Upcoming PS4 System Update to v2.00 to Add Share Play, YouTube and More to Come

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Upcoming PS4 System Update to v2.00 to Add Share Play, YouTube and More to Come

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Since we first unveiled PlayStation 4 and its deep social capabilities, including the SHARE button, we’ve seen an outpouring of excitement from gamers. The PS Nation has rallied around a culture focused on sharing epic gaming moments through Live From PlayStation, interactive streaming, SHAREfactory, What’s New and Photo Mode in exclusive PS4 games like Infamous Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered. Let’s go a step further together. Let’s go from sitting back and watching friends play to actually jumping into games remotely and sharing great experiences together in real time. Today at the PlayStation press conference at Gamescom, we will deliver on yet another promise from the PS4 announcement and introduce Share Play, coming to PlayStation 4 later this fall.

The best way to think about Share Play is like a “virtual couch”. PlayStation 4 will create an online local co-op experience by allowing you to invite a friend to join your game—even when they don’t own a copy of it. With this first-of-its-kind feature, you’ll be able to play games with a friend just as if you were together in the same room. Let’s say that with games… you’ll be able to invite your friend online to play against the Miami Heat for the championship as the San Antonio Spurs in NBA2K, tackle the challenging Towerfall Ascension Quest Mode together, or aide, heal, and protect you as Igniculus in Child of Light’s local co-op mode.

With Share Play, you can even jump into a game to assist a friend. For example, if there is part of a game that you can’t quite finish, you can invite a friend to take over your controls. Like handing over the controller to a friend on your couch, your screen will be shared as your friend gets through the part of the game that has been giving you trouble—can’t get past that part in The Last of Us: Remastered when you’re hanging upside down? Get a little help.

Share Play will be coming to PS4 as part of the upcoming system software update v2.00, scheduled for release this fall. The update will also add highly requested broadcast and video share features, including both uploading you game play footage and dedicated app support for YouTube, which we mentioned on stage at E3. Finally, What’s New will get enhanced real-time activity through friend-of-friend suggestions, allowing instant access to friends’ and recently played games’ broadcasts, and a real name search function will also be added. More features to come when v2.00 is made available this fall, and we will have more to announce in the coming months..

We always want to hear your feedback and look forward to what you are most excited to experience together first Share Play when the feature comes to PS4 this fall. What will you co-op first with Share Play?

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  • @42 Azuske

    Thank you! 1st intelligent person I’ve seen on this thread. If people want media more than games, just don’t buy a PS4, and let them make what matters more. Games! Support for Games! Features for Games! You know, the reason why we spent $399 MSRP for the device…

  • DLNA support!! Microsoft just announced that xbox one will be able to play MKV’s which is HUGE!!! Make your system the best one out there, because as of right now its still behind the PS3.

  • @42
    Gamers want and enjoy secondary features on their consoles, whether or not they have other dedicated devices that do those things. You and @45 fail to understand that those features actually ENHANCE our gaming experience.

  • We need the ability to appear offline
    And try games for free want David perry said try for free buy it if you like it

  • @48 Tjoeb123

    No, I’m one of those people that see priorities, and respects those priorities. Those features would be great, but not if they cut into the time of anything else. They are under no contract to bring those features, nor did they say they were going to. It’s a process. I’m sure they will. But the announcement they made is way preferred to the media update. Obviously not to most of the people who got angry and posted on this thread, but definitely to the majority of people out there, this is a better feature that is something they announced for the unit earlier on, and now they are bringing that update about 1 year after launch. So again…Priorities! I’m glad they see games first.

  • Here’s hoping we can finally upgrade user accounts from sub to master accounts and change our usernames when v2.0 comes out…

  • DLNA
    Share Button Bug
    Friend Notifications
    Invisible Mode for Online (appear Offline)

  • @Azuske… odd you weren’t complaining that Sony is selling Music Unlimited subs on your gaming console. You should start a movement to stop that.

    Gaming consoles have been doing things like playing CD’s for 20 years. Retrograding a console makes zero sense.

  • Still waiting on the ability to pause and resume downloads. What about uploading our own music or at least being able to play music cds.

