Round-up: PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

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Round-up: PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

Hello PlayStation Nation!

I just got off the stage from my first-ever appearance during a PlayStation E3 press conference and my adrenaline is still pumping. What a rush! Thank you for such a warm welcome — both at the venue and online. Your enthusiasm is truly infectious.

The team at PlayStation wanted to make one thing very clear during tonight’s event: that PlayStation is, and will always be, the best place to play. We’re accomplishing this by listening closely to what you want most from next gen gaming and fostering a vibrant community that shares your same passions. All of the announcements we made tonight were centered on delivering the richest, most innovative gaming experiences that simply can’t be found on any other platform.

This was punctuated tonight by some amazing “only on” PlayStation 4 titles, such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Order: 1886, Bloodbourne, LittleBigPlanet 3, and Entwined… a fascinating new game that’s available tonight for PS4 in the PlayStation Store.


We also showed that the biggest games coming from the best developers in the industry will be played first and better on PlayStation. For example, PS4 customers will have exclusive access to a special Destiny First Look Alpha starting this Thursday and PlayStation owners will be the first to play the full Destiny Beta when it launches on July 17. In addition to a ton of exclusive content, we also unveiled a special Destiny bundle that features the first-ever white PS4 (it looks incredible!), the game and 30 days free of PlayStation Plus.

Our play it better theme continued during the press conference when Batman: Arkham Knight displayed some amazing gameplay footage and a special bonus: “Scarecrow Nightmare Missions” that will only be available on PlayStation. Our friends at Ubisoft unveiled the co-op mode for Far Cry 4 and announced that when you buy the game on either PS3 or PS4 you can invite your PSN friends to join you even if they don’t own the game. Rockstar Games also joined us onstage to announce that Grand Theft Auto V, one of the best games of 2013, is coming to PS4. Plus, the current community of PS3 players, and Xbox 360 players will have the ability to transfer their GTA Online progress and online characters to the PS4.

Round-up: PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

While content is king at PlayStation, access is also very important and we’re making it easier than ever to access our famous game libraries. The PlayStation Now open beta on PS4 will officially begin on July 31, giving PS4 owners access to over a hundred PS3 titles…and access to PS Now will be extended to PS3, PS Vita and select Sony TVs very soon. We also introduced PlayStation TV for the North American market. Beginning this holiday season, you’ll be able to use PlayStation TV to play PS4 games via Remote Play, play PS3 games available in PS Now and, of course, play select PS Vita titles, PSP titles and PS One classics.

One of my favorite moments of the night was seeing Brian Michael Bendis onstage providing an update for the upcoming Powers series that will be available exclusively on our network. Staying true to our vision, we selected Powers because of its strong appeal among gamers, and with the help from the incredible talent at Sony Pictures, it will be available this December. The first episode is free for all PSN users in the United States and PS Plus members in the US will get the entire season for free.

PlayStation TVGlacier White PlayStation 4

Thank you again for your passion and commitment to PlayStation. You’re our inspiration for every new innovation we bring across our hardware platforms, game development and network services. And while E3 is certainly an exciting week for all of us, I look forward to sharing more news in the near future.

It’s going to be an incredible journey.


All the news from PlayStation’s E3 2014 Press Conference

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  • SONY, we Vita owners will not forget the betrayal of 6-9-14.


  • It’s been like 2 or 3 years since I bought my Vita, and my feelings towards it have changed during that time.
    At first, I was all caught up on the promises of “PS3 in your pocket” that they blurted out to me, and the dreams were good. After a while, I realized nothing was coming out for it, and I started to realize the people at Sony were terrible at handling the Vita. I mean how else do you explain the sheer lack of attention they give the darn paperweight ?
    After last night, I’m sure I was straight up conned. They can spin their pretty tales of “We listen to our customers !” all they want, but after 3 straight years of nothing at E3 , I find myself unable to give them the time of day.
    Do us all a favor Sony. If you don’t plan on releasing anything for us, take down the Vita links from your websites and admit what you did. I have been conned before, and I have moved on, but those people at least had the courage to look me in the eye and admit what they did.
    We will not forget

  • Stop deleting Vita’s owners comments!
    It is not our fault if Sony don’t give us support and yet wants to turn vita in an accessory for ps4 with FREEMIUNS(?!?!?!?!?!?!) greedy games!!!!!

  • If i wanted to play freemiuns, indie games i wouldn’t invest in a portable console, i would kept playing in my phone!!!!

  • They had promissed us a ps3 pocket console, they delivered a VERY EXPENSIVE freemium and indie machine!!!!

  • You were very nervous Mr Layden and it showed, and came out in your speech.

