Soul Sacrifice Delta Update 1.30 Out Now

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Soul Sacrifice Delta Update 1.30 Out Now

Hello everyone! Yesterday we released patch 1.30, the last planned update for Soul Sacrifice Delta and suffice it to say, we’re going out with a bang. And when I say “we,” I mean “you,” in a very brutal way because I am pitting you against the brainy founder of Avalon himself!

Soul Sacrifice Delta Update 1.30 Out Now


He started his monster slaying career as “Persapius I” and finished it as the infamous fiend “Odin.” I am sure you will appreciate the irony that he would himself turn into the very thing that he worked so hard to destroy. Some people are obsessed with gold, some with power, beauty, love… For the first Persapius it was knowledge, an unquenchable thirst for it which drove him over the edge. And yes, you’ve guessed it: it’s up to you to clean up the mess.


So good luck, be strong and pay extra attention to his cursed parts if you want to learn a thing or two about his powerful magic.

Before you head to your doom, why not pay Carnatux’s shop one last visit? I hear he’s just received this month’s must-have garment, guaranteed to make you the most fashionable corpses around:

For him, the original Magusar costume. In one word: vintage.


For her, the very summery outfit from Kat, of Gravity Rush fame.


As always, this patch is served with all the trimmings: Additional Pacts, Rumours, Sigils, NPCs and numerous bug fixes, tweaks and enhancements.

That’s it from me for now, but stay tuned because we’re not quite done yet…

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  • My friends and I never got the last two updates and for this one we are able to fight Odin but we didn’t get the Magusar costume but we did get Kat.

  • Nice.
    A Kat costume.

    Almost bought the first SS on release, but waited.

    Once this one goes on sale at an affordable price, defnately going to try picking it up.

  • Easily the best game on the vita, nothing else come close

  • After reading this, is this really the last dlc we are getting?

  • Do you care to share wallpapers shared by SoulSacrificePR?

  • No Toro costume? ;)

  • So when can we get the Japanse Voice DLC??

    Good stuff though!

  • Japanese*

  • Japanese DLC is already out…

  • I have soul sacrifice original. Is there going to be a freaking sale on the delta version?????

  • There’s also the Toro costume! @10 buy it already, it has so much content it’s a steal at this price, I do have a physical SS vanilla copy, bought SSDelta on day 1 and have no regrets.

  • So there will still be more DLC?!?! YAY!! Fingers crossed for more monsters, but anything is better than nothing.

  • Release a physical version at retail. I bought the original day one and got the platinum, but I will not buy this digital! Even a limited physical edition for $49.99 would be enough for me to snag it!

  • Thanks for this awesome content! Kat and Toro costumes are so cool!! =)

  • @FlameScythe I totally agree with you:

    I would have gladly payed extra to pre-order/buy day one a limited edition of this game, specially with the artbook. I currently have pre-ordered Natural Doctrine Limited Edition (LE) for PS Vita, Danganropa 2 LE, Shinovi Versus LE and Tales of Hearts R, plus I’m already expecting the arrival of my LE Disgaea 4.

    But as far as digital only games go, I will not purchase this game until it has been substantially discounted, or even better, become free on PS Plus. I only bought the Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z until it was $9.99, 25% its original price. I have so far skipped on Soul Sacrifice Delta, Hatsune Miku Project Diva f, Atelier Rorona Plus and Monster Monpiece for being digital only titles, and don’t expect to buy them until they are at the very least discounted by half.

  • I would buy the game at retail.

    You should do a pre-order only like Gaijinworks did with Class of Heroes 2G for PS3. Or do a regular limited edition/run of the game. Or do a retail exclusive.

    Something. Pull a Patapon 2, come on. That was a digital code at first, but at some point you put an UMD in the box.

    I’m not paying FULL RETAIL for a DIGITAL ONLY localization. If you’re going to be lazy and half-arse the localization effort by not putting it out at retail in anyway, then… why should I buy it again?

    I didn’t buy DBZ: Battle of Z until it was less than $10 (imported the Europe version too for over $40). And I won’t buy Delta until it’s that cheap, or free on PS+.

    Stop being the worst publisher on Vita, Sony. It’s embarrassing. It’s your own platform.

  • Oreshika better not be digital only. Because I really want that too. And I want to support Sony actually doing a JRPG for once.

    But you can never do anything right.

  • I would have bought this day one if you had released it in physical version. Digital….sorry, no. Already bought the first one digital at full price. This one I will wait.

  • Already own the Vanilla SS, sad that this never had a retail copy. If only DLC are not region locked I would had bought the r3 retail copy of SS delta. Come on SONY! If you want your vita to become successful again at least allow the user to have multi account! So that we can play the r3 version on our r1 account.

