Play Battlefield 4 for Free on PS3 Tomorrow with PS Plus

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Play Battlefield 4 for Free on PS3 Tomorrow with PS Plus

Battlefield 3 for PS3

If you’re a PlayStation owner and curious about the all-out warfare in Battlefield 4, you’re in for a treat.

PS3 owners with a PlayStation Plus membership in North America can experience DICE’s action shooter for free. A trial version of Battlefield 4 will be available for download starting tomorrow, May 27th, on the PlayStation Store.

The free trial version contains the full Battlefield 4 base game and will be available for 20 hours from the first moment you boot up the game. To download, simply head to PlayStation Store, search for Battlefield 4, and locate the trial version.

Why you should give Battlefield 4 a try:

Intense Multiplayer: Nothing compares to the scale and scope of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer. Enjoy the all-time classic Conquest or Rush modes, plant a bomb in Obliteration, or show your skills in the fast-paced world of Domination.

Vehicle Warfare: Tanks, boats, jets, and helis — the vehicular warfare delivers all that you need to dominate multiplayer matches.

Destruction: Change the face of battle with levolution and experience destruction both big and small. Take down an entire skyscraper or kill the lights in a building to shroud your enemy in darkness.

Battlefield 3 for PS3

Stunning Visuals: The Frostbite 3 engine ensures breath-taking vistas and total immersion in the varied sceneries you’ll encounter in the game.

Only in Battlefield 4: The dynamic multiplayer gameplay ensures that no two matches are the same. Whether you’re parachuting down to an enemy control point or attaching C4 to a tank, unpredictable Battlefield moments will keep you on the edge of your seat.

To learn more about Battlefield 4 and the basics of the game, visit our Boot Camp, or subscribe to the Battlefield Facebook page to find out tips on how to play better and see cool in-game stunt videos.

Thanks for playing.

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14 Author Replies

  • None of the trophies I’ve gotten are being recognized!!! Is this by design? Please let us know if that is case.

  • Not sure why but PSN is completing ignoring the play of the BF4 trial from a trophies perspective. Not sure if this is intended behavior, but everyone should be aware of this fact. What a bummer!

  • @Rickety_Raw>: Better be that way. I wouldn’t like to TRIAL a game then get incomplete trophy list without buying the game later on, just making garbage on my list.
    Unless of course you’re one of those trophy hunters that try and get all 60 whatever trophies in 2 hours, so you did and now you’re mad.

    And to everybody saying the title is misleading, how so?
    Nothing that says “for free tomorrow” means “for free forever”. I actually read the title and checked the date and thought “Oh I’m late, it’s not free anymore”.

  • I gave this game a try and was really enjoying the campaign, but about 5 hours into it my game froze. I rebooted and lost all progress. So glad I didn’t spend money on this one.

  • @ps_psychedelic I simply want the 3-4 I earned after several hours…lol.

  • + Vincent Vukovic on May 27th, 2014 at 11:39 am said:

    Correct! You’ll be able to play for 20 hours of total, at your own convenience, which means that you definitely can put down the controller whenever you need to.

    I think this idiots comment speaks for itself.

  • Are you joking with this trial?! I was so excited because I am a real fan of the Battlfield franchise. However……After waiting for hours for my friend to download it lastnight so we could team up….my system frose THREE TIMES during the two hours we played together. WTF?! I was totally going to buy this game but no friggin way! This just falls into line with the Battlefield Bad Company servers being broken after I spent the money for the game……COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I meant Batllefield Bad Company 2…really wanted to play that too but no….

  • Pretty misleading way to state it folks. Saying it is 20 hours of play time is a lie plain and simple. I logged in to to play the campaign and played for a half hour. I turned off the system and went about my busy life.
    The next day I logged back in to play some more and the “content is expired ” . So once you start this demo the clock is ticking whether you play it or not. 20 hrs is b.s. for people who have you know jobs or kids or any kind of life that means doing anything else besides marathoning this game. Please fix your misleading use of language here.

  • Haha check out all of the cry babys. I mean it is so much different to hiring a game for the night then having to take it back.
    This way you dont have to move off the couch.
    Problems aside this is still the best game on PS4, cheers Sony

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