The Future of Santa Monica Studio

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The Future of Santa Monica Studio

Kinetica, God of War, Journey, Hohokum, and The Order: 1886 — these are just a few examples of our studio’s strong internal and external legacy encompassing a broad spectrum of innovative and diverse titles. As we at Santa Monica Studio continue our odyssey to develop great games for PS4 (No hints!) both with our internal studio and our external dev partners, it seemed befitting to seek out a new unified studio logo. The goal — create a flexible identity for all of our games, a united banner for all we do.

Santa Monica Studio UpdateSanta Monica Studio Update

Over one year ago, the creative process of developing our new studio logo began, bringing together team members across different departments of our studio to collaborate and engage in this journey. When you think about establishing a new brand identity, it is about more than an image, it is our promise to our fans that we will continue our tradition of inventive and exceptional games. Now, one year later, we are proud to reveal a logo that celebrates all of our games.

Santa Monica Studio Update

As you look upon this new emblem, though subtle the design may be at first glance, one cannot help but be pulled in to the compelling intricacy of its facets – our new logo is a dynamic ‘window’ into our games. The games we create at Santa Monica Studio become the very essence of who we are as a studio, and vice versa. Our games are the studio’s brand, and now our logo exemplifies who we are.

Santa Monica Studio UpdateSanta Monica Studio Update

Our new logo, with its bold, simple structure can become a frame to the world of our games, filled with elements of the game such as key colors, textures, game content and screenshots. When you see the new animated logo boot up with our next external dev games such as Fat Princess: Piece of Cake and Hohokum, you’ll further understand how we crafted a mark that allows our games to visually become part of the brand.

Santa Monica Studio Update

The typography of our new logo is a custom designed font we’ve coined SMS “Vanguard.” It means a group of people leading the way in new development or ideas. As we leave our home of 15 years at Penn Station, and move in today to our new creative home, The Reserve, the very core meaning of our new logo takes on even more significance. We have an incredible future ahead for a new generation on PS4 under this new roof and with our external partners. Now we have a mark that will continue to evolve and expand with every new game from Santa Monica Studio.

To learn more about our new studio and happenings, visit our official site at or follow us on Twitter @SonySantaMonica!

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  • About all the complainning on Vita support:
    I think people are wrong in putting all the blame on Santa Monica Studios.
    Clearly, who dictates what´s launched in what platform is SCE(A,E,J, you name it), not SMS. Also, who´s in charge of what to focus efforts on is SCE, not SMS… So, what´s the point in criticizing? I´m quite certain that the PS4 MUST succeed this generation for Sony to continue on gaming business, so it´s just a smart move to put all their best studios working on it. It´s a shame, really, that the Vita must suffer for this, but I believe, that in time, things will start to settle, and we will see the Top quality content we expect to come for it. It´s quite sad to see such a nice piece of hardware be outperformed by other platforms that can do simply so much less… I miss the BIG action adventure that only SMS can deliver on the PS Vita as much as everyone else, but at least, we could ask for it nicely, right guys/girls?

  • im not feeling the new logo. i still have Kinetica it’s a classic with the art of Kinetica book. How wipeout has more entries beats me. After GoW3 end im done and bored of it already, but the psp ones always felt fresh.

  • I really hope SMS isn’t done with God of War or making AAA titles for that matter. I hope SMS is not gonna become a developer known for collaborating with other studios to make games, you guys need to put out your own AAA titles because you’re SONY SANTA MONICA for goodness sake!

  • Love the new logo. I can’t wait to see what SMS has in store for PS4!

  • I really appreciate the versatility of the new logo. Hopefully I will see it on some more Vita games coming our way….

  • Last gen, the PSP was an ok platform with the PS3 struggling.
    Now, the Vita is struggling a lot and the PS4 is doing very well.
    Nobody paid 250$~200$ for small indie games, they want 50$ AA~AAA budget games.
    Retailers were also strong against the Wii U but Nintendo turned it around quite well this E3, learn from them.
    AA budget games with awesome gameplay with tons of content.
    I don’t want Nintendo style games, I want PlayStation flavored games, don’t change for “games for everyone” only type of games.
    Go for Teen/Mature ESRP Ratings.

