Pre-Order, Pre-Load Upcoming PS4 Games

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Pre-Order, Pre-Load Upcoming PS4 Games
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Last week during E3 2014, 10 PS4 games that were announced or featured at the show had pre-orders go live on PlayStation Store, and I’m thrilled to let you all know that each of those games will take advantage of PS4’s automatic pre-load feature.

Automatic pre-load on PS4 allows you to download pre-ordered games before the release date, so you can get into your games after they’re released faster than ever. We all know that some of the biggest games can take a while to download, and with the pre-load functionality, you’ll be able to download and install those huge files up to several days in advance. And don’t worry if you forget: any titles you’ve pre-ordered will be automatically pre-loaded and auto-downloaded to your PS4 system by default. All you have to do is pre-order the game, make sure your PS4 remains in standby mode, and sit back and relax.

You won’t have to wait long to try this new feature out – Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, which launches on June 24th, will be the first PS4 title to take advantage of automatic pre-load. Additionally, all titles made available for pre-order on PlayStation Store on or after May 20, 2014, will be pre-loaded. Here are the titles available for pre-order and pre-load:

Title Pre-Order Price
Battlefield Hardline $59.99
Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition $69.99
Bloodborne $59.99
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare $59.99
Destiny $59.99
Dragon Age: Inquisition $59.99
Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition $69.99
Far Cry 4 $59.99
inFAMOUS First Light $14.99
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare $39.99
LittleBigPlanet 3 $59.99
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor $59.99
The Order: 1886 $59.99
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark $59.99
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End $59.99

Also, if you’re the type that likes to know exactly how long until you can play, we’ve even included a countdown timer to let you know the moment you can start playing!

One more thing: we’re focusing on all our new PS4 pre-orders, but note that the ability to automatically pre-load your game is also available for PS3 pre-orders. Watch for each week’s PlayStation Store Update for all the latest pre-orders!

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  • @Chip1010 A ton of people probably pre-ordered Uncharted 4, I did. It’s not like its a new IP people know what their getting with an Uncharted title.

  • This is great news !! keep it coming

  • Would it be possible on these updates for pre-order games, to get the Memory Size included by the price? Also can we get a tile with timers on our pre-ordered games on the Playstation 4 UI? That would be awesome to stare at now and again…

  • Why not TLOU Remastered… :/
    I bought it digital because it brought more bonus stuff than retail, & thought that it’ll be pre-load supported too..

    The game will take me around 3-4 days if it’s 45-48GB.. Hope it is around that.. I don’t want to wait more than a week.

  • Preordered Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition :)

  • This is a great feature. especially if you have multiple ps4’s in the house. But disappointed about not being available for the last of us. At least you can start playing after 4-5 gb.

  • Cashing in on people impatience. My question is why is there no price difference for digital when there is no middle man?

  • Looks like my first pre-load game will be Infamous First Light! I’m still not going completely digital for the big games, unless they are heavily discounted. As long as they make physical copies, I will buy them!

    This might be a stretch, but I would also love to see the pre-load feature expand to indie and smaller titles.

  • Why is it so hard to get a straight answer from you guys? My question was completely ignored and the only questions that actually get answered on here are the ones where the people just didn’t bother to read the post or didn’t understand what was clearly said. Aside from that all we get are these stupid “Beyond”, “Agreed”, “Can’t wait”, or “Me too” responses

    Please explain better what “a few days” means to you guys. Is it 3? Is it 5? Is it a week? I’d really appreciate it so I know when to start downloading something instead of leaving my PS4 in standby mode for a week before release date waiting on you guys to finally get around to enabling the predownload for the games. Is it really too much to ask that things are explained better? You’re not having a conversation with your buddies where “a few” cuts it.

  • @57

    Blame retailers like Walmart. They won’t carry physical copies of the games if they are sold at a cheaper MSRP through digital. Physical sales still make up the vast majority of game sales.

