PlayStation Plus: Terraria Free for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Terraria Free for Members

Grab some of your friends and explore a 2D sandbox world where you can gather materials to craft, build whatever you desire and fight monsters like harpies and demon eyes. Once you’ve gotten used to the regular monsters, there are several bosses you can work toward defeating like King Slime. Of course you should be relatively prepared for these encounters, so create some decent gear and weapons before you try to take them down.

There’s a few different sales going on, first is our Only On PlayStation sale, featuring exclusive titles to our platforms, and then there are more sports titles discounted as a continued part of our Sports Sale.

You can download Terraria after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 6/17.

PS Plus - Terraria

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PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Terraria (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

Try the trial now! DIG, FIGHT, EXPLORE, BUILD! Nothing is impossible in the special edition version of this action-packed sandbox adventure! Over a dozen environments and hundreds of items to craft and enemies to defeat! The world is your canvas – make it your own. PlayStation Vita system version has brand new Touchscreen controls and supports cross platform save with your PlayStation 3 system console. Multiplayer supports up to 8 online players!

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Only On PlayStation Sale

Title Plus Price Regular Sale Price Original Price
Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition $3.75 $7.49 $14.99
Flower (PS Vita) $3.49 $4.99 $6.99
Flower (PS3) $3.49 $4.99 $6.99
Flower (PS4) $3.49 $4.99 $6.99
Ico $5.00 $9.99 $19.99
LittleBigPlanet $7.50 $14.99 $29.99
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale $5.00 $9.99 $19.99
Shadow Of The Colossus $5.00 $9.99 $19.99
Tearaway $17.49 $24.99 $35.99
Twisted Metal $5.00 $9.99 $19.99

Sports Sale

Title Plus Price Regular Sale Price Original Price
EA Sports FIFA 14 (PS3) $37.79 $41.99 $59.99
EA Sports FIFA 14 (PS4) $48.59 $53.99 $59.99
EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil $27.99 $39.99 $59.99
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (PS Vita) $3.25 $6.49 $13.49
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (PS3) $5.00 $9.99 $19.99
Madden NFL 25 (PS3) $24.49 $34.99 $49.99
Madden NFL 25 (PS4) $48.59 $53.99 $59.99
MLB 13 The Show PS Vita $6.29 $8.99 $17.99
NHL 14 $24.49 $34.99 $49.99
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 $14.69 $20.99 $29.99

Other Discounts

Title Plus Price Regular Sale Price Original Price
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack – Graphic Theme Free
Draw Slasher $1.50 N/A $5.99
Mutant Blobs Attack Delicious Bundle $10.34 N/A $11.49
Mutant Blobs Attack Delicious Vita Upgrade $3.59 N/A $3.99
Sorcery Saga: Curse Of The Great Curry God $12.59 $17.99 $34.99
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack $7.19 N/A $7.99
Warframe: PS4 Renown Pack I – Obsidian Yomo Syandana $7.99 N/A $9.99
Zombeer $11.99 N/A $15.99

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

Last Chance (Leaving on 6/24)

Instant Game Collection
Gravity Rush
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Wipeout 2048

NHL 14

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update, make sure to vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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4 Author Replies

  • nothing interesting this week. Wish there was a better selection in that playstation sale.

  • For you long time PS fans, you may have remember. How at least one time a year PSN had PS+ deals, like for 45-50$ you got 1yr 3months and so on. Now my question is will we see this again? Since PS+ is almost a must this will no longer will this no longer come to be?

    Some of you may remember when some memembers got Music Unlimited for 12$ a year? there is no year plan for Music Unlimited since.

    I can see these being trends to get people to join in on these services. But it also gave those who already had these services to benifit from them as well. With all the “game sales”, are they their to make up for this?

    I mean would you like to get a once in a year chance to get a deal on PS+ or deals are sales on game? That are not for you, you may already own them due to PS+ or the age of them you own them or don’t want to play. Remember PS+ comes with deal, sales, betas and a number or other things. hell people forget about PS home, PS+ carries to that also.

  • Well, there goes my free time. Terraria on the Vita will be nuts. Also, Hot Shots on the Vita for $3.25? I have it physically, but that’s a no brainer.

  • Some of the deals seem alright,so can’t really complain myself

  • The

  • Still never can understand why sports games are still so expensive when a new game is about to come out. Why would I care about saving $10 to get a game that will have a new version in 2 months?

