Hands-on with The Order: 1886 on PS4

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Hands-on with The Order: 1886 on PS4
Hands-on with The Order: 1886 on PS4

Sir Galahad stands with his back against a pillar, gunfire peppering his cover from the balcony above. I blink. For a moment, I’ve forgotten that The Order: 1886 on PS4 is running in front of me, and control has already shifted back to the DualShock 4 in my hands. There is no camera crew following the brave knight through the besieged streets of London. There is only the highly cinematic third-person shooter that Ready At Dawn Studios has crafted from its own interpretation of Arthurian lore.

Dozens of details contribute to The Order’s palpable realness. Every action taken and word spoken has been captured by actors. Coats flutter as the knights stride down alleyways and through dimly lit houses. Lamps collect dirt and flicker on countertops, nearly forgotten. Dogs bark in the distance between the sound of combat. The Order: 1886 puts the player squarely in the center of this conflict.

As Galahad moves through London in an effort to suppress threats to the crown, many of his actions are interactive. Players can snatch up a discarded map and turn it over with care, or defend a downed constable as Galahad’s ally Lafayette drags the wounded man to safety. These interactive cinematics marry the rich narrative of The Order with raw play, enabling players to participate in the story more actively. To support this, every cutscene plays “in engine,” softening the transition between story sections and combat.

The Order: 1886The Order: 1886

That combat is infused with the same immediacy and intensity found in The Order’s environments. Ready At Dawn recently unveiled the Thermite Rifle, which fires thermite shards and floods an enemy’s position with smoke. Using R1, players can then fire off a flare to ignite the payload and burn the unfortunate rebels standing nearby. The resulting fireworks are a spectacle in every sense of the word, and players can even spread the flames further by firing additional rounds, tracing a path of carnage.

Of course the rebels won’t go down without a fight, stubbornly holding against Galahad and his company with their own assortment of firearms. A nice touch: Galahad will move into cover intelligently without any need for additional player input, so players can focus more on their offensive options as opposed to struggling with defense.

The Order: 1886

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But with a minimalistic HUD and lifelike characters dominating the screen, it’s easy to imagine an actual camera crew following Galahad down the streets of London, ducking along with him as the knight crushes the insurrection.

The Order: 1886 launches exclusively for PS4 next year.

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  • Keep showing developer commentary so we don’t notice a laggy framerate.

  • Ryan did you get hands on? how did the combat feel?

  • Please make this game for the Playstation 2! There hasn’t been any good games on it since God of War 2.  Seriously though, I am very excited for this. 2015 will be a great year!

  • @cubbielovr… did you seriously just ask them to port this game down to the PlayStation 2?

  • Take my money!!!

  • One of my most anticipated games, cannot wait. The graphics look amazing and the gunplay looks crazy! Just the particle effects alone… wow. Ready at Dawn is an awesome studio, Ghost of Sparta was an incredible game. Day 1 purchase for sure.

  • Video isn’t displaying.

    • Thanks for the note! We know there are some issues with the video player for some users. Looking into it!


  • Look, let me go back in there and face the peril.

    No, it’s too perilous!

  • Weird aspect ratio 1920×800. What is that like 2.4:1?

    There isn’t much gameplay footage available, how could you possible know it has a low framerate? Also, optimization occurs at the end of development which is still a year away.

  • This looks more and more impressive as I watch the trailers this is understandable for a game of this magnitude being a AAA game to get pushed back. The studio wants to make sure the game is at its best quality.

  • The time frame and theme of the game doesn’t resonate with me, but the look and gameplay mechanics appear to be something I would enjoy. I’m in!

  • I’m throwing all my money at the screen but it keeps falling. :( Why don’t they just take my money already?!?!?! I want my game!!!

  • Really looking forward to this one. It is really gorgeous.

  • Can we get this for the PS1? We haven’t had any new games for it in like 15 years!

  • Ryan, tell the guys to keep polishing the game ’til they can see their own faces on it.

    I would love if this game would do away with many tropes of the genre (and games in general), and try not to be so scripted all the time.