  • what is annoying about the canadain prices is when the ps3 price is $10 cheaper than the ps4 game

  • People are not addressing the real problem here. Why must the East Coast wait until 3am to download when I can easily go to Gamestop/Wal-Mart and pick up the game at my Midnight–or if its on Steam, its Midnight your time zone. There is no incentive to do this. I love digital titles and prefer them, but East Coast gets the short end of the stick. Midnight is midnight…this needs to be fixed!

  • Sorry not download, play* Edit for #62

  • @54
    3-4 days? You need better internet, that is ridiculous. Took me about 2 hours for FFXIV which is 34GB on PS4. And that was wireless.

  • Destiny pre order hmm cool! I wonder if Bungie can make Destiny for Ps Vita and save transfer file. ps vita touchscreen san be use as a melee attack. Its like oh no?! My friends needs a total back up. head to your office pull out your ps vita and get ready to aid your allies. no offense Bungie? thought it would be cool?

  • could you guys please put AC unity on PSN so I can pre order it digitally

  • (\(– _ –)/) DESTINY!!! wish you could add take photo in game with your friends and record in story mode… hmmm could be cool lol

  • post in youtube, facebook, or twitter? game record like a movie lol

  • Does the pre-load also pre-install the game, or does it simply download it?

    That is, when we turn our PS4 on from standby mode once the game release date has been reached, will we have to sit through the installation process, or will we be able to start the game immediately?

  • the problem with pre-order is games that date to be released might need to be postponed plus i expect that most of the big titles games like order, bloodborne, uncharted etc will have a collectors edition box with goodies… :D

  • What about pre-loading for games purchased from retail stores or online stores? It would be awesome to get a digital copy for buying the physical version.

  • will Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn have preloading? its suppose to be available for preorder on psn june 24th.

  • I’ll choose physical over digital 100% of the time.

  • Diablo 3 thats what i want to Pre orderrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i Buy Digital then ill wait to Pick up the Physical Disc Preowned for very Cheap ;) that way ill always have the CASE

  • If you pre-order from Target it only costs $1 and you get $5 off the game.. So not only do you get a $5 discount but you have a physical copy you can sell in a week after you beat it for almost full price. Soooooo if you preorder from Target then finish the game quickly the game ultimately cost like $10.

  • When i preorder, i choose physical media/game 100% of the time. Zero hassle cancellation when you or your friends find out a game sux specially in an age of Review embargoes. You still in TOTAL control of your purchase to do as you like…Trade it, Lend it, Sell it…ect, ect.

    Digital offers NONE of those benefits, Have fun trying to get your money back…’cause if a game sux, it’ll stay your account/name for ever like a Bad case of herpes.

    My. 02

  • I live in Canada and I won’t preorder these games that soon. Canadian dollar is expected to reach parity by the end of 2014 and once it does, they will have to lower prices back to 59.99$.

    Why pay 69.99$ now if I can pay 59.99$ in 2015, those games mostly come out in 2015.

  • I’d rather pay $60 now (plus no tax >;D) when I can and not many months later when something may come up and hinder your purchase.

  • Also, any DLC available will be available to me, if not more, as in with The Last of Us.

  • I tire of physical copies. True, that I wont be able to sell the game – but I’d mainly buy digital with the ones I know I’ll keep. Near the end of the last generation, I was running out of space to tore game boxes I mostly didn’t care for. And after that, I had to find (and buy) suitable items to store the discs! No, I’d rather they be in the cloud and go wherever and whenever I choose to move and not have to deal with them physically. Plus, How often will I go back to a particular game, never mind the entirety of my collection! Digitally, I can play when I desire to and delete and replace when I desire to. The thought of using up more space at home for [old] games bothers me – The PS4 is designed to be an all-in-one system and, for me, that’ exactly what it’ll do.

  • Pre Ordering is just plain dumb, don’t buy the game until it’s done, has reviews and gameplay videos from actual users and not the bullshots and fake gameplay like aliens marines mess.

  • For people that do not want to pay for a preorder in full why don’t you just add funds to your sony account and decide closer to release date if you want to buy whatever game you want. That way you do not end up being stuck with a game you changed your mind about. I agree it would be nice to be able to cancel a preorder it just isn’t the policy right now.