  • Well put me down as one more person who would have bought this game if there was a retail version. :(

  • A retail release would be nice :) I’ll be waiting!!!

  • Will there be a North American release for the upcoming High School DXD?

  • Hate how this game is digital only, I don’t have any space left on my memory card and 64GB is ridiculously expensive.

  • Hate how people assume they know better than professionals with access to pages and pages of sales data on whether retail copies of Vita games sell well enough vs digital to make paying the production cost a wise business decision.

    Everyone’s a business expert, apparently.

  • @24 Is it REALLY that bad to want a physical release of a AAA, first-party game? Quite a few people want a retail release and don’t like digital only, me included. We assume nothing, we just want the choice to actually hold it in our hands.

    But I guess that’s asking too much, apparently…

  • @24: it’s not complicated. We’re not asking them to put 40 million copies in a warehouse. Think creatively like other publishers (preorder only, retailer exclusive deal, limited run)

    Aksys publishes otome games at retail, and SONY can’t be bothered to do any option for retail on their games? Otome is as niche as it comes, if they can justify it and manage, Sony can for their fans who prefer retail.

    Of course Sony want to sell those absurdly overpriced memory cards…

    You are daft if you believe Sony couldn’t make a smart business decision that included retail. It’s not unreasonable to want Sony to do a bare minimum retail release.

  • Awesome. I love that Kat costume. Gravity Rush is such an amazing game, and I always get a big grin on my face when I see Kat show up in other games.

  • This games needs to go on sale, quick! And hurry up with Toukiden: Kiwami! And keep on trying to get MonHun Frontier for us!!! :) Gawd, so much hunting goodness on the Vita, it’s really the best machine for hunters. Also, please convince Capcom to update MonHun Freedom Unite, either as an HD remake with solid, updated controls, or just add a freakin’ lock-on camera. The IOS version was updated, so update the PSN store version as well.

  • If Sony’s sales metrics showed enough people bought THEIR games (not another publisher’s, theirs) at retail, they would release them at retail. And they don’t. Not for many of them anyway. So what does that tell you?

    That there aren’t enough people demanding (and subsequently buying) physical copies to warrant making physical copies. Your “quite a few people” isn’t really that many people at all. You’re a vocal minority, and catering to the vocal minority isn’t good business.

  • By far one of my favorite games ever. I’m amazed how much Studio Japan and Comsept keep on giving with this game’s content.
    Would be cool if anybody did a proper article about the game’s Arthurian Legend roots. I did a big research job, blogged about it and talked with friends about not only the game is rich with lore, but how deep in legend and culture it is. I was already a big Arthurian Legend fan, now I’m far more knowledgeable because the game inspired me to do deeper research.

  • @djsaiyan I think quite a few people have already expressed how they at least wanted a limited physical release (like Shinovi Versus).

    On the other hand, the people supporting digital only games don’t seem that interested in Soul Sacrifice Delta: It has only been on the PSN’s Top Ten Seller PS Vita Games list once, and it even failed to take the top spot when it did:

    Basically we can say that the number of people who did download SSD was less than the group of people who were: “PS Vita owners, who have a PS Plus subscription, but didn’t already had Muramasa Rebirth”.

    In such context, it looks to me that Soul Sacrifice Delta wasn’t a big hit among supporters of digital only titles either, so those who do support Soul Sacrifice Delta being digital only seem to be a vocal minority as well.

  • @djsaiyan no wonder why americans like you are as stupid as SCEA. Vocal minority that you’re talking about are the people who are keeping the vita alive in the west. You can’t attract new potential customers if they don’t see enough many different retail titles for the hardware on local gameshops. Heck SCEA doesn’t even manufacture ps vita hardware anymore it’s been months since ps vita hardware are out of stock to all major local gameshop.

  • So…. Still no Physical release then? sigh….

  • @29: yup, daft. It’s not either or. Sony can easily appeal to both without losing any money. You ignored everything I said, because you have no argument. Niche publishers can make retail, Sony can too. Just find a good number to make, restrict to preorders.(Class of Heroes 2G), retailer exclusive (One Piece Unlimited World Red, tales of Hearts R) or physical limited to a Limited edition (Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus)

    Sony is just LAZY and doesn’t care about Vita gamers. So they’re willing to not give us what we want, even though there are multiple ways to so it so they could make EVERYONE happy.

    Shoo fanboy. There’s no justifiable defence. Stop acting like the only way at retail is printing up 50 million copies.

  • It’s on sale! Everyone go get it. It’s so good… Way better than original and I loved that one. New stories so good.

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