PS Plus: Preview September’s Free Game Lineup

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PS Plus: Preview September’s Free Game Lineup

There’s a little bit of déjà vu going on as our PlayStation Plus members will once again receive two games free the day they hit the PlayStation Store – Velocity 2X on PS4 and Joe Danger’s release on PS Vita. Of course, there are other great titles including Sportsfriends on PS4, PS All Stars Battle Royale and Hoard on PS3 and TxK on PS Vita.

On PS4, Plus members will be able to download Velocity 2X and Sportsfriends. Velocity 2X is the sequel to Velocity Ultra and features arcade shooting and puzzle platforming with a cool teleportation mechanic. Sportsfriends is the perfect title to complement your parties, as it features 4 mini-games – BaraBariBall, Hokra, Super Pole Riders and Johann Sebastian Joust– to bring out the competitive side in everyone.

For PlayStation 3 owners, you can nab PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, the game where you can get together with friends and pit PlayStation characters like Sly Cooper and Kratos against each other. And Hoard, an action-strategy title where you’ll play as a dragon attempting to get as much gold as possible.

PlayStation Vita owners can pick up Joe Danger for the first time on the platform and enjoy some good old fashioned stunt racing, as well as TxK, a remake of the classic arcade shooter Tempest.

All of these games will be free for Plus members starting September 2nd. If you want to see these titles in action, check out the video below.

September PlayStation Plus Preview

Velocity 2X
Velocity 2X (PS4, PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
Use the Quarp Drive teleport to outsmart the evil Vokh in race-tuned space combat, then dock your ship, jump out and continue the fight on foot! Velocity 2X is the visually dazzling action packed sequel to Velocity Ultra, featuring amazing puzzle-platforming action alongside award-winning shooter gameplay!

Sportsfriends (PS4, PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
Sportsfriends is a compendium of award-winning local multiplayer games for living rooms, parties, and even backyards. Featuring: retro-styled fighting game BaraBariBall, QWOP-like pole vault dueling game Super Pole Riders, high-velocity sports game Hokra, and face-to-face physical party game Johann Sebastian Joust. All the games are playable with the DualShock®4 wireless controller, while Johann Sebastian Joust can be further enhanced by the PlayStation Move Motion Controller (sold separately).

PS All-Stars
PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale (PS3, PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
From Kratos to Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth to Parappa the Rapper, Sony characters from all over the gaming spectrum are brought together in a fighting adventure that’s both easy to play, and hard to master. Take the battle online for competitive multiplayer action, or go head to head with a group of friends on the couch and prove once and for all who’s really the best!

Hoard (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
HOARD is an innovative fast-paced arcade action-strategy title from Big Sandwich Games that puts you in control of conquering a medieval kingdom. Your goal is to build a giant pile of gold to sleep on in your lair. YOU ARE THE DRAGON: Scare villages! Burn castles! Collect treasure! Roast pesky knights and thieves! Compete or co-operate with other dragons in epic multiplayer battles!

Joe Danger
Joe Danger (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
Take Joe on a ride from zero to hero in a game that lives up to its big brother with no compromises. Eye-popping super-smooth 60FPS graphics use only the very brightest colours on Vita’s lovely screen, and we’ve revamped the JD control scheme so it plays just as nicely, too, including touch controls for the editor modes!

TxK (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
Glowing vectors, explosive particle effects and a pulse-pounding soundtrack are core elements of many modern arcade shooters – a style that Llamasoft defined with its seminal 90s tube shooter. TxK is the spiritual successor to that genre-defining work and brings you 100 levels of engrossing score-chasing gameplay, married to an outstanding soundtrack that will have your head nodding as you blast your way onto the scoreboards.

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  • I’d have to say that this is the first month where I’ve been fully disappointed since I’ve had Plus

  • Incredible to see PS All Stars free for Plus! To those that get it, I encourage you to visit its official forum within the official Playstation forums. It is still a very active and competitive online experience that is easy and fun to play, but difficult to master.

    • PSASBR has quite an energetic community, you’re right! I look forward to seeing more folks join that forum, too.

  • Surprise, surprise.. more indies for PS4!

  • Velocity 2x!!!!!!!! Best Plus Game Yet.

  • Velocity 2X. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Im down with these! Way better than last month! Thanks!

  • Me too, first month that I can’t look forward to any of the games.

  • V2X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last month was great too!

  • not badddd

    • Looking at the first ten comments offers more proof that this community has all types of gamers represented! Hope you all find something you like, and if not, there’s always next month.

  • Indies are what are topping the charts right now so I wouldn’t about getting some top notch indie games for free. Also, we should not be seeing All-Stars on the PS Plus list. It is a waste. That game has gone on sale so much and at this point it would have been better to see anything else, but silver lining, maybe there will be enough new people playing so that I can finish obtaining platinum in both. Other than All-Star I would say this is a solid free game lineup!!