  • You guys can wait until 1 week or 3 days before release date to pre-order games and enjoy pre-loading feature. It would be safe because you have some reviews and don’t run into the “think again” situation. I would love to pre-order Dragon Age: Inquisition but still considering PS4 version.

  • As stated above, there is no reason the East Coast should have to wait until 3 am for a game to be playable. This issue alone, ensures that I’ll never pre-order / pre-load anything, even though I’d love to be able to…

  • I don’t see why anyone would pre-order games so far in advance, especially when you aren’t getting any sort of discount for pre-ordering (the prices listed are the regular price, not the “pre-order” price). On top of that, Sony will charge you the full price of the game immediately and you can’t get a refund. They are moving backward in this regard.

    Even if you want the pre-load, just go pre-order the game a few days before release.Why give Sony $60 now for games that won’t be out for 6 months or more?

    Personally I think Sony’s whole pre-order scheme is despicable. Bill immediately, no discounts, no refunds. Seriously? I’ve completely stopped buying digital except for titles where there’s no retail release, due to Sony raising prices by $10 in Canada and offering zero incentive to order from them.

    Instead, I pre-ordered 12 titles from during their E3 sale, got 30% off each game (so they average $49 each). I paid nothing up front, can cancel any item at any time, and can return any shipped item unopened up to 30 days after receipt and get a full refund. Compare that to $70 each, no refund, bill immediately.

    No thanks Sony!

  • And if you have already pre-ordered it by an other site like Gamestop or Amazon?

  • @59 Preload starts today for Transformers. If you go to the PS Store on your PS4 it will show you the pre-load date for any title. It looks to be 5 days ahead of time for all games.

    I love the convenience of buying digital. ANd when I pre-order something I know I’m getting it. I also like that they bill immediately. I’d rather have the money taken out now and have the game paid for. No worrying later on. But I didn’t know I’d have to wait till 3am on the East Coast. That’s disappointing. The main reason I pre-ordered a couple of games through the digital store is so that they would be ready to got at 12am…If something says it will be available at 12am it should be available at 12am…

  • Agree with #24. There is no incentive to buy digital at full price when I can get a physical disc on the same day and retain the right to sell it when I’m done. I could care less about pre-loading or digital downloading for that matter.

    I’d much prefer Sony deliver on their PS4 launch promise of game standby/resume.

  • @64

    Well I would have had 20MB internet (costs here around $40-50), but there aren’t any cable tv on my area which means I can’t have internet via tv cable. The only option I have is get a wireless hotspot device with a 30GB data limit plan for around $90-100, or 10mb dsl internet for $80.

    I prefer the cheaper one :P not the type that will go full digital for the PS4 until I have 2-3TB installed on it. Did the same with my vita as well by buying a 64GB memory from Japan.

  • Thanks for your reply @Chieh Chen. Amazon, Gamestop and Target now has The Last Of Us Remastered listed for $49.99.
    Will you guys also be changing the price in the PSN Store?

  • @Chieh Chen Never mind I see that its all ready updated with the new pricing. Good job Sony :-)

  • mmm so I need to make the pre – order through ps store to get this functionality? or if i do it in amazon work as well somehow? and this only work for digital copies? or I get the preload game in my console and get my cd copy after?

  • @72

    Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn is a PS3 game. The PS3 doesn’t have preload.

  • @72


    So obviously I don’t read. Yes, DWGR should have pre-load available.

  • If you pre-order little big planet 3, will you get some extra content for pre-ordering it?

  • Thank you so much for this Sony, i hope that every game has pre order and also pre load included, where i live digital is the way, thank you so much for this sony, that was something i was counting on for PS4.

  • This is completely bull****. Why do i have to pay $90+ for all the games i have to buy where as Americans pay $30 cheaper. What the hell is going on

  • @9 Thanks for the info. I wasn’t sure about this and didn’t want to risk it. I’m glad I didn’t now. I ended up pre ordering through Amazon with launch shipping. Sony really needs to do something about this. I know not to pre order through the PS Store now.

  • Will yo be able to preload installation files for games if you have the disc version without buying the digital version

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