The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/17/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/17/2014
The Drop

Train hard, step into the Octagon, and stay focused — EA Sports UFC storms onto PS4 this week.

The latest in MMA simulation, EA Sports UFC boasts incredible fighter likenesses based on high-resolution head and body scans, supplemented by real-time body deformation. The design team has taken exhaustive efforts to create the most authentic MMA experience possible, which is notable from a simple sheen of sweat to realistic muscle flex. Engage in dynamic striking exchanges and strategic submissions, all bolstered by a rich artificial intelligence to facilitate life-like fights that change dynamically throughout the match.

And PlayStation gamers get even more this week with the return of a fan-favorite — Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, which hits PS3. And two chapters in the well-loved Ratchet & Clank series hit PlayStation Store.

There’s even more coming to PlayStation this week, so read on and enjoy the Drop!

Battle Princess of Arcadias
EA Sports UFC
Magical Beat
MotoGP 13
Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

New PlayStation Releases This Week

Battle Princess of Arcadias
PS3 — Digital
The kingdom of Schwert was once peaceful and beautiful. But now it’s been overrun by monsters, and as the Battle Princess Plume, it’s up to you to set things right in this colorful, high-speed action RPG! Collect a group of warriors and engage in skirmishes against small groups of enemies before taking on huge bosses.
EA Sports UFC
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Feel the fight. The creators of the critically-acclaimed Fight Night franchise bring you into the next-generation of fighting. Step into the Octagon with EA Sports UFC and make your opponent feel every strike, takedown, and submission.
Magical Beat
PS Vita — Digital
A sensational experience combining drop-down puzzles with beats! The main BGM is composed by the Nico Nico celebrity and sound creator Kikuo. Enjoy the thirteen colorful pixel-art characters to take you through the game.
MotoGP 13
PS3 — Digital
This is MotoGP 13, the official MotoGP game. Try Career Mode, rising from a Moto3 wildcard to the MotoGP World Champion, or challenge your friends in Split Screen or Online Championship.
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
PS3 — Going Digital (Already Available at Retail)
This classic disc-only release arrives on PlayStation Store. The iconic duo traverse the stars in an effort to unravel strange disruptions in time and space. Features brand new time-based puzzles and an unparalleled level of exploration in the Ratchet & Clank series.
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
PS3 — Going Digital (Already Available at Retail)
Another disc-only release arrives on PlayStation Store! Ratchet & Clank must embark on a galactic adventure to uncover the mystery of Ratchet’s origin. This adventure introduces new characters, new weapons, and all-new worlds for Ratchet and Clank to explore.
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
PS3 — Digital (Already Available on PS Vita)
Play through 24 full game levels, PLUS top-down bonus stages. Features insane growth: start as the size of a tennis ball and grow to massive proportions. And wield mutant powers — fly like a bottle rocket, stick to things like a fridge magnet, or use the powers of telekinesis to move platforms.

Demos and Betas

Magical Beat — PS Vita Demo

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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9 Author Replies

  • Dusty_TheBrawler

    BEYOND!! heey ryan can you tell us the release dates for Freedom Wars and Tales Of Hearts R…. plzz answer

  • ps store logic: almost 2015 … gives you MotoGP 13 (y)

  • kids, stop complaining bout the SCEA and how they dont give a shift to Vita owners. Just import the games you like from Euro or Asia (there are a lot of AAA games released there with eng subs) … like sword art online – chinese with english subs. you can buy it on play asia

  • 2 weeks with nothing for vita…

  • I don’t plan on getting a PS4 for quite some time, so I’m glad to see them adding older titles that were only available on disc to the store. Thanks for that! Keep them coming!!

  • ShinMegamiSensei

    Anyone have an idea on the pricing for Battle Princess? I’m hoping it’s $40 at the most…

  • How much is the 2 Ratchet and Clank games..and how big IS the games (in terms of GBs)?

  • Another PS Vita exclusive Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack no longer a PS Vita exclusive, as it is on a PS3 now. LOL. Any news on Ratchet and Clank Vita Collection for North America? Any other good news for the Vita?

  • I wish you guys would talk to ATLUS about porting Catherine to the Vita, and talk to Tecmo about bringing the Deception PS1 games out on PSN classics. PLEASE!

  • loads of nothing for vita!

  • madmanwithabox12

    Where is the Vita love? Extremely disappointed following E3.

  • Any chance of a Ratchet Future Trilogy? People might be more likely to pick up a bundle of 3 older, connected games than separate ones.

  • I need MORE games AAA for Vita! :/

  • Mutant Blobs Attack free for Vita owners?

