The Last of Us Remastered Coming July 29th to PS4

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The Last of Us Remastered Coming July 29th to PS4

The press conference at E3 2014 was a big one for us. We revealed not one but two trailers for PS4 projects we’re currently developing. There was a very important announcement for The Last of Us Remastered:

The Last of Us Remastered Coming July 29th to PS4

You can find The Last of Us Remastered available in stores and digitally on July 29, 2014. If you pre-order now, you’ll get some great additional content.

The trailer is full 1080p and rendered in 60fps, which is what we’re targeting for the game. We’re working on various improvements such as higher resolution character models, improved lighting and shadows, upgraded textures, functionality unique to the PS4 controller and more. You’ll get the complete The Last of Us experience as the PS4 version includes the highest rated DLC exclusive to PlayStation, Left Behind, all difficulty modes (including Grounded Mode the newest, hardest difficulty level) for single player and both our multiplayer map packs, Abandoned Territories and Reclaimed Territories.

We recently announced that it’ll be a level playing field in Factions mode as player progress from The Last of Us PS3 multiplayer will not carry over to the PS4 version. However PS3 players will be getting a supply bonus to give their progression a boost. We can now also say that all current DLC content – head items, weapons, and survival skills – that you have purchased for PS3 will be available for you in the PS4 version. So check out the latest DLC if you haven’t yet.

Pre-Order The Last of Us Remastered today. We’ll have more details on the game over the next two months as July 29th approaches.

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  • Haven’t played this game yet so I will probably get this.

  • SOLD! Take My Money :D

  • Love Naughty Dog.

    My first kids and wife’s favorite was Crash Bandicoot, mine was Uncharted for Vita.
    The voice actors you used were great and brought me back to times of watching MASH.
    Great story, gameplay was a tad lacking for FPS, but great none the less.

    Hope you have more in store for Vita, and glad I waited if the remastered version is better.

    On the other hand, do not think you are interested in backwards compatibility , since my Crash Bandicoot only works on my Vita by mishap or whatever.

  • can’t wait

  • On the other hand.
    This type of game would be a game I would be crying about getting remastered.

    Good things can sometimes go to those who wait, so I hope it’s that good.

  • -“Let’s fill the PS4 with re-hashes and indies so the people think they are avtually getting games!”

  • Loved the single player on ps3 but the online in my eyes wasn’t fun at all.

  • I’m really excited for the re-releases of this and GTA V. Are there any updates on whether or not original PS3 owners of these games could get a discount for being loyal customers and fans of the game?

  • The end of July? I was hoping for the end of June. Oh well at least there’s lots of other games to finish up on…

  • where the game play? looks good and all but this was just all the cut scene.

  • well… how am i supposed to watch it if it contains spoilers? =[

  • 1) More thought should have gone into making this trailer WITHOUT spoilers, so you know, the actual people who have not played this game and who it should be mainly addressed to, can enjoy it without any issues…

    2) We know Youtube doesn’t support 60fps, and doesn’t do any wonders to video quality with its compression. Having a downloadable video file of this trailer, in native 1080p and 60fps, would be great! I believe the earlier reveal trailer some weeks ago was released somewhere as a downloadable file.

  • Still no news about if I’ll get a discount if I already own the digital PS3 version. It lists $59.99 for the PS4 version.

  • @12, agreed

    @11 agreed..not a very well thought out trailer. Fans like me already know how badass this game is. You should have created a trailer for new fans. Bad marketing at its finest. Sorry, had to be said. Great game though, will probably get it on PS4 because the online is a true tactical game (no aim assist, and modes with no respawn / limited lives). And I wish you guys would have shown more raw gameplay. Bring in new fans AND show the already established fans how the raw game will look.

  • why on earth they release vita?

  • Don’t know where the idea came from, but I really dig the possibility of a PS Vita version of TLOU.

  • Haha a joke just like I thought….this milked rehashes nonsense needs to stop…and you Sony need to get off that train…getting too much money out of that PS4 hu?….don’t be greedy…please no more rehashes of our beloved PS3 games.

    Gotta keep on playing TLoU online until this “remastered” **** comes out….because it’ll turn TLoU online on PS3 into a ghost town…ha good job ND.

    BTW before launching this….please show a bit of respect with us PS3 playas and fix those pending bugs on the online.

