Major PS4 System Update Out Tomorrow, Updates for PS Vita and PS App

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Major PS4 System Update Out Tomorrow, Updates for PS Vita and PS App

At PlayStation, we love hearing the great feedback we get from our passionate community of gamers. That’s why I’m excited to announce that our highly-anticipated system software update for PlayStation 4 (v1.70) will be released tomorrow, with a huge number of your demanded features, and expanding upon what we believe is the most socially connected console experience. One feature that I’m most excited about is SHAREfactory, our new rich video editing app. In addition, we’re launching updates for PlayStation Vita (v3.15) and PlayStation App (v1.70) that will deliver greater integration with your PS4 system.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect with tomorrow’s software updates:

PlayStation 4 v1.70 Update

  • SHAREfactory: After you update your PS4 to v1.70, an icon to download our free SHAREfactory app will appear on your PS4 system’s home screen once it’s available. Once installed, SHAREfactory allows you to easily customize your gameplay videos with special effects, video commentary with picture-in-picture capability through PlayStation Camera, and custom soundtracks using the included audio tracks or your original music imported from a USB drive. You can then share your videos on Facebook or export them to an external USB storage device. The app is packed with plenty of cool, but accessible, tools. It’s simple enough to use for beginning editors, while functioning as a rich video editor for those with more creative aspirations. Check out our new SHAREfactory video that provides a walkthrough of what you can expect:

  • Automatic Pre-download: No more waiting until after a game is released to start downloading select pre-ordered games from PlayStation Store. This new feature allows you to get to your games faster by automatically downloading select pre-ordered games up to several days in advance of the release, so that it’s ready to play as soon as the game is released on launch day. There’s also a countdown timer prior to the release of the game so you’ll know how soon your game will be available for you to start playing.
  • Option to Disable HDCP for Games: This highly requested feature will allow you to have the option to turn off HDCP for games so you can capture longer gameplay sessions directly from your HDMI output and export them elsewhere.
  • USB Export Option for Captured Gameplay: It’s now even easier to show off your heroic gaming moments and the SHAREfactory videos you create with the world using this feature to export your videos and screenshots to a USB drive. Just click on the DUALSHOCK 4 SHARE button, save your gameplay on a USB drive, and then share your proudest achievements on other social networks and other video platforms.
  • Live Broadcasting in HD and Archiving Support: We’ve increased the resolution for live broadcasts so you and your friends can watch games livestreamed in 720p HD. You can also archive your broadcasts on Twitch or Ustream and watch them again later.
  • New SHARE Options: We’ve got a number of new SHARE settings that will give you better control of what you want to share with your friends. Here is what you can look forward to:
    • Change the default gameplay recording time in the SHARE menu under Video Clip Settings.
    • Save only the video clips and screenshots you want by selecting Upload Screenshots or Upload Video Clips for each capture. Also upload video clips and screenshots during your live gameplay broadcasts.
    • Select specific Facebook audiences to share each video or screenshot with.
  • New DUALSHOCK 4 Options: New light bar settings have been added for DUALSHOCK 4, allowing you to change it to Bright, Medium or Dim in the Settings menu. The touchpad has also been updated, allowing you to navigate the on-screen keyboard using the DUALSHOCK 4 touchpad.
  • New Friends Options: It’s now easier to find Friends and send requests with the ability to search Friends-of-Friends, view Mutual Friends on another user’s profile, and accept Friend requests directly from the Friends list.
  • New Trophies Sort Option: You can now sort Trophies by rarity in the Options menu.
  • PlayStation Store Payment Support: Similar to PS3, we’re introducing Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) for PS4 for content purchased on PS Store, starting with PayPal support.
  • More PlayStation Camera Commands: More voice commands are added to PlayStation Camera, allowing you to launch the apps installed on your PS4 with the sound of your voice.
  • New PlayStation Plus Icon: For Plus members, you’ll now have the PS Plus icon appear next to your SEN ID on the login screen, home screen and other areas across the PS4 system’s sleek user interface.
  • Music Unlimited SHARE Options: With a Music Unlimited subscription, you can easily share your favorite songs with your friends by pressing the SHARE button on your DUALSHOCK 4.

