The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/10/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/10/2014
The Drop

Robert Hawkins is an American in quite the dangerous spot. Trapped within Nazi territory during the horrors of World War II, Hawkins must fight to survive a devastated Europe in CI Games’ upcoming first-person shooter Enemy Front on PS3. This project comes from the developer’s desire to showcase the impact the war had on their own Warsaw, Poland — a location less frequently traversed in modern FPS.

But if a more family-friendly game is in order, consider How To Train Your Dragon 2, based on the upcoming animated film. Choose a Dragon Racer and sail through the skies through uncharted territories. Mysteries, adventures, and fierce tournaments await.

It’s a light lineup this week due to E3 2014, so please enjoy the show — and read on for the rest of the Drop!

Enemy Front for PS3

Enemy Front
How To Train Your Dragon 2
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2

New PlayStation Releases This Week

Enemy Front
PS3 — Digital, Retail
You’re Robert Hawkins, an American stuck deep in Nazi controlled territory during the height of WWII. It’s up to you whether to fight your enemies face to face, snipe them from afar, or sneak past and sabotage their positions. Join the fight against the evil Third Reich in open-ended missions across war-torn Europe.
How to Train Your Dragon 2
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Become the Ultimate Dragon Racer. Return to the epic Island of Berk where The Dragon Races have become the new sport for Viking adrenaline junkies. Hiccup, Astid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut & Ruffnut, and their Dragons are now competing in fierce tournaments to determine the ultimate Dragon Rider.
PS2 Classic — Digital
Serph, leader of the Embryon, wanders aimlessly through the lifeless streets before him. In the Junkyard, his Tribe fought a gruesome war, hoping the light of Heaven would relieve their suffering. In the end, Serph’s world vanished, along with the comrades who stood by him.

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  • How possible will be Rogue Legacy this week?

  • SandsShifter, I’m looking forward to Megaton Edition as well :)

    Also, Rogue Legacy is missing from the Drop.. I guess the E3 trailer which says “Available now” is false :(

  • So…my DDS2 question? Can we load DDS1 onto DDS2? Yes? No? Somebody? =\

  • I’m also curious about the save tranfer mechanic of DDS2. I’m currently downloading it though, so I’ll know soon enough.

  • @cloudykiller125 So??? Please, dude! Share with the rest of the crowd! (or at least with me =P ) Can we load it or not? =\


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