E3 2014 LiveCast Day 2: What You’ve Missed

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E3 2014 LiveCast Day 2: What You’ve Missed

Here’s the latest haul of from day two of our E3 LiveCast! You can catch our day one roundup, which includes interviews and first gameplay footage for Mortal Kombat X, The Order 1886, inFAMOUS First Light, and LittleBigPlanet 3. Or check out day three, which includes Hohokum, Guns Up, Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, Broforce and a slew of killer indies.

Far Cry 4

Summary: Setting, villain, elephants, weaponry, open world

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 2: What You’ve Missed

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Summary: Dynamic co-op multiplayer (two to four players), combat, and puzzles


Summary: Friendly fire, difficulty, mission types, progression

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 2: What You’ve Missed

Lords of the Fallen

Summary: Story overview, combat mechanics, difficulty

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 2: What You’ve Missed

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Summary: New setting, weapons, enemies, butt stomps

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 2: What You’ve Missed

Diablo III: The Ultimate Evil Edition

Summary: PlayStation-exclusive armor and Rifts, native 1080p and 60 frames per second, DualShock 4, new features

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 2: What You’ve Missed

Homefront: The Revolution

Summary: Open-world guerrilla warfare, intensely detailed PS4 visuals, battling a superior enemy

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 2: What You’ve Missed

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

Summary: Rebuilding gameplay and graphics from the ground up, the many charms of Lorne Lanning

EA Sports NHL 15

Summary: PS4 visuals and 3D facial animation, puck and player collision physics, authentic arenas and crowds

Dead Island 2

Summary: California under zombie siege, first-person combat, eight-player multiplayer, PS4-exclusive beta

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 2: What You’ve Missed

Scott Rhode, Senior VP, World Wide Studios America

EA Sports UFC

Summary: Fighter roster (Bruce Lee with pre-order!), dynamic striking, body deformation, strategic submissions


Summary: First look at FromSoftware’s PS4-exclusive action RPG

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 2: What You’ve Missed

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  • Know what’s kinda embarrassing: The preview image for the Homefront: The Revolution video is also the thumbnail on the Blog’s front-page, so I thought there was Vita coverage, especially with the La Mulana post just prior.


  • Thanks Sony, E3 finally pushed me to sell my Vita.

  • Will there be anything new from known franchises for Vita at Gamescom? I know a lot of people commenting on here are overreacting but it really was disappointing that vita games had such a small presence 2 e3s in a row.

  • Overreacting? They paid 200-250 dollars for a handheld console that was supposed to be great, but instead it’s nothing but a cash grab from Sony who is just trying to drop the Vita completely now.
    It’s been out for almost 3 years in the US, yet there’s nothing for it. Get a 3DS, Nintendo actually knows how to support a handheld console.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Today at E3… Sony still has nothing to show for the Vita.

  • Sid I promise I’m not trying to be a jerk but where the heck are the Vita games? Tetris came with my Gameboy back in 1989 and that’s about the only thing I’ve seen so far.

  • I agree with TeamGreen615:

    We honestly just want to know if there are more Vita games than those already mentioned during the Monday’s conference.

    Let me add that I was glad to hear today that La-Mulana was coming to Vita, but I was also certainly hoping to see more games.

  • @2

    Did you see the Xbox buttons in that same thumbnail? Hmmm….

  • If Nintendo put mature action games on their handheld i would probably buy one. But all they have is that kiddie stuff i care nothing about.

  • Hi Sid, near the end of your interview about Homefront: The Revolution, you asked for a release date/period, but then the video cut off as you were being answered. Can you please tell us what the response was?

  • Yea well here is what you missed Sony no FF Type-0 on vita

  • How about showing us part 2 of today?

  • @Drew_Croft Soul Sacrifice Delta? Freedom Wars? Senran Kagura? Akiba’s Trip? Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1? Yeah, stop playing stupid. I have both a 2DS and Vita and I find the Vita still enjoyable. Maybe you’re just jealous because you didn’t install Crash or Spyro on it.

  • I’m sure they’ll talk about Vita games.. right after they talk about The Last Guardian.

  • The Humble Bundle E3 coverage has been pretty great.

  • Homefront demo is a XONE or, most likely, PC version, by the buttons icons on the HUD… What a shame, a playstation interview with another platform version..

  • When are any of the E3 trailers going to appear on PSN? All I see so far are a handful of trailers that are so small that they aren’t worth watching.

    I’d really like to be able to download them from PSN, check em out in detail, show them to friends, etc.

  • Batman Arkham Knight running on PC, Homefront running on PC or X1. Nice job guys! #GreatnessAwaits

  • Vita games ? no ? LAmulana and other already announced games are satisfying for the coming year ??? Really ?

