Anime Sale Starts Tomorrow: Discounted Games, Movies, Shows

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Anime Sale Starts Tomorrow: Discounted Games, Movies, Shows

PlayStation Store Anime Sale

Hi everyone! Starting tomorrow, we are discounting 17 games and a bunch of movies and TV shows as part of our Anime Sale. You can get up to 50 percent off a great selection of anime games, and if you are a PlayStation Plus member, you get an added bonus, receiving up to 75 percent off.

Pick up Devil May Cry HD Collection, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 and more at a sweet discount. Check out the full lineup:

Title PS Plus Price Sale Price Original Price
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (PS3) $19.59 $27.99 $39.99
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND (PS Vita) $3.75 $7.49 $14.99
Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS3) $11.99 $14.99 $29.99
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (PS3) $10.00 $19.99 $39.99
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (PS Vita) $7.50 $14.99 $29.99
Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 (PS3) $12.50 $24.99 $49.99
Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi (PS3) $19.59 $27.99 $39.99
Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi (PSP | PS Vita) $5.00 $9.99 $19.99
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle (PS3) $24.49 $34.99 $49.99
Mamorukun Curse! (PS3) $2.99 $4.99 $9.99
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: UN Impact (PSP) $6.25 $12.49 $24.99
ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS 2 (PS3) $7.50 $14.99 $29.99
One Piece: Pirate Warriors (PS3) $5.00 $9.99 $19.99
Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers (PS3) $15.00 $29.99 $59.99
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (PS3) $2.50 $4.99 $9.99
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (PS3) $7.50 $14.99 $29.99
Ys: I & II Chronicles (PSP | PS Vita) $7.34 $10.49 $14.99

The Anime Sale runs through Monday, August 18th so don’t forget to grab these great titles while they are on sale. And if your love for anime goes beyond games, check out the lineup of movies and TV shows on sale below:


Title SD Sale Price HD Sale Price SD Original Price HD Original Price
ANIMATRIX $7.99 $8.99 $9.99 $12.99
Bleach the Movie 2 – The DiamondDust Rebellion $4.99 N/A $9.99 N/A
Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black $4.99 $5.99 $9.99 $12.99
Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse $4.99 $5.99 $14.99 $19.99
Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody $4.99 N/A $9.99 N/A
Inuyasha The Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time $4.99 N/A $9.99 N/A
Inuyasha The Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass $4.99 N/A $9.99 N/A
Inuyasha The Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler $4.99 N/A $9.99 N/A
Inuyasha The Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island $4.99 N/A $9.99 N/A
Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Bonds $4.99 $5.99 $9.99 $12.99
Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom $4.99 N/A $9.99 N/A
Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel $4.99 N/A $9.99 N/A
Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow $4.99 N/A $9.99 N/A
Naruto: Shippuden the Movie $4.99 N/A $9.99 N/A
THE IRON GIANT $7.99 $8.99 $9.99 $12.99
Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Beginning $4.99 $5.99 $14.99 $19.99
TMNT $7.99 $8.99 $9.99 $12.99

*Movie pricing and availability is for US only. Canadian pricing and availability may differ.

TV Shows

Title Season SD Sale Price HD Sale Price SD Original Price HD Original Price
Accel World Season 1, Volume 1 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Bleach Season 16 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Bleach Season 17 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Bleach Season 18 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Bleach Season 19 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Bleach Season 20 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
K – The Complete Series Season 1 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 1, Volume 1 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 1, Volume 2 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 1, Volume 3 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 1, Volume 4 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 2, Volume 1 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 2, Volume 2 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 2, Volume 3 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 2, Volume 4 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 3, Volume 1 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 3, Volume 2 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 3, Volume 3 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 3, Volume 4 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 4, Volume 1 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 4, Volume 2 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 4, Volume 3 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Naruto Season 4, Volume 4 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
The First Robotech War: The Macross Saga Season 1 $0.99 N/A $1.99 $2.99
The Third Robotech War: The New Generation Season 3 $0.99 N/A $1.99 $2.99
Tiger & Bunny Season 1, Volume 1 Season 1 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99
Zetman the Complete Series Season 1 $0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $2.99

*Movie pricing and availability is for US only. Canadian pricing and availability may differ.

What games and movies are you planning on picking up this week?

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7 Author Replies

  • Please tell me these aren’t the only sales this week…

  • Pirate Warriors 2 for $7.50 w/PS+? Might have to pick that up…


  • Can u please confirm if Naruto Impact can be transferred and played on the Vita. Otherwise there is no reason for it to be on this sale. Thank you.

