Velocity 2X Launches on PS4, PS Vita September 2nd

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Velocity 2X Launches on PS4, PS Vita September 2nd

Velocity 2X

Hi folks,

I’m just gonna put this out there: Velocity 2X is a game-of-the-year winner.

“WUT?!” “This?…no way” “…looks indie man”… “NO WAY!”…

Yes way. Now I’m gonna prove it. First up: wrap your face around our new trailer:

The first thing you’ll want to pay attention to: AWESOME BOSS FIGHTS!

Velocity 2X

Boss battles are high intensity action!

You can even fly your ship inside the bosses in order to destroy them from the inside out – on foot – brand new gameplay for the Velocity franchise. Also 360˚ shooting, tele-dashing through obstacles, throwing telepods and much more (we’ve hidden loads of never-before-seen footage in the trailer – go watch it again!)

Velocity 2X

Velocity 2X pushes the Vita hardware to achieve all these visual effects at 60fps.

Kicking ass as Lt. Kai Tana looks and feels amazing – especially if you remember games like Flashback and Turrican 2 in terms of art style and 360˚ running and gunning. The idea of shooting a boss in your ship, then flying inside it to melt its innards by hand was the thing that got us most excited when designing Velocity 2X!

Anyway, back to that bold statement…

Velocity 2X is a game-of-the-year winner.

Velocity 2X

Mood and atmosphere is given the utmost importance in Velocity 2X.

How can I be so sure? Think about what game-of-the-year means: best-in-class for audio, graphics, gameplay quality & production value.

When you get your hands on Velocity 2X, I know you’ll agree: with layers of depth and complexity of the gameplay features, the ambition is vast even compared to AAA titles. We have great teleporting, tele-dashing, scroll boost and telepods that all mesh together seamlessly. Also puzzles, platforming, gorgeous shmup-action, amazing boss fights and kick-ass gunplay!

Many of the really big games do one or two things really well, whereas Velocity 2X kicks ass at everything!

Oh and music. Joris de Man, that chap who won awards for his Killzone music? He’s going to win awards for this too:

Velocity 2X

Master the controls to create dazzling firework displays at breakneck speed!

We’re confident you’ll find that every aspect of Velocity 2X – including the art, visual effects, mechanics, controls, audio and user interface – has been refined many times to create a well-rounded and incredibly fun experience that can be enjoyed by anyone.

You’ll be able to get your hands on Velocity 2X on September 2nd, with the game supporting both cross-save AND cross-buy between PS4 and PS Vita!

Velocity 2X

As with Velocity Ultra, all levels are graded for time. You’ll need to practice to earn the PERFECT medals!

Please mark Velocity 2X’s release date in your calendar – it’s time to start getting hyped!

Thanks for reading!

Velocity 2X

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  • 2 comments for the blog poster james

    please be more lenient with the gold times in each stage.

    don’t bring back minesweeper, or if you do, dont require it for the platinum

  • Yesssss! I’ve been wondering when we were going to hear more about it. I’m glad you guys are this psyched about the end result. I think this one is really going to do well for you guys. I’ll pick it up first day.

  • “WUT?!” “This?…no way” “…looks indie man”… “NO WAY!”

  • I’m still using my PS3 so if a version releases for it I’ll bite.

  • Yeah but will it have something to outdo micro-minesweeper and a calculator?

  • Looks raaaaaad! ME BUY!

  • yes james thank you but please be more lenient on the gold times.

  • How many trophy suggestions from r/Vita did you guys and gals end up using? Any cool swag for the winners?

  • Why no love to PS3? Even though I find Velocity best playable on my Vita, it’s quite sad you’re abandoning PS3 that fast :(

  • I loved Velocity Ultra. I am no where close to skilled enough to earn the platinum, but I enjoyed every minute of getting my ass handed to me. I will be picking this up when it comes out for sure. I have no issues with a price point between $15-$20.

  • I just… my Vita… my Vita is wet….