    I’ve met Adam Boyes and talked with him, His nervousness came off as making him out to be bad guy, which he’s not.

    Shuhei was awesome.

  • You see what Nintendo just did?

    The Wii U is struggling. The 3DS is a guaranteed moneymaker.

    But they chose to focus on the Wii U instead. They’re still trying. They haven’t given up.

    We need the equivalent of that for the Vita. An event about it and only it. No Remote Play. No Now. You need to step it up and focus.

  • #VitaOwner’sWillNotForget

  • Is there any update on whether or not Playstation Now will recognize PSN purchases made on PS3? I’m getting a PS4 on Friday, but I’d like to know wether or not it may be possible to see my digital library in some shape or form on the PS4.

  • I’m highly disappointed by the utter lack of Vita announcements this year. Obviously from a marketing perspective the PS4 had to be the main focus of the conference. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t take 5 minutes to actually say something about the Vita worth hearing. I’m really tired of people saying “there are 100 titles in development” and then not announcing a single Vita exclusive or even AAA port (such as Borderlands 2 or Mortal Kombat). To top it off, when they finally took a little bit of time to talk about something Vita related (the PS Vita TV) they actually removed Vita from the title! I don’t understand how they can even claim to still support a system and than give fans nothing to be excited about.

    Like I said, we all knew that the PS4 was going to be the focus, but that doesn’t mean the Vita has to be almost completely ignored. All we ask for is a little love.

  • @ #12 SPriNT4Geyes_601

    Stop with your baby crying and stating that you are selling your Vita due to the E3 conference. If you are selling your Vita you already had the mind set to do so. We can care less what you do with it. God damn crybaby….

  • rest in peace vita… c’mon Sony… why make another handheld if you are not even going to support and just let it die after 2 years?

  • Hahaha It seems like average age of commenters is 14 in between 10 16… PlayStation Vita is not abandoned… Playstation TV is VITA just for huge HD screen… I am Vita owner and I am happy t see that …. Because that prove that Vita gaining Sony focus along with PS4… Scared to buy white SKU because I bought 320 GB second SKU and I have first SKU of PS3 slim and second SKU is loud as Jet engine which is funny because my first Slim supposed to be louder but it’s not and this system is 6 years old lol.. But damn its beautiful happy with day one PS4 bundle

  • @ExplodingJuice82 i may complaint as much as i want since i invested and trusted in Sony’s Word about Vita.
    How will Sony know that we aren’t happy or supporting the brand if we don’t tell them?
    Stop been a jerk, let people say what they think about things, your are not forced to read it…assh*le

  • Sony just a few months ago you had 3 great vita jap games on the ps blog, so what gives with the cold shoulder for the vita at e3? At least show what you guys had at last years tokyo game show some Gravity Rush 2. PS4 needs an update were can can play whatever you purchased from the ps3 store (games and ps plus games) before i buy it. Next year don’t let employee tell their life story or talk about movies. Missed Jack at least he had jokes to set the mood.

  • @igorrocks2 What about those who don’t want to play games on now, or dosen’t have a stable enough internet connection?
    I want games, good games to play on the go.I want the pocket ps3 experience they promissed. Well…not graphics like, of course, but the something similar to that experience, good, nice and story tellers games…

  • @igorrocks2 The PS TV isnt vita for the big screen… in Japan, only 17% of games work, because you cant utilize vita features on a dualshock controller… so when u try to launch a game, lets say, like tearaway or little deviants or similar, it will come up with an error. I guess you can call it indie games on the big screen, because most of those will work fine.

  • When are we getting news of additions to the IGC? I’ve seen a lot of games disappearing from it, but we want to see the new ones joining it! I was expecting to get some new good retail games added next month. I hope more info is coming soon.
    Not going to join the mob of whining Vita owners, why bother. They’ve covered all the bases.
    You going to start listening, Sony?

  • Final Fantasy Type-0 coming to the Vita!!! Psych, just kidding Vita owners. Have this nice, big middle finger instead. Touche Sony. Well played.

  • @214
    Vita– I’m sorry, Playstation TV doesn’t work WITH a Vita, it’s INSTEAD OF a Vita.

    It adds very little for Vita owners.

  • It’s been a few comments, I think it’s time for someone to tell me why I should be ashamed for expecting a game or two on my $200 or so paperweight

  • Nothing for PSVITA again, Thing is that you just hate vita changing vita tv name to playstation tv proves that fact… but we owners do love vita and you really “care” about us don’t you? BTW the middle of press conference was so boring that I wanted to throw a chair to my laptop’s screen… Thanks for nothing…

  • Microsoft and Nintendo look pretty good right now, I wonder if they have a trade program

  • Hope the Vita gets a non-japanese, non-pixelated action game (Broforce looks like awesome fun though)

  • Once again Sony, we will not forget.