    Praise the lord SCEJ exists for the sake of the Vita… SCEE and SCEA are dropping the console, and with it us, remember sony, your loyal custommers ??? Maybe PS4 is TOOOO important to actually care about Vita gamers, but consider that we have filled your bank account by buying the console AND the games…

  • Agreed, would love to hear about some new exclusive vita titles, really wish Sony would announce anything about a new headset for the ps4.

  • FF Type-0 for Vita please

  • What You’ve Missed?

    Screw you Sony.

    We missed PS VITA’s GAMES


  • Why the heck is everyone whining so much? Vita got plenty of attention, so apparently you guys didn’t watch the show. And regardless of how much you want it, the Vita is NEVER going to be as important as the big systems are. I have a Vita and I dig it, but I understand that it’s a handheld. It’s secondary. Anyone who bought one thinking they were going to constantnly be flooded with AAA titles from first-party studios sorely overestimated it. It is what it was always meant to be. It was never meant to replace a PS4/PS3. But the library of Vita games is not bad at all and it is still growing, and it will continue to grow for years.

    And in response to those complaining about the Xbone footage for Homefront: Sure, PS4 footage would have been better, but E3 is not “The PlayStation Show”. Most developers there are showing off multi-platform games and it’s kind of silly to bring multiple demos of the same game just so the controller buttons fit the interviews. Did you guys think Homefront: The Revolution looked good? Well, that’s great then that it was Xbone footage, because it means it’ll look even better when we see it on PS4.

  • All the Vita detractors, what exactly is it that you want? People keep saying there is nothing on Vita, I have 3 32gig a 16 gig & 8 gig memory cards that would say otherwise. All told their are over 600 titles(counting psp & ps1 classics) that can be played on vita right now. They said at the conference there was another 100 games in development for Vita & they had the sizzle trailer showing some of them off. There seriously is no lack of games, so I think the real complaint is about the type of games. Namely indies, which honestly has brought us some of the freshest and most varied game experiences we’ve had in the last 5 years. People say there aren’t any or enough AAA games, when major franchises have appeared on the system. We just got Bordelands, and what happend? It got a mixed reception because it wasn’t exactly like the PS3 version. I think people are being unfair with many of these complaints.

  • @ ngreatshark & PanTheMan16

    Open your eyes,PS4 is getting many AAA games now ok it’s ok but THERE is even not any AAA game for Vita at E3 2014!!!

    all we want is new AAA and exclusive AAA games for VITA! do you understand? no old game no port just new and exclusive games.

    is it so hard to understand? look at 3DS or Wii U,then back here and talk.

    VITA is not another smartphone it’s a console and the most powerful handheld console on earth! so

    already 20 AAA games for PS4 and NONE for Vita.

    that’s enough,we are human,stop Racism,we only own VITA.

  • @25/26
    Vita got plenty of attention? Are you kidding me? It did not. It was an afterthought. We’re getting F2Ps and the like.

    No, I don’t expect constant AAA titles, but Sony isn’t even making AA or A or B titles for it here in the West. The console is relying almost exclusively on indies, ports, and Japanese support, and that’s not working. Sony is doing nothing here to support it – SCE’s president has even said their new focus with the Vita is to make it a “PS4 extender.”

    The library of Vita games isn’t bad (though you can’t count PS1/PSP games – though on that note, we still don’t have full access), but it could be much better. There is a gaping hole where Western support should be that needs to be filled. Sony isn’t marketing the thing or even trying to sell it anymore. It’s like they’re trying to ease it to death, if anything.

    Forget AAA for a minute. Let’s just talk about games for Vita period. Show me how many non-indie, non-multiplat, non-F2P, non-port games that SONY OF AMERICA/EUROPE announced/mentioned at E3.

    It’s 0.

  • #28 Freedom Wars is a vita exclusive that’s not an indie or F2p, and graphically it looks the part of a AAA production

  • @PanTheMan16 How many Vita games have you actually purchased? Looking at your trophies it appears to be not many. You mostly have what PS+ has given us and some cross buy titles. I have spent a lot of money on Vita games the last year and a half and disappointed with the lack of games coming to the west. I’m not saying the Vita doesn’t have any games I just wanted to hear some new titles coming in the future. Last year we knew Dragons Crown, Killzone, Batman AOB, Tearaway, Ys, God of war Collection, and Boarderlands were coming. Where are the titles this year. The Vita owners who have shelled out a lot of money have the right to be upset.

  • Glad to see the PS4 getting new games. All I have is a PS3 and a Vita but oh well. I can Keys of Kyrat with someone.

    And guys, the Vita has alot of great games just not the “console quality” people wanted. They crave big titles natively on the Vita. We payed $250 for it.

    Thanks, for the update Sid, you guys have the second best E3 presentation in my opinion. Thanks for at least supporting one of your consoles well. I guess.

