Rogue Legacy Coming July 29th to PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Rogue Legacy Coming July 29th to PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Rogue Legacy on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

What’s up guys! We’re crazy proud to announce that the official release date for Rogue Legacy on ALL Playstation platforms will be July 29th, 2014! That’s only 3 weeks away! That’s complete insanity, and we’re totes mcgoats excited to finally bring it to consoles and handhelds.

Now, before I go into a list of the awesomeness that is the Playstation versions of Rogue Legacy, I just want to give a shout out to the guys at Abstraction Games. They did almost all of the work on bringing the game to PlayStation, and this would never have happened without them. So big ups to them for all their help!

For those that don’t know, I should probably explain to you guys what Rogue Legacy is. It’s a rogue-lite game where you must conquer a magical castle which is constantly changing. Every time you die, your children succeed you. Each child has his or her own unique genetic traits, so one child might be a near sighted wizard, and another could be a flatulent ninja. So every play through is unique, right from the get-go.

As an added bonus, all the money you earn is passed down to your children, giving each generation a leg up on the last. And you’ll need every edge you can get, because this game is hard!

Rogue Legacy on PS4, PS3, PS VitaRogue Legacy on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Anyways, before this gets too long, let me list out why the Playstation versions are awesome.

  1. Cross Buy! — Do you want the awesome portable-ness of Vita? Or do you want the epic big screen experience of PS4/PS3? Don’t worry, you won’t have to make that choice because we’ll just give it all to you!
  2. Cross Save! — Going out? Play on the Vita, and when you get home, your save will be brought over to your PS4/PS3 via cloud magic!
  3. 101% Content! — Every single feature in the PC version, including all of the content patches, has been faithfully brought over to the Playstation versions. So you get all the extra Bonus zones, traits, and boss remixes jam packed into those sweet little bytes, along with just a little bit more. But only just a little.
  4. Multi-lingual! — Rogue Legacy’s been translated into a whole BUNCH of languages for you guys. We’ve got English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. :D
  5. PS Vita Control Scheme Bliss! — When we originally made Rogue Legacy, we made it with the PS Vita buttons in mind. No joke. We gambled that if it did well, we wouldn’t want the Vita version being nerfed in the control department, so we made sure to not use too many buttons. That crazy gamble we made over a year ago paid off, and that means the Vita version plays perfectly! Happiness!
  6. Platinum Trophy! — Aw yiss! Platinum awesome-ness! Thanks, PlayStation!

Anyhoo, enough talk. We’re crazy excited to be bringing Rogue Legacy to all of the Playstation platforms, and we hope you guys enjoy it, too!

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  • It comes out on my birthday and it’s a day 1 purchase for me.

  • Been holding out for this on Vita. Totally pleased to see it coming to PS4 as well and cross-buy! You guys are great!

  • I have 19$ in my PSN wallet waiting for you to claim it, Cellar Door. Great job on porting it and putting the Vita in the forefront of your plans for the game. That makes me super excited to play it on the system. :) I’ll be getting that platinum.. no matter how long it takes.. I’ve actually never even played the game. Would be stoked if the game was around 12-17$ on launch.

  • Been waiting for this! So excited, definitely a day 1 purchase – Can’t wait to load this up on my Vita

  • I’ll pass. Rogue Legacy’s charm wears off faster than cheap body spray.

    It would be nice if the game had more positive traits and power-ups, but the overwhelming amount of negative character traits and negative power-ups just made the game pointlessly tedious. Even the updated content wasn’t worth re-installing the game. 7 positive traits , 20 negative traits, 3 extremely negative traits that you WILL suicide rather than play the game with and 1 utterly, utterly useless trait.

    If you still want to go for it, just get the Steam Version for 2~5 dollars whenever it goes on sale. At 15 bucks, this game is buyers remorse.

    @ 50.
    Rogue Galaxy is.. WAS a Level 5/ SCEJ production. So far, both of those companies have been sitting on their hands for a while.
    Pardon me if I sound like a grumpy old man, but I’m still insulted that no Level 5 characters like Max, Deego or Jaster were in Third Party All-Stars..err. Playstation All Stars.

