Daylight Out Today on PS4

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Daylight Out Today on PS4

“They moved the afflicted to this place where you stand. They thought it would protect and leave them to grow. Then came Corruption, Persecution… and Chaos.” — Dr. Mercer

Dark corridors? Check. Creepy sounds of death and terror? Check. Ominous quote with heavy implication that you’re probably somewhere you shouldn’t be? Double check! Daylight, the new horror game from Zombie Studios (Blacklight Retribution) and ATLUS, launches today for PS4!

This procedurally generated, first-person survival-horror game (say that ten times fast) puts you in the shoes of Sarah Gwynn — a girl who mysteriously wakes up in the abandoned Mid Island Hospital. Exits throughout areas of the hospital are sealed off with rune inscribed doors that can only be opened with unique relics. Each relic ties into the facility’s dark past, but they will only appear once you’ve uncovered enough of Mid Island’s sadistic history. Sounds easy enough, right? Oh yeah, just watch out for those evil, revenge-driven witches stalking your every move… Remember — light is your friend!

What is “procedurally generated,” you ask? In a nutshell, no two playthroughs will be identical. The game deviously analyzes your play style to ensure evil spirits execute maximum fright potential. Even better, the level design changes as well. Don’t worry, you’ll always have your trusty cell phone with a helpful free navigation app to keep you on track. Grab a couple of glow sticks, some mighty flares, bandages, and you’re ready to rock!

Daylight’s variable nature is taken a step further with Twitch users. The game taps into the chat channel of your stream and viewers can type keywords to cue in-game events. For example, typing “meow” into the Twitch chat would make the game generate the sound of a cat. We’re not giving out the list of keywords though; you’ll have to find those out for yourself. So hop on to various channels and find new ways to scare the pants off of your buddies!

Oh, and because we want to see you all scaring yourselves silly, we made Daylight just $9.59 for PS+ subscribers ($11.99 for non-Plus users) until 5/13. After that, Daylight will return to its regular price of $14.99.

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  • Can’t wait! *Runs to PS4*

  • I tried to use the 3d glasses but the game looks jagged when activating the realD feature as if it was running at 15 fps. I understand having a loss on resolution (to 720p) but this awkward frame rate makes it unplayable.

  • Any reason we Europeans don’t have it yet?

  • Thanks for lying about release date for us Europeans! Way da go!

  • Yea whats up with that?

  • They assumed the 29th happens for everyone at the same time.

  • Sigh oh well who knows how many more hours well have to wait :(

  • Beat the game. I loved it

  • Wow that was quick..

  • apparently we doing have a release date this sucks

  • Dont*

  • Same as #52, the game is unplayable with the 3d option activated… we need a patch asap…

  • The game was short bur scary even though the ending was wierd

  • anybody else finish ty game yet

  • Will be picking this up the weekend. Good thing for the discount for PS+, was expecting that.
    The twitch functionality seems kinda cool.

    Too bad about the 3D comment, was looking forward to using my 3D TV just for kicks, seems we have to wait..

  • OH come on please reply



  • Gotta get this game before May 13!

  • Not seeing this on the UK store still, may have to go for the PC version I think?

  • Buying it on pc now. Lost a sale. Not only did they lie to everyone outside of America they can’t even convert the currency fairly and we end up paying way to much more.

  • I want a refund.

  • Awe yeah the ps plus discount for this game is just spectacular I will be picking this up ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I played a bit last night. It is, ok. Wish you guys would have had more creepy stuff to look at. Added some decaying bodies, some writings on the wall. Voodoo crap everywhere. Set the tone in a bit more. I played a little over an hour last night and I gotta say, I wasn’t scared at all.

  • The game is good, don’t always go by the reviews.. If you got a 3D TV you get a good experience also.

  • I’ll get this game when I get a PS4 since sadly…its not coming to PS3.Game looks really great….its nice to see all this horror love in games recently.

    Also John Hardin…great reply to #20.

  • Will buy this as soon as the Store Updates.

  • Ive just seen some reviews about this game and it seems to be getting a lot of negative criticism. I’ve only played this game for about 30 minutes, but I was very impressed. Maybe it was the fact that in RealD 3D this game looks amazing. I’ve seen comments about the frame rate dropping in 3D but I’ve had no such problems. The short version is, for £8.49 or whatever it cost this is the best 3D I’ve seen short of IMAX. When I first saw Trine 2 in 3D, saying I was impressed would have been a big understatement. This game takes it to a new level in terms of 3D. I did find some gameplay flaws however, such as needing to be in an exact spot before being able to collect key notes and open doors with very little leeway given. Overall this game appears to be average 5.5/10 but the 3D gets a solid 9/10.
    The TV I’m using is an LG 42LA740V led 1080p 3d smart TV.

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