  • For anybody that thinks Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact does not work for the vita you are mistaken. I own it and It works on my vita. The only draw back is that you need to buy it and download it to the PS3, then transfer it to the vita through content Manager. I hope that helps justify other peoples purchases.

  • Well, awesome sale for the PS3! Just the vita games aren’t too good or already have them. Guess I’ll grab Final Fantasy X HD collection then.

  • Chrono Phantasma and Saint Seiya will be mine!

  • @96

    And just who do you think you are to say my opinion doesn’t matter? Don’t listen to me? I expressed an opinion. People can take it or leave it, but it’s none of your ******* business if people want to listen to me or not.

    Oh, and sorry about your terrible taste in games. You should get that looked at.

  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for $7.50? Absolutely!

  • @95 … i couldn agree more buddy!

  • @HiItsDj and @ djsaiyan.

    Both your opinions are valid.

    I personally loved BoZ….I haven’t played a DBZ game since Budokai 1 Gamecube and Hyper Dimenzion for SNES.( a bit of Budokai 2 as well for PS2).

    For someone who is not so much into fighters it actually quite good. The dialogue is well down and it from the guys who did the Canadian DBZ I think. Scenarios are reused from older games but the way you play is different. enough to be enjoyable.

    like HDJ said it all about the 4 players….you are usually playing with people who just don’t button mash, it about reviving, support the melee players. Interfering the opponent melee group from attacking your support players who are the biggest key to staying alive in missions or team battle.

    I know the old games were more fighting oriented with multiple buttons and combos. Yeah there just 2 main buttons here but it all about tactics.

    If you are used to the old formula djsaiyan, I would understand why you may now like it but it isn’t a terrible game. For people who don’t like twitch responses and mindless bashing then it fresh look at a fan series.

    As far as I know there only 2 terrible DBZ games: DBZ Sagas and DBZ Kinect.

  • not my type of games at all but i always did wonder about one piece pirate warriors. maybe il give it ah try for 10$

  • Nice sale. Question though: Is the Tales of Syphonia Chronicles sale just for the bundle with both of them or does it also apply to the separate versions?

  • I can’t decide which game to get. I guess I have to do the only logical thing and buy all of them. I am also 100% buying SOA: Hallow Fragment on day 1. Now the only hard part is going to be finding time to play them all :)

  • Does the Symphonia collection have seperate sales for each game? You can buy the two games seperate and I ended up getting the first game and not the second game. Great price either way, and I’ll get the 2nd game regardless. Just curious.

  • I would purchase more anime on Playstation if they would allow you to purchase the whole season of a show all at once instead of episode by episode.

  • Awesome sale I want to buy 3 or 4 games
    What about PS4 ?

  • I just bought Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z last week… Why does the world do this to me?

  • Why isn’t BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasm on sale for the Vita D: Would be a great thing.

  • LOVE seeing the weekly sale the day before! Usually I see the sale on my Playstation before it shows up on the blog.

  • Friend’s been hounding me to get Chrono Phantasma and with it being 20 dollars I think I’ll pick it up.

  • Of all the ys games, they had to pick chronicles, aka bumper cars. Sigh..

  • Jrpg sale plss :(

  • Has it not started yet because I want the One Piece Pirate warriors 2 for $7.50! Lol

  • I wish they would add Gundam Unicorn to this list and port over some of the games. More and more lately, i’m importing games from japan because they get some really amazing exclusives, and the gundam games they have are absolutely incredible and among some of my favorite games ever in all my years of gaming, and now my friends are hooked on them as well and importing them too.

    anywho, any recommendations? Devil May Cry HD sounds good.

  • Nice, been wanting both One Piece Pirate Warriors, with PS Plus its almost a steal. :D

  • Damn, I wish I had more money for some of these titles

  • This sale would be perfect if it had more PS Vita games included.. Also more NIS games(Disgaea i’m looking at you!) Overjoyed to see Tales of Symphonia! GG Sony, gg.

  • Um, where is this sale going on? Its august 12 and im on my ps3 right now and i see nothing about an anime sale. -_- also “” doesnt exist

  • Any chance of making Naruto PS Vita certified too???
    I really want to play this game but I do not own a PSP…
    the same applies to Spyro, Crash and many other games……..

  • @JOHNKLAZER: If you have a NA account, this sale is for you. (Well, minus the movies and TV shows if you live in Canada.)

    These Monday sale posts are provided as a “heads up” for what will be on sale the next day. The store always updates on Tuesday, usually by 2pm Pacific Time (5pm Eastern, etc.). Unless it doesn’t, in which case all hell breaks loose and everyone freaks out. But they’re generally very consistent about the time frame.