  • @51 Tjoeb123 Of course they enhance the experience, I didn’t say that. But this firmware update doesn’t “Not” enhance our experience either. It enhances the gaming experience more arguably. Local-Only games are now multiplayer vs. Music in the background? I’ll take the former please!

  • what about MP3s, come on its 2014 and i cant play MP3??? my PS3 does it!

  • with “Share Play” , will i be able to invite my wife , whos psn is on the same console as mine, to join me in a say multiplayer online match of BF4? Or something like that?

    – please guys bring us the ability to upload our own music files to the ps4 and a player to let us make our own playlists and play them while we play our games!

    – also bring us the ability to customize our backgrounds !

  • DLNA, MP3 & External HD Support PLEASE!!!!

  • Bluetooth support?

    Wired mics are inconvenient. And why buy a new wireless headset when I have bluetooth headsets sitting around? I would have thought PS4 would support it by now as it’s a pretty basic and requested feature.

  • This fall = November most likely

  • Well at least for me MP3 would be a huge plus for palying(! see, games involved) Fifa. The ingame music and commentators are bull**** after a few hours… The ability to listen to my own music would mean a lot of extra fun for me there.

  • nice to hear about YouTube support in general, but Google has already put workarounds in for the PS4’s web browser and so it basically works now anyway. I’m hoping for a better Trophy UI and support for offline viewing of trophies.

    I sincerely hope the web browser gets fixed, as its just embarrassing at this point when it can’t even view the Gamescom live stream from the PS Blog or it crashes while scrolling down the PS Blog on some days. More importantly, I need the browser not to crash when I’m playing a game and need to look at a walkthrough or trophy guide.

    I even did a blog post detailing how far behind the PlayStation web browsers are versus the competition, even getting beat by Sony’s own Xperia Play phone: http://stopmatt.blogspot.com/

  • Hi:
    I believe the Co Op Play without a Disc is good but…
    What about the ALL other stuff that PS3 already have?

  • external drive support like the others ???? and please add DLNA, and music and video playback of or own video from a usb thumbstick, and folder’s cos my library is already messed up because of that horizontal lines, you could introduce a system like the Ms pin system , where we can place our games the way we want. that would be nice… and please make a total hardware revision of the DS4 that i love , but so many problems, battery discharging , when console and controller are off, L1 and mostly R1 get stuck, rubber around the stick ect… and autonomy…

  • @60 poohty_t

    At least not how they worded it. It seems like this is essentially “Remote Play” via PS4, so if the game doesn’t have local splitscreen or local-play, it isn’t going to have that same ability via Share Play without two units. In that case, it goes under the other feature set; taking turns, taking over the game…But no “local” play for games that do not already possess that ability. That would be awesome though!

  • Mp3 and video support, external hard drive support, any way to organize games and the most important thing, SHOW THE VITA SOME LOVE!!!!! Can’t belive your taking games away from it instead of making new ones……

  • wow, sony is really trying to push music unlimited by adding all sorts of nonsense before something so simple like in game music and external drive support. On top of that you have so many ppl with sub accounts asking for a way to change to master but instead keep introducing features that those ppl can’t even use if they wanted to. Its amazing that i can’t stream or write a message on someone’s stream but i can watch full blown home made porn on playstation live

  • To Tjoeb123

    I don’t failto see that. What you fail to see is that they have already made promises that need to be delivers to enhance our experience. Media features were not in the original vision that they had and I’m sure it will come but it should not be priority. If I wanted to listen to music I have many other devices to do that. I don’t need them to waste resources on the console so that it could be bogged down like the xbox was at launch.

  • Soooooo we get new features that enhance gaming and all everyone talks about is music support….?

  • Feel free to add me if you want to continue this conversation. I leave saying that the priority should continue to be on gaming. Media features can come after they have delivered on the promises from day one and resources are needed to make those promises come to reality. Media features will stall that process.

  • @66 drd7of14 . ok so what about this what if i bought the playstation now tv console and put on another tv. Then could i invite my wife to play something like bf4 online, that doesnt have split screen multiplayer? i have been searching for a way to let her play more games with me at the same time . we can put two tvs in same room, im wondering if i bought the playstation tv console if this would then work ?

