Only on PlayStation Sale Starts Tomorrow

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Only on PlayStation Sale Starts Tomorrow

Only on PlayStation Sale

Hi everyone! I know last week was a huge week for PlayStation and that there is no way that this week can match the excitement of E3, but we are going to try anyway. Starting tomorrow, we’re discounting some fantastic Worldwide Studios titles as part of our Only on PlayStation Sale. The lineup of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games will be on sale through June 23rd.

Pick up Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition, Flower, Tearaway, Shadow of the Colossus and more PlayStation exclusives at up to 50 percent off. PlayStation Plus members get an added bonus receiving up to 75 percent off.

Here is the full lineup:

Title Original Price Sale Price PS Plus Price
Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition (PS4) $14.99 $7.49 $3.75
Flower (PS4) $6.99 $4.99 $3.49
Flower (PS3) $6.99 $4.99 $3.49
Flower (PS Vita) $6.99 $4.99 $3.49
ICO (PS3) $19.99 $9.99 $5.00
LittleBigPlanet (PS3) $29.99 $14.99 $7.50
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3) $19.99 $9.99 $5.00
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (PS3) $14.99 $9.99 N/A
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction $14.99 $9.99 N/A
Shadow of the Colossus (PS3) $19.99 $9.99 $5.00
Tearaway (PS Vita) $35.99 $24.99 $17.49
Twisted Metal (PS3) $19.99 $9.99 $5.00

Which of these PlayStation exclusives are you going to pick up? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Journey? Little Big Planet 2? im new on ps3 and ps+ so ill grab LBP maybe flower, and ICO, but Journey, LBP 2 would be great, thank you Sony

  • Can I upgrade ICO and SotC plus version and buy them at that price?

  • I own every single game on that list but I’m sure that somebody pick up some of these games they’re all really good

  • sigh…not a single game i’m interested in. I’d like to see a Vita sale. More specifically a sale on the digital only japanese games like Atelier Totori and Meruru.

  • …That’s it?

    Awful week for Vita again, Thanks god we got Magical Beat.

    I recall long ago i bought tons of 50$ cards for good sales, now i barely bought one per month, and i am on doubt if resub to PS Plus, too many indies and no Vita Love..

    Too disappointing

  • @NX_Nytrux

    The only way to purchase games you already got for “free” on PS+ is to wait until your sub expires.

  • I feel the last Flash sale was mis-advertised, and I hope they bring back the RPG sale again. I was very upset I missed out on Ni No Kuni for $5.


    Been kicking myself for missing the sale on Tearaway around Christmas. Finally another sale! Yay!

    Wish Tools of Destruction had a PS+ discount. I’ll have to think about it at $10.

  • I own all of these…terrible sale.

  • We need another JRPG sale, with more Vita titles like Valhalla Knights 3 and old PS3 games like Agarest.
    If the games on sale are too recent (as was the case with Dark Souls 2), the discount will be too small.

  • @52 as far as I know there is no way to buy a game you ‘own’ via PS+ (except by using a different account of course)

  • Pretty cool! I’ll finally pick up Flower and Dead Nation.

  • Good list but wish Journey was being sold with Flower… I’ll probably wait to pick up the Journey CE when it hits a good price point.

  • it would be really helpful if cross-buy titles could be identified. perhaps instead of listing “Flower” three separate times, instead list it as:

    Flower (PS4/PS3/Vita)

    and for something that’s not cross-buy, as an example, list it as:

    Dragon’s Crown (PS3)
    Dragon’s Crown (Vita)

    Cross-buy is such a HUGE benefit that Sony provides to its gamers, any missed chance to promote it is a shame.

  • Only one game for ps4? and it was free with plus =(.
    Great deal for Twisted Metal anyway.


  • I never tried Twisted Metal so now it’s a great time.

  • Flower has always interested me. If for no other reason than to know what the fuzz was all about when it released a few years back. But Im saving for the Outlast DLC, Whistlerblower and for Daylight, so I guess my gamer heart is more dark than peaceful and/or ethereal (which are the most mentioned characteristics when people talk about Flower) :)

  • I’ll finally pick up Twisted Metal.

  • If you’re going to feature an “Only on PlayStation Sale”, you should really have every PlayStation-exclusive title on sale, even if it’s just a measly 10-25% Off. This makes it seem like Sony has very little to offer in terms of exclusives to any outsider.

  • This is a paltry list. And last time PS All Stars was on sale it came with the Vita version for free. It’s always been that way, The Vita version comes with the PS3 version, not the other way around. So buy the game for 5 bucks and get both versions, separate trophies. Cross play but no cross save. Have to play the game twice.

