Killzone Shadow Fall Gets Online Co-op with Intercept Expansion

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Killzone Shadow Fall Gets Online Co-op with Intercept Expansion

Killzone Shadow Fall

Today we’re pleased to announce Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, an expansion for Killzone Shadow Fall. Slated for a June release, this pack adds a brand new, four-player online co-op mode to the game.

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept places you and up to three of your friends on the elite VSA team known as Intelligence Squad Alpha. Operating behind enemy lines, your team is on a mission to intercept and relay Helghast military transmissions back to VSA headquarters.

To succeed, you’ll need to keep Helghast interlopers at bay long enough to establish a Hacking Uplink and transmit the data. Thankfully, the members of your team have all been trained in unique Combat Roles — from close-quarters Assault and mid-to-long range Marksman roles to supportive Medic and Tactician roles.

To successfully fend off the enemy and transmit the intel back to HQ, teamwork is absolutely essential. Your Team Score indicates how close you are to establishing a Hacking Uplink; increase it by defending your Uplinks from Helghast capture attempts, or by “banking” the Personal Score you’ve accumulated from kills, ability uses, and recaptures. You can even earn bonuses such as artillery strikes and jetpacks!

Always be on your guard, though: if you lose an Uplink to the enemy or have to respawn after critical injury, your Team Score will incur a penalty. If all members of your team are dead and your Team Score is too low to allow respawning, the mission is a failure.

Killzone Shadow Fall InterceptKillzone Shadow Fall Intercept

Killzone Shadow Fall InterceptKillzone Shadow Fall Intercept

Just like the members of Intelligence Squad Alpha, the AI-controlled Helghast enemies in Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept have their own sets of goals and Combat Roles. They will switch up tactics and angles of attack when they capture an Uplink, so you’ll need to adapt your defense strategy accordingly. On top of that, the enemy can call on special Helghast champions with unique abilities, based on key characters from the Shadow Fall single-player campaign. Expect to go up against some very familiar faces…

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept comes with four arena maps inspired by locations from the single-player campaign, and it launches this June. It will be available for free for Season Pass holders. A standalone version of the co-op experience will also be available later this year.

Killzone Shadow Fall

We’ll have more in-depth information on Combat Roles, maps, and tactics for the co-op mode in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to!

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  • monsterzhunterx3

    This is going to be PAID DLC , or a FREE one ?

    Anyway , That’s what we expect from KZ ^_^ , Well done !

  • Been waiting for the co-op mode, glad it’s finally here! I prefer multi-player when it’s cooperative rather than competitive. Glad to see the jet packs returning too!

  • Great announcement! Thsnks for all the continued support!
    Are we going to see some improvments on joining clans within game? Also if I purchase the Season Pass will the nee Co-op DLC come included?

  • Ooookay didn’t get it ? You’re updating the game with a COOP Patch and charging for it? Seriously O_o. Why haven’t you add it from the beginning in the game for all people. I loved KZ 3 in COOP and it was free in the game. And now you’re charging. This pisses me =\.

  • Great announcement! Thanks for all the continued support!
    Are we going to see some improvments on joining clans within game? Also if I purchase the Season Pass will the new Co-op DLC come included?

  • @1

    Only maps are free, this is add on and is part of the season pass.

    It wasn’t finished and they wanted to make sure they got out FREE multiplayer maps for gamers. c’mon…

  • I’m in!!!!

  • June is shaping up to be a fun time to be a gamer^-^

  • This should rock pretty hardcore!

    Can’t wait!

    Made the season pass worth it right here!

  • Just wondering, is the name “Intercept” at all related/borrowed from the live action fan film of the same name?

    REALLY looking forward to this!
    Keep it up Guerrilla! And Thanks!

  • Very Good Job … GG!

  • Okay Sony and GG, you got me now. I´m buying the season pass. So much awesome stuff you keep giving for that game. This is the first time i buy a season pass and i´m not a fan of fragmented DLC´s but how you handle the free Map Packs so far was great and needs a reward.

  • Sounds fantastic, medic here I come :) Thank you for supporting the game guys, best online multi-player this generation :)

  • Guerrilla <3 <3

  • Do you need to have 4 players, or can you complete all the co-op missions with just 2 players?

  • Trophy list?

  • Sounds awesome. I’ve always preferred co-op to competitive MP, so I’m excited for this update!

  • What about jetpacks?

  • CrusaderForever

    Amazing support for an equally amazing game! The MP is so balanced and well done it just doesn’t get any better. Canyon is a truly awesome MP map that you should be really proud of. Thanks for the continued support as I so love this game!

  • Can we get some info on the borderlands 2 cross save fix on vita? I am extremely disappointed

  • I like killzone shadowfall but wasnt a fan of its multiplayer. Is there a way to try out this new mode before purchase?

  • “To succeed, you’ll need to keep Helghast interlopers at bay long enough to establish a Hacking Uplink and transmit the data.”