    It’s about time someone implements a different formula for shooter to progress through the story other than :

    A- Area start, roam around then (cover structures rear their head announcing incoming firefight)

    B- Bad guys start popping up from everywhere (except your back, of course, they never come from the back), firefight ensues in small enclosed area

    C- Clean up. Cut-scene.

    Hey what do you know? I just named myself the “ABC of the modern shooter game”.

    Please, it’s time to evolve the GAME as much as the visuals. I expect Ready At Dawn will use the next 9 months to ensure this. I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

  • LOOKS AMAZING :P + I never notice any bad things other people seem to go on about about this game :D It all looks amazing. Anyway i can’t wait ;)


    And PLEASE have an extended demo at E3!!! Thanks

  • Can’t wait. Definitely one of the best PS4 games that’s going to be released!

  • @10

    Just using my eyes. There is a framerate slowdown during combat, especially weird blips during explosions.

  • I love Arthurian legend based things and that time period. The mashup here is interesting, It looks like it could have a lot of promise. There have been a number of people saying the game is in rough shape in terms of play and direction. I hope that it polishes up to be a great game. RAD has made 2 great psp games so we will have to see what they do here, I know they want to ship a great game as their rep is on the line here.

    I am not a huge fan of cover shooting, but If I am going to play a shooter then 3rd person is acceptable to me. I did get drawn in to that play style with Uncharted and LoU, I just hope there is a lot more going on in this game than hide behind a door frame, pop out and shoot, hide under a 5 foot wall pop up and shoot. Some adventuring, exploration, puzzling, crafting, or maybe something crazy I have never seen before. A strong narrative will always get me interested in a game, and it appears this is trying to achieve that..

  • I hope to get a real sense of what this game is at e3. It is a shame it has been delayed but if they are going to ship a much better game that is better. As is it leaves Driveclub and that isn’t that exciting to me. There had better be some heavy hitters at E3 shipping this holiday or they will lose ground. I want more than just 3rd parties. I do not have much interest in PS Now, and Morpheus(which is still in dev anyways)

    Here’s to an awesome E3, I am hoping the PS4 and Vita will get the support they deserve. I was dissapointed that no theatrical viewing was made available in our nations captial, Ottawa. But the fact they are doing theatre broadcasting of E3 and prior track record has me excited to see what is shown. I need to see the promised greatness, I have put out a lot of money on supporting Sony during the last few years and I would like to be repaid with good games on the PS4 / Vita

    I was happy to see the Plus revisions this is a much better way to deliver the service, thanks for making that change.

  • @10 & @20

    There really do appear to be frame rate and screen tearing issues. I hope they work those issues out because this game does look amazing. Unfortunately screen tearing and frame issues are two things that completely ruin the immersion that the fantastic graphics give us.

    Hopefully that is why it is getting delayed. I would prefer the graphics be scaled back slightly to improve the frame rate and tearing issues if it is necessary.

  • Ryan how were the sounds? For some reason I am expecting some orchestra to be playing slowly and solemnly during the game.I Especially if theres lots of bad/good karma opportunites throughout the game.

    This game should kinda have a Sherlock Holmes feel don’t you think?

  • Ya know, when they first announced this I didn’t much care for it. ..but the more I see of this game, the more I want it!

  • They’ve been doing a really poor job of previewing this game to the public and media. A few snippets of standard TPS shooting and cutscenes do nothing to make the game stand out and the response on gaming forums has been really divided. The media previews have been less than glowing, some described the game as a bunch of stuff we’ve seen in games before, including QTEs, coupled with weak gunplay. Hope we see a bit more variety at E3. The game can be the prettiest in the world but without compelling gameplay and story it fails. See Killzone: Shadow Fall.

  • Been eager for this game since last year’s E3, but I have to say I am not happy with the aspect ratio. I think gamers would unanimously agree that 16:9 is preferable. Most of us use HD displays and we want our games to fill the screen. Letterboxing is NOT good for games, and honestly not for movies either outside of the cinema.