  • Playstation All Stars is a cross-buy title folks, not to mention a fun game to play, especially online or with friends. :)

  • Excellent. There are 3 that I will be picking up Dead Nation, Flower and Shadow of the Colossus Thanks Sony

  • lol did this really warrant an entire post for itself?

  • Good Sales! for me Flower (Ps4, Ps3 & Ps Vita), Little Big Planet, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Tearaway & Twisted Metal, Thanks Sony!

  • Only on Playstation sale.. IGNORE OVER 95% OF THE PLAYSTATION LIBRARY.

    I’ve haven’t seen such a lack of Sony products in a Sony Product since PlayStation’s Third Party All-Stars.

  • Yeah, too many complainers, buy a wii u.
    This kind of sale is an ultra special rare great sale on a wii u; they have no sales.
    And yes, God of War Ascension went on sale before. I think they did dropped the price, now.

  • Well I think I’m finally going to get Flower. Otherwise kinda a lame sale. All these people saying they are going to pick up Dead Nation, wasn’t it free on ps+ last month?

  • not much selection :(

    Also, why is the post rating system STILL BROKEN?

  • got my eyes on that twisted metal but thats it really.

  • So if the Plus price for R&C is N/A, does that mean it is free?

  • Any chance of bringing back the RPG sale from last week? Thanks.

  • @ Darth_NODlike

    No discount, it stays at the regular sale price.

  • This is really an underwhelming sale.
    I agree with other people, there is more to Sony than this extremely short list of games.
    Yes, for people new to Plus/PS3 it is a decent sale, but there should be a lot more of games. The best console of last gen deserves a great sale list if it’s going to be called “Only on PlayStation Sale”
    I will try to grab TM though, for $5 it’s really tempting.

    Also, thanks for the Ratchet and Clank games!

  • None of those for me this week.
    I’m still waiting for Spyro and Crash on Vita (and PS4?) as far as PlayStation exclusives go.

  • I already own Flower for PS3 and I love it!
    Is it worth buying it for PS4?

    Twisted Metal for $5!? I’m in! I’ll give my physical copy to my friend so we can play together…

  • AssaultMonkey150

    I almost bought those 2 ratchet and clank games used last week for a B2G1 free sale. Guess I’ll bite and get digitally, but really no discount at ALL for plus? Even a dollar off, something- seems rather petty to make all the games listed have nice discounts for us Plus members but not those 2 games?

  • @ Prostom

    Have you bought Flower digitally?
    If so, check the PS4 version on the web store, it will probably be free for you. The game is cross-buy.

  • @Vinland_Krauser
    Is that true!? I didn’t know that!
    That’s great! Tnks!

  • @59: LMAO! You owning all of them means the complete opposite of a terrible sale, but rather a good one. This sale just isn’t for you then.

    I either bought retail or got some from PS+ awhile ago, but this sale is a nice selection of titles! Thanks for the drop!

  • These are great games. What people are complaining about is that most of us already own them. It’s not like the majority of these games weren’t previously on sale multiple occasions in the past.

  • @ halloween_cloud

    Not only that, but it’s also because most of these titles were offered as PS+ games not long ago, so this sale feels like a stealth Ratchet and Clank promotion.

  • Some great games for people that have missed getting these on plus or previous sales, but not much new or exciting for everyone else. Perhaps next week. Thanks though.

  • Tearaway is great, a must-buy for Vita owners IMO.

  • All Stars Cross-Buy by any chance? Too bad I already own all these games.

  • @ coolasj19

    Yes. Buying the PS3 version adds both the PS3 and Vita versions to your download list.

  • Great games for anyone listening pick up Tearaway an amazing Vita classic even the head of Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto was so impressed that he played on the show floor at E3. Also Ratchet and Clank are classic platformers. Surprising Ill get Twisted Metal I owned all the originals Twisted 1, 2, Black(PS2), Head on (PSP), now Ill finally see what the ps3 one was like. Too bad we prolly never will get a ps4 version although I think Twisted Metal PS4 with Morpheus would look amazing.

    Starhawk and Warhawk shouldve got some love too, those were great games, you should promote the unknown exclusives more than the knowns. A Warhawk PS4 would be awesome.

  • is the LBP crossbuy with vita?

  • @ juuichi-11


  • Whoa what a great sale(sarcasm) .I’ll buy All-Stars only if it’s cross buy. $5 isn’t bad.

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