    In other words, “horde mode”. Meh. I thought there will be some story missions that can be played in co-op.

  • Hell yeah! Finally a reason to clean the dust off my PS4!

  • It seems like this will be that game mode when waves of enemies come in and you have to clear them out, as opposed to mission-style play with real objectives? Would have been nice to have the co-op option when the game launched, especially co-op on the single-player missions/campaign. The more social a game is, usually that translates to longer lasting interest.

  • What about OFFLINE Co-op and Competitive Multiplayer….

  • Hey! Settle your little butts!


  • Talking about splitscreen co-op… Sony, what happened to SIMULVIEW?

    I still have 2 sets of the glasses and your 3D Display, but only a total of 5 games ever supported???!!! The technology is cool, but your abandoning the technology (and your customers) is terribly disappointing.

  • @28 — Sorry GummyCore, that’s sort of the way it goes with video game peripherals and gimmicks. How many people still have plastic guitars in the back of their closets? And even worse, what about all of the people who bought Xbox Ones with Kinect 2, just to have it made optional? It sucks, but unfortunately it doesn’t pay to invest heavily in optional peripherals beyond the core gaming experience. Game companies develop them hoping to strike it rich with the next big thing, but there are always more duds than successes.

  • This could be great

  • Seems this is separate from Warzones? Do challenges overlap at all or is progress totally independent?

  • I hope you do a lot in order to make sure that the population of the co-op is decent. It being a separate DLC purchase is going to affect things a lot. Co-op is already harder to find players in games where it’s included with the base game.

  • I just have to say that I really appreciate the continue support that GG provides for their games. I own KZ Mercenary, and the “BotZone” add-on gave the game new life for me. Knowing that what’s in the box (which is already great) is just the start is a great selling point for me.

    Now all we need is a way for GG’s (and Sony’s other studios) technical know-how to find its way to third parties. Borderlands 2 on Vita is good, but falls short of what Sony’s studios have been able to achieve on the platform.

  • @33: Don’t start. B2 is massive. Killzone isn’t. I spent over 5 hours in one area with just one load screen at the start. Never takes that long to run through one mission of Mercenary, depending on how fast you are at going through the game you could beat all of Mercenary in 5 hours. And Killzone’s areas are small to moderately sized areas. Yes, Mercenary is great. But it’s an exclusive and small scale. Borderlands is huge and open, content expansive, and a port of a game never intended for a handheld release.

    Comparing the two is foolishness. Like comparing Uncharted 2’s graphics with inFamous 2. One is linear. The other is open world. Dumb comparison. But that’s more favorable to both, since they’re at least both exclusive.

  • I’m not paying for something that should have been included in the game already. Not my fault Sony pushed the game out the door before it was done.

  • @ 34 Elvick_ – His comparison wasn’t dumb at all…multiplat devs will never be able to achieve what Sony devs and Sony can…..even if Gearbox make a game exclusive to Vita and with the scale of Mercenary…they wouldn’t be able to pull that technical greatness.

  • Bought the Season Pass way back just so I could play this with a friend of mine!
    Problem is… I’m really bad at Killzone Shadow Fall! Anyone want to train me how to play this thing? :)

  • Still my favorite shooter so far this generation. Looking forward to this.

  • This is awesome news. I dont have the season pass, so as long as this is priced right, i’m all in…………..

  • this should make Killzone more interesting.

  • Great news! I will pay but hope its free!

  • hopefully the game difficutly setting will be cool and well balanced…. KZ SF’s setting on normal was close to perfect. For a coop game, it will have to be even tougher.

    Sony has to get this thing hyping, by showing some cool ingame moments or something…

  • I agree with NMeck702, KZ SF is the best shooter of this new gen, even if they could have made the cutscenes a bit better (directing-wise)…

    Titanfall still plays too much like COD and gets repetitive too fast, KZ SF ist better (even if it’s a bit “unconventional”, like the missiongoals.)

  • This is very cool. Looking forward to playing when it releases in June. Hopefully they’ll give us at least 3 weeks after Watch_Dogs before releasing this.

  • *Sees co-op*

    *Starts to search for his disc*

    *Realizes that it’s online only*

    *Goes back to surfing the internet*

  • It doesn’t look like it but I hope we can play as Helghast, if not in this co-op DLC then hopefully in future co-op DLC we can

  • Happy about this, but it should have been included from the beginning.

    And NEXT TIME… have a full co-op campaign. Sony and its devs are so crappy about putting in online co-op campaigns. I prefer PS and PS games to MS, but they know how to do online co-op campaigns. Sony and its devs need to show ’em how it’s done. Please start making online co-op campaigns a priority. Some of us prefer it to competitive online. Thank’s.

  • Seems like everyone who hasn’t sold their copy yet has posted.

  • Great news!

  • @ monsterzhunterx3 try reading besides looking at the pictures you’ll be suprised what you’ll learn Lol. But on another note this looks sensational can’t wait to check this out!!!!!!!!!

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