  • This game needs to be more than just “another” 3rd person shooter in order to perform well (considering that after the gameplay reveal lots of people have complained about it).

    I really hope this game has more into it. I want it to be successful :)

  • very happy about the cover system! much better than having to press a button to attach

  • I’m excited. I love the little details, like the font style in the HUD and how the character’s clothing moves naturaly. Can’t wait to play.

  • I want to play this but Destiny coming out Kingdom Hearts 2.5, Drive Club & i’m loving FF-14 on PS4. To many games. 0oh! Child of Light is the game right now to.

  • CommandingTiger

    Apart from the main story line.
    It would be great if there was additional missions as another mode.
    It’s basically the same world environment “levels” (so you don’t have to reconstruct everything) but with different enemies and scenarios. Similar to what Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core did with it’s missions.
    It would give a lot of replayability to the single player only game without investing a huge amount of time.

  • CommandingTiger

    BTW I prefer the original costumes better than the latest built.

  • This game really worries me so I am happy it is delayed. The concept of the game is great. Just make sure that the implementation is good too.

    The live stream you guys did was a joke. there was like not even 1 minute of gameplay. The weird aspect ratio of this clip is clearly because you guys cannot render the full 1080p. And the screen tearing on this video is further proof of that. This game is clearly not ready for primetime.

    Please take your time and make it great! There is no point of showing a game that is not ready.

  • DAY 1! This game looks/is amazing! So looking forward to E3 & SOE Live this summer! Demon’s/Beast Souls 2 for PS4, EverQuest Next, Planetside 2 & the 250 other PS4 games! So glad to have bought a PS4! WOOOOOOOT!

  • So basically this is pushing it even further than Uncharted in being a completely linear experience with the main emphasis on wowing with visuals at the expense of player freedom.

  • Okay, looks awesome but, weapons magically hanging on the back is not cool and just lazy. I complain about this everywhere especially on the games that I love.

  • The Order so far looks stunning and no doubt The final optimized product will AAA Awesome.
    Looking forward to the Collectors edition! It better include The Galahad mustache and a kick@ss statue, Lol.

    My .02

  • @ ken_kimura: They already came out and blatantly said that the game was going to be 1920×800 because they want to go for a more cinematic feel. And as others already said above, this is obviously still a work in progress, confirmed by the recent delay, and is nowhere near optimized, so yes, expect to see framerate stuttering and screen-tearing. Until we see near-final builds of the game, these are things not worth pointing out, since if they’re obvious to us in a streaming video, then it’s obvious to the devs running the game on actual PS4 dev kits.
    If it’s still in bad shape a month or two before release, THEN we need to get on their backs about it. Not when it’s a year or more out.

  • uuuuuuughhhhhhhhh the pushbacks, ohhhhhh my soul with all the pushbacks…. i guess its good for overall quality of the game but still, theres only so much anticipation before a person can give up on something. steam runs out eventually, am i right? it does look very promising, but between this,phantom pain EO, drive club, the crew, the lack of information on the division, ff IV, KH3, uncharted, etc. etc. im beginning to feel like theres going to be a lot of time between now and the next amazeballs jaw dropping game…. and a lot of room for someone else to take the spotlight and all the energy from this

  • CommandingTiger

    give us great value for your game.

  • I wanna know what happened with the Golden outfits….whats going on here?….the gameplay recently showed shows an insane downgrade.The Order is supposed to be the game to blow everything outta water along with new Uncharted…this ain’t looking like Santa Monica.Oh well looks like Santa Monica aint much involved at all.

    “what we thought was kinda lacking in previous gen”…he must be talking about 360 because….Joel was a very believable character ha.

  • ^there is no downgrade

  • I want to see a lot more from E3 or Gamescom. I hope the game play people get at these two events aren’t just going to be what we saw from Twitch a week or two ago.

    This is the game that I am most excited for but it seems each reveal, since E3, was a one step forward, two steps back type thing. It’s good… buutttt….

  • No thanks. The developers seem to be as stupid as David Cage.

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