  • Can you please improve the quality of the voice chat system for Playstation Network? The quality is so horrible I usually end up using voice chat programs on my PC to talk to my friends while playing PS4 games with them. I know it’s not my headset either because everyone and myself sound crystal clear on the PC voice chat programs I use and it doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth to achieve that in those programs.I know it’s possible to do on Playstation Network.

  • PLEASE! Please please please…. Add an offline mode for Trophies so we can see the trophies we earn offline! Use the vita’s trophy app system. It’s fantastic. It’s a hassle not seeing my trophies offline.

  • On other notes,

    Tearaway is nice that it’s coming to PS4, a new version akin to the portable games of LBP for PSP and VITA, but this would have been a good sell for the PlayStation TV if time/effort of figuring out how the game would work with a DS4 was well aimed at this unit. Yes, it has less power, but the PS TV needs a system seller, and unfortunately, many of the system sellers of the VITA do not function on the PlayStation T.V. It needs a standalone AAA game that is built for it, and also works on the VITA by default, that shows why one would want the unit for New games, rather than old. Minecraft is a good example, but it’s not as attention grabbing as some other franchises, such as Tearaway/Gravity Rush.

    So maybe in the future, DS4 Tearaway(VITA) support could be give to the Playstation TV, so that the game can be played by those without a VITA, and further encourage development of the platform through PSTV. Just a thought! (One that does not have to do with DLNA/MP3 Support) :)

  • @punkcore; maybe in having some features, but in actually using them? No, they’re all significantly worse. Like using a pager instead of a smart phone. When PS4 gets those features, they’ll be worth using. Unlike PS3.

  • MP3 and MKV Support!

  • Suspend and resuuuuume. I need this feature in my life.

  • After all this time this update has nothing good no ps1/2 support no mp3 no cd nothing what a rip

  • The lack of DLNA support is going to start losing the PS4 sales soon. “Its for the gamers” sounds great, but a lot of us gamers are grown ups with families who need easy to use technology with media support. My wife bugs me about why she has to mess about changing channel to watch something off our media PC, my kids bug me about why they have to use the xbox for Crunchyroll (I’m in the UK) or play Spotify.

    Seriously Sony, please don’t don’t make my familiy buy “me” an XBone for Christmas *shudders*

  • Oh, and name changes PLEASE??!

  • still waiting for psn name change…….

  • sounds good! but i sure am getting tired of waiting on CD, MP3/mp4/divx/jpeg/etc. and external hdd support to add my own content to the system, a way to delete items from my library, my videos/tv, a file system, DLNA, and flash for web browser, picasa app would rock! bottom line, why didnt the PS4 have all the great features that the PS3 does? that makes the ps3 the best system still in my eyes, you got the PS4 part right.

  • Meanwhile Xbox One is getting DLNA with native MKV support this fall.

  • 3D blu ray support!!!! Please!!!!!!!!! And a Bluetooth remote would be nice :D

  • Please add forced 1080p@24hz on the Blu-Ray Player… And also CD and MP3/FLAC playback.


  • @73 poohty_t

    Hey! I wish that were the case, but unlikely to happen. While this technology has proven that they could indeed use Playstation Now to play PS4 games, they have to make that announcement first. You would still need access through PS Now service via, BF4 as example, specifically by Rental or if included in their yet to be specifically announced subscription model. I honestly 100% agree that, while I am not yet married, my GF, siblings, and friends would love to play many games together within the local realm of play, without needing another PS4, they should look in to a feature such as this. But that tech is way way down the line. And just because the PS4 can remotely access a PS4, and the VITA/PS TV can remotely access your PS4, it doesn’t mean it would be so simple with the Data it requires in sending.

  • There is no doubt that Sony kiils it @ gamescom (when it comapred to Ms) I really love unique indie games. So sad to see industry lacks about AAA games (especially new IP’s)

    About system fw updates ?

