New Watch_Dogs 101 Trailer Revealed

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New Watch_Dogs 101 Trailer Revealed

Hello again! We’re getting closer to Watch_Dogs‘ May 27th launch for PS4 and PS3, and everyone on the Ubisoft team is unbelievably excited. In less than three weeks you’ll finally be able to explore and hack the open world of Chicago, go head to head with your friends in a highly immersive multiplayer mode, and so much more! We think once you finally get to play Watch_Dogs, everything will be worth the wait.

New Watch_Dogs 101 Trailer Revealed

We designed Watch_Dogs to be an incredibly immersive experience, and because of that, there’s quite a lot to explore in the game. From the mechanics of hacking, driving, shooting, and navigating Chicago, to the game’s unique and enthralling story, Watch Dogs features a seriously deep world. For that reason, we’ve prepared a comprehensive trailer that outlines the game’s characters, location, features, and more.

As you can see, Watch Dogs is a detailed experience. We hope you’re as excited as we are for Watch Dogs’ May 27th launch! And remember, everything is connected.

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  • Suhn-Sol-Jashin

    YES! Excited for this game and Beyond! :D

  • Is this trailer the Ps3 version? I hope so because it doesnt look like a game for the PS4

  • Let’s talk stats!

    Is it 1080p/60fps? Why was it taken down? Is it because of Ubi?

    Does the game suffer from “side mission fatigue” like other Open world titles – like you need to complete some side missions to continue main missions, or are the side missions ultimately the same things over and over?

    Intrigued in the game but don’t want it to be more of the same but with a modern story.

  • Aidan: What Asians think cool Americans sound like.

    Is it the new cool thing to protagonists that people hate? First Delsin, now Aidan. Fortunately, Delsin ended up not being That bad, but Aidan is annoying as hell.

    If Steve Blum is in this game, I am never touching anything from Ubisoft again.

  • Showed some new things that make me ever more excited. So does that mean we can listen to out own music from our phones in game?

  • DecadanceFantasy

    Looks pretty good. Though I’m not big on shooters so not sure if this is for me. Cool trailer.

  • How early can I download this game. I pre-ordered the game from the PSN I would love to play it right at midnight my time

  • OMG looks fantastic, i need right now :D

  • V8_R3L3NTL3SS_1

    Multiplayer is going to ruin this title. Like I want some ahole messing with me while I’m trying to do missions. I hope its kept separately.

  • Will the game have pre-load on PS4? Ubi please answer!!

  • @V8_R3L3NTL3SS_1 You can turn the MP off.

  • The damage car system not good, ubi need learn with rockstar, and some parts of this game on that trailer i see a little lag fps drop ? This trailer is ps3 or ps4 footage ? Graphics looks like from ps2 lol..

  • @Zazky-V-A7X Sony said this will be the first PS4 game that will have that feature.

    @IBolinha75Br I’m a bit tired of next gen games being held back by last gen. But Watch Dogs looks quite a bit better than a PS2 game lol.

  • 7:34 WTF?…thats plain awesome…how do you guys manage to put so much stuff in your game?….video was really great.The game will be incredible no doubt about it.Can already see that Watch Dogs will be the best multiplat game on next-gen for a while.

    PS:A PS4 may be bought for this

  • @ 2 BattleSkard – Well to a PS4 look like a PS4 game…like a next-gen game…you’ll only find that on PS4 exclusives.But what are you talking about?…Watch Dogs graphics look great…graphics who**s…what a pity.

  • gonna pre-order this and pre-load it hopefully, looks like one of those games with high replay value which i love.
    don’t really care about multiplayer in the games these days but i guess if i get board maybe i try it and see what’s going on after i 100%ed everything.

  • I’m still not all excited about watch dogs to be quite honest with you.

  • I can`t wait for this game to arrive this 14 days will be tough as hell !! I have it pre-ordered on Hard Copy and on 27 I will be stuck at work til 20:00. However I just can`t wait for this one.

  • Awesome, love games like this that are packed with content. I’ve got it on pre-order for PS4 can’t wait!


  • Can’t wait for this! I wish more 3rd person games had shooting mechanics like SOCOM but H-Hour: World’s Elite, the true SOCOM 2 sequel that was Kickstarted by the original Creative Director David Sears will be out next year!

  • Still a little skeptical on the multiplayer. Hopefully no preorder hiccups like the “Show had”. Hopefully the rumors are true about the 60 Frames!!

  • I was on the fence for a while, but all the gameplay here lately has me hooked. I am curious to see if they can pull everything off. Let’s hope this game makes it smoothly out of the gate. There have been a few big games that have stumbled out of the gate lately.

  • 6 month delay only to find out this is 900p and 30fps hahahahaha

  • How very disappointing :-( the article that I read in IGN. it tells you the resolution and the frame rate are both lower than expected and with the graphical downgrade that it had the six-month delay really looks pointless now

  • This is the PlayStation blog but you can’t watch videos, here, on the PlayStation 4 browser.Can someone explain that one to me?

  • Sony: The True Watch_Dogs experience Only on PS4. 1080p 60fps

    Ubisoft: 900p 30fps

  • 900p? Hahaha. Have you guys seen Infamous? Come on.

    I was never interested but if you’re not 1080p, go home.

  • Personally don’t care about stats. The actual detail work and content is what I care about, and this game looks to have that in spades. And what’s with the “less than three weeks” statement? It’s exactly two weeks from today! Way to make it sound further away than it actually is, haha.
    I’ll be picking this up at midnight and tearing into it as soon as possible. Cannot wait.

