Skullgirls Encore Coming to PS4 and PS Vita in 2014

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Skullgirls Encore Coming to PS4 and PS Vita in 2014

Very little has been constant during Skullgirls’ two year existence — after all, the game has changed distributors and even developers. But one thing has stayed with us all this time: people asking us to bring the game to PS Vita and, more recently, PS4.

We read your comments, we took them to heart, and we’re finally making it happen: Skullgirls Encore will be coming to PS4 and PS Vita later this year!

Skullgirls Encore on PS4, PS Vita

The PS4 and PS Vita versions of Skullgirls Encore will be complete, including all of the DLC characters, stages, and story funded by Lab Zero’s Indiegogo campaign, as well as “All Play” multiplayer lobbies and an extensive art gallery.

Skullgirls Encore for PS Vita will also be playable on PlayStation TV, and support up to two local players using DualShock 3 or 4 controllers.

We’ll have more info on features and pricing as these exciting new versions get closer to launch.

We’re headed off to Evo 2014 and will be holding a side-tournament with a $5000 starting pot from Lab Zero and Autumn, and PS4 systems graciously provided by Sony for the 1st and 2nd place winners.

So if you’re going to Evo, be sure to stop by and meet the Lab Zero team and enter the tournament!

And if you can’t make it, be sure to tune into MadCatz’s Twitch stream to watch the Skullgirls Top 8, starting around 1:00 PM on Saturday, July 12th!

If you’re going to Evo, be sure to stop by and meet the team!

Eliza Update

Those that have been watching our stream know that Eliza is coming along nicely, but we’ve gone ahead and put together a short video showing all of her (obviously unfinished) moves in action.

All of this is being tested now in our PC beta, so you can trust that she’ll be fun and balanced when she’s released on PS3 later this summer.

And here’s a sneak peak at Eliza’s story mode.

Skullgirls Encore on PS4, PS Vita

Eliza’s story mode is our biggest, deepest yet. Fans interested in Skullgirls’ story and lore will find a lot to enjoy here.

Beowulf and Robo-Fortune

At the Skullgirls Anime Expo panel, the Lab Zero team revealed a bit more about Skullgirls’ future, with Beowulf move concepts.

Beowulf is a wrestler, and will draw on all sorts of over-the-top wrestling moves. In addition to being a great grappler, he’ll also be able to throw his chair, The Hurting, and use it in interesting and strategic ways.

We’re just about to begin animation pre-production for Beowulf, so for now, take a look at a few of these early concept pieces!

Skullgirls Encore on PS4, PS VitaSkullgirls Encore on PS4, PS Vita

At our Anime Expo panel we also revealed the final design of our new “remix” character, Robo-Fortune. We have a million ideas for palettes based on robots throughout games and anime — can you guess this one?

Unlike our April Fool’s “clone” character, Fukua, Robo-Fortune will be fully drawn over with her new design, and also feature new animations to make her look and feel significantly different from her flesh and blood counterpart.

And thus concludes our update on all things Skullgirls: new platforms, new characters, and continued momentum. Thanks for reading!

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  • What I look for –

    1. Is it coming to vita?

    2. Does it look good?

    3. Do I want to buy it?

    You are 3 for 3!

  • OMG! This is awesome! Skullgirls is a sassy game with sassy girls taking center-stage! Having Skullgirls on the PS Vita is nerdvana! I can’t wait to add this to my PS Vita game collection! So awesome to see the PS Vita love continuing with game developers!

  • This is just great, GREAT news for us Vita fans!!! I’ve been wanting to play this game but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. But now that it’s coming to the Vita it’s a definite day 1 buy for me… as it is I see for many others as well… which is good thing because I like to see the smaller devs get rewarded for making such a high quality product/fighter. So thanx for listening to the fans and for bringing/porting this game to the Vita (its hand-drawn 2D art really will shine on the Vita’s screen moreso I think than when viewed on a standard TV/monitor). My favorite portable really is becoming THE BEST portable gaming machine EVER for fighting games.

  • On the Vita! Freaking awesome… it should look gorgeous on the OLED screen. All I need now is USF4 and / or KOF XIII and I can die a happy man.

  • crossbuy or nothing.

  • I look forward to this. Will it be crossplay?

