Bloodborne: FromSoftware’s PS4 Debut

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Bloodborne: FromSoftware’s PS4 Debut

Bloodborne, a new title FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki, creators of the critically acclaimed Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls games, was just announced exclusively for PS4 at the E3 2014 PlayStation Press Conference.

Bloodborne: FromSoftware’s PS4 Debut

We know that PlayStation fans have a ton of questions — I sure do! — and we’re told there will be some answers coming later this week as more of the game is shown. Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog

For now, check out the announce trailer.

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  • Looks Amazing, can’t wait to see more

  • im so excited. this was the main thing i was looking forward to at e3 since i saw the leaked gameplay footage. its amazing to know japan studios and from software are working together again, and i know it will be a great classic just like demon souls was. i cant wait for more news and officially released gameplay footage.

  • Looked like RE4/Shadows of the Damned kind of shooter/action game from the very FEW seconds of GAMEPLAY. It almost looked interesting.

  • Crap, I confused this with The Order.
    My apologies.
    (At least they showed some gameplay!)

  • Very excited for this new game!!!

  • Need to see more. Looks interesting tho!

  • Elementalstorm23

    I’m not going to lie as the info came up while I was at the E3 event in Boston MA I may have been the loudest in the theater from this reveal! I cannot wait to hear more on this!

  • Awesome! That was my favorite of E3!

  • I have a funny feeling below my belly button, but above my knees.

  • Hell. Yes.


  • oh my god i want this sooooooooooooooooo bad. i LOVE from soft. I have every souls game and loved them all

  • BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m going to be that one jerk person to come into a game thread to plead the company for an entirely different game. That game is 3D Dot Game Heroes 2. Please. That’s all I want out of life.

  • Oh so its actually an exclusive?…..nice pretty nice.Was after that confirmation.

  • OMG! If I don’t have a ps4 by the time Bloodborne comes out, THIS will be the game to make me buy one. Demon’s Souls is my favorite ps3 game and I’m so excited.

    (^_ ^ ) Thank you!!

  • All my yes.

  • Game of the Show.

    Pro-tip Sony: fans in America, Canada and Europe like Japanese games too. Don’t be afraid to show them during the E3 press conferences. Let Square Enix know this too. >_<

  • I’m going to be honest.

    So many of the games from the conference this year were just ugly. Not graphically, but in more of a doom-and-gloom kind of way. Between this, The Order, TLOU remaster, Dead Island 2 to an extent, and others, I just felt kind of gross and disinterested by the end of the show.

    Thankfully there games like Little Big Planet 3 and Entwined to provide some color and liveliness to the show.

  • I need this game…. I need it.

  • Love me some Beasts!!! Awsm

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