  • Sharingan_itachi

    kill the vita now

  • What the heck is a “Mutant Blobs Attack Delicious Vita Upgrade”? I’ve never heard of it and I can’t find anything else about it.

  • FINALLY!!! The best thing about this post is that golden abyss, 2048, and gravity rush are leaving the IGC. 19 months was WAY too long.

  • Terraria was super addicting on PC! Really curious to see how it plays on the Vita!

  • …That’s it?

    Awful week for Vita again, Thanks god we got Magical Beat.

    I recall long ago i bought tons of 50$ cards for good sales, now i barely bought one per month, and i am on doubt if resub to PS Plus, too many indies and no Vita Love..

    Too disappointing

  • Twisted Metal for my PS3 and Hot Shots Golf for my Vita, all for $8.25. Oh! and Terraria of course. I’m happy.

  • @Aalicia (9), those three aren’t being replaced, so it’s not exactly a good thing anymore. No more “evergreens” for any platform.

  • Terraria on Vita…Spent sooo many hours on the PS3 version that I fought off buying the Vita version.

    Now look what you’ve done Playstation :) Thanks. Superb game

  • meh vita should have gotten two or 3 games instead of a simple indie title

  • @ comment #9

    They will not be replaced. The new format adds six games a month that enter at the beginning and leave at the end. There is no stock ps+ games anymore

  • Might give Hot Shots Golf a try on the Vita. $3.25 isn’t bad at all. If I like it I might get the PS3 version as well.
    And ofcourse Terraria for the PSVita tho I’m disappointed at the cross trophy list.
    Rest of the deals I either already have (through PS+) or don’t interest me.

  • Feel bad for the PSBlog team this week, since the sales are a bit light…
    Poor folks will be in for a whole load of self-entitled crying…

    Personally, there’s not much here for me, but the deals I get throughout the year, not to mention the free games make up for it. That being said, I might pick up Hot Shots on Vita, since it’s only a couple of bucks.

  • @Fardeenah (15), the Vita will have received four games this month by the time it’s over (Sly4, PJSU, Terraria, and Mutant Mudds).

  • Ok there is a question that seems to be ignored and im going to ask again to see if by chance you finally answer it although i doubt it. I understand you are changing playstation plus on the normal games that we get each month but PLEASE explain whats happening to those special games that we are given once a year that normally stay there for a long time. Such as when you used uncharted and other games of that nature. It seems to be coming across that with this new change we are losing a lot of games because when you look at the original idea of the instant game collection where any new person could come in and get a minimum of i think it was 12 games or more from the start to now its just 6 games total it seems we are losing a lot. If your not getting rid of those games please tell us when we will be notified of their replacement since you removed that from E3 which is normally my favorite part of E3 and made this years very bland to me.

  • Terraria is a solid game. It was worth $15 bucks. Now all it’ll cost you is 100 hours of your free time!

  • @19 thanks but only sly 4 interest me. hoping next month we get something like lbp vita or ac liberation or rayman legends

  • C’mon SONY at least give us good sales …. !!! This sport games trend is really getting out of control.

  • Terraria for me thanks. Also, I highly recommend Hot Shots Golf (vita) to anyone for that price. Golf fan or no, it’s ridiculously fun.

  • What platform is Dead Nation? Is this the PS3/Vita crossbuy? I have it on PS4 now thanks to Plus a few months back.

  • GREAT NEWS!!!! –
    Last Chance (Leaving on 6/24)
    Instant Game Collection

    Gravity Rush
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    Wipeout 2048

  • I’m hoping for a great July for the IGC, considering a ton of top-shelf, retail games are getting phased out. Here’s my wishlist Sony, please don’t disappoint me!
    PS3 games
    The Last of Us
    God of War: Ascension
    Final Fantasy 13-2
    Red Dead Redemption – Game of the Year
    Darksiders 2
    L.A. Noire
    Beyond: Two Souls
    3D Dot Game Heroes
    Dead Space Extraction
    Infamous: Festival of Blood

    PS Vita games
    Persona 4 Golden
    Killzone: Mercenary
    Rayman Legends
    Dragon’s Crown
    Jacob Jones & the Bigfoot Mystery
    Escape Plan
    Resistance: Burning Skies

  • @Kristine

    Slight Typo in Description for Terraria

    It says ” Try the trial now! …”

    Looks like it was copy and pasted from a previous description. This is a free FULL game, not a Free Trial.