  • Hi Peter,
    First of all, I´d like do sincerely thank you guys for bringing this to the Vita!
    The Ps Vita is a fine piece of hardware, with tight and responsive controls, and an amazing screen to boot! Being portable and well designer makes it the perfect machine to play our most loved fighting games anytime, and anywhere. Being able to train our skills while waiting for something on the go is an amazing feature for any fighting game.
    Skullgirls is one of the nicest surprises I´ve had in recent years, and you guys really deserve all the regognition for your hard work. A game made with passion, and a true heart that just knows what it want to be / achieve is aways welcome, even more so if it´s a fighting game (witch I really enjoy in case that´s not clear by now :D).

  • cut comment:

    So, as a proud Vita owner, I say: THANKS! BRING IT ON!
    Tip: I don´t know if that´s a viable option, but I think that the character select screen could bea bit more zoomed in, replacing the tiny character portraits with bigger ones, and the small character models with bigger ones (witch not necessarily needs to be presented full body, maybe some piece of artwork indicating the selected chars?), thus using better the open space onscreen (specially with the Vita being a smaller screen than our 40´s or so home displays.
    Again, thanks!

  • Firstly, props to LabZero for bringing this to the VITA. I highly enjoy fighters on the handheld and although already own the game on the PS3 will definitely pick this up for portable play upon release. Furthermore its good that you’re bringing the title to additional formats (albeit SONY ones) and I cross my fingers this will naturally lead into a follow-up to Skullgirls Encore either in 2015 or sometime shortly after that.

    Keep up the good work and keep on telling us its showtime! I’ll keep on supporting the franchise from here in England.

  • You’ve got a sale right here for both versions. Fantastic work everyone, my Vita in particular thanks you!

  • Yes! I can’t wait! :D

  • Ok. Cool

  • @everyone please stop asking small developers for cross-buy titles! I’d rather they stay in business, pay their bills, have food to eat, and make more games.

  • Awesome job and initiative bringing to Vita…Vita is in need of love from fighting games,I think there is only Blazblue and All-Stars on Vita,damn only 2 fighting games is quite a shame for almost 3 years of life………..also I can’t wait for Eliza.

  • Also I forgot to say…..Lab Zero…your ideas for the moves are fantastic….I’m an avid player of fighting games since PS1 and I can say that your ideas for moves is probably the best ever.

    The moves of Eliza are way beyond anything in the meaning of amazing.Great job guys for real.

  • Crossbuy would be awesome for this. I really want to play it on Vita but it’s hard to justify buying it again after I plopped down money for the PS3 version and donated to their Indiegogo (admittedly I only chipped in a couple bucks but still).

  • so why is this called Skullgirls? so what happens when a guy wins the “Skull Heart” that has the power to grant a young woman’s wishes?

  • Sweet. Day 1 Vita buy for me. I always wanted this game on Vita ever since it was being previewed.

  • Not really into 2D fighters. I do like the unique character design though. Kudos for that.

  • I hope this is crossbuy. Glad to see more people enjoying this game, it’s pretty good.

  • Already have it on ps3, getting it for vita day 1

  • 1) Belated happy dance (though I have neither of these consoles right now).
    2) Whoo, some Cerebella screentime! She still feels, to me, as the least integral of the current cast (though I still, bizarrely, haven’t gone into B-Band’s story mode. The shame…).

  • I’m so consistently pleased by everything Lab Zero does. Now we rejoice, once gain, we’re on another platform, having a blast. Thanks, videogames.

  • Sucks,already free on ps3 plus. Sony is doing like Nintendo does re lease the same games over and over and while it was free on ps3 charges you on ps4. At lease psn now was cool in beta for ps4 until they change you for that 2. Having plus on ps4 at this point is worthless.should of not traded my 360 and ps3 for ps4 and I would have had 100’s of games to play still. Oh well back to mario 8

  • this game should be free for Aug that would be nice

  • No physical release, no sale.

    Put it on a disc – WITHOUT DLC (as in the compete game) – and you’ll get my money.

  • cool, now i’ll have something for ps4 when i finally pick one up. doubt i’d ever touch it on vita until there’s arcade stick support though.

  • Amazing, fellows! I’ve got Skullgirls on Ps3 and PC at this moment, and truly delight in what you all are doing. Anticipating the fella characters.

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  • Patience killing me! When is Eliza-chan gonna be out?! T~T

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