  • This game looks like a lot of fun,cool concept….and ha cross-buy,thats the real deal….thanks for the support with PS3 and Vita.

    A question though:Are the trophies list all the same?…….please tell me there ain’t no separated trophy list.

  • Is this the game I never knew I always wanted?

  • Excellent! Cross-buy, cross-save, and coming soon. I’ve been waiting for RL since I saw it on PC. It’s a day one buy for me. :)

  • Cross buy AND Cross save!! This is why I love Playstation (and Rogue Legacy)!

  • Now that’s going to be a game that I will have to check out because mostly all indies games have been fantastic.

  • Been waiting on this since the announcement sometime last year; it was a bit surreal to see a trailer on a PS4 demo unit at Walmart, though.

    I can’t guarantee a day one buy, but it’ll certainly be within the first week or two.

  • I will buy it, but be prepared for tough nails ARCADE ACTION. True roguelikes are TURN BASED, folks. TURN BASED.

  • Thank for calling it rogue-lite not roguelike, Mr. Developer! I’d prefer a new genre identifier: ROGUECADE !!

  • never even heard of this but 100% buy !

  • Been looking forward to this – seems like the perfect vita game; and then you guys says Vita was a focus and so I have to buy it day one. Vita means Life.

  • Finally, it’s coming! I was waiting for this game since a long time to play on my vita. Do it launches july 30th in Europe?

  • i finaly get made some big deal with indy guys to make it easier to get there games on i get why there are a million vita ports and like 9 ps4 games

  • Awesome! Very much looking forward to trying this out! Also thanks for including cross-buy and cross-save, I love those features! :D

  • I see alot of popular feedback, but have to question their motives.
    Personally I have to agree with @55.

    The game looks partly fun, but not fun enough to buy.

    And can I simply ask, who holds a sword like that when they run, it’s not a torch.

  • It looks like a ghost and goblins rip-off.

    Rather have Rogue Galaxy on Vita.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this for AGES. Can’t wait to start out on Vita and KICK SOME ASS :D

  • Seems like my kind of game, but pricing will determine a lot for many people, myself included. $15 is outside the sweet spot for these types of games; Spelunky is at $15 but I picked it up at $3.75 on sale. I don’t expect that kind of deal but $9.99 at least, maybe $8.99 for PS+ members.

  • OOOOHHHH MA GOSH! FINALLY, if only it was sooner, but whatevs. beggars cant be choosers i guess. but glad to see this is making it through the cracks after such a long time.

  • “And you’ll need every edge you can get, because this game is hard!”

    You mean fun!

    Been playing this on PC for a while now, and yeah, it’s a blast trying to get further each time. Most definitely getting this on the Vita. Glad you guys didn’t pack it in after Band of Bears, Tribal Tallies, and Q ;)

  • For those talking price, note that Teddy said around the same price as the PC version.

    The PC version (outside of crazy steam sales) is $15. It may be less, but consider that you’re getting it for 3 platforms, then incorporate the PSN ‘tax’, and I’d gamble it would be ~$20; $17-18 with PS+ discount.

    I honestly loved the game, although I didn’t invest much into it on the PC just because it felt like it would make a much better console/handheld game. Although I’ll mainly be playing this on Vita, it will be great to be able to throw it up on the big screen. For this I am willing to pay a little more than the PC price, and I am overjoyed that you guys went with cross buy. Honestly, the end of the month can’t come quick enough!

  • My kids and I have put near 100 hours combined into the PC version. It’s a hard game, but my 6 year old gets me a lot of money when he plays that I desperately need now that I’m on new game plus.

    Beating this game was one of my great gaming accomplishments, and I’m still having a blast on new game plus.

  • Cross-Buy, Cross-Save and a possible PS+ discount? I’m so in.

  • Thanks for making this not only cross buy but also cross save! I wish every developer would take the time time to do this. I played this on PC at a friends house and fell in love with it. Easily one of the most fun games I have ever played in my 30+ years of gaming. Thanks for bringing it to the most passionate gaming community on the planet!

