Gran Turismo 6: Aston Martin DP-100, Nissan Concept 2020 Unveiled

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Gran Turismo 6: Aston Martin DP-100, Nissan Concept 2020 Unveiled

The Vision Gran Turismo project has been in full swing the last few weeks – staring with BMW first half of May, with VW and Mitsubishi quickly following, giving all Gran Turismo owners an inside look at the design potential from their favorite manufacturer.

Aston Martin DP-100

Aston Martin DP-100 Vision GTAston Martin DP-100 Vision GT

For the past few days, our friends at Aston Martin have been releasing teaser images of the latest Vision Gran Turismo project, Aston Martin DP-100 – starting with nothing more than an in-game GT6 image of the headlight and top down view of the carbon fiber built engine. On Thursday, a short teaser film presented the Aston Martin DP-100 in true GT form for the very first time.

Well the day has finally arrived – Aston Martin taken the covers off the DP-100 to the public at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Developed entirely in house by the Design team at Aston Martin, led by Design Director Marek Reichman, DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo is a new, virtual-only GT racer that will be available for Gran Turismo 6 owners to download in July 2014, following the global launch at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Starting with nothing but the traditional ‘blank sheet of paper,’ the design team and design engineers worked for six months to create the new addition to the Vision Gran Turismo stable of racecars. Clearly pushing the boundaries of what an Aston Martin could be, DP-100 not only looks beautiful but also boasts a high degree of engineering integrity.

The twin-turbo V12 mid-engined racer offers up to 800bhp, endowing it with blistering performance fully in keeping with the high octane nature of the game.

Nissan CONCEPT 2020

NISSAN Concept 2020 Vision GTNISSAN Concept 2020 Vision GT

Also officially unveiled at Goodwood FOS is the full size concept model of the Nissan CONCEPT 2020. Adapting design cues from current Nissan performance models, it was created from scratch using the latest digital design tools: the first – and to date only – physical representation of the car is the actual concept model.

Nissan’s 2+2 sports car adapts race-track technology – in particular air flow management – to a road car environment.

For more info, check out and the official GT Facebook.

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  • Awesome. Now focus on a PS4 & Vita version of Gran Turismo with Cross Save.

  • Yeah focus on PS4 , I am a huge GT fan but the fact that PS4 is the best console ever and had sold 8 million units for like 8 months and you have still NO Gran Turismo for PS4 is really putting me off :(

    Project Cars is coming soon and there is not a single word for GT6 1080p PS4 or GT7…. and if you don’t act up soon you will loose alot of your dozen million fan base…. Please we BEG YOU, alot of us would gladly pay full price for PS4 HD port of GT6 ! Why don’t you want our money :(

  • GT6 looks AMAZING on the PS3 :P But like everyone else SONY can we PLEASE see something for the PS4 now PLEASE :P GT7 for PS4 or just even a GT7 Prologue for the PS4 ASAP PLEASE(i keep saying ‘PLEASE’) :D

  • @Ken Chan
    @3 Carl-G
    Exactly what i was saying can we have a GT for PS4 ASAP, there are 8 million people with PS4 starving for a GT… PLEASE GT6 HD PS4 or GT7 Prologue and you will have my $59.99 !!! And I can think of at least 5 of my friends with PS4s who will buy GT! Please bring GT to PS4 before Project Cars release date, or even a pre-order before that date and we will be loyal to you !!!

  • WOO-HOO! Can’t wait for the vita version :)

  • We need G27 and GT6 OR GT7 on PS4, don’t forget the LOGITECH RACING WHEEL.

  • Great to see more of these concepts finally being dished out. The VW Roadster was downright sexy when I first saw it. I hope VW actually make a GTI roadster like that in the future, because I’d seriously consider getting one. Any word on when Subaru will be finished with their car?

    Still no news of B Spec? I hope PD actually plans to add this into the game at some point. This missing feature is slowly killing the replay value for me.

  • Seriously No Vita No Buy?

    What’s wrong with you guys? Why don’t want to make the Vita’s version?

  • I think being patient for the inclusion of B-Spec and the course maker is more than fair after six months. A lot of us are asking for it and no one is going to answer us because they think we’re stupid. You should tell retailers like Amazon to stop advertising the course maker feature because it doesn’t have it and it never will based on PD’s silence on this issue. People should give up on the Vita version because they can’t even complete this game.

  • The headlights on the Aston Martin DP-100 don’t look very aerodynamic.

  • @ everyone complaining about a VITA and PS4 Gran turismo. SHUT THE HELL UP!!! that’s what you get for being idiots and jumping on the band wagon. Both Vita and PSP have a horrible library and it’s too early for the ps4 to have one. why dont you idiots wait a couple years to buy a system..?

  • @people complaining about a VIta gt
    have you idiots played GT for psp? it was f-king awful!!!!!!

  • Man this looks fantastic but unfortunately this is on PS3 and i’m enjoying PS4.

  • Aston Martin looks impressive.


  • What battleCat3000 said PS4 PLEASE!

  • Could the PS4 users kindly GTFO? This is for GT6 on PS3. Deal with it.

    And I doubt every single owner of a PS4 system would be interested in Gran Turismo. That’s statistically impossible.

  • I’m a PS4 owner and I’m glade you haven’t announced a GT6 remake because that would be ridiculous. Because I want to hear better sounds, see better graphics both Car’s and Track’s. I want to see a night and day cycle, I want to drive throw different weather in upcoming Gran Turismo title’s.

    I want to see more realistic damage on car’s and track’s. I want to see a real pit stop. I want to drive different type of car type’s. I want all cars unlocked when I first get the game so I can focus on racing and less on needing to finish first on 100 tracks to unlock 1 car. I want to have a awesome experience with playing with friends online and have a seamless experience connecting with my friend online. A great lobby system to join your friends can make or break a game.

    All I mentioned above is what I will be getting in Project Car’s. So Dear Polyphony Digital you have a lot of work to do to catch up to these upcoming generation racing games even DriveClub has you beat in all area’s. You better make Gran Turismo 7 the best experience racing simulation I’ve ever played. Look forward to your announcements at up coming E3 event’s.

  • I look forward to playing DriveClub and Project Cars this winter. So take your time making Gran Turismo 7 the best Grand Turismo in this series for PlayStation 4. And if you make a prologue of GT7 I won’t buy it. I’m not out to by a demo game. I learned my lession on bying your past prologe and it wont happen agin. You have alot of work to do. So stop reading and get back to work.
    Thank :)

    I Look forward to be blown away. ;)

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