Transistor Out 5/20, Available to Pre-order Today

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Transistor Out 5/20, Available to Pre-order Today

On May 20th — that’s exactly two weeks from today — Transistor will be available on PlayStation 4! We have a bunch of new details to share, starting with the fact that you can preorder the game starting today, as soon as PlayStation Store updates.

Update: You can now pre-order Transistor on PlayStation Store.

Now that the game is almost ready, I wanted to get into some more nitty-gritty details about some of its features.

Transistor on PS4

For starters, Transistor features lots and lots of hand-painted 2D artwork, and thanks to PlayStation 4’s raw power, you’ll get to experience it just as we intended in full HD 1080p resolution. That’s a first for us on console.

Some months ago I also told you a little about how we’re using DualShock 4’s light bar in sync with the voiceover in the game. At the end I hinted we were also looking into using the controller’s built-in speaker. Turns out it works great, so we’re pleased to offer a Controller Speaker option for a more personal feel. With the light bar and controller speaker working in unison, DualShock 4 becomes a direct analog for Red’s mysterious, talkative weapon. We think this is a unique way of playing through the game, and we hope players will enjoy it.

Lastly (for now), let’s talk about Trophies. Transistor has more than 30 Trophies, including a Platinum Trophy if you manage to unlock all the others. Our philosophy around Trophy design is we want players to discover the breadth, depth, and content of the game, and feel rewarded for it. Some of our Trophies concern hidden aspects of the game that we’ve purposely said nothing about, so we encourage you to discover these for yourself as you play! Though if you want look them all up and aren’t worried about spoiling bits of it for yourself, that’s cool too.

As May 20th fast approaches, we’ll have more to share about the game right here. For now, be sure to catch my recent interview with PlayStation’s Justin Massongill on the PlayStation Blogcast! Until next week!

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  • Will be getting my hands on this for sure! And BTW:

    PLZZZZZ bring Bastion to PS4 or even PS3!!! Just let me have the game on my console. Do we have to start a petition to get it on a PS console!?

  • Thank you, just pre-ordered.

  • Since there is no chance to mod game files on PS, I have a question – in what languages it will be available on PS Store? And will there be availible an option to change language of text/voice/subtitles separatly?

    • The game has English voiceover and text and subtitles localized in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian. There is not an in-game option to change the language on PS4 as the setting should be based on your console’s language setting.

  • hey I just saw the video of this game on the psn store and there was a song playing can you please let me know the name of it! I loved the song & also gonna try to pre order this game soon!

  • @54 It is a song called “We All Become” it was written for this game and it will be on the soundtrack when they release it. Google is awesome.

  • @ x_PlaTtiNuM: <<< If this is the video you're referring to, it's "We All Become" "from the Transistor Original Soundtrack, Written by Darren Korb, vocals by Ashley Barrett." – info on youtube

    @ several comments about why there's a pre-order with no bonuses: Because some people have money just sitting in their PSN wallets waiting to buy certain games. A pre-order option lets us pay for it now so we don't have to deal with it when the game launches. Also, I'm sure they analyze the number of pre-orders they get to measure pre-release hype/interest in the game. The more rabid the interest (people pre-ordering a digital game with no bonuses), the higher chance of those people being huge fans of SG and their games, the more likely we could get a port of Bastion, as it is more likely to sell well considering the fanbase SG may supposedly have… based off the pre-orders.

    I've had $20 in my wallet earmarked for this game. Now I can pay for it and not have to worry about spending too much on other things and not having enough left in two weeks when the game launches. Saves me time and hassle. I appreciate it, even with no pre-load. Though a midnight launch would be awesome and welcome.

  • lol, dodgedoors, you beat me to it. Good on you. ;)

  • Thanks for the Platinum! Guaranteed day one purchase for me now instead of waiting for a sale.

    To those asking why pre-order digital games? If you care, you can usually download them at midnight the day of release rather than wait for the PS store to update. That’s a big benefit to some.

  • israelpacheco89

    I never got around to playing Bastion but this game definitely has my interest. Preordered!

  • It looks really good.

  • Love to own PS4 right now its to sad that my PS4 i did get on first day release was bad unit. Once i’m save up money again i’ll buy PS4 then or if new model gets release too. :)

  • Now I never played bastion but this has me quite interested for sure. I think I will pre-order this first thing!!!!!!!!!

  • Has anyone Tried the Pre-Order Link – Page not found!

  • @ rapidough: I just tried it and it worked for me. Maybe clear your browser cache and try again, could keep you from having this issue in the future.

  • Hopefully a demo is planned I don’t like to pay money without trying it out in advance.

    • Hey we don’t have plans to release a demo (though we’ve let a lot of people get their hands on the game at events like PAX). You could always hold out for impressions after launch and check out videos and so on, though I know that’s not the same as having a chance to play it for yourself.

  • Will I be able to download this at 12:01 EST?

  • Preordered, watched the trailer on PSN over and over because I loooove that song.

    Can’t wait.

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