    Now, the EU store updates on Wednesday with entirely different content and sales. They have their own blog with more info. (See link at top of page if this applies to you.)

  • I believe it would be nice if every PSP game and PS1 Classic were playable on Vita in NA region. Since they aren’t, it would be nice if there were an *official* list of games that were downloadable on Vita with a separate list of games that were transferable via PS3.

    It’s been said on here that NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: UN Impact *is* playable via the PS3 transfer method. I don’t know one way or the other, but it’s worth a shot if you have a PS3 or a friend who does.

    Happy gaming.

  • wow most of the anime and movies on sale are awful. and since when was the iron giant an anime?

  • Definitely going to pick up the Gales of Symphonia, played some of those on my older systems (psp, ps2) but other than that, another great deal of the week. new games should pick up a few.

  • ThumbsOfSteel74
    are you sure if I download Spyro, Crash and Naruto PSP games to a PS3, then transfer… all of them would work?
    it’s not said anywhere officially so I do not have a notion about it.

  • No, sorry if it seemed like I was mixing concepts there.

    Crash/Spyro, etc. is an ongoing issue. Still not downloadable or transferable to my knowledge. They were made available for a few days earlier this year, but it was later revealed to be an error.

    The one Naruto game, however, was reported to be transferable via PS3 by kevinpie12345678 (#105 as of now):

    “For anybody that thinks Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact does not work for the vita you are mistaken. I own it and It works on my vita. The only draw back is that you need to buy it and download it to the PS3, then transfer it to the vita through content Manager. I hope that helps justify other peoples purchases.”

    I was just pointing out that it’s apparently possible for that one game…unless you don’t know anyone with a PS3.

    I can’t find any further info on this specific game, so it all comes down to whether you believe the other poster enough to spend $6.25 Plus/$12.49 Reg.

  • Can anyone tell me if Persona 3 is Vita compatible?

  • Persona 3 portable is compatible with Vita. Persona 3 FES is a ps2 classic, and those are not compatible with the Vita.

  • “In addition, once Video Content has been downloaded or accessed, you may not be able to download it again without an additional license.”

    And this is why it’s still the worst idea to purchase-to-“own” video content on the Sony Entertainment Network. Not to mention the bolded, “SNEI RESERVES THE RIGHT TO LIMIT OR REMOVE THE AVAILABILITY TO STREAM OR RE-DOWNLOAD OTHER LICENSED CONTENT AT ANY GIVEN TIME WITHOUT NOTICE TO YOU,” which admittedly does read more as ass-covering than anything else, though mentioning “RE-DOWNLOAD” is such a tease.

    As for the games, if I hadn’t already picked up Persona 3 FES, I definitely would now, holy freeggin’ crap; Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, too (which I picked up at $10).
    Mamorukun Curse is on PS3? Dag, should’ve held off on buying Front Mission 3, since I’m ninety-eight cents short, meaning another five-dollar minimum charge (nickel-&-fiving us, Sony!).
    The PSP Hakuoki catches my eye.
    Don’t have a Vita yet, though BlazBlue’s waiting for me via Plus, and gonna wait for a lower price to digitize my UMD copy of Ys (not that I don’t already have it for PC by now).

  • The video store on the playstation needs to add an option for buying a whole season because without that some of the seasons can be very pricey for HD!!!

  • Good sale! But the lack of anything related to the Valkyria Chronicles series is a glaring oversight… I guess you can watch the anime series on the Crackle App though…

  • Will Blazblue Chronophantasma have PS Vita Version?

  • What time will the sale start est time?

  • How long is this sale going to last? I don’t get paid until next Thursday, and I really want Chronological Phantasma and Symphonia Chronicles…

  • Nice! Fist of the North Star 2 & Saint Seiya finally on sale! And cheaper than I would have expected!

    Omae wa mou shindeiru.

  • Would have made my b-day that much greater to see Chrono Phantasma (VITA) on sale … *cry* …

  • I don’t see the sales price, thinking about battle of z, anyone know why its not showing up?

  • The price for Persona 3 FES is really tempting, but I’m bummed that it’s not gonna work with my vita…

  • Cool sale for anime fans! Thanks! :)

    I have a question for Chieh Chen (or anyone else who can answer).

    1. For the anime movies and TV shows on sale, are they dubbed into English or is it the original Japanese with subtitles?
    2. Also, are these merely rentals or digital downloads you can own forever and watch whenever you want?

    Thanks for any help.

  • Will NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: UN Impact (PSP) be available for the US? Because like another poster said it has never shown up in the store for me. I just thought the PS Vita couldn’t play it.

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