    I would pay $20 for this game but most people won’t. $15 is the sweet spot that demonstrates value while maximizing market penetration.

    The release date suggests Sony has offered you the PS+ lump sum but I hope there’s some way I can send you money, as I’m a big fan of Velocity, a big fan of Joris de Man, and I support how this game embodies one of the original purposes of the Vita.

    Love the confidence btw!

  • Please put this up for preorder so I can buy now .this looks amazing!! If it’s part of septembers game collection then that’s even better

  • That’s awesome….game looks great,well Ultra is top-notch fun,amazing game…even with the mini I had a lot of fun….I’ll be getting 2X too for Vita of course thats the deal…..bought Ultra for PS3 too but I only play on ma Vita.

    BTW James great response to #19…….I’m glad the plat is more about skill…..grinding is such a stupidity on trophies.

  • the first game was a real treat, was not expecting such a good time from this type of game.
    will buy, under $20 would be nice. looks like this sequel is a full makeover, nice

  • Wow!
    This is awesome !
    Funny thing is that September 2nd is my birthday !
    Would been great to receive this as a present =)

  • oh my

  • Please, for the love of sanity, give us an option to temporary not trying to cross-save on vita.
    Rogue Legacy is a perfect example that when I’m on the go, the cross-save pop up is insane.
    I could turn on flight mode, but there is still pop up letting me know that.

  • Oh I forgot to say….I hope you are not referring to VGX’s GOTY…….because only the 2009 GOTY accomplished what you said that a GOTY means.

  • I tend to be a gamer that feels disappointed when a game is developed by what many consider to be “Indie/Garage/Small Team” developed. But Velocity Ultra was so good that it transcends my mentality of “Indie/Garage/Small Developer vs. AAA Developer” and reminds me that once upon a time, all of my favorite developers once started in garages or small teams. I consider Velocity Ultra and Resogun to be among the best arcade/shooters ever developed.

    I hope you’ll price the game at a high enough price so fans will buy it Day 1 and your team gets the largest revenue possible, then slowly price drop or sale the games so other gamers can eventually buy it.

    With all that said, I’d be comfortable and willing to pay $15 at launch. $20 may be pushing it for me and I’d most likely wait for a sale. But then again, Velocity Ultra is one of the best games on the Vita and deserves to be priced at a premium.

  • Coming out the 1st Tuesday in September? Mmmmmmmm…:D

  • “Meh, I’ll wait for the inevitable GOTY edition.”

    (inb4 it hits the Store as “Velocity 2X: Game of the Year Expedition”)

  • Ya! More indie games…

  • I just want to say kudos to FuturLab for making the hero a badass woman. Keep her clothes on, and you’ve got my respect.
    BTW, Velocity Ultra was awesome, still need to finish it on my Vita. Too many games to play! First world problems.


  • I had the first game and it was a blast so the follow up to this will be be amazing which i can’t wait day one purchase!!!!!!!!!

  • I had the first game and it was a blast so the follow up to this will be be amazing which i can’t wait day one purchase!!!!!!!!!

  • This looks like certified awesomeness.

  • DAY1, great studio, awesome games!
    Great Turrican memories, thanks for that mate!

  • I’m not a fan of the new $20 price point that some games are using. I would definitely pay $15 for this game though.

  • Velocity was a freking awesome game… will not expect less from this one…

    Being on the PsVita is just a ++ for me…

    Thanks for the Vita love

  • whoa…I’m gonna buy this…

  • will the PS4 version had 24-bit/lossless audio assets? These explosions and the awesome music deserve great dynamic range instead of mobile-quality!

    does the PS4 version render at greater than 1080p like Flashback did for cleaner lines/less aliasing?

    Thanks so much for making a game that’s not afraid to have a strong female protagonist. Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds!