PlayStation Vita v3.15 Update

  • PS4 Link Update for Remote Play: Linking your PS4 and PS Vita together will now be easier with the 3.15 update for PS Vita. It’ll enable Automatic Device Registration, which will automatically detect and pair both systems when they’re both online and the same user is signed in to both devices. This makes it even quicker for you to get started on Remote Play or access other second screen features.

PlayStation App v1.70 Update

  • Push Notifications, Friend Requests and More: This new PlayStation app update will give you the option to receive Push Notifications for select PS4 updates you want to receive, such as gameplay Invitations, Game Alerts or Friend Requests. You can also receive Friend Requests via email or text messages with the app update. Also, it’s now easier to change your profile picture right from your mobile device by uploading an image from your photo library, or taking a photo using your in-device camera.

I’ve covered a lot of the key updates in the post, and additional details can be found here.

We can’t wait until the software updates are released so you can start enjoying all of these great features. In particular, I look forward to seeing your SHAREfactory videos and seeing all the creative ways you can make your gameplay moments memorable.

Let’s keep the conversation going – we love getting feedback from you and seeing what else we can come up with to continue making PlayStation 4 the best place to play. Please let us know and we’ll continue to always serve up great content and features to you – the gamer.

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  • How about a game Folder so my games arent spread out across my DMB (dynamic media bar)
    Friends notification when they get online
    10 player Party chat/join game from party chat
    Option to save gameplay/pictures straight to external HDD (30min capture limit? or however long you please?)
    Theme color change/Wallpaper
    More avatars (maybe even dynamic avatars that have animation)
    Show ping and better connection to servers
    MP3 play
    Flash player update on browser
    Track pad as mouse on browser
    Optimization to compress files for AAA games like COD or BF4 with large memory capacity
    Vita/app connect without router connection/hardwired support
    Show date beside time
    PS3 controller support? for indie games?
    Video chat/Skype app?
    Voice record in Game capture option

  • Next we need to see music being able to played on the console sucks when you have music CDs and can’t listen to them in the house.

    Also it would be nice to sort our trophies on ps4 in alphabetical order instead of by last game played.

  • Great! Would love to see the game standby/resume feature when putting the system into sleep mode, which is still missing from the initial PS4 announcement. It’s a great feature found elsewhere, and would be wonderful to have implemented!

  • Great update Sony!
    You’ve earned yourself some brownie-points! No no go on, it’s ok, you can take them, you deserve them!


  • Great update. Love how they’ve tied them all in together.

    Highlights for me:

    – Dimming lightbar
    – PayPal on the store
    – 720p streaming

    Keep it coming, Sony. Remember we’d all love to see a PS4 style UI on the Vita eventually. Please don’t give up on it, it’s gaining traction now – it’s an indie powerhouse! Love my Vita <3

    Think I just got a bit too excited there.

  • I think all I’m anticipating now is the suspend game feature, I wouldn’t mind some MP3 support either, but I won’t be greedy.

  • We still need server streaming support (like DLNA on ps3) for music and videos from our home server (even though we knoooow you want us to use your proprietary apps!). Also, for Playstation Now, you should be able to play your PS3 games for free if you still own the disc. I’m all for re-buying a remastered classic but re-buying a 1-2 year old game so it plays on my PS4 es no bueno — especially in the early stages when you don’t have the catalogue of games built up.

  • HOW can we share videos with our PSN Friends WITHOUT posting to Facebook with all public permissions?!

  • So ….

    Best feature in the update: The touchpad has also been updated, allowing you to navigate the on-screen keyboard using the DUALSHOCK 4 touchpad.

    The dependency of Facebook is sickening. Please become your own video repository and allow us to only upload to facebook if we want to. Man up!

    Where is our Suspend mode? Where is the option to assist a friend? Where is the option to view friends games … WITHOUT them having to stream to the world? #neverForget

    Enough with the gimmicks and finish what you began a year ago.

  • @ ElektroDragon

    It is a total PITA to do man. You first need to get on Facebook and create a group. Then add all your friends to the group you want to see the video. Then tell PS4 to only share to that group. That way you dont spam the public

    The “share” function on PS4 is a total joke. Can’t believe they keep touting it as being amazing. So much wrong with it, its not funny.

    1) Why do you require facebook? BECOME YOUR OWN VID / Security repository!
    2) If I post a vid ALL OF MY PSN FRIENDS should be able to view it, not just facebook friends.. LAME

    I could go on all day… share button = useless (Other than twitch, which is awesome)

    • With 1.7, you can now export your shared content from your console to a portable USB drive. We hope that will give you even more freedom to share your favorite moments how you like and where you like.