  • @15 (Gamerzlimited)
    I’m a huge Neptunia fan (just plated PP), so you know I’m super excited for Re;birth 1, as well as the future titles out now in Japan. (like Noire’s game…)

    However, the larger issue is that there aren’t any EXCLUSIVES beyond what was put out at launch. All I heard during the Vita segment was INDIE INDIE INDIE INDIE Tales of Hearts R INDIE INDIE INDIE. If Japanese games are going to be the only good ones (outside of indies) on the system, then I think Sony should promote THOSE. I’m not saying they should knock on NISA’s door and pressure them to localize games left and right (especially since they would also have to get in touch with the original devs, like Compile Heart and N1), but for the ones that DO get localized, I think they should at least say “Hey, if you want more than just indies and PS4 Remote Play, these are the games to play.”. At least I saw the likes of Conception 2 and FFX HD in that little montage during the Vita presentation.

  • For the record, I’m not hating on indie games (most of the ones I’ve played are fantastic!), but rather the fact that Sony is marketing the thing as an “indiecade” and the PS4’s 2nd screen.

  • Infamous 1st Light gameplay?…is that really coming?…I wanna see that….also

    Homefront: The Revolution
    Summary: “intensely detailed PS4 visuals”

    This doesn’t exist on multiplat games…but anyway I decided to ignore the announcement of this new Homefront because the 1st game is crap but I didn’t know crytek had taken over the game….oh well it looks better now.Gotta see how it’ll turn out to be.

  • Where is the Vita games ?????????? I have vita and Nothing we want infamous or battlefield or something else

  • Lestatdelioncort

    Again, i’ll repeat myself like i did in the type-0 article. The PS4 was announced A YEAR ago, the main focus on E3 this year is going to be on the PS4. if you were thinking that the vita would get a lot of attention this E3 you were dead wrong. You set; your expectations way to high and that is ENTIRELY your fault.

    Let me ask it in the form of a question what is more important to sony right now? A console that they JUST released, or a handheld that was released 2 years ago?

    Not only that many people were asking for more games on the PS4 versus the Vita which has plenty of games already. Sony also had to address that. The people at playstation have a lot of work and addressing to do, not only for ps4, but for vita. They are not your slaves and you do not own them. I am happy that we are even getting Tales of Hearts R, im stoked for it and that’s all i can ask for. You guys in the other hand are acting like entitled spoiled brats. The games will come! Let them address what needs addressing first.

  • @Tjoeb123 Yeah, Re;birth 1 is great (Also playing PP as well). That’s at least a game on the Vita if you don’t plan to buy the original on the PS3 or don’t have the system for it.

    Most of the games I mentioned we’re announced before E3. There’s even more, so a game doesn’t have to announced that time to convince me to buy the system for it. I’m not going to sell my Vita like Stupid_Croft here. To me, indies are not the problem. The real problem is that Sony is putting those as the PS+ freebies over other games. At this rate, I don’t think we’re going to get Assassin’s Creed 3 or Far Cry 3 like EU did. With the previous months we had, I felt like I should have not renewed another year of PS+ on Black Friday last year. Now I’m stuck until 2015.

  • @Drew – I agree with the guy who said ‘overreacting’. There are a ton of very good games on the Vita. I have only enjoyed two of the many games I’ve tried on my 3DS(and even those two were kinda meh), yet there are at least a dozen – probably more than that honestly – that I love on my Vita. Not all of them are exclusive, but I’ve never wanted exclusives – I just want good games.

    And we have some fantastic games coming to the Vita, most notably Broforce which is going to be the absolute PERFECT game to play on my long busride to/from work.

    If you don’t like what the Vita offers, that’s fine. But don’t claim there’s ‘nothing good on it’, be more honest. Try saying ‘it isn’t offering you what you were hoping’, and then maybe you’ll be closer to the mark. And then people won’t be jumping down your throat for making ignorant statements.

  • Sony, I understand there are alot of games for the Vita, some ‘AAA’ titles, too. But what you PROMISED, and why I jumped on the week early edition to show my support (and evangelized to all of my xbot friends to jump on the sony wagon, subsequently selling more Playstation products than Sony’s lacking marketing campaign), CONSOLE QUALITY on the go. Yes, A FEW games I would consider console quality on the go, but the rest (and they are good games by every stretch of the word) are not.

    1) I find it impossible to believe you guys could NOT foresee the smart phone market, and its impact on hand-held gaming.

    2) i find it impossible to believe your memory cards for the vita are worth THAT MUCH.

    3) I find it impossible to believe that you are so short-sighted that you failed to market the Vita in ANY effective way

    So, what is your move on this? Obviously you have upset the majority of your Vita owner-base. No matter what you SAY is coming down the pipe, you have proven time and time again that its just a carrot on a stick. Even Andrew House has relegated the Vita to a “PS4 accessory”…. seriously?

