The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/29/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/29/2014
The Drop

Enchanted realms, haunted halls, and outlandish fighters join the gaming family this week with another robust lineup of new games coming to PlayStation.

Harken, fantasy lovers, and take note: Child of Light launches this week on PS3 and PS4. This tribute to old-school JRPGs follows the melancholic story of Aurora, daughter to an Austrian duke and visitor to the strange realm of Lemuria. Lost and brave, this little hero embarks on a quest to vanquish the Black Queen and reclaim the Sun, Moon, and Stars. The developers at Ubisoft Montreal have taken great measures to ensure this is one of the prettiest games to debut in recent memory.

And for those that pine over a good scare, Daylight arrives on PS4. This procedurally generated horror game follows Sarah Gwynn as she works her way through skin-crawling environments, outrunning specters with only the light from her phone to guide her.

For a complete list of games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Bust-a-Move 4
Child of Light
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle
Raiden IV: Overkill
Rambo The Video Game
Scourge: Outbreak
Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3, PS4 — Digital, Retail
Unravel a threat against New York City as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Play as both the famed webhead and also Peter Parker, battle all-new villains, explore a fully-realized Manhattan, and unleash new abilities. Happy swinging.
Bust-a-Move 4
PSone Classic — Digital
The addictive, adrenaline-pumping classic is back! Bust bubbles in this fan-favorite puzzle game across a variety of modes with numerous playable characters. Keep an eye out for Kurol — she’s totally adorable.
PS3, PS4 — Digital
A jaw-dropping tribute to JRPGs. Join the brave Aurora on her quest through the mystical realm of Lemuria. Wage war in a rich, turn-based battle system with a party of quirky and charming heroes. Play alone, or with a partner.
PS4 — Digital
Endure the haunted halls and misty woods in a procedurally generated horror experience, in which no two playthroughs are the same. Unreal Engine 4 powers atmospheric settings alongside bone-chilling sounds.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Live the wild and eccentric battles ripped straight from the legendary manga. Play as characters plucked from throughout the entire series, and wield signature moves against AI opponents or friends online.
Raiden IV: Overkill
PS3 — Digital
The frantic shooter series is back with Overkill mode, brimming with new missions and a revamped scoring system. Unleash hell on the opposition with new weapons and returning fan-favorites like the Spread Shot and Vulcan Laser.
Rambo The Video Game
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Featuring 16 missions based on the movie series, create chaos with Rambo’s iconic bow, knife, and guns. Pit Rambo against 25 varying enemy types and use more than a dozen weapons.
Scourge: Outbreak
PS3 — Digital
Blast through Nogari Island as the elite Echo Squad, a storied group of mercenaries. Utilize a potent array of weapons and abilities to destroy all that stand between Echo Squad and its objectives. Full co-op campaign for up to four players.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels
PS3 — Digital
Duel Yu-Gi-Oh! characters from the past and present of the card-slinging series. Includes the latest cards from the trading card game, single-player challenges, and online multiplayer.

Demos and Betas

Child of Light — PS3, PS4 Demo
LEGO The Hobbit — PS3 Demo
Scourge: Outbreak — PS3 Demo
Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels — PS3 Demo

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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12 Author Replies

  • @Ryan

    I know u do a store update post. It would be better to know prices BEFORE theyre available. Once theyre on the store, i can just go there and look. People like to plan ahead, i.e. buy psn cards, preorder, etc.

  • Can’t wait for Child of Light. It’s going to be absolutely AWESOME! Scourge: Outbreak looks good too.

  • Child of Light sounds awesome

  • Sony, I have to say that I am deeply disappointed in you. The way you handled the PS Vita this week was simply despicable.

    In the beginning of the week, suddenly all PSX and PSP games that your consumers have always asked for, were playable on the PS Vita. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Metal Gear Portable Ops, etc. They all became playable. People downloaded them. This showed that your longtime excuse that the publishers had to get the games compatible was a lie. YOU managed to get all of them working, out of the blue, without telling anyone, and people loved it. And then you took it away.

    Also, you announced a Batman 75th anniversary sale on this very blog. Few days later, both PS Vita games on sale (Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate and Injustice) were no longer with they PS Plus discounts, unlike the others.

    In a single week you spat on the face of your consumers, people willing to purchase content and spread the word about the wonders of the PS Vita. This is truly inexcusable.

    We deserve explanations and we deserve compensation. We deserve to have the discount that was taken away from us, and we deserve to play the games that are no longer available to us.