  • @juuichi-11 – not everybody is an anime or jrpg fanboy, plus there’s a lot of us that have tons of content along with their plus account in US. Importing anything from other regions is a complete pain in the butt because you’re only allowed 1 account on your vita and swapping memory cards and doing the vita factory reset so you can do account/region swaps is both unnecessarily expensive and just too much hassle. Then you gotta look at the fact that a lot of people don’t want Japanese language audio with English text because it takes away from the total experience when you have to read every little thing that’s said and some of the Japanese voices are overly cutesy and grate on some people’s nerves. Then you gotta look at localization. What makes sense in Japan often times does not carry over and translate well to English to start with and games need a proper localization

    You think that you mean well, but is it too much to ask that a 200+ dollar investment in hardware is actually supported in the regional markets where it was purchased?

  • @Shinmegamisensei, I was hoping 15 bucks. Most when this kind of games always comes with a myriad of DLC content.

  • 1. No, SCEA don’t care about Vita.
    2. The Vita is not dead.
    3. There are tons of games on and coming to Vita, expand your horizons if you think it has nothing to play.

  • @65: Fail. You don’t have to swap accounts to use other region games. I play Japanese and Europe releases all the time on my Vita. Shoo with your ignorance.

  • Battle Princess immediately caught my eye, and good on Mutant Blobs Attack jumping onto another PS system; nabbed the PS Vita version way back, though I’ve still not picked up one (note to self: stop procrastinating employment!). Also good seeing more disc-only releases going digital. I know there’s some we’ll likely never see *glares at the Disney and SQEX duo*, but making games available through more channels is always aces.

  • Lestatdelioncort

    It’s kinda sad to see people who were expecting sony to focus more on vita during the first official ps4 E3. It’s your own fault for setting your expectations way to high. You all should of known that the focus this year would be on the new consoles. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise. First it’s ps4 has no games now its ps vita has no games (which simply isn’t the case it has tons of games) make up your minds.

    You are clearly in the minority.

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    Glad to see the two Ratchet games finally come to PSN. Hopefully the Resistance trilogy comes to PSN, even though the online support for the games is done. :(

    Maybe someday we’ll get another Resistance game…

  • heck yeah Magical Beat, this one is a surprise for me, because I was waiting to be announced on today I find out it will be realized

  • Nothing for me this week, but decent games even if it’s a couple older titles just going digital. R&C Future: ToD was a fantastic titles years ago… I’m sure it still holds up with current standards.

    Off topic. Destiny is phenomenal, maxed out my level in Alpha and couldn’t get enough of it in co-op with friends. Can’t wait till September 9th!

  • Battle Princess of Arcadias is awesome!

  • So much that I waited for a new God Of War …. :(

  • ok i’m frustrated with vita not having enough AAA games on E3, there i said it!!! as much as i like indie, i really want to play something like uncharted or infamours or mgs on my vita, and it was a slap on the face when it was announced that FF type 0 was for ps4 not vita,

  • @68 – No, I did not fail. I was talking about digital purchases which you do have to swap memory cards so you can swap accounts and do a factory reset. And another issue is the added cost of importing games from currency conversions and price differences. Plus if you do buy digitals the European and Japanese PSN stores don’t accept US credit cards, so you end up getting extorted by companies selling foreign PSN cards.

    This isn’t my first day and I have bought from other regions. For all intents and purposes it is just impractical to import games in a digital marketplace. The internet used to be a thing used to better yourself and educate yourself, but now that every person in the world just about has internet access it’s just a place for people like you to go around insulting people instead of taking the time to actually read and understand what was said, so to quote an arrogant fool : “Shoo with YOUR ignorance”

  • Hey Ryan,

    Since the official channels haven’t been working, perhaps you can get word up the chain of command…

    A number of people who attended the E3 Experience at movie theaters across the country didn’t realize that they needed to redeem their badge codes right away to get the digital bonuses. (The codes expired at midnight, June 10 — just hours after the E3 event ended). The expiration date seemed needlessly draconian considering that it wasn’t even communicated at the events or on the badge itself.

    Is there any way the expiration date can be adjusted so those of us who weren’t able to redeem our codes can do so in the next week or two?

  • Wow really? The code was only good for a couple hours? That doesn’t seem right. It’s a good thing I didn’t go then. The closest theater that was doing it is like a 3 hour drive from my house so I probably wouldn’t have made it home in time to use the code.

    You’re not gonna get much help if any here. I’d call the support line. Don’t use the web chat – they can’t do anything and try their best to just tell you what you want to hear to blow you off, but call the 800 number and stay on the line til you get somebody that will actually fix it. Ask for an account specialist if somebody tells you they can’t help you

  • I would have loved to see MotoGP for the vita

  • Battle Princess looks nice,would like to play a demo….I’ll be trying that Magical Beat demo.UFC is bad but graphics look damn good…also surprised to see both Ratchet games going digital after all this time.Pretty cool.

