The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 7/29/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 7/29/2014
The Drop

With a world gone to ruin, society in shambles, and a terrible infection ravaging mankind, Joel and Ellie have the odds stacked against them as they fight to survive. And this week, Naughty Dog’s award-winning experience The Last of Us arrives on PS4 in a jaw-dropping, fungal-sprouting remastered edition.

The Last of Us Remastered brings the acclaimed survival story to PS4 with enhanced visuals, DualShock 4 support, and the inclusion of key DLC including Left Behind and multiplayer maps. Now players can witness the end of the world in 1080p and targeting 60 frames per second. Guide Joel and Ellie through barren highways, rotting tunnels, and lush wilderness with hundreds of threats festering in the shadows.

Those in need of a “Roguelite” fix can look forward to Rogue Legacy, which makes its PlayStation debut on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita this week. Plunge into the depths of a haunted castle as a family of knights seeking ancient redemption. Gather wealth, upgrade abilities, and find mystic treasures from the castle’s ever-changing halls.

For a complete list of games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

All-Star Slammin' D-Ball
The Last of Us Remastered
Pure Pool
Ratchet and Clank Collection
Rogue Legacy
Treasures of Montezuma: Arena
WRC 4 -- FIA World Rally Championship

New PlayStation Games This Week

All-Star Slammin’ D-Ball
PSone Classic — Digital
“D” is for dodge! Outplay your opponent by dodging their thrown balls and hit them with your best shots to win.
The Last of Us Remastered
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Abandoned cities reclaimed by nature. A population decimated by a modern plague. Survivors are killing each other for food, weapons — whatever they can get their hands on. Joel, a brutal survivor, and Ellie, a brave young teenage girl, must work together if they hope to survive their journey across the United States.
Pure Pool
PS4 — Digital
Let the makers of Hustle Kings transport you to the slick world of Pure Pool. Experience a living, breathing, bustling Pool Hall from the convenience of your living room — all wrapped up in VooFoo Studios signature, jaw-dropping visuals. Whether you prefer to spend your time playing solo or weighing up against the competition, connect and prepare to be blown away by the next best thing to real life pool.
Ratchet & Clank Collection
PS Vita — Digital
One Lombax, one robot, three adventures. Yes indeed, the original PS2 Ratchet & Clank classics are coming to PS Vita in a single bundle. Experience the iconic duo’s first outings through the stars, and the various evils that prowl the galaxy just begging for a wrench beating.
Rogue Legacy
PS4, PS3, PS Vita — Digital (Three-way Cross Buy)
A procedurally generated castle means every run is different in Rogue Legacy. Your character dies, but with each passing your lineage grows and becomes stronger. Experience tons of unique traits making every play through special. Want to be dyslexic? Now you can! Also, all wizards have beards. Regardless of sex.
Treasures of Montezuma: Arena
PS Vita — Digital
Fight to survive! Help Montezuma make his way through the dark catacombs of a sinister ziggurat. Master unique gameplay mechanics combining traditional “match-three” puzzles, turn-based battles, and role-playing elements. Use ancient artifacts and mighty totems to fight bloodthirsty creatures.
WRC 4 — FIA World Rally Championship
PS3, PS Vita — Digital
Show off your style and win the season! A simulation unrivalled for its realism with an incredibly authentic and immersive career mode, as well as an online multiplayer mode for up to 16 players. 65 cars, 78 stages, 13 countries, and all weather conditions.

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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  • Are you feeling ok Ryan? Cause your bad pun is missing. I expect puns!

  • This 48 hours waiting are going to be TOUGH ! I Can’t wait to play The Last of US Remastered. I have pre-ordered the game since the first week it was posted, does anyone knows when my pre-order will be avalable for download ? Would it be 29th 00:01 am or when the store updates at 5:00 pm ?

    Also might get WRC4 for PS Vita but i have so many games, that i don’t know where i will get the time for them.

  • wasn’t this week the release of phantom breaker on vita?

  • People still wait for #Suikoden2onPSStore.

  • Is Ratchet & Clank Collection cross-buy?

  • Will ToM:A be F2P like Blitz is?

  • @4 Bug Konami about that, not Sony.

  • @7 Konami says to bug Sony because it’s their format.

  • Does anyone know if GameStop is offering $25 for trading in the PS3 Last of Us for PS4 Remastered edition?
    A Google search will show a lot of news sites suggesting such and saying “The promotion ends on August 2”.