      That being said, we definitely value your feedback and are listening! We love to hear your thoughts on how to make sharing better, more organic, etc.

  • When is the Playstation App comming to Windows Phone???? Please

  • @elektro they can watch in your whats new menu! dingus

  • Thanx for the update, like many, here are a few things I’d love to see…

    – DLNA Support
    – YouTube App
    – Files for games, apps, etc.
    – Ability to sort my friends list (real life friends/family, CoD friends, Vita friends, etc.)
    – More options in the “What’s New” area
    – Trophy Cabinet: a icon on the main screen where I could display some of my proudest/rarest trophies

  • Any word on YouTube app also would like the ability to delete friend requests once we have accepted them. Also can we get any information on Singstar Ps4 we are not hearing anything from the EU crew about it.

    • It’s a shame to say goodbye, but if you ever need to remove someone from your friend’s list, navigate to their profile and look for the “…” on the page. You’ll find the option there.

  • So, can we record commentary with share factory while recording? Like with the camera? Seems like there are more reasons to own the camera being added now. The Twitch archive is great.

  • This is a great start as far as updates go. I would really like the ability to sort out my library though. That’d be nice :)

  • Next update should include the following

    1. Delete trophy option on games you no longer have or care about. A MUST!

    2. DLNA

    3. 3D support for blu ray.

    4. Pause option for downloads

    5. MP3 & MP4

    6. Linux ??????????????

    7. Sort folders,docs,themes

    8. Bring back the old PSN Store that was blue and much better organised. A MUST!

  • Good to now. Now if somehow I could use my PSOne FFVII game disc on the PS4 that would be good too, but I will not sweat it if it never comes since I still got my 1st generation PS3. Now DLNA and 3d Blu-Ray playback and games I think is a must. Got a High end Sony Bravia XBR series tv itching to feel 3D signals from my PS4.

  • I have both the ps4 and the x-one, and I must admit, the ps4 have the lead. Long way better.

  • I can’t wait for this update to go live!!

  • Just trophy order of rarity? So we can’t put them in order of achievement yet? This is my biggest complaint about a small thing.

  • Can we get the ability to prioritize and pause downloads? That is by far my biggest annoyance with the PS4. If I want to download multiple items, they all download at a fraction of the speed, which is slow enough on my connection as it is.

    I’d like to be able to just go into the store, get what I want, and queue it up for download in the order I want. It would beat waiting for four items to download at a quarter of my speed, meaning I have to wait four times as long, just to play the first thing downloaded.

    File sizes displayed on the PS Store and Library page would be nice too. And customizable folders for Library content as well. I’d like to see what I have for full games without having to search through every game’s DLC, demos, and apps.

  • 6 months later, the PS4 still can’t read medias, be DLNA, and play 3D blurays. Shame. Still have to go back to the PS3 for that.

  • Please add an ability to sort games in alphabetical order in Trophy List, On next update maybe? :)

  • This is awesome, thanks!

  • ugh, so fantastic. met and then exceeded my expectations. i didn’t know this update was going to be so jam-packed, no wonder it took so long. you’re doing a lot of things right, sony. thank you =]

    don’t forget youtube!

    • Woohoo! Glad you’re happy. Remember that with 1.7, you can now export your shared content to an external USB drive to upload to your favorite places on the internets. Remember to tag your content with #PS4share so we can find it!

  • How about the option to turn off the light bar entirely?

    It kills the battery life, and is completely unnecessary for most games(all games).

  • Thank you for listening, PlayStation :D

  • Mind = Blown Good stuff you’re knocking out a lot of things people wanted in a single update keep this up and PS4 will be the most consumer friendly console :)

  • its an OKay update. nothing special.. i was hoping for a better update.. hope the next one is soon

  • Duration and completion of game times seem to be missing from ps4.

  • Great update! but i’m let down at the same time, I sure hope you’re working on media features CD/mp3/jpeg/divx/mp4 etc. and DLNA, full working web browser, its crazy I have to log onto my ps3 to use this stuff, Google+ YouTube support and Pandora app would be great also PS HOME.

  • when are we going to be able to enable notifications for when our friends come online? that what i really want the most

  • This sounds great!

