New Sacred 3 Trailer Showcases Co-op Combat

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New Sacred 3 Trailer Showcases Co-op Combat

The Sacred franchise has always been known for its co-op play and humor, and this new trailer echoes those strengths loud and clear in Sacred 3 on PS3. Returning fans and new players will fight back the hordes of the evil Emperor Zane while competing with friends to prove who is Ancaria’s greatest champion.

New Sacred 3 Trailer Showcases Co-op Combat

A strong team is necessary to defeat the countless enemies of the evil empire. You’ll need to equip combat arts and weapon spirits that will complement your team and your own unique play style. However, there are powerful enemies that won’t be easily slain. Combine your powers with other champions to cast devastating co-op combat arts. Once the dust from the battles has settled, the scoresheet will reveal which hero will stand as the undisputed champion over his or her peers. This establishes a delicate balance between friendly cooperation and cut-throat competition.

Pre-order Sacred 3 to receive the mysterious new blood-magic wielding champion, the Malakhim.

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  • Bewbs… sold

  • The lack of actual gameplay footage in these official trailers is very troubling.

    • Better than a gameplay trailer, you can watch us play the game live Mondays on our Deep Silver twitch channel!

  • I was hype for this game until I heard it has no loot system and isn’t open world but mission based. I’m still gonna keep my eye on this game but that’s really disappointing.

  • I was thinking the same thing. Their Trailers are great.. but gameplay please? It’s already off of my list due to the massive changes from what made the Sacred Franchise great.

  • So now even co-op trailers are just CGI?

  • If offline co op, then a likely buy for me

    • Sacred 3 features drop in/drop out co-op through the entirety of the campaign for either 2 local “couch co-op” partners or 4 online players.

  • As a long time fan of the series, I was glad to see Sacred picked up after Ascaron’s financial problems. I was so hyped for Sacred 3 only to find out that everything that made Sacred great (namely deep item & skill systems, unlocked open world) has been replaced by another diablo clone. Sorry but the direction you guys took this game has killed all interested I had.

  • I loved Sacred on PC and Sacred 2 on PS3, but Sacred 3 is not a Sacred game, but is more like Diablo 3 without the loot. It looks like a generic, linear, closed-mission, hack-n-slack game, but without the awesome loot.

    When I heard it was no longer going to be open world and lose the detailed skill/mission system, I thought “okay, maybe it will improve on Diablo 3”, but then I heard that you don’t actually hunt for or get loot, and you keep the same weapon from start to finish. Huh?

    Tell me again, why I would want to play this? No open world, no detailed skills and no loot?

  • Looks like a great series for Vita.

    Give it a thought.

  • Looks like a perfect fit for Vita.

    Give it a thought, since I will more than likely pass this for other PS3 titles (Maybe a sale like Trine 2).

  • I’ll be keeping my eye on this. would love to see some gameplay though. guess I’ll catch deep silver on twitch (:

  • That “couch-coop” you’re talking about is split-screen or both players share the same screen?

  • Please bring this game to vita!

  • Not for Vita? But why?

  • “Sacred 3 features drop in/drop out co-op through the entirety of the campaign for either 2 local “couch co-op” partners or 4 online players.”

    Drop in/drop out is good, but is the local co-op player data saved? In other words, could 2 people sharing a PS4 both start their own campaign/game and character then use those characters in local co-op play?

  • @15 Nynja

    Who knows!? It will only be on ps3…. :/

  • @Ghostwize doh! Totally missed that. Bummer, was really excited for a moment. Glad I didn’t tell the Mrs. yet.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Man I was really stoked for this. I played Sacred on PC. Then played Sacred 2 on PS3. and Sacred 3 is only on PS3. why put a game on a system that people are trading in for a new PS4. well I guess so much for playing that game :(

  • hello is this title coming to PS4? Looks awesome to play with fam .

  • I’m getting this over Diablo 3.

  • “Victory is Ours. Glory is Mine. No Loot for You.”

    I was greatly disappointed when I found out that the great loot/upgrade system from Sacred 2 was completely flushed for the third installment. No longer the deep action rpg that made the series popular with its fanbase, it would seem things have been streamlined into a simple, albeit somewhat slick, arcade beat-em-up. Word is, Ascaron (the original Sacred developers) was kicked to the curb and is working on their spiritual successor to Sacred 2. I may still keep my eyes on this one, but the thought of what could have been really makes me reluctant to follow it any further.

  • No Loot. No open world. No RPG elements. RIP, Sacred series.

  • Wow, I had no idea the game’s mechanics had been gutted like this, based on these comments. I lost interest in this game once the rumor of it being for “next-gen” was debunked, but hearing that it isn’t even “Sacred” anymore is very saddening. Guess I’ll hope for Ascaron’s spiritual successor to come to next-gen instead.
    Diablo 3: UEE will keep me for a while, but I’d like a much bigger, open-world ARPG to play on my PS4. I mean, if it’s too much trouble to make a new game, just port the latest PC build of Sacred 2 (with all the DLC you didn’t port to PS3) onto the PS4. That would keep me busy for a long time.

  • Sacred 2 had issues because the developer went under right when the game came out. Ergo console owners never saw the Fire & Ice dlc that PC owners did and there was a lack of proper support for that title online. Thankfully Deep Silver came to the party and rescued the franchise. I loved playing my Seraphim, esp when she came out with her brainless one-liners in her dulcet tone of voice: “A village like this should a place of peace… And to make sure it stays that way I will Take Care of the People’s Worries”. It kind of sounds like she is going to “TAKE CARE”of the villagers another way the way the actor delivers the line (crunch…). I gave my seraphim yellow hair and called her Nina Hagen as the character really looks like Nina as she is on her “Street” album cover. It’s really a shame there’s no CE this time around as the CE for S2 drew me in to the franchise. I think Deep Silver has more resourses to make sure the latency is kept to a minimum, but if Sony cannot provide a lag free environment on lbp then what do you expect to see here? I hope to see you in Sacred 3. Please add me if you pre order. See you there soon with Nina in Ancaria…

  • addendum: Reading your comments I’m horrified to read that Ancaria has become a corridored linear non-open world forced experience. If this is true. then sorry, this is not a Sacred game and I am cancelling my pre-order. Final… It’s a shame when developers only make games for themselves instead of making them for the loyal fan base, and new players get a jaundiced view of what was once an awesome world and canon. Failed. sorry…

  • After seeing the Twitch TV video of this game I have to say I will not be buying this title. They guys playing the game did not even look, nor sound excited to be playing… If it comes to PS+, as part of the IGC, then I will eventually get to play it. This is not worth the money of a fan of the Sacred franchise. It is a shame seeing what Deep Silver decided to do with this iteration of Ancaria. It has become an Action, Hack & Slash that does not even look like a good Diablo clone… This game is nothing like Sacred 2, the only thing you collect is gold, and there is no open world exploration. This entry should have been marked as the “AAA” successor to Sacred Citadel and been given a sub-title. Calling this Sacred 3 has effectively ruined the franchise’s top selling points. I would be surprised if this manages to stay full price for 2 full months after release.

  • What?….this is a disc-based game?……..thought it was a PSN game…anyway nice CGI but we need gameplay.BTW was that blonde design based on Nina?….yep Nina Williams.

  • Is it an indie?


    So it’s not coming out for the Vita.

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