    Also Ryan Clements you’re a funny dude….good job on the interviews of the E3 livecast.

  • Tales from space mutant blob game is alot of fun on Vita. All people asking for Vita games need to know that e3 isn’t the only game show. If we don’t get atleast one awesome Vita announcement this year then maybe next year. Patience is key. It’s a beast of a device that could even match whatever the big N has next for a handheld. It’s not going to just fade away. If we keep talking they will surely make a big Vita announcement. Thanks guys, keep up the Vita chant cause I love my Vita and appreciate the concern. Get on it Sony.

  • Ratchet And Clank Future Collection for PS4! Please pass that along Ryan, doesn’t that sound awesome! Especially with his new movie coming. I would love that considering I haven’t played the Future ones!

  • Is MotoGP 13 coming out or MotoGP 14 because I just saw that 14 was announced for all Playstation platforms due out June 20.

  • Sweet! R&C going Digital is finally here!

  • shibbydibbybibby

    @ bahamut


    theres another thing to add to would aid in this discussion.

    when importing, any online multiplayer/dlc insert codes will only work with the region the account is set up for.

    lets say… a vita with japan account buys a physi US borderlands 2. well, if you want the dlc and online multiplayer youre SOL. dlc and multiplayer are region locked.

    lets say… a vita with a US account buys a physi soul sacrifice delta from asia. you know, the one we shoulda got with the english translation. the dlc and online multiplayer is inactive since the US account wont accept another regions dlc/multiplayer modes.

    while yes, thankfully a physi game garners the ability to play it on any account, its ultimately meaningless for multiplayer games since those modes are region locked. worse if the game came with dlc.

    and yes, that factory reset account switching debacle is lame and would be alleviated/countered if the vita ran more in line with the other SONY products by allowing multiple SEN accounts.

    lets not forget that the memory cards did allow for more then one regions account purchases and that feature was removed by SONY.

  • Looks like my wallet is safe for another week. I need to dig into my backlog anyway.

  • shibbydibbybibby

    *edit: its case by case whether the online will function for any game, but yes, dlc is region locked.

    id love an edit button, but to say mutliplayer wouldnt be accepted at all persee is incorrect. sorry bout that. its moments like these an EDIT button would be nice.

    the elephant in the room lies in the memory card gouging.

    so to recap…

    buying digital = overpriced memory + account locked

    buying physical = overpriced memory but more wiggle room + resell value + play on any account

    importing physical = overpriced memory + larger pool of games + region locked dlc

    for me, the problem im having is supporting devs who push to digital only releases especially when they released the game on a cart elsewhere.

    many of the games in pipeline are digi only. patches eat up enough memory on the physical games as it is. now its becoming a digital my way or the highway. want to import? kiss the dlc goodbye unless you enjoy factroy reset or multiple memory cards.

  • shibbydibbybibby

    nice trick there. force a digital only release structure while gouging your proprietary memory cards. ahhh industry at its finest…

    laughable too when the digital releases that do have a physi counterpart cost identical.

    multiple accounts is essential for the vita. i think we can all agree on this one.

    oh and the minor elephant in the room?

    E3 showing of vita tv coming stateside and not the 64gb card. great job!

  • @45. I am glad that you have games like Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed, One Piece Unlimited World R, Tales of Hearts R, Freedom Wars, Oreshika that you look forward to. Well, I don’t like JRPGs and the only game that might interest me from that list might be Freedom Wars. Nothing else. @45, could you recommend some upcoming games for PS Vita to look forward that are not JRPGs and are not Indie games? Something in the vein of GTA or Infamous; what, do I hear crickets?

  • Why not MotoGP 13 for Vita as well? Oh yeah, that’s right, Sony of North America wants them to pay a separate certification fee than the one they paid in Europe. Why the Vita hate, SCEA?

  • Any word on the price for Battle Princess of Arcadia?

  • Is mutant blobs attack cross buy?

  • Just so you know, every time I try to rate a post, it says I’ve already rated it, even though I haven’t. Just started doing that recently.

  • Can we pre-load UFC???

  • soooo… that spelunky for ps4… and all the other PORTS thats taking months to get to ps4… what the hell’s up with that crap, is there any real urgency for these developers to take our money? people have firmly stood behind throwing full price at these people and they are throwing us on the back burners…. ughhhhh. a lot of this is just losing steam for me. its funny to me that one of the very few consistent and on schedule games, as of right now at least, is destiny (knock on wood) they havent had a single delay yet, and they deliver on their word. even when they dont give much of one… its kinda putting some of the other veteran developers to shame

  • Moto G looks interesting.

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