  • Any word on a digital pre-order of Destiny for the PS4 that will carry a Beta invite? This is one of those titles that I really prefer to have digitally.

  • @53

    Yeah I know I was ready to buy it on Wednesday when the price went to $19.99. Batman & Injustice are $15 in Amazon but with tax comes out to around $40 but I buy digital because I want to save money & three days shipping.

  • @51 hey icorwo, if you’re interested in Scourge: Outbreak, check out the indie gala monday bundle.
    You can score a bunch of games including Scourge for only $3.30. Sure beats PSN prices.

  • No MLB 14 The Show for Playstation 4 ?

  • @ Hatchetforce: Bungie has already stated that the Beta for Destiny comes with physical pre-orders only. And there’s absolutely no reason you couldn’t pre-order for $5 in-store somewhere, get the code, redeem the code, then cancel your pre-order. They are limiting it to a specific number of entries, and providing it digitally would probably complicate the process, hence why they aren’t doing it.

  • @Ryan did you make a HOOK reference to @14?

  • Why not release the Yu-Gi-Oh! game on Vita too? Think about it – you’d have a market that even Nintendo doesn’t have if you make a move like that. Not one card game game based on the big games is available on current gen handhelds. You could strike gold if you make that available on Vita.

    Heck, the PSP was home to some of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! games of all time (the Tag Force series, which really needs to be on PSN anyway), why not give it’s successor something?

  • Also, seriously, someone needs to address what happened with the PSP/PS1 games for Vita. That just won’t go away.

  • Thanks, and I appreciate the reply but do not like doing that as it is for me somewhat dishonest. And Destiny is a title I want digitally due to the fact I am getting the vibe from Destiny I get from titles such as Skyrim. Not gameplay wise but a “I know I’ll put over 200 hours into this game, which I have in Skyrim on the PS3 with another 60 on the PC.

  • @56 the show comes out next Tuesday. Not this one.

  • OH YEAAAAAHH JOJO!!!! by the way, do you think Ubisoft will allows to enjoy Child of Light on Ps Vita? those gorgeous graphics would look incredible on the OLED screen!

  • please bring few more psonce classics me and my friends are ding to play driver and tarazan !

  • Already got a Child of Light preorder in. Picking up Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Daylight on Tuesday =D

  • Bust-a-Move 4? Wow, I had no idea a game like that would come to PSN. Brings so much memories since I played it as a kid. Usually I don’t buy anything unless there are sales, but this one I might want to get once PSN updates, thanks for bringing it Sony. :)


    Best Fighting Game Last Year :) People needs to buy this game, JoJo Universe is alwesome

    The only problem with the us version is because of the names changed to prevent copyright problems, anyway I bought the japanese version and I will buy it again… its an easy platinum guys! \o

  • Child of light looked interesting until I got to a part in a video where it’s turn by turn fighting haven’t seen that kind if system in a long time.

    Also daylight looks pretty cool hopefully the prices for these two games are not overpriced.

  • Don’t buy Rambo, it’s a bad on rails shooter.

  • i would like to know why the ps1 and psp games are locked from being download to vita. last monday and tuesday we was all able to download these classic games to vita, then you guys locked again and no reasons to why this happen. these games DO work on psvita but yet u still lock us out. i suggest to all u vita users take to twitter and #freeourgamesonvita

  • I wonder who had the bright idea to have Jessica Chobot write on a game.

  • Great Drop! Pre-ordered Child of Light and am looking forward to picking up Daylight. I’m also interested in The Amazing Spiderman 2, because it sounds like it might be the best Spiderman game since Spiderman 2 (the only one I ever played, because all of the following titles reportedly paled by comparison), but I’m going to wait for reviews on it. I suppose I should also see the movie first so that isn’t spoiled.

  • Child of Light would have been AWESOME on vita.

  • @53
    You don’t “deserve” explanations or compensation. Activision owns the Crash and Spyro properties not Sony. How many times have you complained to them? Probably never. Sony isn’t about to throw their business partners under the bus. That’s why I wouldn’t expect an explanation any time soon. Take a breath and relax.

  • @53 – You’re right

    @74 – 53’s right.

    People are entitled to an explanation of why funtionality was removed from their Vitas. Sony and the blog team going completely silent is not the appropriate way to handle the situation. Of course there is a reason, and there may be reason for them to be delicate about discussing it, but ignoring everyone is shameful. We all notice the intentional silence and it just makes the situation more bitter than it was at the start.

  • Will there be a video this week about the features in firmware 1.70?