    You turned the PS3 around, Nintendo also did the same with the Wii U, now it’s your turn Sony to show us what you can do with the PS Vita.
    You really need the same “easy to program for plaform” as the PS4.
    Right now, mobile don’t go hand-in-hand with the PS4 even if they’re both AMD.
    What you actually need is the PS4 hardware micro-sized into a handheld “for next-gen portable” with ALL games cross platforms.
    That’s IMO, you need more games for the Vita and the next-gen PSP/Vita needs to be retro-compatible with the Vita.

  • All I want is a Knietica 2 or HD of the first one. I love that game despite what reviews or other people say. That game was sick on PS2 when I got one back in 2002. Make it happen…

  • Re make Kinetica!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!

  • Do you think we will maybe see Kinetica in the PS Store any time soon?

  • I wasn’t aware that SM did god of war AND journey. Journey is great and god of war has really gotten deep story wise. Just beat GOW ascension. Great themes in both games…

  • The new logo makes it look like an “Indie” Studio :s. I prefer the older logo a lot more, it was more mature; corresponding to the developing history of the Studio….GOD OF WAR :)

  • Looks like an old logo from the 70s

  • Wait I thought it was Ready at Dawn that is working on The Order 1886 not Santa Monica? Because for every trailer that has been show off not once have I seen Santa Monica name attached to it.

  • MUCH better logo, the last one was blah! This one is simple and to the point the other one had too much going on.

  • Amazing Logo Santa Monica Studio. Always wanted these from Sony first party titles…Logo according to Game. Awesome!!!

  • Get over it, Sony. You aren’t doing us any favours by releasing a fat princess game and hohokum on vita. One is repetitive after one week, and neither will satisfy. All we want is Japanese developed games. Just localise the menus. I have dozens of amazing games without an assassins Creed or sports title. Sony needs to realise Vita is for adults and support the Vita 200%.

  • @66
    “All we want is Japanese developed games”
    This isn’t true. What we want are all kinds of games, and we aren’t getting them.

  • I hope this isn’t part of the recent trend of game studios refreshing their branding/logo, followed almost immediately by massive layoffs or just shuttering completely.

  • @LegendaryHero4
    True, it should be retro-compatible with the Vita and PS4, but it’s power should also be significant for a reasonable price.
    The only ones that could make it are NVIDIA, their current K1 chip is pretty impressive.
    They aren’t big on the mobile market, so I’m guessing they would want to partner up with Sony for the next Vita.
    Of course, it’s Sony decision.
    IMO, a small spin-off of The Last of Us on Vita could peek the interest on some gamers.
    PS Vita is great, but it really needs great exclusives, to rival Nintendo’s offering. Get 3rd party involve and pay them exclusivity.

  • I wanna let you guys know. I have high expectations of you. You made GOW3 look like graphics on the PS4. So you guys gotta make the next one look like graphics for the PS5. Keep on the good work, and change is good. The design is simple yet deep.

  • I am really hoping we see a new installment of GoW on PS4…would hate to see it go away. :(

  • I hardly complain here on the blog but I expect one of sony’s best studios (if not the best) to support the psvita with better games, i mean where did you guys get the idea that we wanted a puzzle fat princess game on the vita? we want a full Fat Princess experience on the little system, how about an exclusive God of War vita game? how about Warhawk or a similar game on the vita? you guys keep giving us games that we dont really want to play ( majority of hardcore vita gamers), why dont you guys create an internal studio to work only on psvita exclusive titles? heck all worldwide studios should go that, bring Warhawk, God of War, Syphon Filter, Fat Princess( a real Fat Princess game), Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank to the vita please.

  • Don’t know why, but when I see this new logo, I recall parks and roller coasters :S I liked it!

    I hope this logo with GoW Ascension was just an example, not a PS4 Remaster…

  • New Logo looks cool but the old was better and more cool as well….anyway how nice of you guys to share this with us….I wish the best for you guys…….you are THE BEST devs out there along with ND.Nobody beats you guys.

  • God of War 3 was the only reason why I decided to get a PS3. And journey is my best Indie game so far.

    I love Santa Monica Studios and can’t wait to see what they bring next.

    Also, God of War for PS4, fingers crossed :-)

  • I would buy a new Kinetica game day 1. Make it happen!

  • Is it an indie?


    So it’s not coming out for he Vita.

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