  • No R+C Physical? What the hell Sony?

  • Rogue Legacy is the PERFECT game for the Vita.

  • How about August plus update? Can´t wait!!

  • Great Drop. Any news for Slender the Arrival for ps3? Youve had it in testing for almost two months now.

  • Cant wait for TLOU!

    Btw you might want to Check blog.. Its appearing like this on my Galaxy S3.

  • Hi, I have two questions. 1: Will TLOU Remastered be downloadable at midnight? 2: Will the Ratchet and Clank Collection be cross-buy? (I’m guessing not because the description doesn’t say cross-buy.)

  • Is there any information on when the retail version of Ratchet and Clank will be announced!!?? Not every is gonna waste 13GB off their memory card and not everyone has the space to hold that much and not everyone is gonna buy a new one! They cost too much!!!!!

  • yo ryan i need more info on the pool game since i have a ps4 for 2 weeks now.need more info on the online part of the game so i can make an informed purchase.
    btw,love the ps4 but the other day the browser gave me a not enough memory type of message and i think that’s not right because the ps4 has a huge pool of ram and all that …..hope that you pass the feedback to the software team

  • Most ported vita games are digital only. WHY?! EU has them all for physical!

  • Last of Us and Rogue Legacy. Pretty good drop this week.

  • Want to pick up ratchet and clank but space is at a premium on my 32gb card. Lots of digital only releases nowadays for vita….

    Sony!!! Please bring over the 64gb card and reduce the ridiculous prices on vita memory!!!

  • Where is Phantom Breaker?

  • Sony, we are all begging you, The Ratchet and Clank Retail Version MUST BE RELEASED. MUST!!! PLEASE!

  • #20 I prefer they do a 128GB memory card instead. I have a 64GB memory card and dont have enough space for ratchet & clank. Got like 6GB free.

  • Hurray, ever more old ports and Indies on Vita for higher prices than other platforms. This is *exactly* the Vita support I want to see (heavy sarcasm intended).

    I’ll buy TLOU for a reasonable price. $50 for a year old game is totally unacceptable and plain greedy

  • Oh, sorry, I also have a third question. #15 brings up a good point. How much space will the collection take up? TLOU:R is 50 gigs, I’m pretty sure.

  • hey Ryan Clement, how much does Pure Pool cost ?

  • Seriously? “All-Star Slammin’ D-Ball”? I haven’t even heard of that game. Let us buy Suikoden II and Intelligent Qube for PSOne Classics! And let them both be Vita compatible, if possible.

  • #Suikoden2
    # dragon quest 8
    #DotHack G.U.
    #Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

    Thank you for bringing every SMT title on the ps2 to us. There is so much more titles that every one enjoys that was a blast from the past. i will be posting this on every drop and every sale to get these games released!!!

  • Holy crap @bobmarcho!! R&C is 13gb!!! I only have like 5 gb on my card :(

    Sony really needs to address the vita memory card situation. Soul sacrifice delta, R&C trilogy and sword art hollow fragment are 3 games I want that are, or are going to be digital. But I won’t pay another $80 for another 32 gb card.

    I would buy a 64gb in a heartbeat for at most 60.

  • @swimquick, I checked the EU psn store. The details show a 12.8 GB size for Ratchet and Clank on the Vita, im pretty sure it will be the same here.

  • @Ryan, My Body is Ready for # The Last of Us on PS4

  • , My Body is Ready for The Last of Us on PS4

  • I can’t believe they’re making WRC 4 as digital-only after what SCEE did with Freedom Wars. Don’t they ever learn?
    If Sony wants to pave the way for digital-only titles, then cut the damn prices down and I’m in.
    There’s no chance in hell I’m spending $100~130 for the 64GB memory card.

    Damn it! Why doesn’t anybody at Sony have the BALLS to show up and CHANGE THIS?
    How many petitions, tweets, emails, conferences, events, people screaming out loud in the forums, comments, etc will it take until they make SOMETHING right, for a change?

    It’s not about the card, I get it’s to prevent piracy and I’m down for that but paying for a memory card which performs as poorly as a class-4 microSD card almost 3,68 times more than a Class-10 UHS-1 card (same price range) is beyond ridiculous!