    You need to bite the bullet and get us some NFL, NHL, NBA games and have more Western Developers on board.

  • To all those that are complaining about the complaints from Vita owners, I seriously don’t understand your reaction. If the situation was reversed, would you have acted the same? A presentation all about the Vita and the PS4 pushed aside as some “by the way” footnote. How would you react to Vita owners telling you you have nothing to cry about?

    Sure, there are plenty of PS1 and PSP titles available for the Vita. That’s cool, seriously. And there are generally at least a couple of games coming out for it every month. So what’s the problem? The problem is that while overpriced ports of phone and tablet games and indies are fine, that’s not what we bought the thing for. PS4 streaming is fine. But that’s not what we bought it for. PS Now is fine too, but again, that’s not what we bought it for.

    People criticized Microsoft (with reason) when they unveiled the Xbox One because it was all about stuff that its target audience didn’t care for, or saw as not really important compared to games. Sony is currently doing the exact same thing to its Vita audience right now, yet, we’re not allowed to criticize them and complain? “Look PS Now! – Look PS4 remote play”… fine, fine, fine… but where are the “big games”???

  • @ #39 the one thing I’ll agree with is the memory cards, and I do think that was a big part of the struggles Vita had getting a good install base when it launched, A lot of people considered Vita expensive and those memory card prices didn’t help.

  • As far as the other comments, sometimes the vision of a product changes , and that’s not a bad thing, ask Microsoft. Sony built a machine that was powerful enough and had the control options to have the type of gaming experiences you could have sitting on you couch, & they provided us with games that did that. But for the vita to stand out as a unique product you have to play to the it’s strengths. I would argue most games you play on a Vita are going to give you a deeper gaming experience than any other portable /mobile platform on the market. It’s versatility in being a quality game machine in addition to having music, movies, and social networking capabilities gives it added value.

    It’s new role as a good companion to PS4 will further extend its value & still carries on the original vision of playing console class games via a portable device, and I like the image of the woman using her Vita with PS now at the office, bringing to mind the idea that I could literally have top notch games accessible to me in a variety of places and don’t have to worry about carrying around a ton of extra stuff.

  • Why are so many comments getting deleted???? I get the ones where people are just running their mouths but my last post got deleted too. If anybody was wondering the only thing I asked was if the upcoming Tomb Raider game announced at Microsoft’s E3 would be coming to PS4 as well. God forbid I would want to throw my money at my PS4 instead of being forced to buy a console I don’t want to play a game that I do. How foolish of me. Since when did such heavy censorship become the norm for Sony?

  • @realnoize The difference is – E3’s primary audience isn’t and never has been the handheld audience. So Sony catered to the primary audience: core home gamers. That’s what E3 is about… that’s why Nintendo frequently does a separate ‘3DS show’ either during or around E3, because the 3DS is not the primary focus on the E3 main conference.

    I would love to see Sony do another Vita show like they did that one time because it’d be awesome to see a bunch of Vita games, but you should NEVER expect the Vita to be the core focus of the E3 conference. It’s nobody’s fault but your own if you’re disappointed if you expect that.

  • cant wait for the fall season just pre ordered far cry 4 and destiny on the store love the count down clock in the store when you pre order and the pre load info thanks sony

  • the vita tv was not good enough, talk about games or even bring the 64 gb card to America, I am completely out of space

  • As exciting as Tetris and a bunch of generic Indies is, we need some Vita announcements and promotion…

  • Is the bloodborne footage working for anybody?

  • I don`t see the issue here with what`s going on with the Vita to be honest. I can understand that constantly getting Indies on the IGC can be a bit disheartening, but saying there is a lack of games is where I`ll put my foot down and disagree.

    As Gamerzlimited mentioned, there have been a good handful of games that were announced before E3 for the Vita (Hint: There are even some releasing in the next couple of weeks). Depending on how closed/open minded you are they probably wont or will suit be for you but you`d be surprised at some of the nice gems we`ve received on the Vita that could be found if you were to remain open minded, may it be Indie, Niche titles, Triple As and anything caught in-between. But saying the Vita has no games is like saying you have no food, when your fridge is full of things you could eat.

    If Sony isn`t showing support, the first step should be to support the Devs and Publishers that do support the Vita by purchasing their games. Throwing tantrums and not supporting a device that you want Sony/Devs/Publishers to support won`t do anything, if anything it’ll backfire.

    Seluhir brings up some good points as wekk in posts #38 & 44.

    TL;DR : Quit exagerrating, the Vita is long from dead.

  • *as well

    Still hoping on an edit button to be added to the blog eventually.

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