  • james you are alsome you are selling volicty ultra in store for 7.50 for this one i think its 25.50 worth it looks amazing first one was grat this one was mind blowing

  • To James Marsden/ Futurelab:

    Please don’t cater to the average masses and dumb down the difficulty level and the respective trophies. If anything, I thought the first 49 stages were not difficult at all except for a couple critical zones, and I passed many of the non-critical ones on the first try with plenty of time to spare (30 secs +). Then zone 50 came and it was finally a challenge. Please don’t make this an easy platinum and make the game more like that last zone in terms of skill required.

    Please consider releasing it for the PS3 in the future, I and many others won’t be getting a PS4 for a while, you could release it after some period to have some timed exclusivity for the PS4/ PSV. I have many friends with 20+ trophy level who still haven’t bought one.

    Good luck with the release guys.

    P.S. To the poster making that ignorant remark about ADHD in terms of this game, you clearly haven’t played it and lo and behold, search your trophy list its not even there so keep on yapping. Your 44% completion average and 9 easy platinums speak volumes more about “ADHD” than anything you could muster up to speak ill of such a game requiring skill.

  • ^ I misspelled your company name FuturLab and can’t correct it, sorry for the mistake.

  • remind anyone of blade kitten???

  • This game will be epic for sure!

    I love FuturLab games!

  • plaztiksyke on August 5th, 2014 at 3:59 pm said: “Thanks so much for making a game that’s not afraid to have a strong female protagonist.”

    Nobody’s afraid of that, or ever was. Stop pushing your silly agenda all the time.

    • Actually that’s incorrect. Many studios won’t do it because their marketing departments tell them sales will suffer.

  • @ James Marsden

    For real?

    In the U.S.? Or the U.K.? I imagine things could be different across the pond, as they tend to be.

    ‘Cause if what you say is true, your marketing departments haven’t been paying attention. And I’m surprised to hear it.

    I’ve worked a little in marketing myself (for resort hotels) and I can tell you how influential using female leads can be, especially when the target audience of a specific service offered is predominantly male. You’d think the influence would be even stronger among the gamer crowd with the large number of horny teenage boys. It’s so obvious why and how it works, that it doesn’t even need to be said.

  • It also seems only natural that having more female protagonists would bring more females into gaming, as it already has! There are so many prominent female roles in games nowadays that I couldn’t count them all. So, it would seem that most marketers have either taken notice, or the developers have ignored them. What started out as a niche male-dominated hobby has clearly come to be recognized as a legitimate form of mainstream media and entertainment for all.

    Any good marketer will recognize a void that should be filled and will know exactly how to peg it down. If they don’t know how, they’re in the wrong business. If you have marketers telling you to avoid female leads, I’d tell them to take a hike because I’m 100% sure they’re not well-versed on consumer tastes. No real interest. Only there to get a paycheck. And probably festering with misogynistic tendencies. It wouldn’t be good for business.

  • But, in general, in the States, I don’t see people “afraid” of such a thing. At least nobody that matters. Maybe some old puritan weirdos set in their ways, or something… I mean, you’re not afraid of it, obviously. Do you know anyone who is? I don’t. Never have.

    P.S. – Samus says, “Hi. Remember me?”

  • hoping it’s released at $15 and cheaper with the plus discount. even better if it’s free with plus!

  • I’m a male and I am instantly more interested in a game if it has a female lead. Not for the reason you might think, but because I feel like I’ve played as a male for 99% of games, and females offer a new perspective. Now if we could get more minorities as leads in Western games.

  • Dude. This is definitely game game of the year material. I can’t wait!

  • “…large number of horny teenage boys. It’s so obvious why and how it works, that it doesn’t even need to be said”.

    This is exactly what the industry needs to turn away from and is a horrible reason to include female characters.

  • The art and music in X2 seems alot better than Ultra!

    gameplay wise I dont have any fear, Ultra was a ton of Fun! #DAYONE #LIKEABAUS

  • Look amazing. I no play previous velocity but this is look as BIG EPIC ACTION! Date of release in Europe?

  • @ Sepelio81

    It’s nothing horrible. It’s only nature. Relax.

  • Thanks for doing a cross-buy on this one! I loved the first one! I would agree GOTY contender for sure! Can’t wait!!

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