Blue Estate Out Tuesday on PS4, Free Demo & PS Plus Discount

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Blue Estate Out Tuesday on PS4, Free Demo & PS Plus Discount

Hi, I’m Viktor Kalvachev, the creator of Blue Estate, and today I’d like to introduce you to Tony Luciano, one of the two characters you can play in our brand new arcade shooter.

Blue Estate Out Tuesday on PS4, Free Demo & PS Plus Discount

Life isn’t always easy for the only son of the Boss of the West Coast Mob. Your dad says things like “Your mother still cries herself to sleep every night for giving birth to such an imbecile.” Tony grew up an angry kid and became a vicious killer, whose diplomacy skills begin and end with a .357 Desert Eagle.

Blue Estate is out next week with a free demo available for all PS4 players. And for as low as $19.99 with an additional 20% off for PS+ members, it just doesn’t get any better. Play the demo alone or with a friend in co-op mode, enjoy some good old light gun arcade action, and spread the word. Once you’ve mastered the game, you can up the next difficulty level and test your skills.

Blue Estate on PS4

Blue Estate on PS4Blue Estate on PS4

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  • Looks interesting but a little too pricey for me. I’ll wait for a sale or for it to be free with Plus.

  • I’ll be buying this one ASAP.

  • Move suppirt?

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      The dual shock is actually a lot more responsive and precise than the move. I strongly encourage you to download the demo and give it a shot. You will be pleasantly surprised. It works the same way, but you are no longer dependent on a camera, giving you the opportunity to play in any position you feel comfortable in and reset the reticle as often as you need.

  • Never heard of it before today, but it looks interesting. I’ll give the demo a shot, and see if it is cool. Looks like a modern take on the last Call of Juarez game (that was a very good game). Good luck!

  • I’ve also never heard of it before today. Asking $20 for a game that has zero buzz is pretty bold. I’ll most definitely try out the demo and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

  • Looks impressive, actually.

  • @1 It’s already on Sale for PS+. It’s 20% off. Assuming my math is not off that’s 16 dollars for this game. What’s the problem?

  • @7 $16 is still a lot for this game that has no buzz around it. It’s my money if I want to wait for a BIGGER discount I will.

  • @8: Hype doesn’t equal quality. I hope you have fun starving developers, though.

  • @9 Yea i’m sure them not getting my $16 is going to starve them. You act like you have a stake in the company. Fact is I won’t be getting this game until it is under $10 or is free. I find it funny that you want to attack others over not buying the game when you yourself don’t even know how good the game will be yet.

  • Wow, a light gun game, i’ve been liking these since Resident Evil has done it with the 2 Chronicles games and House of the Dead.

    If u can reveal, is there as much content as House of The Dead: Overkill?

  • Sharingan_itachi

    What about vita?

  • @10: I think they are questioning your reason for the decision… rather than playing a free demo to see what the game is like, you instead lump it into a bargain bin because of “no hype”. And because of that being the reason, it leads them to feel you are sticking it to developers and only buying hype machines. Nothing wrong with it, per se. I’ll try the demo to see what I feel about the game and hopefully it convinces me $16 is a good price :)

    Is this at all related to the Image comic book, Blue Estate? Never mind.. just read above that you are the author of it. Good work.

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the book. The levels where Lino and Mauro provide Clarence with “critical intel” over the phone will be even funnier for people familiar with the characters and their background :)

  • This looks interesting and fresh! I remember seeing a prior article on this. Looking forward to getting it this summer.

  • ehhh i’ll pass.. why does it seem like ps4 released predominantly 1st person shooters….IT GETS BORING.

  • @10 If you think $16 is too pricey for you, what about battlefield hardline? EA priced a stand-alone DLC $59.99.

  • What do you mean “as low as” 19.99?

  • Love on rails- “light gun” shooters. To see the response regarding no Move support I’m bummed out. There’s no way it’s more accurate or else light gun games in the arcades would have a game pad not gun. I will def try out demo and hope to be proven wrong.

  • @18 If I’m not mistaken it sounds like it will still have the same movement controls as a lightgun game, without the need for the move. If you’ve played Second Son, the DS4 controller is pretty accurate for aiming in a light gun style game.

  • @13: Thank you for clarifying my statement.

  • @3 in my words someone working for Sony just told you that you bought your Move controller for nothing because it is inferior and it is recommended to use the PS Controller instead :D

  • @16 This discussion isn’t about BF: Hardline which I don’t plan to buy anyway.
    @13 I understand that and I do plan to play the demo but there are very few digital games I pay more than $10 for. That’s just how I am.

  • Will definitely give the demo a try, but now the trailer made me think that a new school FMV on rail shooter would actually be an awesome idea!

  • Well when I first read about the game and seen it I already had my mind made up about getting the game. On rail shooters are very fun to play when executed right.