    SONY !!! For the god sake bring it on UI changes (in this state ps4 UI needs changes more than improvements)

    – friend online/offline notifications
    – easier in game invites
    – folders
    – mp3 and media (ps3 better than ps4 interesting …)
    – Suspend resume feature
    – UI is millon times better than ps3 but it’s sooo simple (easy to use simple is good but this is nothing much to do simple :) )
    – What’s new feed is useless. Must change to something more interactive (post comment’s etc)

    I am thinking that Ps4 will be the console which most games released for in the end of it’s life cycle. But if This is for the players, please Sony fw big features (share play is megaton for sure) and in addition to amazing indie games please bring New AAA IP’s

  • Short answer cause the rest got cut off. :(

    Unlikely to happen anytime within the next 2 years, if at all. The service only allows for a virtual couch buddy. If it requires another PS4 online, unless PS Now gets PS4 support for all PSNOW platforms, it’s not going to happen. I wish though! :)

  • Dear Sony,

    We fans of the PS4 will like to have these features in 2.00:
    1. Tons of audio file playback: AAC, MP3, WMA, etc
    2. Tons of video file playback: AVI, M4V, MKV, etc
    3. Tons of photo file playback: JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc
    4. External Hard Drive support.
    5. DLNA
    6. UI improvements. Like game folders, Deep customization, etc
    7. add the option to make sub accounts into master accounts
    8. a huge overhaul of the twitch and ustream stuff. we are missing follow buttons, what quality we can watch, sub buttons, ablity to watch Twitch streams of something other than PS4 games

    continuing in my next post

  • 9. Themes, both custom and premium. this goes back to #6.
    10. Better sorting options. The friends list should clearly say whether the player is playing on PS3 or PS4
    11. “Appear offline” status for friends list
    12. more bluetooth support for older third party headset
    13. give us the ability to change our PSN names. PS+ users are free while non PS+ users have to pay a small fee to change it. The same old id gets tiring after all these years and people dont want to make new accounts because of their trophies and stuff they purchased will not be on a new account obviously.

    These are some of the features we want in 2.00. Come on sony get your stuff together give us some of these features in 2.00 and save the the others for another time. i understand certain things take time to work on but some of these things should not be to hard to add like the video/image/music support. Alot of people would be very happy to get DLNA and music file support in this update.

    Sincerely, inuyasha5400

  • Like everyone else I feel like Sony is really pressing their agenda without listening to fans. They just keep on bringing out new ways to share video and screenshots from the game and post them various places. For me personally I just don’t use it. I sometimes get on the “Live from Playstation” channel, but now that more games are out I don’t do it so much.

    What I would like to see
    1) DNLA – Preferably if you could team up with Plex or something like it.
    2) External HD support
    3) The suspend/resume feature
    4) Fix the UI. I big long row of icons for all your games, is that really the best there is?

    Sorry the few taking the “it’s a game console, use it for games” approach. I use it for whatever I want to use it for. I like to watch movies streaming from my PC on it, the PS3 could do it, the PS4 should do it better.

  • This sounds pretty awesome, thanks for the update. The big thing I’m looking for right now is true system suspend mode. Is that still in the works?

  • This is nice, but how am I still waiting on hbo go and dlna support? My ps3 has both of those

  • the features I feel needed for the PS4:

    External HDD Support: Have the functionality to back up are hard drive like we did on the PS3. I just recently upgraded my PS4 from the stock 500 gb HDD to a 500 gb SSD. It took forever re installing all of my games. Backup and Restore would make this process less pain staking.

    Themes: Well more of a different wallpaper or at least let us change the color of the background like we can on the PS Vita. Blue is not my color always been a Green Man myself.

    Folders: I would love to organize my games like I can on the PS3 and PS Vita.

    PS3 Bluetooth Headset Support, I own the PS Elite but like to use my old headset as well.

    Pause Downloads, and Delete Notifications would be nice. I have an old friend request that will not go away, be nice to delete it.

    Finally let are PS3 friends see us Logged in on their consoles, and Friends Notifications when they log in and out on the PS4 PSN.

    Side Note: Mp3 would be nice, I love to use custom music in the NHl games by EA. I like making my goal horn and arena sounds authentic from Madison Square Garden. Makes me feel like Im there in a sense as a ranger fan.

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