  • I’m here for the Amano art. Speaking of which can anyone who preordered on ps3 shed some light on the theme? Is it any good (Amano art plz)? I’m still trying to decide between ps3/ps4 since us poor saps in the states won’t be taking advantage of cross-buy. TIA

  • I will get everything buy Rambo. That game is horrid.

  • Thanks for the Drop.

    Child of Light looks really interesting.

    And Bust-A-Move 4 is awesome!!!

    As a side note – do you have any idea what is going on with Batman:AO Blacklight and Injustice for the Vita?? They are supposed to be on sale, but they aren’t..

    And so far, no one is responding to any questions..

  • Will Daylight also be coming out for PS3 or just PS4?

  • ‘Bust-a-Move 4’ :P I wish more ‘Taito’ old classic games were on the PS3(& PS4(none so far) and Vita) :( SONY should try and get all the old past coin-op games and old-skool games on to the PS4 that would be mega-cool :P

  • Another Yu-Gi-Oh game on PS3? Screw that, what’s the point? Get that out on Vita ASAP.

  • @9 Sonicfan11589

    i agree with you 100% about Tomb Raider: Chronicles & Resident Evil: Survivor

    please sony make it happen

  • Bust-a-Move 4 is such an amazingly good puzzle game! Its tied with Super Puzzle Fighter II for my top PS1 puzzler ever.

  • Still hoping for the following games someday:

    Vandal Hearts 1 and 2
    Suikoden 2 (May not be far off)
    Megaman Legends 1 and 2
    Rival Schools
    Jade Cocoon
    Die Hard Trilogy
    Saga Frontier

    Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

    And hopefully we can one day play games like X-men (Arcade) and Simpsons (Arcade) on the Vita!

  • Also, how about a SALE or PRICE DROP on a few older games? SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 and Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger are still $20. Great games, but too costly.

    And if the option of bringing over an import is on the table, how about SNK Arcade Classics Volume 0? There are lots of great PSP Imports that I and many others would buy. Thanks!

  • @55:

    the injustice that’s on sale on psn is the ultimate edition with all the dlc (minus ios unlocks); the one on amazon is a used standard ps3 version. so for just $10 more you can get all the dlc. i don’t recommend buying it on the ps3, though. i can tell just by watching video footage that the ps4 version performs better.

  • Child of Light!

    I’m kind of mad you are showing off the one item I wanted from this game so badly and yet if you live in the states, you can’t have it as the picture to this post.

    Not mad at you though. Just UBI this time around.
    Still looking forward to it and still hunting that picture, but now you just gave me my next wallpaper.

  • @80, no one will be responding to any real questions. If you notice, the blog team only babysit their blog posts for like half an hour, no one reads these comments after post #20. They, especially Ryan, will happily respond with the meaningless “Beyond!”, “Yuuuuu-Giiiiii-Oooooh!”, “Funny, right?” type of replies, so that statistically it looks like they are doing their jobs. Ask any REAL questions, like PS1/PSP on Vita and the removal of Vita Batman sale prices, and no one from Sony will ever answer you, even if you got your comment in early on the first page.

  • @90
    I thought most of these guys on the blog were volunteers to the blog and not their actual job?
    Maybe a community manager here and there but definitely not their job title.

  • Amano art creates instant interest from me. Definitely gonna look into Child of Light.

  • Amazing Spider-Man 2 PS4, Yugioh and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for me! Nice Drop!
    Za Warudo!!

  • Any news on the missing PS Plus discount for Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate?

    I’m sure I’m not the only person waiting to purchase. Really want it at that sale price.

  • Looking forward to Child of Light, and Daylight. Just hope Daylight is much better than Outlast.

  • A vitaboy like me is so sad to see this kind of drop. Unfortunately nothing for me :(
    (whereas Child of Light and Raiden IV would have been perfect on my favorite handheld ! )

  • Ryan, you don’t have to answer any questions you can’t, and you don’t have to respond to every comment, but could you PLEASE start responding later on in these threads so people know you’re listening and not just replying to the first few and then ignoring the blog post forever?

    (My feeling is that you guys DO pay attention to these comments, even if you don’t read all of them or try to respond to them.)

    There are some pretty upset Vita fans this week, and it all too often feels like complaints fall on deaf ears. All we’re asking for is some acknowledgment here that someone at Sony is aware of the issues and is maybe trying to get the corporate communications team to respond to it.

  • @71 Honkayjeezus Why do you care who wrote it? 99.5% of the writing in videogames is bad. Maybe she’ll surprise you and it will be amazing. Or do you think that’s impossible, just because she’s a woman?

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