    We will never forget your Vita betrayal.

    6-9-14….the day the Vita died.

    We will never forget.

  • PS Vita – False advertising at it’s finest

  • I have been a faithful Vita gamer for the past 18 months. Although I own other systems, it is my primary platform. Since the PS4’s release, I’ve been leaning towards it as my choice for a next-gen console.

    However, the sheer lack of attention to platform-specific titles for the Vita is causing me to rethink that. Sony, I will not support the PS4 if you cannot show proper support to your portable console. It is a console in and of itself, more than just an accessory or streaming device. Please treat it as such. If you do not, I will look elsewhere.

    Thank you.

  • Yeah I was going to buy ps4 but after they showed they don’t care about ps vita at E3 and gave more attention and time to stupid tv show I won’t buying it anymore. #### your ps4 I’ll stick with my psvita

  • A lot of great games for PS4, which I will be buying shortly. Did you forget about the Vita? A handful of Indies and Tetris? Is that it? I was hoping for some surprise announcements like Infamous, GTA (from Rockstar) or anything of that caliber. I love the Vita, and play it everyday on the way to work on the train ride. Remote play is not something that I can do. Please don’t abandon the Vita. I like Indies, but the reason I bought the PS Vita is to play games like Uncharted Golden Abyss and Borderlands 2. HD Collections like God of War Collection are also welcomed. I am not a big fan of JRPGs, so that limits the upcoming games futher. There is not one AAA game for 2014 or 2015. Still no basketball, hockey and WWE game. Those games used to be a yearly event on the PSP. I have not abandoned you. I have owned a PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita and soon a PS4. Please don’t abandon my Vita.

  • Sony reads to read these comments. These are not ‘rants’….they are well-thought out comments from Vita owners who are rightfully frustrated by Sony’s lack of commitment to the Vita.

    This so-called “PS3 in your pocket” (how it was marketed when it first came out) has since yielded very little in the way of original content. Sony says it’s too expensive to create AAA titles for the Vita.

    I’m sure most Vita owners would have loved to know that BEFORE spending their hard-earned money on a device that is little more than an accessory for the PS4.

    Those people who bought the Vita as their only console have been betrayed.

    Sony, you have betrayed us.

    We will not forget.

    We will never forget.

  • So I guess “Vita” is a dirty word now according to Sony.

  • Yes, Sony even removed the name “VITA” from their new Vita TV Product. It’s now called “Playstation TV”.

    That shows you how ashamed they are of the Vita.

    NEVER forget….we will never forget.

  • Uncharted 4 gave me a nerdgasm, but where the heck was Last Guardian. You’d better show it at TGS or we riot.

  • Oh and Shuhei was awesome. Great guy who is a true gamer at heart.

  • Well, my Vita and I will just cry on some corner or something. T_T
    On the bright side, since the Vita TV is already announced for the west I might as well get one here in Japan now, as the PSN will finally be unlocked, or so I hope.
    Great announcements, but with only a Vita on my arsenal it’s so sad for me that the Vita is neglected. I’m sure there are games on the show floor, but at least show some conference love for it.

  • If Sony don’t have the balls to admit that they are abandoning the Vita. They should at least give us the opportunity trade our 300$ handheld to a PS4.

  • Without 3rd party publisher like Atlus, vita wouldn’t have any games at all. Sony’s only offering to vita was the Tearaway, other than that are just ports.

  • What let me down the most, is that the Vita is the most powerful gaming handheld on the market right now, and Sony doesn’t even seem to care about it. And to those saying that PS Now is a big commitment to the Vita, it isn’t. You see, I bought my portable gaming handheld based on the fact that it was portable. Meaning, being able to play it everywhere, not only where I can get a fast enough Wi-Fi connexion so I can stream rented games to it. Most of my playtime with the Vita is in places where I don’t have access to a WiFi network (it’s portable, which is the whole point of a portable system, no?)

    Sure, PS Now is a nice feature. But it’s NOT a big commitment to the platform. Most people playing on the go (again, which is the point of a portable system) won’t be able to use the feature.

    I thought that with the launch of a new vita model, it was a hint that Sony was trying to commit more to the platform. Well, it doesn’t seem like it. I was waiting for the moment where something big would be announced for the Vita, but this moment never came…

    And I thought the support Sony gave to the PSP was far from stellar, and that it couldn’t be any worse with the Vita… Oh my….