  • Can you use the PlayStation Move Remote and Navigation as well? If not will it be optional as an update patch?

  • @ Viktor Kalvachev

    Although I don’t have a PS4, I guess I’ll just have to settle for rereading the comic book series, and possibly picking up the deluxe hardcover in the Fall…Congrats on the game anyways!


    • Viktor Kalvachev

      Thank you! The Graphic Novel will also serve as the art book of the game, so there will be quite a few cool art pieces and screenshots in the back.
      Having red the comic, the game would have been even more fun for you, as you already know who Lino and Mauro are. They get to provide “critical intel” over the phone for Clarence, while he is in the middle of a firefight :)

  • holly crap that looks AWESOME !

  • ill give the demo a try before i buy we all need more demos!!!!!!!

  • I love how the title says “free demo”….was it supposed to be priced?…..oh I know what you guys are doing…after Ground Zeroes its best to announce that the demo is free.Anyway game doesn’t look any good….but it may be fun.

  • @1 Mercenary09,@4 Patsrule0316 & @5 komentra: You’re all ‘Plus’ Posers that don’t keep up with Games. E3 was barely a week ago, I’m a Gamer, I watched it. This & Suda51’s ‘Let It Die’ were the Only Titles I hadn’t heard about that Caught my attention. Get Off the Blog Forum Uninformed Trolls
    @15 PHACE973: This isn’t a ‘1st Person Shooter’, it’s an ‘Arcade Shooter’ like House of the Dead. Learn how to Read, it’s stated at the End of the First Sentence of this Post.
    @18 Dnut : The Dualshock4 Light Bar uses Move Technology, so it can be used Like a ‘Light-Gun’ w/ the Ps4 Camera, has ‘Sixaxis’ Gyroscopic Technology,… & has a Touchscreen OF COURSE IT’S BETTER THAN A LIGHT GUN OR A CONTOLLER SINCE IT’S BOTH. Read Your Ps4 Instruction Manual before You hurt Yourself by recording Your ‘You’ Time.
    @21 TimeSkipLuffyUS: Same as Above plus Viktor doesn’t work for Sony. He’s the Author of the Comics the Game is based on & obviously has some Input on the Game if not the Director of it. STARKILLER 5, TROLLS DECIMATED

  • @1 Mercenary09: Let me do some Basic Math for You. While You sit & wait for Sales that may or may not arrive, You’re paying a Monthly Service. While I do as well, I also take advantage of it. If I Purchase 3 Games Digitally Retailing at $40, with a Normal Sale of 50% Off & an Additional 25% Off for ‘Plus Members’, Who’s the Chump Giving Sony $6 for NADA while I turn that Fee into a $10 Credit & give Them $10 more & Get 3 Games. Little do You Realize, You’ve already Paid for these Discounts with Your Monthly ‘Plus’ Membership. So sit & wait 2 Months(6+6=12) for a Game to become ‘Free’ so You can feel justified Giving Sony another Monthly Fee(12+6=18) & now You have something that Expires Next Month. Sony Obviously Pays Developers part of the ‘Plus’ Fees for the Rights &/Or Discounts, You’re already Feeding Them(Developers), the Funny thing is, You’re not getting anything back for it }:)
    Viktor, I’m obviously Getting this Day Zero, I just had to Crush Trolls messing with Your Post :)

  • Using the DS4’s gyro for aiming is a genius idea! It works SO well for typing so I can imagine how easy it’ll be for aiming. It’s even easier yet just as accurate as the move controller in PS3 games, so this is actually a practical and logical control scheme for this game.

  • Motion controls; great graphics shooter; Take my money.

  • Didn’t realize this was coming out so soon. Definitely picking it up.

  • Is this an on-rails shooter?

  • This game looks very cool, i’m excited to try Blue Estate!!!! Whoohoo lol

  • Looks cool I can’t wait to try out the demo, and hopefully buy it if it is as cool as it looks.

  • No physical release, no sale.

  • yea, iam getting this sounds like fun..

  • Viktor, the Ps4 Store doesn’t have Blue Estate in it’s Digital Store yet. I’ve Contacted to Inform You of Sony’s Faulty Update. Re-Course, Re-Course

  • This game looks like fun.

    Is there online coop or just couch?

  • I love how my comment was erased for simply saying the game stopped working halfway through the first level in the demo. The game couldn’t sense my controller and no matter how I moved it would not show up on screen and therefore I just kept getting killed. Was sad because I was enjoying the game while it was working and would have bought it.

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      I am sorry your comment was erased and that you had a bad experience. Could it be because you had to re-center the reticle? Did you try hitting L1? If you want to try again, make sure that every time you are moving away from the comfortable position of gameplay simply go back to it and hit L1 or UP to get the reticle in the middle of the screen. That should do it. If you hadn’t tried this, most likely is what happened. The game didn’t crash. Let me know how it goes on your second try.

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