  • I am sure the PS4 can run this game fully at 1080p and 60fps. Ubisoft are lazy lazy lazy lazy bunch of developers, shame on you.

  • man them mini games and apps look crazy good. def getting this as soon as i can.

  • 900p for ps4? Seriously ubisoft we should be expecting 1080p standard now. What’s the ps3 480p?

  • I really wanted to get this title, as it looks like a truly fabulous game. However, after reading about the multiplayer aspects, it’s a game that I am definitely going to stay away from. The last thing I want is some schmo interrupting my game with a hack. A note to the developers – Not everyone likes multiplayer, and it shouldn’t be forced upon those of us who don’t want it.

  • I’d like to know, as PS4 customer who has spent over $5000 on PlayStation products, services and games if the PS4, 6 months after release is unable to run “demanding” games like these, which have come out 6 months after it’s release at maximum quality, or if it’s just Ubisoft that lacks the professionalism to squeeze up 30% of the total potential the PS4 has. I tend to think it’s the latter but it’d be great to know exactly what is happening.

    We await for answers Sony.

  • duke301, you caN play the game offline aswell…

  • PrimeroIncognito

    What’s wrong with 900p? Most PS3 games run at 720p, and they still look good. Not that you should be so focused on graphics anyway, but whatever. You people are incredibly petty.

  • I laughed at the 900 p because of the 6 month delay. I’m still pumped for this game I just can’t imagine if the delay was truly about quality and not because of making sure it didn’t go up against AC, how bad was the build that almost released in November.

  • @33 Here is an idea. Don’t sign to Psn, problem solved. Online connection is not needed to play this game. That you are down playing the game over something so trivial is laughable.

  • Not buying it. Ubisoft did a terrible job lying with FarCry3 marketing, same thing happened with WatchDogs.
    This game was delayed almost a year and even so they couldn’t manage to deliver 1080p, and we have inFamous Second Son, a better looking game, with more effects on screen, running at 1080p 45fps.

    Sorry, I’ll not contribute to this anymore, Ubisoft need to learn how to deliver what was promissed.

    I’ll wait for GTAV.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    insano_jaco on May 13th, 2014 at 2:53 pm said: “This game was delayed almost a year and even so they couldn’t manage to deliver 1080p, and we have inFamous Second Son, a better looking game, with more effects on screen, running at 1080p 45fps.”

    Ha ha! Is THAT why you play video games? Resolution, frames per second, and more “effects” on screen? Really?

  • When is the CTos Mobile Companion App ready for download on Android and IOS, is it May 27th?

  • also what is up with you graphic maniacs ? is that all yall care about ? screw all that silly ISH. im all about gameplay and features. i cant believe 900p is a game breaker for so many ppl. SMFH

  • Let the graphics hipsters cry me a 1080p river. Go back to playing on your Ipad I say. Leave the real games to real gamers that don’t besmirch a game over resolution.

  • 6 legs? That’s not a spider.

  • This looks better with each trailer! I can’t wait to see all the different side stuff. Seems like there is tons of fun stuff to do! And the multiplayer looks really fun!

  • @PrimeroIncognito not at all, I love game because it’s fun, I have a blast with all sub-HD games on PS3, no problem at all with that.

    But I kind of tired of lame excuses of developers and lazy ports, even more when we have games with less time in production delivering more immersive and beautiful experiences. Watchdogs is a cross-generation game, should be running at 1080p and constant 30fps at least on PS4. I reckon it’s a fact that Ubisoft can’t delivered a product in the same level of other games already published in PS4, if people put their hands down to this already, in the first 6 months of the new consoles, it’s better keep expectations low for next games. It’s too soon to see games crying like that to run on a new console, people should not accept that.

    Battlefield 4 was a terrible game when launched because people keeps paying for dirty jobs, it’s the same case here with WatchDogs.

  • @insano_jaco, don’t bother responding to primer. He’s just the resident ahole, always spending his time fighting with commenters rather than giving feedback on the actual topics. No one here likes or takes him seriously, which is fine because he takes himself plenty seriously for everyone.

  • No way this game gets busier than Infamous SS, and that game was able to go over 30fps easily (if not desirable for many) and it was 1080p from the start. Watch Dogs engine just blows because it’s AN OLD GEN game, limited, constrained to work on 8 year old hardware, and then ported over and prettied up for the new consoles.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    insano_jaco on May 13th, 2014 at 4:19 pm said: “Watchdogs is a cross-generation game, should be running at 1080p and constant 30fps at least on PS4.”

    What do you base this on? Personal, intimate knowledge of the tech behind game development? Or just some lofty ideal in your head? Because one game did it, they all should, or have to? Do you know the particulars behind why one game runs at a certain resolution and frame rate, while another game doesn’t? And I’m talking about the REAL reason why… not just the first conspiracy-themed hypothesis that comes to mind…

    @ PanTheMoron16

    Ehh… You’re just mad that you know I’m right. Go ahead, I challenge you or anyone else to point out when I ever said something wrong. You won’t be able to. You’d have to make things up (as most of my haters do). Since I always tell the truth, I can’t be wrong. It’s that simple.

    And from what I’ve seen, you’ve made yourself quite a few enemies on the blog by always trashing things that you’re not even interested in. Did you figure that you could pass your own reputation off on me and think it would magically clean your slate?

  • For those not understanding why we care about 1080p:

    It’s 2014. My TV has been 1080p native for a while now. All last gen was 720p and under and I dropped $400 for a PS4. A console game in 2014 not running at my TV’s native resolution is embarrassing. Watch Dogs can join Battlefield 4 as the only PS4 games not running at 1080p.

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