New Watch_Dogs Trailer Unveiled, Showcases Untrustworthy Heroes

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New Watch_Dogs Trailer Unveiled, Showcases Untrustworthy Heroes

Hello again! We’re only three weeks out from launch, and everyone here at the Ubisoft offices is firing on all cylinders to get the game out to you on May 27th. In the short time remaining, we want to provide you with more information about the world of Watch_Dogs on PS4 and PS3. Today, let’s take a look at the game’s main characters.

New Watch_Dogs Trailer Unveiled, Showcases Untrustworthy Heroes

As you can see, it’s never totally clear who is teamed up with Aiden. The world of Watch_Dogs is filled with duality, danger, and warring factions. Take someone like Jordi: you wouldn’t call him a friend, but rather a business associate. Everything can change with the touch of a smart phone, keystroke, or pull of a trigger — it’s volatile, to say the least. It remains to be seen how Aiden interacts with these individuals, but they’re all unique and complex characters that help add color and intrigue to the game’s story.

Stay tuned — the next three weeks are going to be jam-packed with new info and assets from our team. We hope you’re as excited as we are for Watch_Dogs’ May 27th launch! And remember, everything is connected.

You can pre-order your copy of Watch_Dogs now. And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news and updates.

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  • That was awesome. Can’t wait to pick this up

  • I have this game on the top of my gamefly queue. Interested enough to play it, but not for $60.

  • Collector’s edition pre-ordered! :D

  • The trailer isn’t working for me. God damn..

  • Playable via vita remote play ? or whatever way ?

    Sold a PS4 with CE of Watch_dog :]

  • Looks amazing!! Too bad the digital copy is $70 here in Canada when I picked up a physical pre-order from for $50.

    I refuse to pay more than $59 for any game. Just on principle. But digital more than physical? Come on.

    Game still looks solid though. Glad I got it for the price I did.

  • “That…is…a…terrible plan. I love it.”

    Best line.

  • U Play Edition pre-ordered :P not some Gamefly BS…

  • Looking forward to this game. Its looking like the next solid title on the PS4 and other consoles.

  • Pretty good trailer…Watch Dogs is the 1st next-gen multiplat game that I’m really excited to play.Can’t wait….can already see me pouring 60+ hours in this baby.Won’t even touch that online.

    So ah f**k Clara and his chest tattoo also didn’t expected T-Bone to be 52….Jordi looks like a great character and Anthony looks like Marlon Wayans lol.

    “the next three weeks are going to be jam-packed with new info and assets”

    Please no more spoilers…it could be just as easy as to avoid any new Watch Dogs informations,videos…yup I know but I can’t help myself.

  • I preodered this for $40 from futureshop when the PS4 release date was announced last year. Need to get the season pass too. Can’t wait very excited.

  • i hope you announce something about the upgrade pass

  • I’m still not sure about this game even though it’s in my home town of the windy city. Ubisoft servers is what I’m really concerned about. Since past games from them have had server issues. I just can’t be wasting my money on a game with so so servers.

  • Nik, I came pretty close to cancel my very long-standing pre-order when I heard about multiplayer invasions, which is not unique, but stolen from Demon’s and Dark Souls. I had to do research to find that I can opt out of invasions while online so I did not cancel.

  • So are those PS4 graphics?

  • GalatasarayEken

    can’t wait to buy this in 1-3 years for $20 lol

    jk lol I will probably end up buying this anyways :)

  • I pre ordered this game and im soo pumped im literaly counting down the days left Q i wonder when you can start pre downloading?

  • I got my Watch Dogs Gold Edition preordered on PlayStation 4. Glade I went all digital this generation. Never again will I have to put up with long lines or being in the cold at midnight when Preorders start to download early and have them ready at 12:01am. Thank you Watch Dogs team for putting your all in this game. Looking forward to play the game and keep the magic flowing in your team.

  • So this means inFAMOUS Second Son looks way better? Both are open-world games

  • Getting more excited with each video.

  • What’s funny is these types of games were never my cup of tea. But since I ventured to try some action/adventure/3rd person shooters I’ve totally changed my mind and always looking for a fun one.

    This one is looking awesome and if you folks at Ubisoft can actually get into game what’s being advertised about the interaction/choices/consequences/rewards with an open world, then this will be a dang solid title. Here’s to hoping high!

  • @ 19 overDOS – Not only that…but that means that to an open-world game be better “technically” than Second Son only another Infamous…a multiplat game will never look better than a Sony game…never.Nobody can pull off Infamous graphics without Sony’s help.

  • @22 Welmosca: “a multiplat game will never look better than a Sony game…never. Nobody can pull off Infamous graphics without Sony’s help.”

    Sarcasm I hope?

    – NBA2k 14 looked REAL. To the point of friends coming over while playing and asking what game I was watching…
    – Battlefield 3 & 4 were both great technical achievements and BF4 offers some of the best weather effects ever seen in game
    – Project Cars – another multiplatform game that looks to best Gran Turismo when it comes to visual quality…we’ll see about the physics
    – Crysis 3…even though I’m not a fan of the series, one cannot deny the beautiful worlds Crytek has created is near lifelike

    If you want to focus on open world games…
    – MGSV looks and plays phenomenal on PS4 and at 60fps…
    – The Witcher 3 looks pretty damn good to me

    My point is … just stop it. Stop with the fanboy crap. Your brown-nosing will not earn you any free games or a position working for Sony. Infamous looks great, probably one of the best looking games this generation – but in no way are pretty graphics only capable by “SONY”…some kids are just so damn ignorant…

  • btw guys the song is cant kill us by glitch mob

  • Edição de Colecionador pré-encomendado! : D

  • Is there any chance of decryption combat for ps3? Even if it cost more I would pay for it, i just preordered it, and am very dissapointed to not be able to play it.

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