  • I can’t help but feel disappointed at what was shown in E3 – if not, shown nothing. All that brief moment of talking about PSVita was already announce some time ago and some we’re released already. Only a small portion (out of the very small moment vita was talked about) was future games – they could’ve made more “highlight” on the psvita even just for a bit longer. It’s as if they are ashamed to talk about this wonderful console.

    I have been a very loyal vita consumer and I have been supporting games in it. But I am disheartened about the situation between Sony and the Vita. PLEASE, you have to support us back.

    I even lost the will to fight for this handheld after how you guys treat the vita community so badly… Please hear us out, Sony. The PsVita is a one-hell of a machine that can blow any handheld competitors out of the watar… so PLEASE!

  • I was hoping to hear about DLNA, ExternIt’s been 7 months since Shuhei posted on Twitter that the team was working on it.

  • *External Flash Drive and MP3.

  • i am truly happy to say im not going to buy a ps3 are playstation 4 now because im going to pick up a playstation tv i hope sony you can make this console go verry far by creating its own psn titles 3 games i would like to see on the playstation tv is cod ghost cod advance warfare and gta v even more i hope playstation now has a service to where you can access all your current ps3 titles that would make me happy also for playstation plus users to have a 1 game title on playstation now each month love you playstation that is my wish for the playstation nation

  • i hear alot of stuff about the psvita right now so this is where i say buy a playstation tv it will make you happy in the long run why i say this i am a respecitble vita owner who knows theres great games coming for the vita guys the playstation vita is only 2 yearz old

  • Hey Sony, if you want the Vita to succeed, you need to support it. Nintendo still makes games for their systems when they sell poorly, so why doesn’t Sony?

  • Shawn, I do respect your job and what you did at SCEJ. But this announcement gets no one excited. Here’s why:
    “Beginning this holiday season, you’ll be able to use PlayStation TV to (…) play *SELECT* PS Vita titles”;
    We know this is SCEA’s fault. They’ve demanded every single developer to make use of the front/rear touchscreen when developing a Vita game and now, Sony see themselves in a dilemma because (in some games), developers can’t convert a touch command to the response of a physical button.
    Sony Store, SCEA, the Forums, PS Blog.. I’ve manifested -and saw others doing that too- my frustration to buy a proprietary memory card which costs much more (up to 9x) for mediocre performance (class4- microSD card).
    Oh and thank you for at least pronouncing the word VITA at E3. You gotta teach/remember boyes to do the same.

  • Good conference…but please….next E3 Just bring the games….do not bring numbers, logistics, stats, and TV shows to this. Also please do not allow Shawn Layden to come back up with the suit and hand gestures…we are gamers…not corporate employees. I feel like Sony came off a little more like Microsoft last year…no where as bad but..God…that middle section was sooooo booring!!!!!Please get somebody to help the team with pacing of the conference. Microsoft did a better job and theirs did not feel soo long. Remember…games games games….thats what we want to see. Wish you could have shown Last Guardian and God of War.

    Just my two cents.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Come on, Sony. Please put some more VITA love :(

  • Sony, take a look at how the Wii U is doing. Both the Vita and Wii U were considered faliures, but now the Wii U is getting games people WANT, KNOW, AND LOVE. Wii U sales are going to take off, while the Vita is going to be seen as a failure. So No Remote Play. No PSNow. Just focus on releasing games for the VIta (GTA would be a great one!) But still what you did for the past 3 YEARS to the Vita at E3, will not be forgotten. You should be ASHAMED SONY AND SCEA. Please Sony we Vita owners are sick of the cold shoulder, give us KNOWN GAMES. GIVE US BIG GAMES. SO FAR GREATNESS AWAITS ONLY APPLYS TO THE PS4! ALSO ADVERTISE THE VITA!!! #VITANATION #WEWILLNOTFORGET

  • Wow Sony, you just gave Vita owners the biggest middle fingers ever.With the recent interview with Shuhei Yoshida, basically you guys won’t really be supporting the Vita with your own 1st party studios.

    Honestly, you guys shouldn’t have released the Vita in the first place advertising “console-quality on the go” and then saying you’ll only release indies, and AAA PS3 games through Playstation Now.I used to not mind indies, but now I mostly resent them, because it gave you guys an excuse to not make games for Vita-so much power, and you’re giving us games that the PSP could run.We expected ORIGINAL, EXCLUSIVE AAA games on the go, and you can’t expect 3rd party developers to support Vita if you guys don’t even support it yourselves.If you were just gonna make it companion device, then you should’ve made a companion device instead for like $100 or something. Instead you fill us up with promises, only for it to be gone.

    I used to try to be optimistic about Vita, but now that Sony themselves won’t be supporting it, then I pretty much give up on Vita too.
    Sony you might might as well announce that Vita is dead.Sony, you could go bankrupt for all I care.

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