  • I’m just going to say Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God is an amazing, wonderful game, and everyone should get it at that price. You’re missing out if you don’t play it.

  • Holy crap. Instant Game collection has become a ghost town – The PSN Store itself has become as laggy and ugly as XBL circa 2007~2012. The IGC has dwindled down to nearly nothing – – I hate to scream the sky is falling, but honestly it’s starting to look that way.

    If they only added one game for every games they removed , it wouldn’t be an issue. But at the moment it’s losing 2~4 games a WEEK and barely gaining 2 a month.

    If this was the carrot on the stick to soften people up to the PS4’s paywall. Then it worked. For people who don’t have a PS4 and were enjoying what PSN+ offered, this is getting insulting.

    @20. They’re not answering your question because the answer is going to drive even more way people away from the PSN+.

  • @yentair

    Nier and 3D Dot Game Heroes aren’t available digitally in the PS Store.

  • ahh Terraria Vita…just when Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate was taking all of my time on the thing :D

    Also, Playstation All-Stars for 5 bucks? Since I don’t own it yet, heck yes.

  • Sorcery Saga: Curse Of The Great Curry God for 12 bucks? Im in!

  • I *really* hope that VIta’s IGC is much better next month. We want more than just run of the mill Indies!

  • Something I think a lot of people aren’t understanding: the Instant Game Collection idea from Plus is gone. They stopped it. No more. Plus has changed: it’s now two games for each platform, so a total of six, every month. 72 games each year, or 24 for each platform. They go in at the beginning of the month, they go out at the beginning of the next when that month’s crop of games are added.

    How is this such a hard thing to understand?

  • YUCK this week!!! :-(

  • Nothing.

  • smoothboarder540

    Before people start hating on Terraria, please try it. The game is much deeper and addictive than you might think at first glance. Assuming you don’t cheat and get high level items from a friend, you can spend many hours finding materials and battling bosses, always trying to get better items until you’re indestructible. My first impression of Terraria was that it was just a 2D minecraft clone, but they really aren’t that similar at all.

  • Will get the PS All-stars battle royale though..
    I was thinking that the LittleBigPlanet was Vita version… but it isn’t, right?

  • Yes! Sorcery Saga: Curse Of The Great Curry God, can’t wait!

  • Trash update

  • AssaultMonkey150

    Hey guys, ratchet and clank ToD and CiT are both listed under the actual only on playstation sale page, but not listed here?

    Are you guys going to pull a Ground Zeroes like you did last week and bump their price up later?….

  • @38 you can cheat? I’m so in. :D

  • Sorcery Saga: Curse Of The Great Curry God 12 dls!! niceeeeeeee Im gonna get it this time for sure!! <3

  • Terraria…sweet sweet candy…

  • It’s now the good time to stop subscribing for ps plus. No yearly titles and weak sales it’s not worth it. I noticed most of the time lately some sales don’t have a ps plus discount. I guess to attract new vita comers, it’s not a good sign to remove uncharted, gravity rush and wipe out since it’s not even gonna be replace by 3 new yearly titles.

  • New content coming to Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack PS Vita? Amazing, I LOVE that game! :)

    I think I’ll get Tearaway, PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale PS Vita and Hot Shot Golf PS Vita!

  • Given Microsoft’s price drop, their attempts to match Gold with Plus, PS Plus’ 4th anniversary, and it being E3 last week – I honestly expected big things from Plus in June. I admit to being disappointed, it seems like Sony is taking away more than they are putting out. Hopefully July will be better.

  • Not related, but will some of the letter we sent you get a response?

  • LittleBigPlanet PS3, not LittleBigPlanet Vita, right? If it’s the PS3 one, that’s not really a deal at all. People can get it used for that price all the time, and long-time PS+ users will already have LBP2 anyway.

    I’m interested in Terraria, but… truthfully, I’m worried about PS+’s ability to deliver bigger companies’ titles now that PS+ is a required option for PS4 users looking to play online together. We’ve gotten lots and lots of indies so far, and while indies are nice every so often (like Lone Survivor and Terraria), there are plenty that I haven’t enjoyed in the slightest. I am hoping that Sony can continue to bring us AAA titles like Sleeping Dogs in the future, for PS3, PS4, and Vita. I would hope that now that titles are only available for one singular month, this would be more appetizing for game companies to get the word out about their games without losing too much money. Here’s hoping.

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