  • Is it going to be $14.99 like its steam counterpart?
    It is the 2D Souls series I always wanted.
    Nice, a platinum trophy (1 for each platform supposedly) for those who can conquer/master the challenges this game has to offer.

  • kinda wish it had multiplayer but I’m still looking to get this game. love the cross-buy and cross-save

  • Absolutely a Day 1 buy for me! Cross-Buy/Save/Platinum! I almost want to buy it twice!

    You can thank Jeff Cannata for the purchase too. He has talked this game up so much I’ve been eagerly waiting its release.

  • Hell yeah!. This is a MEGAWESOME news!

  • I’ll buy it – if there’s a disc release.

    No physical media – NO SALE.

  • So, yeah. I loved this on the PC, and as much as it seems perfect for Vita and cross-save, I don’t know if there’s much appeal for me to go back and play it all again. It was awesome, and I wish I’d grabbed it on PSN first I think I might have even finished it before it was announced for Playstation like a year ago, so I was a bit bummed out when it got announced.

  • Aww yiss, motha***** Vita games

  • Great news! I’m taking a trip in August, and I’ll have a lot of downtime between flights and other events. I was hoping to have this on Vita in time for that trip!

  • To bad this doesn’t run “perfectly” on the PS3 & PS4 :(

    • Oh it runs super great on the other platforms too. Actually the PS4 is my preferred method of play just because the D-Pad feels sooooooooooooo good. For serious.

  • This is going to be a great game to have on the Vita!

  • Teddy, I would love to take this time to thank you for your amazing game not only coming to ps but also for the brilliant original on pc. I love this game on pc but have been longing for it to release on ps platforms (ps vita specifically so that I can take the great experiance anywhere I like). I have been salivating over endless rogue like games such as Spelunky, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, and now Rogue Legacy. The ps4 needs this stuff and I am glad that you have ported one of my favorite games to one of my favorite platforms. Thank you.

  • I will definitely buy this. Thanks for the great support. It’s impossible not to want to buy with these 6 reasons listed.

  • Finally, a retro game on PS4.

  • it comes out with the last of us for ps4? same day? for ps4/vita owners idk. unless they played TLOU already or want to buy again… they may either hold of for not buy at all… im guessing it will be 14.99 or so. am i right?

    At any rate why dont games like these just get a price at 9.99 or so? i mean unless youre going to go and spend time customizing the game to take advantage of the vita then why does it have to be so much for a simple port? 9.99 simple port, 14.99 it should add bonus things at 19.99 and above you should be taking full advantage of the system in my opinion. Its only right..And if games ever try to come out at 50 bucks+ then we need to have some physical stuff, from keychains, to mini posters, whatever. Thats my 2 cents.

  • Can’t wait!!

  • This is awesome. My only worry is that my Vita might not survive if it gets thrown across the room after being killed for the 300th time.

  • + honkayjeezus on July 9th, 2014 at 8:56 pm said:

    Finally, a retro game on PS4.

    Yeah man, that’s exactly why I bought the new console so I could play overpriced retro 16-bit graphic style games that I can get the exact same thing on PC for pennies on the dollar compared to what PSN wants to charge

  • Thank you for this wonderful news, especially for us Vita gamers!
    As for this game, I can picture myself playing it for hours on my Vita, until my handheld runs out of battery, that is why I’m here to ask, is this game going to support the PSTV? I know you mentioned RL was made with Vita control scheme in mind, hopefully that does not mean it includes rear/touchscreen support.

    Also, are you guys planning on adding Avatars as a future DLC for this game? I’d pay for it no problem to show my support.

    • The controls change a little bit for each console. The game is designed mainly around the physical buttons. The PSV and PS4 use their touchscreen and touch pad for ancillary support like letting you scroll the minimap.

      And there’s no DLC in mind because everything we made, we put into the game.

  • I held out hope we’d be getting this as a PlayStation Plus title, but that’s okay. I’ve been waiting for this one for awhile, and I can’t wait to check it out!

  • Finally I have been waiting so long for this; just a few more days!

  • After reading the post and watching the trailer, I am sold!

  • So stoked for this, especially on Vita!

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