War Thunder Coming to PS4 on June 3rd

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War Thunder Coming to PS4 on June 3rd

War Thunder

For us in Gaijin Entertainment, this new generation of of gaming is all about experimentation and new business models, and War Thunder is a prime example of this: a cross-platform, free-to-play, massively multiplayer historical combat game.

The most important part is that War Thunder is an online game and it evolves constantly. There were several major updates for the PC version of the game since November, including the launch of the Ground Forces expansion pack. This addition allows players to control armored vehicles such as tanks and anti-air guns which are fighting planes in some of the game modes. This simulates the realities of war where different army branches always supplemented each other in battles.

War ThunderWar Thunder

Our idea was to present PS4 players in North America with the latest version of the game, and today we’re proud to announce that War Thunder is coming out on June 3rd and it includes the Ground Forces expansion from the start! And, of course, all of the other exciting features found in the latest 1.41 version of the game — 350 different planes, squadron battles, 150 different multiplayer missions, and single-player campaigns and scenarios.

We can’t wait for launch, and we’re are preparing something special for PS4 players — stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog to hear more details soon!

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  • wow… someone at sony sure held someone’s feet to the fire at gaijin for them to say this on the us playstation blog. i’ve had this game for months now, thanks to my british account, since it never seemed like it was going to launch in north america. still, on most boards involving war thunder, including the official website, americans kept clamoring for a north american release. all gaijin ever did was blame sony for the delay. and now gaijin comes to the us playstation blog and is gonna say, “Our idea was to present PS4 players in North America with the latest version of the game”…? seriously? every reply i ever read was gaijin blaming sony for the delay in north america. LOL. i have to laugh because now, if you read all the posts in this thread, to this point… all the people who made an aussie or british account to play the game, who are now wondering if they can keep their progress and play the North American version… are about to find out that if you want to purchase any upgrades using US dollars at the playstation store… they’re gonna be SOL. i hope i’m wrong.

  • but i doubt it…

  • unless they’re willing to start over, and trust me… this game is way too much of a grind to do that, especially if you’ve already logged dozens of hours and still feel like you’re stuck, spinning wheels, like everyone else.

  • Prophet-Persona

    Does this game have trophies by any chance?

  • no trophies. ocd gamers can cringe now.

  • official update from gaijin on warthunder.com:

    The official release of War Thunder on PS4 in North and South America is planned for this Tuesday, June 3rd (Wednesday night in Europe).

    If you are already playing the European version of the game using your American PSN account, please DO NOT download and login to the American version of War Thunder untill update 1.41 is installed on the European server, otherwise your progress may be lost.

    Just continue playing on the European server, and when 1.41 goes live in Europe, you can then install the American version and retain all of your progress.

    i take back what i said, earlier. i appreciate the update. hope all of those playing on an aussie or european account read this before switching!

  • update 1.41 will be installed on the European server on june 5th. if you’re already playing it on your U.S. account, having downloaded it from your European account, then you will have to wait the extra 2 days to download and login to the American version.

  • IF you don’t wanna start from scratch. :)

  • Not in the US psn..or is it just me?

  • Baked_4_life_19

    When is this coming out? I still don’t see it in the store :(

  • still waiting hoping

  • not in ps store :(

  • Glad this is finally coming out.

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