  • Sorry guys, but this was rather crappy

    I was pretty hyped

  • Velocity 2X for Plus. That has just made the entire month.

  • Nice month…

  • Aww not happy at all! :(”
    The Battle Royale may seen nice, but nothing really caught my attention… Was expecting something more… RPG? I don’t know.
    Anyway, still sad about the problem during the weekend, was really looking foward to buying the Tales of Graces, but couldn’t access PSN >_>

  • Joe Danger on Vita and its Free!! Awesome.

  • wow… or better no wow at all… weak, very weak month. Seems PS+ is out of titles now EA only does EA access… probably other publishers are looking into that as well???

    I fear PS+ will be the home for indies from now on…

  • I’m so down with velocity 2x. These games will keep me busy until Destiny comes out. Wooooot!

  • Slightly bummed since I already own PS All-Stars and SportsFriends, but happy that more will get to enjoy those games and REALLY happy to see Velocity 2X!

    Also really enjoying this trend of seeing more cross-buy games on PS+!

    Do look out for my name on the SportsFriends backer credits! :P


  • Im so hyped for Velocity 2x

  • Super excited for Velocity 2X, but pretty disappointed with everything else. TxK and PSASBR I just bought digitally for $5 just a month or two ago. Joe Danger I played on PS3 forever ago and I’m not really dying to go back. Hoard I bought years and years ago. Sportsfriends probably won’t see much action since it’s all local MP which I don’t do much of.

    Very subpar month besides Velocity.

  • Yes! I love this games great choice this is just fantastic and better than the one before!

  • we got the same content as Europe… Is PS+ going to dry up or what is happening? :D

  • CORRECTION: I meant to say “I wouldn’t COMPLAIN about getting some top notch indie games for free”. I said it in my head, I guess it didn’t translate to my fingers on the keyboard. I wonder if I should get that checked out…. 0_0

  • v2x is going to be great, and i get to play the game the no man sky team hello games made, coooool.

  • First time ever i have been dissapointed.

    At least i can try sports friends and people says that velocity is good, but very poor month. Barely a AAA game…

  • a lot of love for Vita though! Thanks cross buy :D

    Thanks for the update anyway. I just hope you will continue to bring out the big guns :D

  • Velocity 2X!

    Besides that, though, this is the worst PS+ month so far this year.

  • Seriously, Velocity 2x is the only game I want this month (may TxK, but just a little).

    I never complained about Plus before (been a subscriber since day one and always loved the service), but I think this is the weakest month in a really long time. Not because of indies (I love indies), but simply because the selection is really meh.

  • I CANT BELIEVE WHAT I AM READING ON THESE FORUMS!! What are you guys complaining about!! These are brand new games that last hours and you are getting them free!! If you bought PS Plus for a year you paid $60 roughly plus tax which is maybe $5 a month. FIVE DOLLARS A MONTH!! You are getting free stuff guys and who the hell cares if it is an indie games. These new/existing studios are putting out games that are sometimes 10x better than the $60 retail releases. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion I am just completely shocked by the negativity.

  • I already have Battle Royale. Sigh nothin of interest for me this month. At least Destiny comes out really soon :D

  • Holy amazing! I can’t believe Velocity 2X is free! This will be one of the funnest games of the year no doubt. PS+ continues to deliver! :)

  • These aren’t the games I’m looking for.

  • Velocity 2X alone makes me happy this month!

  • WOW, i guess que combo PS4+PS Plus its just not worth it for me, still getting this awful indie games and don´t give me that crap about “its not even 1yr in the life cycle of the PS4”, this is just lame Sony

  • Paid for TxK a few weeks ago and a friend quipped “it will be on plus soon anyways, just wait”.
    I can’t wait to hear about it.

  • Wow not only a couple more heaps of garbage for PS4 but this time they included what has to be one of the worse “games” EVER to be released on PSN…smh. Why even bother?

  • BariBariBall on Sportsfriends isn’t bad.

  • VELOCITUY 2X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh

  • Also, remember guys, All Stars is cross buy with the Vita!

  • Gonna check out Velocity and Joe Danger this month!

  • Last couple months werent good for me regarding PS4 free games and September choices let me down again :/

  • I know not every PS+ month can be full of win, but this one doesn’t have any single good game.

    I’m really disappointed.

  • VERY disappointing. Come on..

  • Putz

  • Giving away Velocity 2X for free is one of the dumbest business decision I’ve ever seen. That franchise is digital heroin.

  • Even though I usually end up owning at least half the Plus games already, this is the first month I can honestly say I feel disappointed– kickstarting a game only to see it being given away a few months later seems kind of wrong. I know the Kickstarter was to create the game in the first place, but it rubs me the wrong way.

  • I really can’t believe how people complain about getting free games…

  • The quality of content has sharply declined since the introduction of the new structure.

  • Yet more indie crap for PS4.
    May as well be PS1 games

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