  • TLOU looks amazing at 60 FPS, will there be any discount for current TLOU + Season pass owners?

  • After the perfectly implemented stereoscopic 3D support in Uncharted 3, how could ND drop it for not only TLOU on PS3, but even the “remastered” PS4 version?!

    Drop 60fps if you must, heck even drop the resolution to 720p. Even if it looked exactly the same as the PS3 version to achieve 3D then so be it, it’s worth the sacrifice. No amount of high definition graphics can give an experience anywhere near as immersive in 3D, and immersion is the reason we play games, watch movies and read books!

  • Tourists. They ain’t getting our gear.
    We got this!!

  • Hey… You should make some upgrade from PS3 version for funs … otherwise it is a slap in the face.

  • @ #6 + Viewtiful_Gene – I completely agree. I’m sad that xbox had more games to show…

    @#13 + Sir_Bronius – That’s the only question I have about The Last Of US Remastered, what’s it going to cost those of us who already bought it digitally? I’m not throwing down another $60 for the exact same game… it being prettier doesn’t cut it for full price.

  • Going by the trailer, there doesn’t seem to be any difference from the ps3 version.

    Where’s The Last Guardian Sony?????

  • finalmente ~~

  • Can’t wait to play this masterpiece again.

  • To the fine people of Sony and Naughty Dog, I have to ask “Why did you feel it was a good idea to put spoilers in the trailer for The Last of Us Remastered?”

    One of the main reasons releasing a Remastered edition of The Last of Us is so that people who never got a chance to play the game on PS3 could play it on PS4. SCE is very clearly trying to deliver the message that people who owned 360s should switch to PS4 and giving them good reasons to do so. That’s why Andrew House said that for GTA V you can transfer your game info from PS3 and 360 to PS4.

    Yet here comes your trailer for The Last of Us that starts with MASSIVE spoilers. Yes, you put that cute warning at the beginning but then proceeded to show a MASSIVE spoiler. That is not cute, it is mean. This is not the way to sell people on your game. You made a large game with a lot of content and the things you decided to show were huge spoilers? Really?

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. Seriously. It’s a total jerk move on your part. No explanation could possibly make me understand why you felt this was a good way to sell your game to people. You are JERKS.


  • Will there be a discount for PS3 owners of Last of Us?

  • Will be buying… again. :)

  • Sony. You guys…. ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Last of Us on PS3 and I have it pre-ordered on my PS4!!!! GOD!!!! SONY!!!! YOU’RE TOO GOOD!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! Call me a fanboy all you want, Sony just keeps impressing me!!!

  • Would of been better on Vita – Sony sucks they hate the vita.

  • For those asking about a discount for existing PS3 owners, look at the second last paragraph. Basically he says that existing PS3 owners will get a “supply bonus” (which is for the MP part of the game), and can carry over existing head items, weapons, and survival skills (again related to MP) assuming you have purchased any of this DLC (since it’s not included in the Remastered version).

    Oooh, I can carry over my hats. Be still my beating heart…

    No mention of an actual discount, and to be completely honest I’d be very very surprised if they do this because frankly it’s Sony and they never give you a price break unless it’s around the launch of a new console and they want you to re-buy a game you already have for $10.

    Would I like a discount? Yes.

    Do I expect to get a discount? No.

    Will I pay $70 (Canada) for a game I already paid $80 for (original game + season pass) a year ago? Hell no.

  • Want to also throw in my opinion on discounting this for previous owners.

    I purchased both Last of Us and GTAV digitally on the PS Store. I won’t be making digital purchases in the future if good faith discounts aren’t offered here…

    If I had a physical copy I could have traded up or sold privately. Why would I ever touch my digital copy on PS3 again? Ibeould even be open to digitally “trading” as in giving up my ps3 license for a PS4 one for a fee.

    Anyway – take it or leave it.

  • For those complaining about remasters and saying Xbox had more to show: Umm…wth? Xbox showed a lot of indies and remasters, too. They also showed a lot of multiplatform games. They had just as many exclusives shown, maybe even less. And def had less announcements with actual gameplay. Phantom Dust, Crackdown, etc showed no gameplay whatsoever.

    Calm the hell down.

  • any 3DTV support like in the Jak and Daxter collection?

