Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Coming to PS4 on July 1st

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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Coming to PS4 on July 1st

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Hello friends! Matt from DrinkBox Studios here with a big news announcement. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is coming to PS4 on July 1st for $14.99.

For those not in the know, we released the original Guacamelee last April for PS3 and PS Vita. As it turns out, a lot of you enjoyed playing as luchadors Juan and Tostada, punching skeletons and platforming through a magical, Mexican-inspired world to save El Presidente’s Daughter from Carlos Calaca and his gang of minions.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition has all the great action from the original game, including both the costume and Infierno DLC, and we’ve added a bunch of new content to enhance your Guac experience.

Some things we’ve added: more words to the title, an extra save slot, new costumes, creepy hanging dolls, two extra levels, new and improved enemies, another save slot, a new dimension-switching ability called “Shadow Swap,” chicken egg bombs, an NPC with an impossibly large head, and a power called INTENSO.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionGuacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

We’ve also added a new boss, El Trio, a.k.a. “Terrible Trio.” They are a three-headed skeleton in charge of assembling Carlos Calaca’s army of skeletons from a skeleton factory inside a volcano. El Trio appears in a few areas in the game to throw new enemy prototypes in your path and a few new puns as well.

El Trio were a musical quartet back in the land of the Living, but the lead singer, named Pedro, went missing and never appeared in the land of the Dead. Longing to be reunited with their missing band member, El Trio and Carlos Calaca made a deal: Calaca would help them find Pedro in exchange for a skeleton army. Will they ever produce enough skeletons to fulfill their end of the bargain?

Talk to us about #GuacSTCE in the comments or here on Twitter. We hope you like it!

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  • As many others said, I’d really like an upgrade deal of some sort, I wouldn’t mind paying 5$ or even a bit more to buy this version.

  • I finished this game on the Vita as I felt it was the best system for this game. I absolutely love this game and my favorite character is Flame Face!!!! He had me in tears!!!

  • From what I’ve read in the comments, we’ll be able to get another platinum from this version. In that case, I’ll be very happy to jump back in the awesome world of Guacamelee! I bought this game at launch and it was awesome. I hope the treetops orb won’t be any easier to get, it’s what makes the platinum rewarding (plus, I love having a lot of challenge… Even with all my gaming experience, I almost threw my Vita out of anger a few times (I was yelling at it instead) while attempting this and I never felt so proud of acheiving something in a recent game).

  • This is great news and I’ll gladly purchase this new version of Guacamelee for PS4.
    Drinkbox is an awesome studio and I’ll certainly keep encouraging them for as long as they make cool games like this.

  • Seems like every other PS4 game is a PS3 game you are trying to sell again, Sony. Then the other game is probably an indie title I can pay a few bucks for on Android or Steam and it is fifteen bucks on PSN.

  • Don’t you guys wanna add more words to this “Super Turbo Championship”…what about “Milking”?….that would go well….anyway was glad to buy the game and support you guys before it was offered for free…but this rehashed PS4 version…ONLY FOR FREE.

  • @2 Having played and beaten it on PS3, I recommend Guacamelee to everyone who haven’t played. But I hope this isn’t one of July’s free games. Both of June’s free games were reissues of older PS3 games. We want brand new PS4 titles, particularly AAA title once in a while would be nice.

  • I’ll happily buy it – when there’s a physical release.

    No disc – NO SALE.

  • You guys did a terrific job with this game. It is really amazing. One of my favorite titles of the year and I’m including AAA games. I bought the game on day one for PS3 and then I bought it on Steam only to support you. Not as a favor but because of your quality. An incentive to buy this game for the third time would be great. Thanks again and keep the good work! Kudos!

  • I missed this game when it first came out, but now that I’ve seen it, I think I’d totally enjoy this game. As a pretty much exclusive PS3 gamer though, I have to ask whether the original will have a price drop now that this new edition is coming out for every system I don’t own. If not, then I’d have to pay $15 for the game and then $3 more for the DLC, and after paying that $18, I’d still not have as much content as someone who bought this new edition for $15 on the Xbox 360. Any plans to put some equity in place in regards to that?

  • I already have beaten Guacamelee on my PS Vita and i found it very very good game that controls very well even thought controlling the Vita is harder than the Dualshock. I bought the game on sale for $5 and one of the costume packs for $2 and it was a money well spent. Now i was planning to play the game again on my Vita to get the Platinum, but then i saw the game being released for PS4 so i just bought it.

  • Moving to the PS4 is a big step up, the visuals are in native 1080p @ 60 fps and the game feels not only more pretty but it feels alive. The DualShock + 60fps is a huge upgrade and that gorgeous 1080p resolution on the PS4 spoils my eyes. I bought the game for PS4 for 13.49 $ because of being a PS+ user. Now i find that $ 13.49 / $ 15 price very reasonable for people who haven’t already played the game but i think there should be some compensation for the people who already have that game on the Vita/PS3. Now i bought the game for PS Vita for $5 so it is not a big deal for me but people spending $15 for PS3/Vita and $15 for the PS4 is a bit steep, so may be you should throw in a 5 $ credit for people who already own the game on PS3/Vita

    Even still it is one of the games that when i hear it’s name i will always remember of the good hours i spent on the game. I can’t say that about many AAA games

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