  • Can’t wait for:
    The Last of Us (My first time playing it)
    Ratchet and Clank Collection (Cross-Buy option?) (If not, that’s ok, I’ll still pay for it)
    Rogue Legacy

    And I finish my summer class on Tuesday and have a whole month off before I start my fall semester. :)

  • Japan first, EU next, NA is just a joke.

  • @26 When I saw that terrible PSone Classic, I died a little inside. This is not merely ridiculous – this is also irresponsible. Somebody is wasting office time and server space on a game that is beyond terrible. Much better games are for free nowadays. All-Star Slammin’ D-Ball seems like a cruel joke on that list.

    Meanwhile, thousands of people wait for #Suikoden2onPSStore since 2008. Konami says to talk with Sony and Sony says to talk with Konami. Really? Just add that game to the PS Store. You have to license something? Do it. People will pay you back and more by buying it. Dammit, Suikoden 2 is “the most desired JRPG game to be wanted on PSN”!

    Honestly, when you look at the terrible PSone Classics being added recently, you get a feeling that somebody picks up games that they don’t have to playtest for more than ~30 minutes.

    I’ve heard that the next PSone Classic is going to be Putter Golf, a game that was given the lowest score by Official U.S. Playstation Magazine. What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On.

  • And what is Sony doing with their PSTV? Other than the E3 announcement, it’s almost as if it’s dead on arrival.
    I get that Sony is ambitious and sometimes they announce new products just for the sake of competition or just to show off.
    But why isn’t SCEA making any announcements? Amazon’s FireTV remains the best choice -other than it lacks PS titles- but it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, if it depends on SCEA, PSTV will have ZERO support and the ” *select* Vita titles” will become a number even smaller.
    Come on! Everybody who’s pre-ordered it is expecting every single post-PSTV announcement Vita game to support PSTV.
    Don’t act like you don’t care or pretend you don’t care, SCEA.

    Jesus! How can a company such as this one make so many dumb mistakes is beyond me..

  • Is R&C getting cross-buy like it did in EU?

  • Would love to see the following on the Network:

    Shining Force – It’s available for just about everything else, including iOS.

    Jade Cocoon
    Vandal Hearts
    Suikoden 2
    Saga Frontier 1 and 2
    Megaman Legends 1 and 2

    Final Fantasy Crisis Core

    And a price drop for ZHP Unlosing Ranger and SNK Arcade Collections Volume 1.

  • Where is Phantom Breaker?

  • Where is Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds for Vita…

  • Beyond Ryan! This year’s PLAY 2014 games are great options, all are cross buy to all platforms and all look really attractive! Great way to end my gaming summer!

  • I have The Last Of Us Remastered and Rogue Legacy preordered, and i’m a sucker for pool games, so i’ll almost defintely pick up Pure Pool, too. It’s gonna be a great week for gaming on the PS4.

  • Sweet. Looking forward to the Last of Us on PS4. I missed out on playing it on PS3. A Galaxy of the Guardians table from Zen Studios, is pretty awesome as well.

    Thanks for releasing rare PSone classics SCEA. Please continue the effort. It’s also dope that Vita got a bunch of releases too.

  • Any word on Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds for the Vita?

  • Looking forward to the last of us and Pure Pool. Some folks complaining about The Last of Us being $50. When Tomb Raider was $60. Cheapos wants to pay $10 for it probably lol. $50 is reasonable seeing all the work they put in to port it to PS4.

  • Ratchet and Clank Collection is digital only? Seriously? SCEA step your game up.

  • pre ordered rogue legacy , can’t wait to play it

    for all those asking why R&C is not available as a retail game think before you ask , a collection of 3 games would mean even with a physical copy you;d get codes to download 2 of them , unless of course they had low res graphics and content missing so they were cut down to less than 1GB each so no matter what you have digital downloads . its probably not worth the effort and cost to create a physical release with just the first game on the card when you would have to download the other two anyway
    its not like you can put 6 or 8 GB on a psvita game card , that;s why even the final fantasy x-x2 physical had the second game as a download – the two together are over 6,6GB , twice that those cards can hold

  • Ryan , any chance of a return of the money blog posts showing ps+ sales ? since the ps+ posts stopped there are no posts on sales anymore and that’s what many of us came to see on the monday + posts .
    a new monday post showing sales for ps+ and others would be appreciated ,

  • all 3 R+C games fit on 1 cart, it is already out in EU…. if its not coming here physical, im not gonna get… the storage space on the vita is too expensive

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