    I’m psyched to see an Uncharted trilogy for PS4. the 3DTV support in Uncharted 3 was pretty cool, so it would be nice if future releases keep the functionality :)

  • also, PS3 and PS4 players won’t be able to play on the same maps together at the same time? :(

  • @ #31 + Swotam – hate to say but you’re probably right…hate to say it; sad but true.

    @Eric Monacelli – I never post, and never try to complain, but throw us a bone guys!

  • Ok um I sold my Ps3 system on May 2 2014 and I have not purchase the new map,guns,skills It came out May 8th so
    does that mean r they going to put up a new map guns skills on PlayStation 4 in PlayStation store?

  • Skipping it since there is no upgrade path from the ps3 version, I think an opportunity was missed here.

  • @37 captainjoe: As he mentioned in the post, all DLC map packs and Left Behind will be included in the Remastered version of TLOU. The other DLC items (hats, guns, skills) can be purchased separately for PS3, so I’d assume they’ll make this content available on the PS4 however you’d need to buy it if you wanted it. These items probably won’t show up until the game is available for purchase though.

  • Left Behind ruined the entire vibe and focus of TLoU storyline imo. I wish it had never been created and I’m no longer a fan of the game because of it. It went from Twilight Zone/Earth Abides style to Degrassi High The Next Generation with the flip of a light switch. Sorry, you can keep it.

  • Ok so I bought the ps3 version plus the season pass. I have all the dlc for the ps3. Platinum the game, and the dlc trophies. If i get this version will i have everything tranfered over, dlc, trophies? I know that the mp progression isn’t carried over which really is turning me away from this. I don’t understand how this works exactly.

  • Doubt I am going to shell out more money to play a prettier version of a game I already paid good money for and beat.

  • PS3 owners of the game would be crazy to get this – unless its half the price then this upgrade just isn’t worth it.

  • I pre elder last of us remastered on PlayStation store but it says release December 31st. Why won’t they change he released date to July 29?

  • Pre order*

  • Most of us have this game…as we are PS3 owners of the Last of Us…is there anyway we can get a discount for the game that I have sitting on my shelf right under my ps4? I think its fair at least if we get $20 bucks off at aleast…$39.99. That seems descent and fair.


  • Please, make some “special price” for the TLOU Ps3 ver. owner!

  • I think there are waiting to see how many preorders they have before deciding whether or not to discount this for PS3 owners.

    I loved this game so much but have already paid 80 dollars for it. I can’t justify another 60! I will pay a 10 or 20 dollar upgrade fee though.

    I think they will have to discount this. Reason being is not to many people that had this on PS3 will be making this a day one purchase unless it is heavily discounted. Why does that matter you ask? Well the answer is Multiplayer. If not enough people purchase this game Multiplayer will be dead as hell. That wouldn’t be a very good experience for those that made the change from 360 and purchased this day one.

    So Sony, this is my plea to you. For the love of god… Please discount this for PS3 owners of the game. If for anything just so we can hop in and play with our new friends that converted from 360. Let’s create a nice large Install base so Multiplayer is fun for everybody.

  • Transfer my stats from Multiplayer or I am not buying, I have been a Fan off Naughty Dog since the PS1 era Crash Bandicoot being one off my First games And I own the PS3 Version with the season Pass plus the platinum trophy so I really am just buying for Multiplayer and one playthrough I deserve to keep my stats as a original Customer and since Sony are gloating about doing so with GTA 5 which sucks online anyhow I see no reason why they shouldn’t for The Last Of Us. Sony can I just bring up something and I hope you Listen, You are focusing alot more on Pleasing 360 transfers then your Loyal Fanbase at the moment and it is starting to turn me off, yes some people didn’t play TLOU and I really don’t mind paying full price for this game even though I own it already but it is a big deal for me that you are not transferring Multiplayer Progress for this game and It also annoys me how I feel Europe are now being Sidelined for US when we have been Supporting the Playstation Brand Strongly while most of the US was supporting Xbox……..All I ask for aknowledgement that I have been playing this game a year longer then the new comers by having my stats and gear there when I buy the game, If not then why should I buy?

  • Shocking that Sony are just going to do this as a full price launch and completely ignore their loyal fans who bough the PS3 version.

    If they do a £20 upgrade for instance to the digital edition then fine, but a FULL PRICE only option with no upgrade… NO CHANCE!

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