  • No organization nor MP3 methods yet. No seeing trophies offline, seeing only PS4 trophies etc. Still no Friend Notifications… Common, I just wanna be able to stream my Laptop on my PS4 like on PS3, Play my music, have my trophies active whether off or online and get friend notifications for online and offline or when they are playing the same game (even joining your match). Vita’s update isn’t really so useful. But it’s okay I guess, the App update, finally push notifications. I wondered why it never had from the get go

  • @135

    Your avatar looks like a kettle from a distance.

  • That is a lot of really great updates. Thank you.

  • Amazing update!!! I’ve been taking advantage of the share features already, but the video editor is a whole other beast i cant wait to tackle. Love how ps4 is easy it is to connect with other gamers and friends around the world. I finally get to do video editig without my computer crashing and freezing! All of the other features are a great improvement as well, and it’ll be awesome to finally archive my streams. Thanks PlayStation team and keep it up! PS4 is definitely my dream game console. Great games, share my experiences with others instantaneously, and a great community to share it with.

    For future updates, organization for games on the UI, to change or psn names (please PlayStation, i want to change my psn name to the same name as my twitch channel and blog name- just to have a cohesive identity online), notification for when friends are online, pause/resume option for downloads

    Thanks :)

  • Well, not what I expected, but it’s not a bad update after all. My most wanted features:

    – reorganize the PS4 dashboard;

    – DLNA;

    – use my “premium” avatars without purchasing a PS3;

    – listen to my music while I play (my _very_ old Xbox 360 can do this D:)

    – pair my other Bluetooth devices!

  • what are a few examples of the new voice commands we can expect? can i launch netflix now?

  • I COMPLETELY agree with # 14. …. That auto dimming on the Vita is extremely annoying, especially when the system is too stupid to realize it’s NOT idle. As in playing a movie or a long cutscene in a game. Just give us an option under power save settings to turn off Auto-dim…..

  • That’s a super update. Keep them coming. Now if only I could use my Playstation Camera. The cord is way too short for my setup, and I’ve been waiting patiently for an official extension cord to be released. The PS4 is such an amazing piece of kit, but the proprietary connection for the camera was a bad move. It’s been six months, and for some inexplicable reason no first or third party extension cords have been released. I can’t be the only one with this problem?

  • Also, what the hell is up with the dam message system? Do you send our “IM’s” to a carbon copy server that the Vita accesses instead of doing the smart thing and using one server? Example: I get a message from a friend (or a friend request itself) on my PS3. I read it, then I DELETE it. Days later I go on my Vita, and it tells me I have messages, and lo and behold it’s the same message I ALREADY DELETED on my PS3!

    Seriously wth?

  • It would be nice if PS+ would stop being advertised after you become a member. It can be quite bothersome, to be honest. At any rate, this is an awesome update. Can’t wait to preload games.

  • I myself am very happy with the PS4 thus far. Yes, there is more to be desired, but it appears to me as though they focused on the essential functions out of the gate. After all, dynamic themes, background music, and most other features most commonly requested are all extras and not essential to a functioning system.

    Features I would like to see:

    Ability to change color of the light bar. If it must be on, I’d like to choose the color. I do like how it changes in sports titles to match player icon color.

    Background music (yes, I said it’s not essential, BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t care about it)

    Friends list notifications.

    Still waiting on suspend mode.

    Download priority

    Skype or a PlayStation Video chat app (As far as I’m aware, MS owns Skype so that’s an easy no)

    I know many people have asked for these same features, and some many more, but these are the main options I desire. Either way, it’s within the first year of the console, and I have complete trust in Sony. I hated how my 360 changed over time, but I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that with PS4.

  • I have to agree with everyone else. I would like to play my own movies & music on my PS4 from USB. My PS4 system has been collecting dust since the first month I got it mainly because of this. I’ll pick up the controller a bit more when more RPG are available of course.

  • this all sounds pretty good.

    something i’d love to see though is an update for the PS4 version of the store, where the “playstation plus” section actually takes us to the “instant games collection”, like it does on the PS3.

    it’s annoying to go to the plus section, only to have it be nothing but advertisement tiles for playstation plus. i’d love to be able to hit up the store, get what i’m after, and get on with playing, instead of having to hunt for what i’m after..

  • Still waiting on notifications when a friend goes on or offline.

  • and the option to pause downloads would be great.

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