Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Hits PS4, PS3 on 8/19

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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Hits PS4, PS3 on 8/19

Greetings PlayStation fans!

Ever since we announced Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare at E3 last year, we’ve frequently heard the question: “When is PvZ Garden Warfare coming to PlayStation?” I’m ecstatic to finally be able to answer that question, as we’ve just announced that PvZ Garden Warfare is coming to PS3 and PS4 on August 19th, 2014! PlayStation fans will also be able to experience the Garden Variety and Zomboss Down expansion content from day one.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is a crazy fun third-person shooter built in the Frostbite 3 engine. Team up with up to four players in the wave-based Garden Ops game mode or take to the battlefield in 24-player battles full of tactical action! As you play you will unlock new abilities, customizations, taunts and much more.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare on PS4 and PS3Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare on PS4 and PS3

We’re especially excited for fans to experience Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare on PS4, where it will be playable at a native 1080p resolution and blazing fast 60 frames per second. Additionally, PvZ Garden Warfare on PS4 will also be playable via Remote Play on the PS Vita, giving players the option to take the fun of PvZ Garden Warfare on the go. For support-minded players, the popular Boss Mode feature will also be playable as a companion experience on mobile devices via the PlayStation App. Lastly but certainly not least, split screen co-op will be available on PS4.

Shooters are about to get weird on PlayStation, we look forward to playing Garden Warfare will all of you this August!

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  • Yes!!!!!!!!!! Made my morning!

  • Cheers to the Local Split-Screen Co-op on PS4! :D

    Cant wait to try this game

  • Since Vita isn’t getting this, a version of PvZ2 without microtransactions would be great.

    Oh wait, I forgot EA owns Popcap. The likelihood of Vita getting anything other than FIFA roster updates from them is in the negatives. :(

  • Very excited for this! Thanks for getting this news out there!

  • Shinra_Soldier7

    I am glad to see you all bringing this cool game to the PlayStation consoles. Looking forward to it being released!

  • Best news all morning! Common psn keep the good news rolling!

  • Thanks for finally bringing this to the fans on Playstation. This was one of the couple games I wanted on Xbox One when I got one but no reason to now. Can’t wait to play it on PS4!

  • Screw you Popcrap. I’m not buying this because of this timed-exclusive crap you did.

  • A definite purchase for me. That is right about where I plan on getting a PS4. This one that I have been very excited for since last E3. Glad to hear about the split screen and remote play focus, as those are the two primary ways I would be playing.

    I would also like to second what post 3 said about PvZ2 on the Vita. I would buy that ASAP. Come on EA, there is a fan base on Vita that would buy your smaller projects.

  • Awesome news for PS Community. Any sort of Cross-Buy?

    And please do a Cross-Play option, Please!!!

  • A version for PSVita would be great.

  • YES!!! Been waiting for this announcement. Gonna be hella fun with friends.

  • I played this game on xbox one, and i highly recommend it :D Couldn’t really wait for PS platforms btw lol, its a fun game and will be buying it again on PS4 :)

  • @8 – Dude… don’t be like that. MS spends their money on timed exclusives, while Sony spends theirs on true exclusives. So we may get a game a bit later. At least we still get it, plus the true exclusives. Pop Cap needs money to make good games, and that MS money helps them make a great game for Sony… consider them beta testers on XBOX One. We get a bug free version when it’s all said and done :D

  • Very excited for this, any news on Peggle 2? :)

  • @#15: Peggle 2 seems to be rated by South Koren bored but for now, its only on xbox360 and xboxone.

  • Yes thank you! Good timing with the release, at least for me, since i am in between classes in that month.

  • habaneroninja_83

    Woooooooooooooooo! just happy more games are coming out.

  • Please bring Peggle 2 over too!

  • I hate when remote play is used as an excuse not to bring a game to the Vita. Oh well.

  • That’s great news but would also like PvsZ2 on my Vita for a single rate like the first one.

  • @14: well said.

    I’ll be looking forward to this one as it was the only XB1 game announced that I even cared about. However Popcap, after seeing the hardware sales of the PS4 and XB1 I think you’d have made a better choice by going with the PS4 at launch, exclusive or otherwise. Something to think about in the future, methinks.

  • Nice, looks like it’ll be some fun. Funny how MS’s exclusives are starting to dwindle down.

  • Good point guitarded77. Also the Xbone version could only muster 900p: so the PS4 version is obviously the definitive one :-P

  • I’d like a Vita version too, but note that this game is online-only. You wouldn’t be able to play it on a plane, for example. Remote Play will be a decent home option if you have a PS4. Doesn’t help if you don’t, though, and doesn’t help if you want to play PvZ:GW and your kids want to play something else on the PS4. So I’d definitely like a Vita version.

  • I heard that they went back on their promise (big surprise, I know), so it’ll probably have p2w micro-transactions. This was a game I was looking forward to, until that.

  • Awesome! To be very honest, this is the only X-Box One exclusive that I REALLY wanted to play. Good to know that I can know play it on a Console I own =) Thanks a lot!

    And yes, a PS Vita version would be awesome. There is nothing quite like it on portable devices.

  • Bring this and PvZ2 to the Vita. Show some Vita love!!!

  • About time. One of the games I’ve been dying to play.

  • CrusaderForever

    Truly awesome PS4 news! My son and I will pour over 100 hours into this game guaranteed!! Thanks for this!

  • Can we get a Plants vs Zombies PSVita sale? I want to pick it up…

  • I love this game on XBO. I highly recommend it

  • (btw, give us Peggle on Vita! I’d kill for that)

  • Very good news. I double dipped the original Plants vs Zombies on PC and PS3, will pick this one up on PS3! Please consider allowing PS3 and PS4 owners to cross play together online!

  • JordanRthunderG

    This is going to be awesome :D Can’t wait for this

  • Fantastic news! Keep it coming!

  • Nope, not buying it. There is no legitimate excuse for this to have not been released at the same time as it was on XBox. This is an easy way for EA to not get my money.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    No vita, no buy. EA? Lol

  • Really looking forward to this! Will be my first pre-order this generation!

    Also @8…the timed-exclusivity thing; I understand the feeling you have, but don’t hold that against PopCap games. They make the game, the publisher (in this case, EA) decides which platforms. Besides, we are getting more game for less money. All current DLC is included in the initial cost of the game for PS4.

    How is that not a “Thank you for waiting, PS fans!”???

    PopCap…any beta ops?

  • Picking this up for PS4, looks like a lot of fun.

  • looks like alot of fun..really wish someone would release a socom combined assault type of 3rd person shooter..BEST 3rd person shooter ever created by Zipper!!!

  • Thank you guys. I will play this and have a blast. Also, tell ea to chill on that exclusive timed game thing..Timed dlc is alright but only if the wait is a month or less..Timed games hurts the mothership. :)

  • I love FPS, but not so interested in this one. Really, really , really would like alot more strategy involved with these.

    Us older gamers have less interest in high end visuals, nonstop shooting,, and would prefer something with tactics with actual replay value.

  • Will it have splitscreen for PS4?

  • cant wait!

  • Freaking awesome!

  • Please bring this, PvZ2 and Peggle 2 to the Vita. K thx bye.

  • Hi!
    Any news for Plants vs. Zombies 2 on consoles and Vita? I’ve ignored it on my android devices cause in my experience they play way better on the Vita.
    Looking forward to more of your games on PlayStation!

  • Why so long, Bro?

  • Been waiting for this game! Maybe my bro will finally get a PS4… *sigh*

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