, my PlayStation Vita can serve a purpose again because let’s be honest folks. The past 2-3 years of the PlayStation Vita cycle has become an absolute joke

  • Sony give the vita more love!! A good way would be to unlock more PS1 Classics for it! Maybe some ps2 games? Its really disapointing when PS1 Classics such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro are not available for the North American PS vita community!

  • Ok, wait, so, if Megaman X4 is coming to PSN, does that mean capcom is finally working with PSN and there’s a glimmer of hope for megaman legends 1/2 and tron bonne to get released, I know PS previously said it was up to capcom to make a move on it… I hope so.. I really really hope so!

  • I LOVE MY VITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • For those surprised that MMX4 will be on PSN, Capcom announced a week ago that both X4 and X5 will be on PSN this month. Here’s one of the several links about it: ~.

  • I am wonder whether if megaman x4 will be crossbuy and cross save for ps3 and ps vita/psp? Please answer!

  • Also I am requesting for megaman x5, x6, x7 and x8…..please! It would be awesome for psn users especially most of psn user played x4, x5 and x6 to ps1 and x7,x8 to ps2 :)…They released megaman x collection before for ps2….I am hoping they would release digital on ps3 or ps4 or both hehe

  • So much VITA love this week ! Danganrompa 2, Velocity Ultra 2X, Don’t Starve. It’s gonna be a good week but also a very expensive week !!!

  • There needs to be a psn sale for Danganronpa 1, because 2 is coming out and the rest of us need to experience part 1, thanks to a big sale price!

  • Be warned – Deathmatch Village is one of the worst games on Vita (it’s been out in EU for a long time.)

    A lot of the others look fantastic though.

  • Where the hell is Minecraft? I upgraded to a PlayStation 4 at the end of July solely because Minecraft was supposed to be released in August and yet they miss their deadline again. Sigh. Besides, this month’s PS+ titles don’t appeal to me at all.

  • Finally, another freemium game. Its rare for me to see those. Keep up the good work PlayStation!

  • I’ll add to the chorus of people happy that all this week’s new games are on Vita. :)

  • lookibg forward for megaman x4 and x5.
    im hoping megaman x3 would also be released on psn….

  • Will this Mega Man be playable on PlayStation 4?

  • Excited for the IGC this Month Sports Friends and Velocity 2X should be fun as well as Joe Danger when I pick up a Vita. I Wonder what the sales are gonna be this week.

  • WHERE IS MEGAMAN X4??? NOT. SHOWING. UP. ———— (slow burn)

  • Yeah Megaman X4 is not up!!! I was really looking forward to that :(

  • Crazy that you folks are giving us Velocity X2 for free. As well as past “new” games. Way too generous!

  • still not finding x4 on the store

  • Not to worry, guys. The store hasn’t updated yet. It’s usually done by 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern every Tuesday. They’re fairly consistent with the timing.

    All of this week’s new content including the free Plus games for the month will show up when the store updates.

  • The store has already been updated, heck im downloading dangan roppa atm, but no megman x4 :(

  • I got Don’t Starve free with IGC back in January. Will that work with the cross buy for the VIta one? Because right now it is showing that they are not purchased.

  • Indie games are downloadable ONLY not on game disk. and just try to sale one good luck!!!! I’ll be buying game disks

  • On the other hand, these updates (and the corresponding posts) are kinda sketchy. Especially in the first few hours. Some games are updated before others, and it’s possible that not all content will be ready by 2pm P/5pm E.

    Which is one reason why I don’t even bother until Wednesday. Should they do better somehow? Well, yeah. That would be nice. Not holding my breath, however.

  • So I bought Don’t Starve last week while it was on sale from the website, assuming that if I owned it on PS4, I’d have it available on Vita today, but it isn’t there. I won’t have a PS4 until next week, so do I have to wait until then to use this or is there some way I can get the game I already paid for to work?

  • Velocity 2X + Danganronpa + Don’t Starve = Good Week

  • Velocity 2X is pretty good. I suck too much to play it fast (I’ve seen videos where people never let off the boost), but I’m having fun playing it my way. I’ve not yet failed a mission for being too slow, but I want to get faster.

  • Suikoden2onPSStore

  • I can play mega man x4 en psp? because in the store say I can.

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